1000+ This or That Questions For Adults, Students & Friends in 2024

Our list of funny This or That questions for adults, students, friends and couples will help break the ice! Includes Hard, funny, easy this or that questions.

This list of best this or that questions has been curated by us that can help folks bond with each other. This or That, also known as Would You Rather questions, is a fun game where two options are given and the participants need to choose their preferred option.

A game of This or That can be really funny and silly at the same time, while also being a great virtual team building activity. 

Even playing This or That quiz is fairly simple. You require a minimum of two players and you can even play over texts!

Other ways to play are over a Zoom call, or Slack chat. It is a great icebreaker at work and school that can also be played as a rapid fire question round.

Here is our list of This or That questions. You will find a mix of this or that questions for adults, students, couples, plus this or that Questions related to food, deep and thoughtful questions!

This or that generator

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Art gallery or history museum?

this or that list

This or that questions

  • Work vacation or work-free holiday?
  • Cronuts or Croffles?
  • Beach-side resort or hill-side cottage
  • TV series or movies?
  • Arctic or Tropical?
  • Croffle or Charcoal ice cream?
  • Matching or mismatched socks?
  • Take out or dine out?
  • Trivia night or Board game night?
  • Board games or card games?
  • Video games or books?
  • Hot weather or cold weather?
  • Tulips or sunflowers?
  • Fishing or kayaking?
  • Audiobook or e-book?
  • Paperback book or hardcover book
  • Ninjas or Pirates?
  • Broccoli or squash?
  • Trivia pub quiz or Card Games?
  • Fresh juice or smoothie?
  • HIIT or cardio?
  • Stuffed crust pizza or normal cheese pizza?
  • Pancakes or waffles?
  • Credit or cash?
  • History or science fiction?
  • Fantasy or drama?
  • Ability to travel without a passport or ability to read minds?
  • Tacos or Burritos?
  • Shopping in-store or online?
  • Shower or bath?
  • Avocado toast or avocado smoothie?
  • While sleeping: Fan or No Fan?
  • Football or basketball?
  • Sneakers or trainers?
  • Sushi or ramen?
  • Live in L.A. or New York?
  • Chicken nuggets or chicken fingers?
  • Cupcake or Donuts?
  • Cheesecake or tart?
  • Hotel or hostel?
  • Carpet or wooden floors?
  • Ice cream in a cone or cup?
  • Call or text?
  • Live in London or English countryside?
  • Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
  • New phone or a new laptop?
  • Tent or camping van?
  • Live in South Korea or Japan?
  • Play or musical?
  • Art gallery or history museum?
  • Silver or gold?
  • Be 5’2 or 6’9?
  • Long hair or short hair?
  • Workout at home or workout at the gym?
  • Ethereum or Bitcoin?
  • Iced coffee or hot tea?
  • Live in England or Scotland?
  • Soda or milkshakes?
  • Desktop or laptop?
  • Connect4 or Tic-Tac-Toe?
  • Scary movies or comedy movies?
  • Live in 1969 or in 2069?
  • Bar of soap or shower gel?
  • Snowball fight or water balloon fight?
  • Smooth jazz or Folk?
  • Ancient Greece or ancient Rome?
  • Live in Stockholm or Beijing?
  • Live in Taiwan or Singapore?
  • Live in Hong Kong or Shanghai?
  • Taj Mahal or Colosseum?
  • Travel alone or travel with friends?
  • Foresee the future or change the past?
  • Sweet potato fries or French fries?
  • Analog or Digital?
  • Late night snacking or Facebook stalking?
  • Eat instant noodles for breakfast or eat cereal for dinner?
  • M&Ms or KitKat?
  • Cadbury’s or Hershey's?
  • Lays or Pringles?
  • Eggs or pancakes for breakfast?
  • Sedan or SUV?
  • Comic Book or History novel?
  • Almonds or Peanuts?
  • Fan or Air Conditioner?
  • Balcony or Terrace?
  • Plants or Decals?
  • Stop using paper or stop using plastic?
  • Crunchy Peanut Butter or Smooth Peanut Butter?
This or that questions
  • Instant noodles or pizza?
  • Fresh flowers or potted plants?
  • Have a vegetable garden or have a home theater?
  • Live on a farm or live in a forest cabin?
  • Surfing or Kayaking?
  • Chess or Connect4?
  • Hangman or Rock Paper Scissors?
  • Giphy or memes?
  • Hot dogs or Corn dogs?
  • Korean or Japanese?
  • Italian or Indian?
  • Start a business or work in a job?
  • Own a house or travel the world?
  • Have lots of kids or adopt lots of dogs?
  • Movie night or date night?
  • Mexican food or Lebanese food?
  • Markers or crayons?
  • Homeschooling or Classroom learning?
  • Sandwich with crusts or no crusts?
  • Hybrid or remote work?
  • Do the laundry or do the dishes?
  • Do the dishes or cook thrice a day?
  • Batman or Superman?
  • Monthly salary or Hourly wage?
  • Winning the lottery or becoming famous overnight?
  • ​​PayPal or Venmo?
  • Espresso or cappuccino?
  • Drip coffee or Instant coffee?
  • Silly socks or funny t-shirts?
  • Instagram or Twitter?
  • Christmas or Easter?
  • Antique Trinkets or Used books?
  • Snowfall at night or rain in the morning?
  • Shooting stars or lightning?
  • Mossy trees or vintage cars?
  • Train rides or road trips?
  • Baked goods or sun-dried goods?
  • Hanging plants or candlesticks?
  • Caramel coffee or gingerbread lattes?
  • Warm coats or fuzzy socks?
  • Fireplaces or comfy sofas?

