100 Team Trivia Questions for Fun & Team Bonding

Play team trivia at work with your colleagues. Refer to these 100 team trivia questions on a wide range of topics to have fun and build team camaraderie.

If you're wondering about what you can do to help create team camaraderie within your team, then playing some team trivia might just be the best thing.

Team trivia is a great way to get to know your colleagues better over a water cooler break or after a Zoom meeting. There are many different office team trivia games you can play all of which have their advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, we have provided you with 100 amazing trivia questions ranging from all the latest and quirkiest topics to choose from.

Team Trivia Quiz Questions

1. Who played Agent Smith in The Matrix?

1. Laurence Fishburne          

2. Hugo Weaving    

3. Joe Pantoliano

4. Keanu Reeves

Answer: Hugo Weaving

2. Which famous comedian appeared as the Tin Man in a silent version of The Wizard of Oz?

1. Stan Laurel          

2. Charlie Chaplin

3. Buster Keaton

4. Oliver Hardy    

Answer: Oliver Hardy

3. What is the name of the elephant-headed god in Hindu mythology?

1. Hanuman

2. Ganesha

3. Shiva

4. Krishna

Answer: Ganesha

4. In the 2001 animated film, Shrek, who was the voice for the donkey?

1. Eddie Murphy        

2. Jim Carrey    

3. Samuel Jackson

4. Tom Hanks

Answer: Eddie Murphy

5. Which drink was claimed to 'Refresh the parts other beers cannot reach'?

1. Carling Black Label

2. Carlsberg

3. Heineken

4. Budweiser

Answer: Heineken

6. In the Teletubbies, which real animals appear in almost every episode?

1. A cat and a dog      

2. A group of wild rabbits  

3. A small group of Hamsters

4. A small herd of sheep

Answer: A group of wild rabbits

7. Which was the first feature-length animated film made by Walt Disney?

1. Fantasia          

2. Snow White    

3. Daffy Duck

4. Dumbo

Answer: Snow White

8. In The Simpsons, who is the owner of the nuclear power plant in which Homer works?

1. Montgomery Burns          

2. Ned Flanders    

3. Apu

4. Seymour Skinner

Answer: Montgomery Burns

9. Which philosopher was the tutor of Alexander the Great?

1. Plato

2. Pythagoras

3. Aristotle

4. Socrates

Answer: Aristotle

10. What was the name of Dr Who’s electronic dog?

1. Ared          

2. The Tardis hound

3. Oreo

4. K9

Answer: K9

11. Where did Helen of Troy come from originally?

1. Athens

2. Arcadia

3. Sparta

4. Malta

Answer: Sparta

12. What is the name of the Israeli secret intelligence service?

1. Mossad          

2. Eilat    

3. Knesset

4. KGB

Answer: Mossad

13. Who directed the 1999 film, American Beauty?

1. Sam Mendes          

2. Woody Allen

3. Steven Soderbergh

4. Joel Cohen  


Answer: Sam Mendes

14. What type of dog was Rin Tin Tin?

1. Alsatian        

2. St. Bernard

3. Labrador

4. Collie

Answer: Alsatian

15. When was the famous slogan 'Guinness is Good for You' first used?

1. 1920s

2. 1930s

3. 1940s

4. 1970s

Answer: 1920s

16. Who plays Truman in the 1998 film The Truman Show?

1. Jim Carrey          

2. Tom Hanks    

3. Leo Di Caprio

4. Michael Keaton

Answer: Jim Carrey

Fun Team Trivia Questions For Work

  1. What were the first names of the three Brontë sisters?
  2. According to the Bible, how old was Noah when he died?
  3. According to the proverb, what should you save your breath for?
  4. Allan Quatermain appears as the central character in which classic Victorian adventure story?
  5. By what name is Harold Webb better known?
  6. By what name is Marshall Mathers better known?
  7. By what name was the general reawakening of culture and the arts that took place in late-mediaeval Europe known?
  8. By what other name is the mountain ash commonly known?
  9. Dalmatian dogs are born all black – true or false?
  10. How did soul singer Otis Redding die?
  11. How did the mythological monster called the basilisk kill its victims?
  12. How many sides are there to a 20 pence coin?
  13. If you are mad, what kind of animal do you have in your belly?
  14. In 2000 Michael Caine won the Oscar for Best Actor for which film?
  15. In Britain’s pre-decimal coinage, which coin had the nickname ‘half a dollar’?
  16. In cookery, what does the term al forno mean?
  17. In football, what name is given to the shot in which a player kicks the ball back over his head while facing away from the goal?
  18. In the novel by James Fenimore Cooper, who was the last of the Mohicans?
  19. In the nuclear industry, what is water enriched with deuterium oxide called?
  20. In which castle was Edward II murdered?
  21. In which city is Strangeways prison?
  22. In which country can you buy things with a dong?
  23. In which country is the bolivar the main unit of currency?
  24. In which Shakespeare play do Antonio, Gobbo and Portia appear?
  25. In which sport is ‘laundry’ a technical term?
  26. In which sports do participants compete for Doggett’s Coat and Badge?
  27. In which Welsh county is the town of Mold?
  28. In which year was the one pound coin introduced in the UK?
