25 Best Icebreaker Questions for your Next Christmas Party

Check out our list of the best Christmas Ice-breaker questions for your next Office holiday party, Christmas family dinner or Social Holiday gathering.

Whether you are planning a fun Christmas icebreaker session at work, a family Christmas dinner or a holiday party, we all need some fun games to break the ice. Get acquainted with your colleague at work or make a new friend at your next Christmas party with these icebreaker questions. 

And remember, don’t forget to get into the holiday spirit!

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25 Icebreaker Questions for Holiday Parties and Christmas Dinners

1. What is Your favourite childhood holiday or Christmas tradition?

2. What are your Top 3 Christmas movies?

3. What is the best Holiday Gift you have ever received?

4. What does your Holiday dinner table look like?

5. If you could create one holiday of your choice, what would it be?

6. What do you prefer? Cook all day for the holiday dinner or order-in.

7. What’s your favourite memory playing in the snow?

8. What’s your favourite holiday and why?

9. Which holiday task do you hate the most?

10. What is your favourite place to shop for holiday gifts?

11. What’s your favourite holiday candy or dessert?

12. If you could relive any Christmas moment, which one would you pick? 

13. What is one thing that you hate about holidays that everyone else seems to love?

14. What is one thing you are grateful for this year?

15. How do you feel about a Zoom Christmas party?

16. If you could spend Christmas at the beach or in the mountains, what would you choose?

17. Which country would you want to travel to during the holidays?

18. What’s your favourite holiday drink?

19. Pick one: Office holiday retreat or holiday party?

20. Do you have any Christmas holiday travel plans this year?

21. What is your least favourite holiday dish?

22. When you think of your "happy place," what and where is it?

23. If you were served a three-course meal during the holidays, what would it look like?

24. Would you rather shop in the stores for gifts, or shop online in your pyjamas?

25. What do you look forward to most during the holidays?

Bonus: How does your dream holiday living room look like?


Icebreakers are a great way to start a conversation and get to know other people better. This list of icebreaker questions is bound to make your next holiday gathering a success!

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