Good This or that questions 

  • Live in a house or in an apartment
  • Give a speech or write a paper
  • Live next door to your best friend or be a penpal
  • Cuddle up with a blanket or just turn up the heat
  • Walk on carpet or hardwood floors
  • Ride in a classic car or rebuild one
Good This or that questions 
  • Hang out on the front porch or the back porch
  • Play in the front yard or the back yard
  • Help someone walk across the street or start a transportation service
  • Apologize first or wait for someone to say sorry to you
  • Own your own home or rent one
  • Have children or adopt children
  • Go to college or go to a technical school
  • Work on cars or work on airplanes
  • Be good with animals or good with children
  • Be considered “musical” or considered “mechanical”
  • Be the “fix it” person or be everyone’s shoulder to cry on
  • Repair a printer or build a drone from scratch
  • Work for the news or be on the news
  • Be the one that everyone calls in an emergency or be the one everyone goes to for a laugh
  • Know how to take good notes or know how to fix a car
  • Be an expert in human anatomy or an expert in religions
  • Learn about world religions or learn about the theory of relativity
  • Be known as a kind person or be known as a resourceful person
  • Be known as an active person or be known as a communicator
  • Be better at writing or better at speaking
  • In the frontlines of a crisis or help from the background
  • Be the class clown or on the honor roll
  • Clean up national parks or build a skyscraper
  • Teach a class or learn from reading a book
  • Teach art or take an art class
  • Be a teacher or be a student

Whether This or that

  • Travel all the time or mostly stay close to home
  • Work on a puzzle or build a robot
  • Fix a computer or create a video game
  • Be funny or good looking
  • Be intellectual or athletic
  • Have one good friend or many friends
  • Be the most popular kid or be the one that everyone trusts
  • Go out and meet new people or let them come to you first
  • Have people think you were honest or kind
  • Repair a car or buy a new one
  • Commit your life to helping the poor or donate lots of money to education
  • Live by yourself or with more than four people
  • Volunteer at a food pantry or at the library
  • Go shopping or volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • Be the oldest or a younger sibling
  • Have 5 days of school each week or less
  • Have long summer vacations or school year round
  • Fall asleep in complete darkness or with the lights on
  • Have the windows open or keep the heat/AC on
  • Have a basketball hoop in your driveway or a baseball diamond in the neighborhood
  • Learn at home or at a school
  • Have your own bedroom or share with a sibling
  • Stay busy or spend a lot of time thinking and reflecting
  • Stop and smell the roses or pick a bouquet of dandelions
  • Buy a bouquet of flowers or pick random wildflowers
  • Write an email or write a letter
  • Make a phone call or send a postcard
  • Wash the dishes or clean the bathroom
  • Play with robots or legos
  • Keep a secret or tell a secret
  • Be someone’s best friend or be a part of a circle of friends
  • Give someone a high five or a handshake
  • Give someone a hug or a handshake
  • Receive a kiss or a smile from a loved one
  • Be called “clever” or be called “driven”
  • Be social or be a loner

This or that questions for work buddies

  • Gummy worms or gummy bears?
  • Nuts or no nuts?
  • Coffee black or with cream and sugar?
  • Markers or crayons?
  • Travel by plane or boat?
  • Blinds or curtains?
  • White meat or dark meat?
  • Apple or Android?
  • Chips and dip or chips with salsa?
  • Hard or soft shell tacos?
  • Bunny or squirrel?
  • Ice cream or freeze pop?
  • Reading or writing?
  • Cookies or cake?
  • Cat or dog?
  • Computer games or video games?
  • Pop music or Rock music?
  • Stuff animals or dolls?
  • Pancakes or waffles?
  • Hot chocolate or coffee?
  • Morning or evening?
    Day or night?
  • Text message or call?
  • Library or museums?
  • French or Spanish?
  • Summer or winter?
  • Theatre or cinema?
  • Love or money?
  • Book or movie?
  • Tea or coffee?
  • Chocolate or vanilla?
  • Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
  • Rain or snow?
  • Car or motorcycle?
  • Comedy or horror?
  • Hamburgers or hot dogs?
  • Paper or plastic?
  • Boat or plane?
  • Painting or drawing?
  • Reading or writing?
  • Singing or dancing?
  • T-Shirts or sweaters?
  • Flowers or trees?
  • Phone or computer?
  • Brown or black hair?
  • Superman or Batman?
this or that images

This or that questions for kids

  • Reminisce with your grandparent or watch old home movies
  • Learn to sail a boat or ride a horse
  • Sleep in a twin bed or in bunk beds
  • Go camping or read an adventure novel
  • Use a computer or a tablet/iPad
  • Text or talk to someone on the phone
  • Learn complicated math or how to paint a portrait
  • See abstract paintings or watercolors of landscapes
  • Imagine a whole new world or stick to just the facts
  • Climb a tree or relax on a balcony
This or that questions for kids
  • Go to an opera or go to a rock concert
  • Fix things or create things
  • Tell a long story or a short story
  • Ride a pretty pony or a classic motorcycle
  • Watch the sunrise or the sunset
  • Run through the sprinkler or go to the pool
  • Do your school work by yourself or with help
  • Make a sweater for a dog or make little hats for babies
  • Take art classes or extra P.E. classes
  • Be on a team or be the team captain
  • Use a ladder or try climbing it yourself
  • Climb a mountain or run a mile
  • Run a race or play a trivia game
  • Take a quiz or give a presentation
  • Take self defense classes or take an online academic course
  • Get your ears pierced or dye your hair
  • Read a book to yourself or out loud to someone else
  • Visit a museum or a bookstore

this or that for kids
This or that game

  • Skinny French fries or thick-cut wedges?
  • Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
  • Orange juice or apple juice?
  • Hot dog or hamburger?
  • Sour cream or guacamole?
  • Pie or cake?
  • Iced tea or iced coffee?
  • Pancakes or French toast?
  • Ice cream sandwich or popsicle?
  • Chicken nuggets or chicken strips?
  • Tacos or burrito?
  • Pepsi or Coke?
  • Bagels or donuts?
  • Cardio or weight lifting?
  • Amazon or local shops?
  • McDonald's or Taco Bell?
  • Milkshakes or smoothies?
  • Pasta or pizza?
  • Potato chips or pretzels?
  • Ramen or pho?
  • Cereal or oatmeal?
  • Breakfast or brunch?
  • Sweet or salty?
  • Comedy or drama?
  • Xbox or PlayStation?
  • Small group or big party?
  • Board game or multi-player video game?
  • Truth or dare?
  • Short nails or long nails?
  • Long hair or short hair?
  • Twitter or Facebook?
  • Android or iPhone?
  • Musical theater or live concert?
  • Theme park or botanical garden?
  • Roller coasters or bumper cars?
  • Reality TV shows or scripted programs?
  • Carpet or hardwood floors?
  • Red or blue?
  • Summer or winter?
  • Halloween or Valentine's Day?
  • Football or baseball?
  • Cheerleading or dance?
  • Dogs or cats?
  • Memes or gifs?
  • Pinterest or Etsy?