  29. Is a Tasmanian devil a carnivorous marsupial, a whirlwind or a cocktail?
  30. John F Kennedy does not feature on any dollar bill – true or false?
  31. Krypton is not a real chemical element – true or false?
  32. Mark, Jason, Howard and Gary are all members of which pop group?
  33. On which island did the mutineers from the Bounty eventually settle?
  34. Scurvy is a consequence of a lack of which vitamin?
  35. Television pictures are composed of just three colours, of which two are red and blue. What is the third?
  36. To which official post was Jacqueline Wilson appointed in 2005?
  37. Upon whose life was the film Citizen Kane loosely based?
  38. US patent number 174,465, registered in February 1876, is considered to be the most valuable ever recorded – what did it relate to?
  39. What colour is the centre of the target in archery?
  40. What did Hiram Stevens Maxim invent in 1883?
  41. What did the P G in the name of comic novelist P G Wodehouse stand for?
  42. What did Winston Churchill call his ‘black dog’?
  43. What do the initials SWAT in SWAT team stand for?
  44. What is the correct spelling of ‘rhythm’?
  45. What is the literal meaning of the Japanese word karaoke?
  46. What is the name of the stone in Ireland that is said to confer gifts of speaking upon anyone who kisses it?
  47. What number does the bingo call ‘two fat ladies’ refer to?5
  48. What was Beethoven’s only opera called?
  49. What was Frank Sinatra’s middle name?
  50. What was remarkable about Olympic marathon winner Abebe Bikila?
  51. What was the name of the lunar module from which Neil Armstrong made the first steps on the Moon?
  52. What was the name of the skipper of the whaling ship Pequod in Herman Melville’s novel Moby-Dick?
  53. What was the name of the snail in The Magic Roundabout?
  54. What was the real name of The Scarlet Pimpernel in the novel of the same name published by Baroness Orczy in 1905?
  55. Where does UNESCO have its headquarters?
  56. Where is the headquarters of Interpol?
  57. Which Australian tennis player won nine Wimbledon Men’s Doubles titles between 1993 and 2004?
  58. Which British driver finished third in his very first Formula One race in 2007?
  59. Which chemical takes its name from the island of Cyprus?
  60. Which country lies immediately to the east of the Czech Republic?
  61. Which crime writer created private detective Philip Marlowe?
  62. Which English scientist discovered oxygen?
  63. Which football team has the nickname ‘the Biscuitmen’?
  64. Which French word is used by English speakers to indicate a small amount or hint of something?
  65. Which is the largest island in the world?
  66. Which is the only planet in the solar system not named after a classical god?
  67. Which is the world’s largest living mammal?
  68. Which member of the British royal family was informally known as Dickie?
  69. Which metal is produced by combining copper and tin?
  70. Which millionaire did Leonardo DiCaprio play in The Aviator?
  71. Which of Tchaikovsky’s symphonies is known as the Pathétique?
  72. Which pirate radio station first broadcast from a ship in the North Sea on 29 March 1964?
  73. Which president appears on a US one dollar bill?
  74. Which television soap opera is set in Capeside, Massachusetts?
  75. Which type of animal comes in money, house and trapdoor varieties?
  76. Which US state has among its nicknames Old Dominion and Mother of Presidents?
  77. Which Victorian architect designed the Houses of Parliament?
  78. Which video format launched in the 1970s was eventually eclipsed by the rival VHS system?
  79. Which wartime German code was broken by British mathematicians at Bletchley Park?
  80. Who became Master of the Queen’s Music in 2004?
  81. Who became the youngest world heavyweight champion?
  82. Who composed the New World Symphony?
  83. Who released an album called Billion Dollar Babies?
  84. Who returned to the top of the charts after a 29-year-gap in 2006 with ‘Thunder in my heart’?
  85. Who topped the charts with ‘Black coffee’ in 2000?
  86. Who wanted you to save your kisses for them in 1976?
  87. Who was the author of The Secret Garden?
  88. Who was the Greek hero who fell in love with his own reflection?
  89. Who were Athos, Porthos and Aramis?
  90. Who won the English Derby for two years running in 2003 and 2004?
  91. Who won the Wimbledon singles title on his first and only attempt?
  92. Who wrote Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang?
  93. Who wrote the music for ‘Onward, Christian soldiers’?
  94. Who, in 1968, said he would get by with a little help from his friends?
  95. Who, in 2006, emulated her mother by winning the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award?
  96. Whose books included The Old Devils and Jake’s Thing?
  97. Whose hits included ‘Bootylicious’, ‘Lose my breath’ and ‘Say my name’?
  98. Whose legs were allegedly insured for one million dollars?6
  99. Whose plays included Design for Living and Present Laughter?
  100. With what weapon was Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky assassinated in Mexico City in 1940?

