10+ Fun Social Games, Trivia and Ice-breakers

play trivia quizzes on microsoft teams

Trivia Quizzes for fun breaks

Fun trivia quizzes with 30k+ questions & 20 categories. Play trivia with your coworkers in an asynchronous game format that doesn’t disrupt workflow.

Auto-schedule games throughout the week for your team and let the fun times begin!

•  MCQ Trivia Quiz
•  Weekly Trivia Contests
•  Real-time leaderboard

icebreaker and watercooler games on microsoft teams

Stronger bonds with Icebreakers

From team bonding to better onboarding, Ricotta watercooler and icebreaker games bring teams together.

Spark fun conversations and build new bonds.

•  This or That
•  Never Have I Ever
•  Co-worker Icebreakers
•  Icebreaker Questions

play tic tac toe rock paper scissors on microsoft teams

Social Word Games

Play fun Word Games asynchronously with your co-workers. Have fun with Word of The Day (inspired by Wordle) and share your daily score on Teams.

Time for some healthy competition!

•  Word of The Day (Wordle)
•  Hangman

Why Ricotta Trivia?

Build happy, engaged remote teams

Team Building

Co-workers and teams with strong bonds are 7 times more likely to be productive!

Virtual team building activities with Ricotta Games & Trivia help in team bonding and enable a stronger work relationship!

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Productive Teams

Engaged co-workers result in 21% increase in profitability and 17% increase in productivity!

Power up your Teams workspace with Ricotta's engaging games that make work breaks awesome — fun at work, better results and happier employees. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!

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High Employee Morale

Motivation levels increase by a whopping 85% when communications are effective! 

When teams play and bond together on Ricotta Games & Trivia, new conversations spark and team communications are bound to be more effective.

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"Ricotta has given us an easy, automatic way to inject a little fun and levity throughout the week in a way that is easy and fun enough that the majority of my team regularly engages with it."

Identity PR

Elizabeth S (Director of Finance & Office Operations)

""My colleagues and I have really been enjoying Ricotta Trivia, especially the Weekly Trivia Contest! I'd give it a 10/10""

Education Analytics

Krys Parsons (DEI and HR Coordinator)

"We've enjoyed adding Ricotta to our corporate Slack account.  It's been a fun, cost effective way to engage the team and create some friendly competition."


Kelly Pritchard (Director of People Operations)

Pricing Plans

Find a plan that suits your team

Monthly Billing

✓ Play games with your entire org

✓ Monthly billing

✓ Supports team channels

✓ Trivia

✓ Icebreaker Games

✓ Word Games

✓ Admin controls

✓ Engagement scores

✓ Auto-Scheduler

✓ Leaderboard

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Yearly Billing

✓ Play games with your entire org

✓ Monthly billing

✓ Supports team channels

✓ Trivia

✓ Icebreaker Games

✓ Word Games

✓ Admin controls

✓ Engagement scores

✓ Auto-Scheduler

✓ Leaderboard

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We offer special discounts to Educational Institutions and Non-Profits. Please write to us!

Pricing FAQs

What happens when I add Ricotta to Microsoft Teams?

When you add Ricotta to Microsoft Teams, we get basic details like your name, the name of your team and your email. We don’t access the content of your conversations or files.

How do I subscribe to Ricotta Games & Trivia?

Click on the Billing button in the team channel, select your preferred plan and pay via Stripe. You can check out our help guide for detailed step-by-step instructions. For any payment related queries, please reach out to us at

What is the difference between the two pricing plans?

Org-wide plan

With an org-wide plan, you can play all the games in any DM, channel or group chat. It includes all the features like admin controls, engagement reports and auto-scheduler.

Team Plan

A team plan is suitable for playing in team channels only, DMs and groups chats are not included. All the games except 2-player games can be played.

How many minimum number of users are required to subscribe to a Team paid plan?

You need to pay for a minimum of 10 users in a team channel to subscribe to a Team plan (even if your team has fewer than 10 users).

What are the available payment options?

You can pay via Stripe by entering your card details and billing address.

Is there a discount for nonprofits or educational institutions?

Yes! We most definitely have exclusive discount codes for nonprofits and educational institutions. Please reach out to us at to get your discount code.

Do you offer enterprise pricing?

You bet we do. Write to us at to chat about enterprise plans.

What happens when my 14-day trial is over? Will I be charged?

You will not be charged after your trial ends since we don’t require a credit card to try Ricotta. You'll need to upgrade to a paid plan to start playing games again once your trial ends.

What if we need more than 14 days to try out Ricotta?

We’re happy to extend your trial. Please contact us at and we’ll do it for you.

How do I cancel my paid subscription?

Please email us at and we’ll cancel your paid subscription.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not offer refunds. Please cancel your paid subscription before the next payment gets deducted.

We’ve got special pricing for Educational Institutions and Non-Profits. Have a question? Drop us a line and we will get back within 24 hours.


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