This or that questions for couples and adults

This or that questions for couples

  • Receive a box of candy or roses for Valentine's Day?
  • Receive a piece of jewelry or a room makeover for an anniversary?
  • Receive a greeting card or a balloon for a birthday wish?
  • Receive a surprise romantic dinner or a surprise shopping spree?
  • Receive a kiss on the cheek or a hug?
  • Receive a love note on your car windshield at work or a sexy text message?
  • Receive a single rose on your pillow or an expensive piece of chocolate?
  • Receive a love note in your lunch bag or sweet candy treat?
  • Receive a gift card from your favorite store or a wrapped gift, contents unknown?
  • Receive wink during a business meeting or play footsie at dinner?
  • Be best friends/lovers or just lovers?
  • Spend a holiday alone together or with family?
  • Have separate hobbies or one together?
  • Go to your high school reunion alone or together?
  • Sing your favorite song together or listen to a recording?
  • Tell your lover a white lie to spare feelings or blurt out the truth?
  • Forgive your lover or harbor a grudge?
  • Try something new with your lover or stay with the tried and true?
  • Spend the evening at home cuddling on the couch or painting the town red?
  • Take a spontaneous trip together or plan every detail?
  • Write your own wedding vows or copy from a website?
  • Serenade your lover or hire musicians?
  • Surprise your lover with rose petals strewn from the door to the bedroom or greet them at the door with Champagne?
  • Find your lover waiting in a bubble bath or all packed for a surprise weekend getaway?
  • Come home to dinner on the table or ushered out to your favorite restaurant?
  • Spend the day together being pampered at a spa or enjoying a workout at the gym?
  • Spend the evening together playing a video game or cuddled together reading a book?
  • Go to a jazz club or a rock concert?
  • Dance to slow music or go wild with retro disco music?
  • Read poetry together or go sailing on the lake?
  • Be rich or famous?
  • Be able to fly or read minds?
  • Travel back in time, or travel to the future?
  • Explore the deep sea or outer space?
  • Be an artist or an athlete?
  • Be a good singer or a good dancer?
  • Give up social media or be an influencer?
  • Be bored or busy?
  • Be feared or loved?
  • Have more time or more money?
  • Know how you die or when you die?
  • Be able to see into the future or not?
  • Be really funny or really smart?
  • Die in 10 years with no regrets or live for 30 years with lots of regrets?
  • Die before or after your partner?
  • Be your own boss or work for someone else?
  • Go to jail for a crime you didn’t commit, or get away with a crime but be paranoid about being caught for your entire life?
  • Have 10 children or no children?
  • Live in a big city or a small town?
  • Have a public or private proposal?
  • Have a huge wedding or just get a marriage license?
This or that questions for Adults
  • Eat only ice cream for the rest of your life, or never eat ice cream again?
  • Have a personal chef or a chauffeur?
  • Be too hot or too cold?
  • Spend time at the beach or the ocean?
  • Live without movies or live without music?
  • Read a book or watch a movie?
  • Be able to teleport or have a private plane?
  • Look 10 years older from the neck up or down?
  • Always be underdressed or always be overdressed?
  • Be 45 minutes late or 45 minutes early to every event or engagement?
  • Know every language, but never be able to travel to another country, or would you
  • Be remembered in history books for doing something terrible, or be completely forgotten after you die?
  • Not brush your teeth for a week or not take a shower for two weeks?
  • Be beautiful and dumb or smart and unattractive?
  • Be able to speak any language or be able to speak to animals?
  • Have your least favorite song played on a constant loop, or never listen to music ever again?
  • Have a photographic memory or perfect pitch?
  • Lose all of the money you earned this year or lose all of the memories you made this year?
  • Get stranded by yourself on a desert island, or stranded on a snow mountain?
  • Be on a dating show or a survival show?
  • Always have a runny rose or always have a cough?
  • Be a horse or a dog?
  • Be serenaded by Snoop Dog or Mariah Carey?

Thoughtful and Deep this or that questions for Colleagues

  • Instantly become a successful startup founder or instantly become a CEO of a major company?
  • Always sit by the printer or always sit by the water cooler at the office?
  • Be the best in the world at a skill or job of your choice but have no work-life balance or be mediocre at work and have a great work-life balance?
  • Work an extra hour and get two hours of break time or work with no breaks and leave the office an hour early?
  • Live ten minutes away from a mediocre job or commute two hours to your dream job?
  • Work at a really fancy office or work at an office where you could wear pyjamas to work?
  • Get paid a year’s salary at once or get paid in installments throughout the year?
  • Work for a startup for the rest of your life or work for a multinational corporation for the rest of your life?
  • Give up eating pizzas with your team or give up eating birthday cakes with your team?
    Have super fast typing speed or only be able to read ridiculously fast?
  • always be 10 minutes late to work or always be 20 minutes early to work?
  • Take an all-expenses-paid dream vacation for a month every year at a mediocre job or have your dream job but pay for your vacations yourself?
  • Have a constant supply of the best coffee or only have a constant supply of the best snacks at your office?
  • Work four-day weeks with long work hours or six-day weeks with short work hours?
  • Work in an office for the rest of your life or work remotely for the rest of your life?
  • Work a mediocre job and be the best at Microsoft Excel or work at your dream job and be poor at Microsoft Excel?
  • Be in charge of the food committee or be in charge of games arrangements for an office party?
  • Have your salary come in on the first day of the month or the last day of the month?
  • only be able to have your video on during an office conference call or only be able to Have your video off during an office conference call?
  • Be able to move to a new city every month or never be able to leave the city you were born in?

