25+ Best HR Blogs for Human Resources Leaders & Professionals

We have compiled a list of 25+ Best Blogs on HR that all Human Resources Leaders should read to keep up with the latest management and technology trends in HR.

As an HR leader, it becomes important to stay updated on the industry trends and policies. What’s a better way to do so apart from books? Our answer is blogs and newsletters! Blogs are where you find a treasure trove of insights in a concise format. 

So, after a thorough sifting, we have included some of the best blogs pertaining to human resources — everything from recruitment, culture, employee engagement and payroll.

Without further ado, here is our list of 40 top HR blogs and newsletters:

1. The Tim Sackett Project‍

Tim Sackett is an influential HR tech analyst who heads HRU technical resources. His blog covers everything from his personal musings to HR insights from his extensive experience as a recruiting executive!

Top read: Top 25 Rap Lyrics That Shaped My Leadership Style

2. OC Tanner magazine

OC Tanner Blog is one of the most widely regarded HR blogs covering everything from employee appreciation to HR leadership. Their glossary and global culture report is eagerly anticipated and widely read by HR folks across the globe!

Top read: A Modern Leader’s Guide to Company Culture

3. Ask a manager

Ask a manager is run by Alison Green, who used to be a chief of staff in a non-profit. Ask a manager should be read by everyone, and not just HR professionals. Some blogs read like “Chicken soup for your work life”.

Top read: Resume Guide

4. Robin Schooling

Robin Schooling writes about workplace revolution, what is that, you might ask? She is an ardent advocate of HR led company-wide disruption can make organizations more profitable, robust and sustainable. She is a managing partner at Perdius Capital.

5. HR bartender 

HR Bartender is a workplace blog written by Sharlyn Lauby that covers everything from workplace experience to virtual onboarding with a hint of culinary arts, that happens to be of Sharlyn’s interest.

Top read: The Difference Between Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

6. Sage HR Blog

Sage HR is a compendium of all things HR, ranging from ‘How-to guides’ to ‘yearly reports’  and everything you need to help you get the best out of your workforce!

Top read: Who Are the Xennials, How to Manage Them and Why They Matter

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7. Smarter with Gartner

HRGartner enables HR leaders with insights and tools to achieve their goals and build a robust and successful, future-ready organization.

Top read: HR strategies for Post-pandemic labor market

8. Namely blog

Namely provides a steady drip of great HR articles and resources to improve your people knowledge and help you manage remote teams. The client spotlight section has a lot of interesting stories of Namely’s customer adoption.

Top read: Favorite Interview Questions

9. Zenifits

Zenifits is a collection of HR tips, tricks and guides. It deserves a follow if you want to stay updated about the latest changes and trends in all things HR.  Their resource section is extremely useful to small and medium companies, with several templates and guides.

Top read: Employee Handbook Examples

10. Fistful of Talent

FOT has a lot of veteran HR contributors who initially wanted to take away all the boring stuff like compliance and keep the good stuff of HR in it. The content demonstrates just that, and it is one of the most intriguing HR blogs in this list.

11. Workology

Workology curates content from multiple niches and puts out hundreds of articles every year, including news, stats and guide and “how to” articles. Niches they usually cover include recruitment & HR leadership.

Top read: HR Organisational Chart

12. Tinypulse

Tinypulse, founded in 2012 by David Niu when he resolved to make all businesses a happier workplace for employees. It’s one of the most popular HR blogs online and provides tons of information about Employee engagement, leadership and performance management. Plus, there’s plenty of useful and handy resources available that all HRs need during their career.

Top read: Employee Recognition Phrases

13. Snacknation

This massive people blog has about more than 2 million monthly readers and provides a virtually infinite number of posts on everything from office decor to retirement gift ideas. Whichever area you need help with, this employee and office admin blog will almost certainly have resources to help you.

Top read: Team Building Activities for Work

14. HR Capitalist

HR capitalist delves deep into communication, recruiting, workplace and more. With over a decade of working in HR, Kris Dunn, founder of HR capitalist, will help you slice through the people labyrinth in workplaces.

15. Paycor

Paycor’s resources and blogs are pretty simple and straightforward. The articles contain a wealth of knowledge and you’ll also find resources such as HR glossary, Common HR jargon that every aspiring HR leader should know.

Top read: The Difference Between Vacation and Paid Time Off

16. BambooHR

BambooHR’s blog contains thousands of articles about how to master people matters in an organization. Whether a beginner or an expert, this well-organized site is for anyone who craves depth of expertise in HR allied topics.

Top read: Performance Review

17. Psychology Today blog

Unlike other blogs in this list, Psychology Today can’t be filed under conventional HR blogs. However, Psychology and it’s allied topics make up the foundation for Human resources. Hence, Psychology Today is an essential read for all HR leaders.

Top read: Resilience

18. When I work

When I work has an excellent blog to learn about HR best practices. The articles are highly researched and it is one of the widely read and go to place for workforce scheduling and people management.

Top read: Team Building Games

19. Undercover Recruiter

Started by Jörgen Sundberg in 2009, who realized the need to educate the everyday folks about the behind the scenes activities in recruiting. Undercover’s team knowledge about recruiting is impeccable, and the 7 articles plus the weekly newsletter they publish is a testament of it.

Top read: Successful work team qualities

20. Fond

Fond’s blogs provides employee engagement and company culture advice, helps people thrive and put in place best people management practices even on a small budget. Fond blogs essentially provide tailored HR leadership and strategic ideas for their readers.

Top read: Employee Recognition Strategies

21. Cultureamp

Cultureamp is overflowing with insightful posts on common topics and  questions about human resources. Visited by over a million readers, this employee experience giant covers all themes in HR.

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22. HBR

HBR is a broad collection of blogs, articles, cases, pertaining to all things business. It covers everything from organization behavior to budgeting, and hence is an essential read for any aspiring business leader.

23. Laurie Ruettimann

Laurie Ruettimann started her blog to vent her outrage that she experienced during her career as an HR leader in several Fortune 500 companies, including Monsanto and Pfizer. Her writing has a characteristic storytelling narrative which aims at transmitting a good workplace culture.

Top read: Don't Trust People

24. Harver

Harver’s blogs strive to educate individuals and companies in making wise choices about recruiting, culture, workplace management and other HR practices.

Top read: Shortlisting Candidates

25. Employer Handbook

Employer Handbook deals with the legal side of HR; Compliance, audits, investigations etc. which might prove to be a hindrance in the day-to-day operations. It is run by Eric Meyer, a veteran in this field who is a pro in risk management and other HR-related litigation.

Top read: Why employers should list esse

26. Talent Lyft

Talent Lyft is a widely used HR software. Talent Lyft’s blog simplifies complex HR concepts with several easy-to-learn tutorials that come in handy for HR professionals all round the year.

Top read: Workplace Diversity


Managing people and their expectations in an organization might get tricky, and even prove to be a challenge. These resources will help you in the right direction and aid you in better decision-making!

These are some of our favorite reads at Ricotta, and we use some of the best principles in employee engagement, onboarding, workplace management to build our products!

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FAQs about Blogs on HR

1. How to start an HR blog?

Starting an HR Blog might be an easy task, but posting consistently and building an audience is the tricky part.

2. What are the best HR blogs?

Above-mentioned are some top HR blogs. To hone any skill, we need to learn from the best in the business, and we think these 40 blogs pretty much cover the length and breadth of everything HR.

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