Best Drinking Card Games for 2, 3 and 4 Players

Love playing drinking card games during your family or friend get-togethers? Here are the best drinking card games for 2, 3 and 4 Players to make your night fun!

These exciting drinking card games will spice up your game night!

No party or work get-together can be complete without some exciting and fun games to carry the booze-induced buzz to the next level. What can be funnier than a group of pals struggling to make sense of a competitive game as they get progressively drunker through the night? Nothing! 

But aren’t we all bored of the plain old rounds of Truth or Dare or Never have I ever or exhausting rounds of Beer pong, if we really stretch the band of our creativity? Worry not, you don’t have to scour the internet for ideas to jazz up your next party nor do you need to get your innovative hat on and cook up some interesting game to play with your drinking buddies.

This article will introduce you to the best fun drinking card games out there which will turn your party into the most-happening one ever. The best part of these is that you will not need to go around gathering props or gimmicks because all you need is a stack of fun-filled cards! 

In this article, we will cover:

  • Drinking card games with regular cards
  • Fun drinking card games for large groups
  • Card drinking games for 2 players
  • Card drinking games for 3 players
  • Best drinking card games
  • Adult drinking card games

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Drinking Card Games With Regular Cards

Have you got a pack of regular playing cards catching dust in some musty corner of your house? Are you scratching your head for ideas to put to use?

This section of the article is just what you need. Here we enlist some drinking card games with regular cards only to play at your next office gathering or college party! So, no need to rush to grab a random card game at the eleventh hour, just grab your deck of playing cards and immerse your party in these ice-breaking games: 

1. Beeramid

how to play beeramid


  1. A deck of playing cards
  2. A large group of participants 
  3. Drinks of your choice


Beeramid is an easy-to-understand yet tricky game, and makes for an enjoyable play for large groups.

The game is played with one person becoming a dealer who lays out a deck of shuffled cards on a smooth surface in the form of a pyramid — starting with one card on the top, then two in the second row and so on until a row composed of seven cards is reached. The remaining unused cards are tossed around to the other players in even and equal-numbered sets. 

  1. Once the premise is established, the gameplay begins with every player taking ten seconds to memorize their deck of cards - the larger the chunk, the harder it is to remember! 
  2. The dealer then plucks out and turns over the first card in the bottom row of the pyramid, allowing any player to set their bait by claiming to have that card and challenging another player of their choice to drink. 
  3. Now, the ball is in the other player’s court, they could choose to call out the first player’s bluff in case they are suspicious of their claim or drink up. 
  4. If the accused was indeed lying about possessing the card, they have to drink twice; else if the accuser’s instinct betrayed them, they end up drinking twice.

In a game of pure instinct, someone or the other will always end up tipsy with each round. 

2. Across The Bridge

Across The Bridge drinking game how to play


  1. A deck of playing cards
  2. 2 or more participants 
  3. Drinks of your choice

Game Play:

Across the bridge is another entertaining game for which you only require a normal deck of playing cards. 

  1. To play this game, grab ten cards from your deck and place them face-down in a line forming a bridge that is to be crossed.
    The game starts with one player flipping over a card from the line with the aim to get a non-face card i.e. from numbers 2 to 10. 
  2. Getting a non-face card implies that the player is safe and can proceed onto the next card in line.
    However, if they are met with a face card on flipping over, they must grab a set number of sips of their drink depending on the card that they procure: 

Jack - 1 sip

Queen - 2 sips

King - 3 sips

Ace - 4 sips

  1. Thereafter, the player has to remove that face card and add the same number of cards from the resting desk as sips to the line, and the game will proceed with the next player. 
  2. The game will progress in this manner with different players until the last card is flipped over making the flipper the winner of the game! Then, the winner can take a boozy nap while the game is restarted with the remaining players.

This game is an absolute slow-burn, but it will get people tipsy even before they know it. Slow and steady, the drinks will make their way to the brain! 

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3. Dice and Deck


  1. A pair of dice
  2. A deck of playing cards
  3. 3 or more players
  4. Drinks of your choice

Game Play:

A game of risks and luck, this one will be an absolute hit among the attendees at your party for its simplicity and exciting wagers. 