This or that meme

  • Live in a place that was always summer, or a place that was always winter
  • Be a world-class spy or a supermodel
  • Star in a TV show, or do voiceover for your favorite video game
  • Be a cat with nine lives, or a dog with three
  • Live on a hot air balloon, or on a pirate ship
  • Know how to build a house, or know how to build a computer
  • Be an incredible painter, or an incredible mathematician
  • Be a whale or a hawk
  • Live in a world with dinosaurs or a world with giants
  • Have to rhyme everything you say, or sing everything you say
  • Live in a world ruled by lions, or a world ruled by monkeys
  • Be able to sense danger, or be able to sense safety
  • Sleep on a waterbed, or sleep on a featherbed
  • The hair on your head grow unstoppably, or have it never grow again
  • Have a wardrobe of all brow, or a wardrobe of all green
  • Wear uncomfortable shoes, or wear uncomfortable clothing
  • Drink only tea or drink only water
  • Spend a whole week dancing or your whole life on a playground
  • Be followed by the paparazzi, or be followed by a rabid dog
  • Live in an alternate universe where everything is the opposite of what you know, or live in an alternate universe where you know nothing

Pop culture this or that questions for Tiktok generation

  • Madonna or Cher?
  • Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift?
  • Kylie or Kendall?
  • Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?
  • Read a book or watch a movie?
  • Netflix or Hulu?
  • Friends or Seinfeld?
  • Road trip or direct flight?
  • Cabana or cabin?
  • Superman or Batman?
  • Bungee jumping or skydiving?
  • Scary movie or rom-com?
  • Marvel or DC comics?
  • Disney or Pixar?
  • Gold or silver?
  • Sunrise or sunset?
  • Introvert or extrovert?
  • Shower or bath?
  • Silence or chatter?
  • 80s or '90s?
  • Country or city?
  • East coast or west coast?
  • Neutral or colourful?
  • Sleep in or stay up?
  • Sand or snow?
  • Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
  • Flats or heels?
  • Hair up or hair down?
this or that food questions

This or that questions about food for the Gourmand

  • Cake or donuts?
  • Eggs or oatmeal?
  • Thousand Island or Ranch?
  • Frozen veggies or canned?
  • Pork or chicken?
  • Cook out in backyard or catered?
  • Slim Jim or Jerky?
  • Walnuts or sunflower seeds?
  • Hot or iced tea?
  • Sugar or chocolate chip cookies?
  • Cheese and crackers or pretzels?
  • Pinto or Lima beans?
  • Three Musketeers or Peppermint Patty?
  • Sweet or sour?
  • Drip coffee or instant?
  • Re-fried beans or rice?
  • Cantaloupe or grapefruit?
  • Irish coffee or plain coffee?
  • Grape or orange?
  • Raisin bran or granola?
  • Black beans or kidney beans?
  • Chinese or Italian?
  • Chips with dip or vegetables and dip?
  • Garlic or onion?
  • Fish or steak?
  • Tacos or chicken parmigiana?
  • Cupcake or Dingdong?
  • Salad or squash?
  • Pizza or subs?
  • Rice crispies or Corn flakes?
  • Apples or bananas?
  • Ketchup or mustard?
  • Sub roll or ciabatta roll?
  • Whole wheat or rye?
  • Pancakes or waffles?
  • Hash browns or home fries?
  • Gum or Lifesavers?
  • Cashews or hazelnut?
  • O’Henry or Baby Ruth?
  • Trail mix or candy bar?
  • Well done or rare?
  • Hot dog or taco?
  • Cheddar and sour cream or salt and vinegar?
  • Everything or sesame seed bagels?
  • Almond Joy or Snickers?
  • Baked potato or onion rings?
  • Cinnamon or blueberry bagels?
  • Apple jacks or fruit loops?
  • Cake or pie?
  • Biscuits or bread?
  • Green beans or broccoli?
  • Poppy seed or onion rolls?
  • Mayo or salad dressing?
  • Wine or beer?
  • Lime or blueberry?
  • Italian sub or ham and cheese?
  • Jello or pudding?
  • American or Mexican?
  • Ribs or wings?
  • Burgers or seafood?
  • Licorice or fruit roll ups?
  • Pie or cobbler?
  • Grilled or pan fried?
  • Orange soda or Grape?
  • Bacon or sausage?
  • Cheerios or corn puffs?
  • Beer or mixed drinks?
  • Dinner rolls or croissant rolls?
  • Cherry or raspberry?
  • Hot pretzels or nachos?
  • Sweet potato or French fries?
  • Stew or chili?
  • Eat in or dine out?
  • Scrambled eggs or over easy?
  • Indian or Thai?
  • Apple or cherry pie?
  • Fruit or vegetables?
  • Coke or Pepsi?
  • Watermelon or plums?
  • French fries or onion rings?
  • Breaded or plain?
  • Jack Daniels or Jim Beam?
  • Juice or water?
  • Pastries or confectionaries?
  • Cold cereal or oatmeal?
  • White or wheat bread?
  • Whole grain or white?
  • Reese’s peanut butter cup or Hershey’s bar?
  • Cream and sugar or black coffee?
  • Coffee or tea?
  • Oranges or peaches?
  • Catalina or vinaigrette?
  • Turkey and cheese or roast beef sub?
  • Ginger ale or Sprite?
  • Over easy or poached eggs?
  • Ice cream or sherbet?
  • Pastries or cookies?
  • Tootsie rolls or Skittles?
  • Corn muffin or blueberry?
  • Onion dip or bacon horseradish dip?
  • Family run or chain restaurant?
  • Peanuts or almonds?
  • Payday or 5th avenue?
  • Corn chips or Doritos?
  • Bagels or English muffins
  • Vanilla or chocolate?
  • Sandwich or soup?
  • Deep fried or baked?
  • Pastrami or bologna?
  • Tic-tac or Altoids?
  • Corn or peas?
  • Food truck or diner?
  • Sour cream and onion chips or barbecue?
  • Pumpkin or blueberry?
  • Popcorn or peanuts?
  • Sweetened tea or unsweetened?
  • Cheese fries or chili fries?
  • Cheeseburger or calamari?
  • Cook at home or take out?
  • Iced or hot coffee?
  • Swiss cake or Hoho?
  • Perked coffee or tea?
  • Orange juice or grapefruit juice?
This or that food

General this or that questions for banter

  • Watch a black and white movie or visit a historic site
  • Knit a sweater or crochet an afghan
  • Be interviewed on television or have your interview published in a newspaper
  • Sit on a couch or sit on a recliner
  • Swim in the ocean or swim in a pool
  • Collect seashells by the seashore or collect Pokemon cards
  • Play music or make music
  • Play outside or create a blanket fort
  • Learn to play the clarinet or the tuba
  • Go hunting or fishing
  • Try a food you’ve never tasted or read a book from a new author
  • Go on a safari or on a cruise
  • Meet someone famous from the past or someone famous in the present
  • Speak a foreign language or create your own language
  • Run a mile or walk to the mailbox
  • Be multilingual or always have a translator with you
  • Sleep in a tent or sleep under the stars
  • Run through the woods or stroll through a field
this or that pics

