25+ Game Challenges for Teens That Are Super Fun

Explore some really interesting, mindblowing and fun-filled challenges for teens. Apart from being amusing, these activities also exercise your brain and body.

Looking for some exciting and fun-filled challenges for teens? Don’t worry, you have dropped into the right place!

With summer holidays around the corner, most teens out there would be looking to spend some entertaining moments together with their friends. And a very good way to do this would be to indulge and participate in some interesting and never heard of challenges and question games that could be a little tricky and funny at the same time.

In this blog, we shall explore some lovely challenges for teens. We bet you would witness some hidden talents in your friends that you never knew of. You will also get to see a crazier version of your friends.

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Fun Challenges For Teens

Are you bored and would love to take up something really exciting with your friends? Check out these fun challenges for teens below.

1. Hula Hoop Challenge

Have you ever witnessed your friends playing hula hoops? It's really exciting, isn’t it? Well, this challenge is all about that. Not only would you enjoy playing this one, but you can also have a healthy waistline. Sounds great, isn’t it? Hula hoops can be done by people of all age groups.

hula hoop challenge for teens

Each of you needs to take turns in hula hooping and record the time for all the players. Now it goes without saying that the person hula hooping for the longest amount of time wins the challenge. Try it out, your friends would love this one. 

2. Skipping Rope Challenge

Skipping rope is something that all of us have been accustomed to since we were kids. And a skipping rope challenge is not just exciting, it will also take your heart rate up and torch enormous amounts of calories. The challenge is self-explanatory. The person with the maximum number of hops or skips wins.

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3. Makeup Without Mirror Challenge

This can be a very good challenge for kids before any party!

How about putting on makeup without a mirror in front of you? Sounds crazy, right? Well, challenge your friends to do their makeup without a mirror’s help. More makeup products will undoubtedly multiply the fun. And yes, no prompting or helping here.

Do you think you would be able to apply your own makeup without a mirror? Will it be perfect or turn out to be gaudy? See how your friends perform in this challenge and don’t forget to take their pictures. The best makeup doer emerges as the winner.

4. The Lip Reading Challenge (With Headphones On)

This is an exciting challenge! You will need noise-canceling headphones for this one.

Blast up your headphones with loud music. The person wearing the headphones should be able to hear nothing except the music playing. 

Now comes the fun part. The rest of the group needs to come up with a phrase or a sentence and the player with the headphones needs to take guesses just by lip reading. It’s really fun to hear the hilarious replies. Check how many of your friends are able to take correct guesses!

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5. Control Your Laughter Challenge

We have seen challenges above that can make you laugh. And we have all heard the famous saying “Laughter is the best medicine.” Well, all this is not true at least for this game (not in the literal sense). This is where you need to stay serious, or rather, not laugh! Or can we say that you need to control your laughter? Well, that’s what the game is all about.

All you need for this game are a few funny videos that are hilarious to no end. Show them to your friends and ask them to control their laughter (which can be quite difficult to do). The person who ends up laughing loses the challenge.

Not just teens, but people of all age groups can try this one out. And yes, after the game, all of you can have a hearty laugh!

6. The 100-Layer Challenge

The 100-Layer Challenge is a very interesting and entertaining game. Well, to be precise, it is actually entertaining for the spectators of this game. The person performing the 100-layer challenge could actually get suffocated!

The name 100 layers itself suggests wearing 100 layers in any form. It could be 100 layers of clothes, makeup, or even any kind of sauce. In fact, it could be anything. By anything, we mean even toilet paper! 

If you are choosing clothes as the main element, you can even count the clothes that you are already wearing along with socks, hats, gloves, etc. 

100 Layers of Clothes SUCCESS  (Beauty Break)

Do check the above video depicting a 100-layer clothes challenge.

For makeup, you can choose either lipstick, eyeshade, foundation, or even nail paint. The results would be extremely hilarious and we bet you can’t stop laughing. And like always, click pictures and take videos of your friends performing the act once they are done because this is not something that you will get to witness every day.

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7. The Mimicry Challenge

The Mimicry challenge is exactly the way it sounds. Challenge your friends to mimic someone. The person doing the best mimicry wins the challenge. 