  1. To start with, you shuffle a deck of cards and place them on the table with the faces down. 
  2. The first player (who can be determined based on physical features like the tiniest middle finger or a toss) is supposed to draw two cards from the deck and place them face up for everyone to see. Then, this player negotiates and declares a bet on a number of sips with the rest of the gang. 
  3. The real game is in rolling the two dice and revealing the sum of the two numbers that come up. If the sum is in between the face values of the two cards, for e.g. if the sum of the numbers on the pair of dice is 7 and the cards are 2 and 8, then the player wins making everyone else drink up the wagered number of sips. 
  4. However, if their luck runs dry and the sum does not fall in between those on the cards, then the player chugs! 
  5. But the best part is the odd chance of a double appearing on the dice - then, the wagered bet becomes double as well. 

4. Snatch!

This crazy game has been accused of causing friendships to break! It is a complete adrenaline rush and can lead to serious fights among competitive groups. Imagine the lethal combination of this game and drunken heads! 

All you need is a deck of cards and a dangerously competitive bunch of people. The rules of the game are mind-boggling at first but the ultimate aim is simple: to SNATCH and end up with the heaviest deck on hand. 

Game play:

  1. You start off with distributing a shuffled deck equally among all the participants and determining the order of play among players. 
  2. Then, each player would take turns throwing the card on top of their face-down deck in the middle. If the card that lands is a face card, then the next person in line has to add a certain number of cards from their deck depending on this list: 

Jack - 1 card

Queen - 2 cards

King - 3 cards

Ace - 4 cards

  1. From the set of the aforementioned number of cards that the next player throws, if none of the cards is a face card, then, all of the cards in the pile go to the former player. 
  2. The former player will then add this pile to the bottom of their chunk of cards, and the loser will drink a chug of their booze. 
  3. If there is a face card, the game will continue to the next player who will add a fixed number of cards from their deck, and so on until the next player in line loses their cards. 
  4. Now, where’s the catch of snatch? Snatch will come into play when there are two same cards thrown into the pile on top of the other, then anyone in the group can shout snatch and make them theirs! Similarly, if a sandwich is made i.e. one card, then a different card and then on top, the same card as the first one, then anyone can shout “snatch” and take up the cards. 

With these Snatch opportunities, anyone who runs out of cards and gets eliminated is presented with the chance to get back in the game! But shouting Snatch is an absolute must!

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Fun Drinking Card Games For Large Groups

1. You laugh, You drink

you laugh you drink drinking game

If we know one thing that comes with drinking, then that is a complete loss of control over giggles. This hilarious drinking game exploits just that - with people either falling over from laughs or in a drunken daze!

  1. To play this game, each player on their turn would draw a card from the deck and pick a target from the party. 
  2. The player’s aim is to cause their target to blow up into a fit of laughter by following the instructions on their card. When we peeked, the cards dictated some really crazy things like “Do a PSA on why sex is bad and scary” and “Have an emotional breakdown while doing some dad dance moves”. 
  3. If the target laughs, then they end up taking a shot. But if the joker fails to tickle up some giggles, then they would have to suck it up and down the embarrassment with a drink! All you need to remember is “Laughing is your kryptonite in this game!”

Grab your set of this game here:

You Laugh You Drink - The Drinking Game for People Who Can't Keep a Straight Face [A Party Game] 

2. Drunk, Stoned or Stupid

Drunk, Stoned or Stupid drinking game

This game is best suited for groups of close friends that are comfortably embarrassed and shamefully aware of the myriad of incriminating stories that they possess about each other. 

  1. One player is assigned the role of the judge and draws up a card to read aloud the toxic trait mentioned on it. 
  2. Then, the whole group would convince the judge of their opinion about who out of the group is guilty of possessing the trait, which could be things like “Always wants to play stupid card games” or “Can fall asleep anywhere”. 
  3. The first person to end up with seven tags would have to don the cap of humiliation, accept the loser sash and take the sip of shame! 

Get your hands on this party game here: Drunk Stoned or Stupid [A Party Game] 

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3. Buzzed

Buzzed drinking game

What shouts a drinking game better than the box saying “This is the game that will get you and your friends tipsy”? This game is the ultimate switch for turning the buzz on at your party! 

All you need to do is get your players to pick cards one by one and drink according to the instructions given on it. So think of stuff like “Drink if you played a varsity sport in high school” or “Challenge another player to a thumb war. The loser drinks.” 