  • Influencers or celebrities?
  • Call or text?
  • Ocean or lake?
  • Sparkle or matte?
  • Jog or hike?
  • Pen or pencil?
  • Save or spend?
  • Cards or crossword puzzles?
  • Teamwork or solo project?
  • Mac or PC?
  • Sneakers or sandals?
  • Hat or headband?
  • Tattoos or piercings?
  • Jeans or sweats?
  • Roses or tulips?
  • Bar soap or shower gel?
  • Convertible or coupe?
  • Car or truck?
  • Left side or right side of bed?
  • Past or future?
  • Math class or English class?
  • Book smarts or street smarts?
  • Snap or TikTok?
  • Pedicure or manicure?
  • Chess or checkers?
  • Skiing or snowboarding?
  • Yoga or CrossFit?
  • Golf or bowling?
  • Jog or hike?
  • Radio or television?
This or that ideas

  • Learn to sing opera or learn to play jazz
  • Make a doll or play with a doll
  • Create a painting or sketch something
  • Use watercolors or oil paints
  • Go to school or teach yourself
  • Learn how to dance or learn how to sew
  • Make a snow angel or build an igloo
  • Sit by the window and watch birds or take a hike through the woods
  • Take a nap or go to bed early
  • Get up early or stay up late
  • Visit a cemetery or go to a quiet place to mourn
  • Climb a tree or sit under a tree
  • Go on a hayride or on a rollercoaster
  • Meet the Prime Minister of Canada or the President of the United States
  • Talk on the phone or talk to someone in person
  • Sleep with the window open or closed
  • Try to learn German or be already able to speak Spanish
  • Be invisible or fly like superman
  • Relax on the couch or stay in bed all day

this or that instagram story

Travel related this or that questions

  • Travel through time or travel through space?
  • Travel for the rest of your life or never leave your home state again?
  • Travel around the world or start a family?
  • Travel to a new place or return to the same place annually?
  • Travel or go on a vacation?
  • Travel with friends, family, or your significant other?
  • Visit every country in the world or go to space?
  • Travel 20 years into the past or 20 years into the future?
  • Travel by ship, train or by plane?
  • Travel abroad alone, or with a group?
  • Plan your own trip, or let the locals tell you the best things to do
  • Have time travel or teleportation?
  • Go into the past and meet your ancestors or go into the future and meet your great-great grandchildren?
  • Visit, Italy, or Greece?
  • Travel for 5 years in an RV or travel for 5 years in a sailboat?
  • Vacation at the beach or in the mountains?
  • Have a new car or travel around the world?
  • Have the ability to travel through time, or be able to become anyone?
  • Travel in a tiny house or a camper van?
  • Book a pre-made travel tour or build your own itinerary from scratch?
  • Spend the majority of your money on materialistic things, or spend most of your income on fun experiences such as traveling the world?
  • Have unlimited free food at any restaurant for the rest of your life, or unlimited free flights anywhere for the rest of your life?
  • Spend 10 minutes on the moon or 2 weeks paid vacation in Europe?
  • Travel on a flying carpet or a dragon’s back?
  • Be able to fly or teleport?
  • Have a vacation in China or India?
  • Drive or fly across the country?
  • Travel alone or live alone?
  • Have a working flying carpet or a working rabbit’s foot (for luck)?
  • Buy a beautiful cozy home to live with your soulmate or travel the world with your soulmate?
  • Have an unlimited international first class ticket or never have to pay for food at restaurants?
  • Be able to work from home or travel the world for work?
  • Live in a mansion but be forced to stay inside, or live in a tiny house and be able to travel anywhere you want?
  • Have a vacation to Italy or Hawaii?
  • Explore space or the ocean?
  • Sleep in a tent or rent a cabin?
  • Never have internet access again or never be able to take an airplane again?
  • Have a flying car or an amphibious vehicle?
  • Travel to Venice or Rome?
  • Go without your car or the Internet for a month?
  • Travel to London for a week or New York City?
  • Sleep on a long car trip or do fun activities?
  • Vacation to a major city or to a remote location?
  • Be able to instantly teleport to places anywhere in the universe, or be able to time travel?
  • Be able to fly or turn invisible?
  • Live in your home country or live abroad?
  • Have to live underground, underwater, or in deep space?
  • Live in RV or an equivalently sized boat?
  • Time travel or travel parallel dimension?
  • Travel with your friends or with your partner?
  • Spend two weeks traveling to 6 different countries or travel to one country and visit different cities within that country?
  • Live in a cheap home with a super cheap car and have a lot of money to travel or live in an expensive home with an expensive car while only traveling once a year or so?
  • Do on a holiday, stay at home, travel domestically, or visit a different country?
  • Take a cruise or fly to your vacation destination?
  • Travel to Mexico or Brazil?
  • Explore the deepest parts of the ocean or outer space?
  • Have a month of vacation anywhere with all expenses paid, or free McDonald’s chicken nuggets for life?
  • Have free travel for life or free gas for 20 years?
  • Forget to pack clean underwear when traveling or forget to pack your footwear?
  • Have a beach or a ski vacation?
  • Leave your hometown and never be able to return again, or stay in your hometown but never be able to leave?
  • Get stuck in traffic for an hour or drive an hour out of your way to get where you’re going?
  • Live in ancient Greece or ancient Egypt?
  • Be forced to live in one city or keep moving every month to a different city?
  • Spend the rest of your life totally indoors or totally outdoors?
  • Stay in a luxurious resort that didn’t change their sheets or in a motel that was clean but had a weird smell?
  • Go to some less traveled place than a place which is a tourist hub?
  • Stay in a well known campsite, sleeping in a tent for 7 days, or stay in a nice hotel room for 2 days?
  • Stay at a hotel with no electricity or stay at a hotel with no running water?
  • Go on a cruise ship or stay in a hotel?
  • Stay in an Airbnb or Hostel?
  • Be able to travel anywhere in the world or travel to the international space station and then walk on the moon?
  • Travel space with 2 random people or live in the 18th century and bring 5 people of your choice with you?
  • Time travel or travel to an alternate reality?
  • Travel with Tom Hanks or Harrison Ford?
  • Travel to South Korea or Japan or a different place in the vicinity?
  • Take a two week paid vacation overseas or have 4 weeks paid vacation at home?
  • Travel to New Zealand or Iceland?
  • Be able to go anywhere in the entire real universe, or travel to all fictional ones?
  • Own a mansion, yacht or private jet?
  • Have a bigger or smaller world?
  • Never be able to travel outside of your country/state, or never be able to return?
  • Have a magic bag from which you could pull anything you want, or a magic door that would lead to anywhere you want?
  • Time travel to change history or simply observe it?
  • Live by the coast or inland?
  • Know the truth about all the mysteries of the universe or be able to teleport?
  • Travel through time or go to a distant planet?
  • Spend 7 relaxing days on a train ride or Have a week long vacation that you do tiring but fun activities every day?
  • Stay in a 5 star hotel for a week or travel in 1st class on a 24 hour return flight?
  • Win free airfare for life or free hotel stays for life?
  • Live in a house in the ocean or a boat on land?
  • Live somewhere where the temperature never went below 100 degrees (38 C) or where it never went above freezing?
  • Get a free trip to the moon or a free trip to any 20 cities of your choice?
  • Fly a helicopter or a fixed wing airplane?
  • Sit in a standard economy seat with nobody sitting beside you or sit in an exit seat with extra legroom, but have someone sitting beside you?
  • Be on a bus for two hours, or on an airplane?
  • Have your cross-country flight cancelled or be stuck on a plane with a broken lavatory?
  • Miss your flight or lose your luggage?
  • Have an airplane pilot land your helicopter, or a helicopter pilot land your airplane?
  • Sit next to a smelly person or an extremely obese person on an airplane?
  • Have a mega yacht or a private jumbo jet?
  • Travel in a helicopter or hot air balloon?
This or that travel edition

