129 This or That Questions For Adults, Students & Friends

Our list of funny This or That questions for adults, students, friends and couples will help break the ice! Includes Hard, funny, easy this or that questions.

This list of best this or that questions has been curated by us that can help adults bond with each other. This or That, also known as Would You Rather questions, is a fun game where two options are given and the participants need to choose their preferred option. A game of This or That can be really funny and silly at the same time, while also being a great virtual team building activity. 

Even playing This or That quiz is fairly simple. You require a minimum of two players and you can even play over texts! Other ways to play are over a Zoom call, or Slack chat. It is a great icebreaker at work and school that can also be played as a rapid fire question round.

Here is our list of This or That questions. You will find a mix of This or That Questions for Adults, This or That Questions for Students, This or That Questions for couples, This or That Questions food, This or That Questions deep, This or That Questions for friends, Funny This or That Questions and Hard This or That Questions. Scroll away!

List of easy This or That Questions

  1. Work vacation or work-free holiday?
  2. Cronuts or Croffles?
  3. Beach-side resort or hill-side cottage
  4. TV series or movies?
  5. Arctic or Tropical?
  6. Croffle or Charcoal ice cream?
  7. Matching or mismatched socks?
  8. Take out or dine out?
  9. Trivia night or Board game night?
  10. Board games or card games?
  11. Video games or books?
  12. Hot weather or cold weather?
  13. Tulips or sunflowers?
  14. Fishing or kayaking?
  15. Audiobook or e-book?
  16. Paperback book or hardcover book
  17. Ninjas or Pirates?
  18. Broccoli or squash?
  19. Trivia pub quiz or Card Games?
  20. Fresh juice or smoothie?
  21. HIIT or cardio?
  22. Stuffed crust pizza or normal cheese pizza?
  23. Pancakes or waffles?
  24. Credit or cash?
  25. History or science fiction?
  26. Fantasy or drama?
  27. Ability to travel without a passport or ability to read minds?
  28. Tacos or Burritos?
  29. Shopping in-store or online?

  30. Shower or bath?
  31. Avocado toast or avocado smoothie?
  32.  While sleeping: Fan or No Fan?
  33. Football or basketball?
  34. Sneakers or trainers? 
  35. Sushi or ramen?
  36. Live in L.A. or New York?
  37. Chicken nuggets or chicken fingers?
  38. Cupcake or Donuts?
  39. Cheesecake or tart?
  40. Hotel or hostel?
  41. Carpet or wooden floors?
  42. Ice cream in a cone or cup?
  43. Call or text?
  44. Live in London or English countryside?
  45. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
  46. New phone or a new laptop?
  47. Tent or camping van?
  48. Live in South Korea or Japan?
  49. Play or musical?
  50. Art gallery or history museum?
  51. Silver or gold?
  52. Be 5’2 or 6’9?
  53. Long hair or short hair?
  54. Workout at home or workout at the gym? 
  55. Ethereum or Bitcoin?
  56. Iced coffee or hot tea?
  57. Live in England or Scotland?
  58. Soda or milkshakes?
  59. Desktop or laptop?
  60. Connect4 or Tic-Tac-Toe?
  61. Scary movies or comedy movies?
  62. Live in 1969 or in 2069?
  63. Bar of soap or shower gel?
  64. Snowball fight or water balloon fight?
  65. Smooth jazz or Folk?
  66. Ancient Greece or ancient Rome?
  67. Live in Stockholm or Beijing?
  68. Live in Taiwan or Singapore?
  69. Live in Hong Kong or Shanghai?
  70. Taj Mahal or Colosseum?
  71. Travel alone or travel with friends?
  72. Foresee the future or change the past?
  73. Sweet potato fries or French fries?
  74. Analog or Digital?
  75. Late night snacking or Facebook stalking?
  76. Eat instant noodles for breakfast or eat cereal for dinner?
  77. M&Ms or KitKat?
  78. Cadbury’s or Hershey's?
  79. Lays or Pringles?
  80. Eggs or pancakes for breakfast?
  81. Sedan or SUV?
  82. Comic Book or History novel?
  83. Almonds or Peanuts?
  84. Fan or Air Conditioner?
  85. Balcony or Terrace?
  86. Plants or Decals?
  87. Stop using paper or stop using plastic?
  88. Crunchy Peanut Butter or Smooth Peanut Butter?
  89. Instant noodles or pizza?
  90. Fresh flowers or potted plants?
  91. Have a vegetable garden or have a home theater?
  92. Live on a farm or live in a forest cabin?
  93.  Surfing or Kayaking?
  94. Chess or Connect4?
  95. Hangman or Rock Paper Scissors?
  96. Giphy or memes?
  97. Hot dogs or Corn dogs?
  98. Korean or Japanese?
  99. Italian or Indian?
  100. Start a business or work in a job?
  101. Own a house or travel the world?
  102. Have lots of kids or adopt lots of dogs?
  103. Movie night or date night?
  104. Mexican food or Lebanese food?
  105. Markers or crayons?
  106. Homeschooling or Classroom learning?
  107. Sandwich with crusts or no crusts?
  108. Hybrid or remote work?
  109. Do the laundry or do the dishes?
  110. Do the dishes or cook thrice a day?
  111. Batman or Superman?
  112. Monthly salary or Hourly wage?
  113. Winning the lottery or becoming famous overnight?
  114. ​​PayPal or Venmo?
  115. Espresso or cappuccino?
  116. Drip coffee or Instant coffee?
  117. Silly socks or funny t-shirts?
  118. Instagram or Twitter?
  119. Christmas or Easter?
  120. Antique Trinkets or Used books?
  121. Snowfall at night or rain in the morning?
  122. Shooting stars or lightning?
  123. Mossy trees or vintage cars?
  124. Train rides or road trips?
  125. Baked goods or sun-dried goods?
  126. Hanging plants or candlesticks?
  127. Caramel coffee or gingerbread lattes?
  128. Warm coats or fuzzy socks?
  129. Fireplaces or comfy sofas?

Wrapping Up

Loved our list of This or That questions? We’re sure that after a quick game, you’ll get to know the other person better. It is a great way to tell stories and ignite some funny and powerful conversations. You can easily divide your team into smaller groups when playing in a larger group. Don’t forget to check out our list of Icebreaker questions for Team Building, Zoom Icebreakers, and Christmas Icebreakers.

For playing a fun game of This or That and other icebreakers such as 2 Truths and a Lie, Icebreaker questions and more, we have something for you!

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