Declared as the absolute must-have for a lit party on TikTok, it is a game that claims to be a sure-shot way to get the crowd bubbling with booze! 

To get your own set of the Buzzed card game, follow this link:

Walmart, $19.99: As Seen on TikTok: Buzzed - the Adult Party Game That Gets you Hydrated 

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Card Drinking Games For 2 Players

1. Sotally Tober

sotally tober drinking card game

If you are spending a boozy night with a friend or your partner and want to go the extra mile with a card game that will make drinking even more fun, then this game will become your absolute go-to.

It makes the perfect drinking card game for two as at least one of you will end up sloshed out of your head and hugging the toilet bowl by the end of the night! 

Game play:

The cards in this game box are colored differently in relation to the command that they declare. Each player takes turns picking up a card from the pile and then, they ought to perform the activity mentioned. If they fail to perform the activity or do it very awfully, then they must drink. 

For a quick overview, the cards are distributed according to color in this manner: 

  1. Blue cards - These are punishment cards that declare a curse that must be borne by the person who draws it. 
  2. Orange cards - These cards describe challenges that must be undertaken by the player. 
  3. Yellow cards - These cards are secretive and must not be shown to the other player; one must perform the task with discretion. 
  4. Green cards - These cards give special abilities for the entire duration of the game. 
  5. Red cards - These cards give the player the power to affect the other player when they need to perform a challenge. 

Once you both get through all the cards in the box, there is no way you wouldn’t be hurling your stomach out into the toilet and waking up with the most terrible hangover!

Buy Sotally Tober from Amazon to make your party lit: 

Sotally Tober Drinking Games for Adults - Outrageously Fun Adult Party Card Game 

2. Suits

suits drinking card game


  1. A deck of playing cards
  2. Two players
  3. Booze of choice


This is another great and simple game to play among two people ready to drink the night away. 

  1. All you require is a deck of standard cards and you need to place the shuffled deck face-down in a circle on the table. 
  2. Then, each player takes turns picking a suit of cards (could be “Diamond”, “Heart”, “Spade” or “Clover”) and flipping over a card of their choice from the circle. 
  3. If the player guessed the suit of the card correctly, they can command the other player to chug their drink and select another card. Else, they have to drink up. 
  4. The game will continue on with the players going back and forth guessing and turning cards over until no cards are left to be flipped. 
  5. Finally, the player with the most number of correct guesses takes home the trophy and gets to witness their co-drinker in a completely sloshed, embarrassed state! 

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Card Drinking Games For 3 Players:

1. Cards against humanity

Cards against humanity drinking card game

Cards against humanity is a famous card game that everyone loves and enjoys, pair each round of this game with some liquor and you’ve got the perfect drinking card game to enjoy! 

Game play:

The gameplay remains more or less unchanged: 

  1. All the players are handed 10 white cards from the deck. 
  2. Then, the Card Czar is chosen based on ridiculous things like who pooped the most recently or who has the bushiest eyebrows. The Card Czar takes up the responsibility to draw a black card and read the question or fill-in-the-blank statement on it out loud to the group. 
  3. All the players scribble out answers on their white cards aiming to come up with the funniest or craziest answers to impress the Czar.
  4. The Czar then shuffles all the white cards and reads the question as well as answers out loud, and ultimately declares the winner of the round! 
  5. The winner then has the right to pass around a shot of liquor to whoever they please (enemy or friend)!

Just like that, this game will put your drunken creativity to the test and get everyone progressively tipsier and tipsier!

Here’s where to grab your set: 

Cards Against Humanity 

2. Higher or Lower

This game is the most popular and well-suited to play in a trio. It is simple enough that the players would not feel completely lost amid all the crazy drinking! 

  1. To play this game, a standard deck of cards is the only necessity.
  2.  One player is dealt a card, to begin with, then they ought to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than the one in hand. 
  3. An incorrect guess would impose on them swigs of drink corresponding to the number of cards showing up, while a correct one would mean that they can continue guessing. 
  4. After at least three correct guesses, the player gets to decide whether they want to pass on or continue guessing. If the player chooses to pass, the next player in line continues where the player left off. 

The trick in this game is to build up a fat pile of cards and then pass it on to the next player, so when their guess fails, they must drink an ultra amount! 