Challenging this or that questions for online games

  • Dog or Cat?
  • Cookies or cake?
  • Cuddling or sleeping?
  • Car or truck?
  • Netflix or YouTube?
  • Pop music or Rock music?
  • Calls or texts?
  • Bus or train?
  • Toast or Eggs?
  • Stuff animals or dolls?
  • Shower or tub?
  • Cardio or Weights?
  • Pancakes or waffles?
  • Summer or Winter?
  • Country or city?
  • Facebook or Twitter?
  • Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone?
  • Hot chocolate or coffee?
  • Ocean or mountains?
  • Mobile Games or Console Games?
  • Morning or evening?
  • Day or night?
  • Library or museums?
  • French or Spanish?
  • Summer or winter?
  • Theater or cinema?
  • Love or money?
  • iOS or Android?
  • Form or Function?
  • Pop or Indie?
  • Cake or Pie?
  • Swimming or Sunbathing?
  • High-tech or Low-tech?
  • Book or movie?
  • Tea or coffee?
  • Chocolate or vanilla?
  • Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
  • Rain or snow?
  • Car or motorcycle?
  • Comedy or horror?
  • Hamburgers or hot dogs?
  • Paper or plastic?
  • Boat or plane?
  • Painting or drawing?
  • Reading or writing?
  • Singing or dancing?
  • New Clothes or New Phone?
  • Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?
  • Football or Basketball?
  • Work Hard or Play Hard?
  • Jogging or Hiking?
  • Be worshipped or hated
  • Be nauseous all day, or have a headache all day
  • Have only twenty hours in a day, or only five days in a week
  • Forget everything you’ve ever learned, or forget everyone you’ve ever known
  • Face your biggest fear, or spend a week with the person you dislike the most
  • Do schoolwork for so long you feel sick or feel so stick you can’t do schoolwork
  • Get lost alone, or get lost with someone who annoys you
  • Lose all thought, or lose all feeling
  • Be raised by wolves, or be raised by sharks
  • Be covered by bug bites, or be covered in chicken pox
  • Do what is right, even if it isn’t popular, or do what is wrong and be liked
  • Be homeless, or be hungry
  • Be physically attractive, or be intelligent
  • Find out someone you trust has lied to you, or lie someone who trusts you
  • Never be able to cry again, or never be able to laugh again
  • Have a fight with your best friend, or have a fight with one of your parents
  • Be attacked by a bear, or be attacked by a snake
  • Find out you’re actually a robot, or find out you’ve been living your whole life in a dream

Funny this or that questions

  • Have the ability to become invisible or super strength
  • Have a permanent smile or a permanent frown stuck on your face
  • Wear makeup every day for a year or spend a whole year without being able to wash your face
  • Stand on stage in front of everyone you know in your underwear, or dress like a clown for a week
  • Be a butterfly or a bee
  • Go a month without sleep, or a year without any kind of sugar
  • Wake up really early, or stay up really late
  • Wake up really early, or stay up really late
  • Be a shark or a caterpillar
  • Have a pet snake, or a pet turtle
  • Become an incredible baker, or an incredible cook
  • Be a vampire or a werewolf
  • Have your favourite food every day, or have a million dollars – but never have your favourite food again
  • Live in a house with broken heating, or broken air conditioning
  • Become a cartoon character, or see everyone you know become cartoon characters
  • Having to give up your favourite food, or having to give up your favourite dessert
  • Never see winter again, or never see summer again
  • Be a garbage collector or a person who sorts recycling
  • Never being able to watch television again, or never being able to read a book again
  • Be a wizard or a superhero
  • Have pancakes or waffles
  • Have a sweet snack or a salty snack
  • Be a tree or a flower
  • Spend a day in the body of someone of the opposite sex, or spend a day in one of your parent’s bodies
  • Have twenty siblings or no siblings
  • Spend a year without video games, or a year without a cell phone
  • Spend a whole day reading the dictionary or a whole year studying a new language
  • Wake up to the smell of autumn everyday, or wake to the smell of spring everyday
  • Never see the sun again or never see the moon again