8. Blindfolded Hairstyling Challenge

We have seen the makeup without mirror challenge. This is something similar. Imagine doing someone’s hair while you are blindfolded! That’s precisely what needs to be done here. 

For this challenge, the person doing the hairdo needs to be blindfolded and given sufficient hair accessories necessary for styling the other person’s hair. The challenge is to get a good hairstyle in place by making use of all the hair accessories while you are blindfolded. Sounds interesting right? Well, it actually is.

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9. Build-A-Card-House Challenge

You might have played this game while you were a kid but there is no harm in trying it out even while you are a teen. All you need to do is make triangle structures from cards and keep adding more such structures to build a tower. The person building the tallest tower wins. Trust us, this is definitely not easy even though it may seem so. And yes, this challenge requires tremendous patience.

Survivor Challenges For Teens

Looking for some survivor challenges for teens to do? Take a look at the following.

1. Scavenger Hunt Challenge

When it comes to survivor challenges, then the scavenger hunt challenge can’t be left behind. You can either plan an outdoor or an indoor scavenger hunt. Theme-based scavenger hunts such as a camping scavenger hunt, animal scavenger hunt, or even a Disney scavenger hunt can be super fun. You can even get some products based on the theme, hide them 

around your house, and drop hints for your friends to look out for them. Just get the correct set of items and let your friends enjoy searching for them!

2. Untie The Human Knot Challenge

If you are a large gang of friends, then this can be a fun game. All of you need to stand in a circle with your hands held. 

Then a human knot needs to be formed while ensuring that the same two people are holding hands. You can move within the circle, but ensure that you do not let go of each other’s hands. Well, it isn’t very difficult to get tangled, but untying can seem tough. Apart from teamwork, this also needs some brainwork. To make matters more interesting, each one of you can take turns in untying the knot created by your friends. It will be super fun indeed.

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3. The Memory Challenge Game

The name of the challenge itself gives you hints that you need to exercise your memory for this one. And this is not something unknown. The Memory Challenge game is something that can be played by kids as well as adults. After all, it is important for people of all age groups to work on their memory!

So, what could be the ideal memory challenge for a teen? Well, we have listed out a few variations of the memory challenge game that you can play.

  • Memory Card Game

For the memory card game, you can use a regular deck of cards.

Divide the 52 cards into four groups and place them face-down in four separate rows. Now every player gets to pick 2 cards. If both color and number on these cards match (like 2 Spades and 2 Clubs), then that player wins the pair and he gets to play again. If there is no match, the cards are kept back again.

The game goes on till all the cards are over. The player with the maximum number of pairs wins. The main challenge here is to remember which card (color and number) is placed where. You need to watch your friends’ cards carefully as they put them back.

You can try out similar memory card games.

  • Memorize The Items Game

For this game, put about 10 to 15 items on a tray such as scissors, a pair of gloves, sanitizer, medicine, glue, and many more such items. Make sure that you have kept at least 10 items (minimum). The more, the better. Let all of your friends take a good look at it for a couple of minutes and then cover the tray with a cloth. Now, every player needs to list out the correct list of items kept in the tray. To make the game more interesting, remove one item and ask your friends to guess the missing item.

Hope you have fun and exercise your memory by playing these games.

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Food Challenges For Teens

Well, all of us undoubtedly enjoy the food we eat. Do you want to try out some interesting challenges involving food? Take a look at these ideas below. However, make sure you are aware of any kind of food allergies in your friends before you attempt to feed them anything.

1. Blindfold Food Challenge

Blindfold Food Challenge

For this challenge, you simply need to guess the food items while you are blindfolded. You can use a variety of veggies, fruits, meat pieces, cheese slices, and other such stuff. To make the challenge tougher, you can use interesting combinations of foods whose tastes are quite similar. For instance, you can keep a combination of carrots, beets, onions, and radishes and ask your friends to take a guess. 

Likewise, you can keep aerated drinks that are similar in taste and smell and ask your friends to guess the correct drink. When the right food combinations are used, this challenge can turn really exciting. 

2. Eating Baby Food Challenge

Do you even remember what you ate when you were a baby? Well, here is a golden chance to relieve those moments (in a hilarious way)!

We all know how bland baby foods are with less salt and barely any oil or spices. Thus, it is quite difficult for adults to gulp these foods down their throats. Moreover, most baby foods are soft and mushy, which doesn't sit well with many people. 