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Adult Drinking Card Games

1. Do or Drink!

do or drink card game

A card game that is accompanied by the warning of you either winning or ending up passed out, Do or Drink is a roulette-type game of chance. You could end up with any awfully difficult or hilariously painful challenge from the deck of cards to perform, each with just one ultimate goal - to get you and your guests drunk!

So, be prepared to have to choose between eating a spoonful of raw, bitter coffee and finishing your glass of alcohol-filled goodness. Or having no choice whatsoever with cards saying ‘Drink if you are in a relationship’. So, get ready to go puking or go home when a game of Do or Drink begins! 

Get this game at Amazon using this link:

Do or Drink Party Card Game, Dare for Adults, Strangers or Girls Night, 350 Cards with 175 Adult Challenges & Funny Questions, Entertaining Fun Adult Games for Game Night 

2. The game for drunks

the game for drunks drinking card game

This is another drinking game that comes with ages 21+ label, so you know it’s going to be quite the party stirrer! 

This game is centered around a democratic voting process in which all the players unanimously decide on one loser of each round. 

  1. To begin, each player is assigned a number and handed voting cards with the numbers of all the other players. 
  2. While taking turns, players read out prompt cards which present absolutely ridiculous and funny questions like “. 
  3. Everyone in the group has to put down their vote for who they attribute the trait or answer of the question to, and so, they conclusively decide on the “winner” of the round who has to follow the drinking instructions on the prompt card! 

If you’re looking to get your hands on this indulgent drinking card game for adults, here’s where to find it:

The Game for Drunks: Fun Adult Drinking Card Game with 100 Voting Commands, That Gets You Tipsy and Crazy - 

3. Mafia but make it boozey!


  • From a standard deck of playing cards
  1. One Ace of Spades
  2. Any red card
  3. Black numerical cards (same as the number of players)
  • Drinks of your choice
  • A large group of people


We have all played some variation or the other of the popular game - Mafia, but here we take it to the next level by mixing in some booze! It’s super easy to understand and if you know the rules of the Mafia, then you need not use your brain cells too much. 

  1. Firstly, distribute the cards around at random. 
  2. Now, the player who received the Ace of Spades becomes the detective and has to shoulder the task of catching the Mafia. 
  3. The Mafia is the player who has received the red card and must try to kill all the civilians who have got the numerical black cards by winking discreetly. 
  4. Every time a civilian ends up dead, they must shout out loud “I’m dead” and take a swig of drink. 
  5. The detective must try to guess the Mafia correctly before all the civilians end up dead, an incorrect guess would be penalized with a drink. Else if the Mafia gets caught in the act, they will have to drink up! Simply put, one or the other is going to end up sloshed.

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Sitting around with a group of friends sipping your bottle of beer can be fun. But if the gathering is complemented by a good card drinking game, then the fun will only be doubled!

Games can add an element of surprise and comfort to drinking that might otherwise be too plain. So, we hope that with this blog, we have introduced you to some of the best drinking card games to elevate your parties and get everyone excited! 

FAQs: Drinking Card Games

How to play drinking card games?

There are some great drinking card games that can be played with simply just a deck of regular playing cards. On the other hand, there are some card sets that can be purchased off Amazon or a Hamleys store that are really fun as well. These include Buzzed, Sottally Tober, and Game for Drunks. So, all you need to do is be well-versed with the game rules, fill up your drinking bar and get ready for a night of fun!

What are classic card games to play when drinking?

Some classic card games to play when drinking that almost everyone will know and enjoy are: Higher or Lower, Across the bridge, Dice and Deck, etc. You can play these games with only some disposable cups, a never-ending supply of drinks, and just a deck of normal playing cards. For how to play these games, you can scroll up and read the rules in this blog!

What are some drinking card games?

Some nice drinking card games are Buzzed, Across the bridge, Mafia, Do or Drink, Higher or Lower, etc. For more recommendations and links to buy some of these games, you must scroll up and read through this blog. 

What are good card drinking games? 

Any good card drinking game is characterized by being exciting and engaging while also fulfilling the main challenge of getting everyone on their tippy toes unable to walk in a straight line at the end of the night! Some such games include Snatch, The game for drunks, Buzzed, and Sotally Tober.

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