this or that christmas edition

Fun Christmas and Halloween this or that questions for the family

  • Switch careers entirely or stay in your career field forever?
  • Wear a Santa outfit or an elf outfit to work every day for a month?
  • Be famous for starring in a cheesy holiday movie or not be famous at all?
  • Have an eggnog machine instead of a coffee machine at work year-round or have your corporate dress code require ugly Christmas sweaters?
  • Work untangling Christmas lights or work as a mall Santa?
  • Have “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel” stuck in your head or “Jingle Bells?”
  • Get amazing presents for four nights of Hanukkah and bad presents for the other four nights, or get eight OK presents?
  • Your office always smelled like gravy or always smelled like turkey?
  • Have your ears turn into elf ears or have a Santa beard forever?
  • Give up Christmas trees or Christmas cookies?
  • Get one amazing holiday gift or 10 OK holiday gifts?
  • Have to eat 1,000 chocolate Hanukkah coins or eat just one — but with the wrapper still on?
  • Be an elf in Santa’s shop or a reindeer on Santa’s sleigh?
  • Have it be your favorite holiday every day or never have that holiday again?
  • Know what all your gifts are or be surprised by all your gifts?
  • Only have dessert on holidays or never have dessert on holidays?
  • Wash your hair with cranberry sauce or wash your hair with mashed potatoes and gravy?
  • Eat only Christmas cookies or only drink hot cocoa?
  • Be a turkey farmer or a pumpkin farmer?
  • Get one big present or a bunch of small presents?
  • Meet Rudolph or meet Jack Frost?
  • Spend an entire day just drinking hot chocolate or eating freshly baked cookies?
  • Get $1000 to spend on yourself or $1000 to spend on others?
  • Spend the day watching your favorite Christmas movies or listening to holiday music?
  • Decorate your Christmas tree with all candy canes or strings of popcorn?
  • Know what every single gift you are getting actually is or be completely surprised?
  • Be an elf working in Santa’s shop or a reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh?
  • Only be able to sing words for the whole day or just have the ability to say, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”.
  • Live in a gingerbread house or on Candy Cane Lane?
  • Have your family over for Christmas or go to someone else’s house?
  • Wear ugly matching sweaters for the entire month with your family or not put up any Christmas decorations at all?
  • Fill your entire ceiling with tinsel or mistletoe?
  • Make snow angels or igloo forts?
  • Have a massive snowstorm on Christmas Eve or no snow at all?
  • Have a holiday party every night of the month or no holiday parties to attend?
  • Wear Santa’s red suit or one of his elves outfits outside with friends?
  • Have chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies?
  • Have the outside of your house totally decorated and the inside empty or the inside of your house totally decorated and the outside bare?
  • Be able to sit down and eat cookies with Santa or spend a whole day at the North Pole with the elves?
  • All the snowmen you build come alive or all the snowballs you throw boomerang back so you can throw them again?
  • Have ham for Christmas dinner or turkey for Christmas dinner?
  • Grow Santa’s beard or Santa’s belly?
  • Ride on Santa’s sleigh or on the real Polar Express?
  • Meet The Grinch or be The Grinch?
  • Wrap 100 presents or eat 100 cookies?
  • Trick-or-treat in your neighborhood or a new neighborhood?
  • Collect candy in a pillowcase or in a bucket?
  • Go trick-or-treating or hand out candy?
  • Have everyday be Halloween or never have Halloween?
  • Dress up as something scary or something silly?
  • Carve a pumpkin or bob for apples?
  • Have a monster in your closet or ghost under your bed?
  • See a trick or get a treat?
  • Meet a vampire or meet a werewolf?
  • Walk through a haunted house or run through graveyard at midnight?
  • Dress up as a hero/heroine or as a villain?
  • Watch a scary movie or be in a scary movie?
  • Trick-or-treat with your friends or trick-or-treat with your family?
  • Be able to see ghosts or walk through walls?
  • Wear a store-bought costume or a homemade costume?
  • Be scared or scare someone else?
  • Get a Snickers or a Twix bar in your candy bag?
  • Have a black cat cross your path or break a mirror for bad luck?
  • Get bitten by a vampire or hexed by a witch?
  • Be chased by a zombie or be chased by the headless horseman?
  • Eat candy corn or pumpkin seeds every day for a month?

Deep This or that questions

  • Spend an hour in a walk-in freezer, or two hours in a sauna
  • Live forever, or live to be only sixty years old
  • Have to grow all your own food, or eat your food knowing it was grown with pesticides
  • Be able to feel what other are feeling, or be able to see what others are seeing
  • Be a millionaire with no friends, or a poor person with a wonderful community
  • Get a horrible sunburn, or get stung by a jellyfish
  • Be the richest person alive, or the smartest person alive
  • Be famous but get followed everywhere you go, or be unknown and never get a job
  • Never experience love, or experience love many times but never get married
  • Have a really nice car, or a mansion
  • Be a movie star, or a rockstar
  • Lose all your hair, or all your teeth
  • Be shrunk down to the size of a cricket, or blown up the size of an elephant
  • Have to sleep standing up, or have to eat upside down
  • Drop out of school, or go to school every day for the rest of your life
  • Learn a skill that interests you but will never get you a job, or a skill that will get you a job, but is of no interest to you
  • Read a book or watch a movie
  • Write a book, or write a TV show
  • Live with the person you like least in the world, or live alone
  • Win the lottery, or earn the same amount of money
  • Achieve your ultimate goal very young and not know where to go from there, or spend your whole life working toward your ultimate goal, only to succeed in your old age
  • Win a million dollars but have to spend it on other people, or win a thousand dollars and get to spend it only on yourself
  • Become a kindergarten teacher, or a veterinarian
  • Never have to sleep again, or never have to eat again
  • Rather be buried alive, or drown
  • Never see the sky again, or never see your family again
  • Be an animal, or a robot
  • Go to prison, or spend your life on the run from the cops
  • Be evil and powerful, or good and weak

This or that questions for teens

  • Go skydiving or bungee jumping
  • Zipline through a rainforest or swim with dolphins
  • Be surrounded by sharks or jellyfish
  • Spend an entire day running in the desert without water or two hours swimming in the middle of the ocean after dark
  • Walk a hundred miles with no shoes, or swim ten miles with no bathing suit
  • Go tobogganing or skating
  • Have a pet tiger, or pet chimpanzees
  • Paraglide, or be a passenger in a race car
  • Huke up a mountain, or through a rainforest
  • Drive a motorcycle down the coast of American, or drive a van across Europe
  • Live in a tree house, or inside the world of your favorite movie
  • Be able to fly, or have the ability to breathe underwater
  • Be a secret agent for the government, or be a vigilante
  • Boat down a waterfall, or spend a year in a spaceship 48. Would you rather
  • Be able to read minds, or run as fast as a car
  • Travel on horseback, or on a motorcycle
  • Live in an airplane, or a boat
  • Be an astronaut or a firefighter
  • Live in Alice in Wonderland’s world, or Peter Pan’s world
  • Be super strong or super smart
  • Be Catwoman or Wonder Woman
  • Be Spiderman or Batman
  • Be a transformer or a pokemon
  • Travel the world, or live in an exotic place
  • Go on a rollercoaster with seven loop-deloops, or a waterslide that’s five minutes long
  • Go white water rafting, or kayak across the ocean
  • Go to Hogwarts or Jedi academy