We understand that it’s just not easy for a teen to gulp down baby food but that’s what is required in this challenge — eating all sorts of baby food! You need to get a person who is not participating in this challenge to arrange the food. The fun increases when the food is bland and super soft. It will be a treat to watch your friends’ faces as they start swallowing the food. To make the challenge more interesting, ask them to use a baby spoon and watch your friends’ facial expressions as they eat!

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3. Chubby Bunny Challenge 

What do you think this particular challenge is all about? Do you think it involves a bunny that’s plump and chubby? Not really. Remember what our elders advised us against while we were kids? Never speak with a mouthful of food. However, you can forget that piece of advice just for this challenge.

Stuff your mouth with marshmallows and utter the phrase “Chubby Bunny”. Here’s how it goes:

  • Everyone needs to sit in a circle.
  • Now pick up a marshmallow and say “Chubby Bunny”. All your friends need to do the same thing.
  • Continue the game till you can no longer hold the marshmallows in your mouth and they start popping out.
  • The person with the maximum number of marshmallows in the mouth is the winner.

4. The Raw Onion Slices Challenge 

Initially this may seem quite simple for some of us. After all, how difficult it is to eat a raw onion? Well, it may not be that tough to stuff a few onion slices and have them within your burgers or sandwiches, however, try eating an entire raw onion. 

Just like your eyes start watering while cutting them, we bet the same would happen even as you start eating raw onions. And yes, to make the challenge tougher, you aren’t allowed to drink even water! Yes, we know it's insane, but then, a challenge can’t be a cakewalk for sure.

5. Suck The Lemon Challenge

As if eating raw onions wasn’t enough, here is another challenge to shake you up. Suck lemon slices. And trust us, this isn’t going to be easy at all! However, your friends’ faces would be worth a watch as they suck the juice out of that lemon slice. Check who’s the lucky one to suck out most lemon slices. And don’t forget to take videos and capture these moments!

6. Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower Challenge

In the above section, we have seen the card tower challenge. This is something similar involving marshmallows and spaghetti. 

If you are a big gang of friends, then probably you all can divide yourselves into about 2 or 3 groups for this one.

Many of us have heard about the Spaghetti Tower Marshmallow Challenge. What is it about? You need to build a tall marshmallow tower supported by spaghetti within the given time frame. Take a unanimous decision and set a time limit. The team building the highest tower wins the challenge. 

This challenge can also be played individually however, it could take more time. For more clarity on how you can build a spaghetti tower, check out the video below. 

Marshmallow Tower Challenge

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7. Smoothie Challenge

Keep a few good ingredients like milk, chocolate sauce, honey, banana, etc in separate bags. Likewise, keep a few gross ingredients (which are not good in smoothies) like chili sauce, jalapenos, onions, pepper powder, etc in different bags. It is best to keep equal numbers of good ingredients and gross ingredients.

Number every bag containing every single ingredient. write down these numbers on a piece of paper, fold them, and put them into a bowl.

Now pick the paper chits one by one and go for the ingredient corresponding to the number. Add each of these ingredients into a blender and blend it into a smoothie. You can decide beforehand the number of ingredients to pick. The person who manages to gulp down most of the good or the not-so-good smoothie turns out as the winner.

Game Challenges For Teens

1. Egg Drop Challenge

You need your creativity and presence of mind for this one. By “Egg Drop”, we mean that you literally need to drop a raw egg (not a boiled one) and see to it that it doesn’t break! Now, how do you go about this one?

All you need to do is to provide some sort of cushion for the egg fall. When we say cushioning, you can use stuff like newspapers, straws, or any other craft materials you have. Create a cushion-like environment for the egg to fall. Then drop your egg from a height and check if it breaks or remains intact.

The person whose egg remains intact is the winner.

2. Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

Drawing can be difficult even when you can see. However, things could be really tough when you have to draw while you are blindfolded. And this is exactly what you need to do in this challenge. Blindfold your friend and instruct what should be drawn. Check out how the drawing turns out. The best blindfolded artist wins.

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3. Egg Russian Roulette Challenge

This is another interesting game involving eggs. You need to use a combination of both boiled and raw eggs here.