This or that questions for the office

  • Go ice fishing or deer hunting
  • Go rock climbing, or do an obstacle course
  • Learn to master a bow and arrow, or master a slingshot
  • Go camping for a week, or portaging for a weekend
  • Live abroad in your country of choice, or live in a treehouse in a magical forest
  • Spend a weekend in a kayak, or spend a weekend in a canoe
  • Have an all-expenses paid trip alone for a year, or a low-budget trip with your friends for a weekend
  • Live in a world of your creation, or live in a world of your best friend’s creation
  • Go for a long run everyday or go for a long bike ride everyday
  • Be able to do a hundred pushups without breaking a sweat, or be able to do a thousand jumping jacks without breaking a sweat
  • Live in the world of Harry Potter but have to battle Voldemort once a year, or live in the world of the Hunger Games and have to fight kids from other districts
  • Be a fairy, or a mermaid
  • Have an incredible sense of direction, or have an incredible sense of smell
  • Be able to leap across tall buildings, or be able to heal any sickness
  • Travel the world on a boat, or travel the world in a limousine
  • Fight undead skeletons for a chest of treasure, or sneak past a mountain troll for a chest of treasure
  • Be able to see the future, or be able to change the future
  • See the other side of a black hole, or walk on the moon
  • Build the magical world of your dreams, or find yourself inside of your favourite movie
  • Be able to run at the speed of light, be be able to jump higher than the atmosphere
  • Be able to change your human appearance at will, or be able to transform int any animal you want
  • Go exploring in a cave for treasure, or go on an underwater adventure looking for treasure in sunken ships
  • Climb the height of a skyscraper, or jump off the top of a skyscraper with a parachute


Loved our list of This or That questions? We’re sure that after a quick game, you’ll get to know the other person better.

It is a great way to tell stories and ignite some funny and powerful conversations. You can easily divide your team into smaller groups when playing in a larger group.

Don’t forget to check out our list of Icebreaker questions for Team Building, Zoom Icebreakers, and Christmas Icebreakers.

For playing a fun game of This or That and other icebreakers such as 2 Truths and a Lie, Icebreaker questions and more, we have something for you!

Ricotta lets you play icebreakers on Slack without ever leaving the app. Just install Ricotta on your workspace and let the fun begin!

This or That on Ricotta Games & Trivia

FAQs: This or That Questions

What are some hard this or that questions?

There are many hard this or that questions to answer. The most difficult ones are the ones where you have to figure out what the person is really asking.

Some examples of hard this or that questions are:

- What would you rather be, a cat or a dog?

- Is it better to give up now and fail, or keep trying and succeed?

- Would you rather be in the dark, or in a room with no windows?

How do you ask this or that questions?

During this game, many participants will decide to just ask the assigned This or That questions one at a time.

This is the easiest way to play and requires the least amount of thought! Many also ask a series of questions when it is their turn, a set of 5 or 10 questions at a go.

The other way is to start by asking your first question, and also assuming an answer that the players would tend to give. If their response is the same, proceed to the next question.

Call it out and switch turns if their response deviates from your expected response.

What is this or that?

This or That is a fun game that can help you get to know someone.

This game asks questions with two options, and the player must choose one of them, even if neither of them is particularly appealing.

This or That questions can be amusing and ridiculous, serious, intense, or banal.    It's also a good way to kill time and strike up a conversation.

What is would You Rather game questions?

Would You Rather is a game where two players are given a choice between two options. One player asks the other player which option they would prefer, and the other player must answer with what they would rather do.

This game is not just for kids in school.

Adults can play this game too and it's a great way to get to know someone on a personal level.

Would you rather questions are a fun way to learn more about someone.

They can also be used as icebreakers or to get to know someone better. The game starts with the question like "Would you rather have a million dollars but never be able to leave your home, or never have more than $10 in your bank account?"

Some of the other common questions are: "Would you rather eat food that tastes like heaven but causes terrible gas, or eat food that tastes like crap but has no side effects?" and "Would you rather never be able to see a sunrise again, or never be able to see another sunset?"

Some more examples:

Would you rather be able to read minds or be able to fly?

Would you rather have a pet dragon or a pet platypus?

Would you rather live in the desert or the forest?

Would you rather have a million dollars or $1,000,000?

What are good rapid fire questions?

Rapid fire questions are a good way to engage with your audience and get them to think about the content. They can also be a good way to get a conversation going. They can be used for interviews, game shows, or any other scenario where you need to get people talking.

Some examples of rapid fire questions are:

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite food?

What are your favorite movies?

What is your favorite TV show?

What is your favorite book?

Where would you like to live if money were no object?

What are some good this or that questions?

This or that questions are a great way to get your audience to think about the subject at hand. They are also a good way to engage and involve your audience in the conversation.

Check out the article to find some of the good this or that questions we have come across.

How do you play this or that on zoom?

There are two ways to play this or that on zoom.

There are multiple integrations with this feature on zoom app store and Ricotta is building one as well, install any of these integrations and you are good to go.

The other way is to list a bunch of questions on a ppt and share them along with your colleagues on a zoom call and ask the individually or the whole group

What are good game questions for adults?

The best game questions for adults are ones that are not too easy and not too hard. The questions should be able to challenge the players while still being fun.

Some good examples of game questions for adults are ones that require a player to answer with a word, phrase, or sentence.

This is a great way to get people thinking creatively and having fun at the same time.

Check out this article for some apt adult fun questions

How do you play this or that game on Instagram?

Engaging your followers on Instagram can a be a tedious task.

This or that games on instagram does just this, it is simple yet easy game that you can play with your followers.

Here are the steps to play this or that on Instagram

  1. Choose a this or that questions, add pictures preferably
  2. Open stories on Instagram and post the picture alongside the question
  3. Add a poll widget and ask your followers to choose one

Is this or that game easy to play?

It is a very simple game to play and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is the perfect icebreaker game for all those people who are anxious about meeting and getting to know new people.

This or that isn’t just restricted to personal setting, it can as well be played among colleagues and clients over a zoom call or on slack. Explore Ricotta games to play this or that and many other casual games on slack.

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