So what is Egg Russian Roulette Challenge all about? You need to mix both hard-boiled eggs along with a few raw eggs in a carton. Each player needs to pick an egg and smash it over their head. One can never predict when a raw egg crashes over their head!

The person getting the maximum raw eggs over the head loses the challenge. 

Well, even David Beckham has been a part of this game as you can see in the video below. Check out how hilarious this game can be.

Egg Russian Roulette with David Beckham (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

4. Answer Before You Freeze Challenge

We have seen the ice bucket challenge above. Well, this is something similar to it. The main difference here is that you need to stand in ice water rather than it being dumped on you.

So, how does this game go about? Fill a bucket with ice water. Now, get your friends to stand here and start questioning them. You can choose general knowledge or science-related questions. To make the game a little more interesting, you can ask some personal questions as well. 

Set a time limit for answering the questions. The penalty for every incorrect answer is adding more ice cubes into the bucket. This is true even when someone overshoots the time limit. It is really fun to watch those shivering faces or rather, shivering feet! And like always, capture these unforgettable moments!

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5. Guess What’s In The Box Challenge 

This is a very simple but exciting game. Pick some objects around the house and dump them in a box. Now ask your friends to put their hands inside the box and guess what they are touching. Remember, they should have no clue about the items inside the box. The person who guesses most items correctly is the winner.

6. Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin Challenge was quite popular in 2016 but there is no harm even if you try this one out in 2023. You need to tell your friends to freeze like mannequins as you capture their video. The one who moves or flinches is out of the game.

We suggest that you try out the above-listed “game challenges for teens.” We bet you will enjoy playing these.

Fear Factor Challenges For Teens

What’s a challenge without any fear factor or risks associated with it? To make sure you are ready to take all kinds of risks, we have listed out a few fear factor challenges for teens in this section. Take a look.

1. The Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a popular challenge that most of you must be aware of!

For this challenge, you need to drench your friends in ice water. Yes literally! So how do you go about it? 

So one lucky person (who would enjoy the most) gets to drench the rest of the group with ice water. All one needs to do is simply fill a bucket with ice water and dump it over your friends’ head. Don’t forget to capture their reactions on the phone.

There is no winner in this one but one needs to see how each player has the courage to get drenched in ice-cold water. Playing this game in harsh winters can make it harder.

2. Dog Biscuit Race Challenge

You need to use dog biscuits or any other dog treats for this one. All you need to do is to carry a dog biscuit in your mouth and drop it in a bowl at the other end of the room. The one who happens to drop the maximum number of biscuits in the bowl is the winner.

This game can also be played like a relay race if there are more people. Each of you can have a partner and you can take turns in picking and dropping dog biscuits. However, a word of caution here — ensure that none of your friends are allergic to the ingredients in the dog food.

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3. Eat It Or Wear It Challenge

eat it or wear it challenge

This challenge involves some of the foods dreaded by most of us!

If you know your friends pretty well, then you can choose the foods that are disliked by most of them in the group. You can also mix it with a few good foods. 

All you need to do is to place each food in different bags and number each bag. Next, you need to prepare chits containing the number. Now mix all these chits in a bowl and each one of you needs to pick one of these. You get the food in the bag corresponding to the number on your chit.

The challenge here is either you eat this one or wear it, which means you can either apply it over yourself or dump it on your head. When the right food items are chosen, this game can be hilarious.

4. Count The Marbles In Ice Water Challenge

The name of this challenge itself should give you hints. However, if you are thinking that you simply need to put your hand in ice water and count the marbles in it, you are partly right and partly wrong. The game requires you to actually stand in ice water and count the marbles inside it. To make it more interesting and tougher, mix a few pebbles too along with 

the marbles. That will increase the difficulty level and also check your capacity to tolerate cold temperatures.

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We hope that you would try out the above challenges for teens and have a crazy time as you play them. Do share these challenges for teens with your friends too and they would love them. However, we would like to reiterate that you need to be extremely careful during certain challenges. 

For instance, if you or any of your friends are not feeling too great, it is better that you avoid challenges involving ice which can make you even sicker, depending on the weather. Likewise, for the food challenges, see to it that none of you are allergic to any foods or food products.

Every game, when played with the correct amount of zeal and enthusiasm brings in a lot of fun and amusement. We really hope that with these challenges for teens, your holidays and free time are sorted.

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