Team Trivia Answers

  1. Charlotte, Emily and Anne
  2. 950
  3. To cool your porridge
  4. King Solomon’s Mines (1885) by H Rider Haggard
  5. Cliff Richard
  6. Eminem
  7. The Renaissance
  8. The rowan
  9. False (they are white)
  10. In a plane crash in 1967
  11. With its stare
  12. Seven
  13. Bats
  14. The Cider House Rules
  15. Half a crown (two shillings and sixpence)
  16. From the oven
  17. The bicycle shot
  18. Chingachgook
  19. Heavy water
  20. Berkeley Castle
  21. Manchester
  22. Vietnam
  23. Venezuela
  24. The Merchant of Venice
  25. Drag-racing (referring to the parachute deployed to reduce speed)
  26. Rowing (or sculling)
  27. Clwyd
  28. 1983
  29. A carnivorous marsupial
  30. TRUE
  31. FALSE
  32. Take That
  33. Pitcairn Island
  34. Vitamin C
  35. Green
  36. Children’s Laureate
  37. William Randolph Hearst
  38. The invention of the telephone
  39. Gold/Yellow
  40. The machine-gun
  41. Pelham Grenville
  42. Depression
  43. Special Weapons and Tactics
  44. Rhythm
  45. Empty orchestra
  46. The Blarney Stone
  47. 88
  48. Fidelio
  49. Albert
  50. He ran barefoot
  51. Eagle
  52. Captain Ahab
  53. Brian
  54. Sir Percy Blakeney
  55. Paris
  56. Lyon
  57. Todd Woodbridge
  58. Lewis Hamilton
  59. Copper
  60. The Slovak Republic (or Slovakia)
  61. Raymond Chandler
  62. Joseph Priestley
  63. Reading
  64. Soupçon
  65. Greenland
  66. Earth
  67. The blue whale
  68. Lord Louis Mountbatten
  69. Bronze
  70. Howard Hughes
  71. Symphony No 6
  72. Radio Caroline
  73. George Washington
  74. Dawson’s Creek
  75. Spiders
  76. Virginia
  77. Charles Barry
  78. Betamax
  79. The Enigma code
  80. Peter Maxwell Davies
  81. Mike Tyson
  82. Antonín Dvořák
  83. Alice Cooper
  84. Leo Sayer
  85. All Saints
  86. Brotherhood of Man
  87. Frances Eliza Hodgson Burnett
  88. Narcissus
  89. The Three Musketeers
  90. Kieren Fallon
  91. Bobby Riggs (1939)
  92. Ian Fleming
  93. Arthur Sullivan
  94. Joe Cocker
  95. Zara Phillips
  96. Kingsley Amis
  97. Destiny’s Child
  98. Betty Grable’s
  99. Noël Coward
  100. An ice-pick


What’s not to love about team trivia questions? You get to exercise your wits and bond with your teammates—and, of course, there’s the sporting element of answering questions correctly or incorrectly, we hope that these 100 questions did just that! Additionally, If you want to keep your teammates and employees engaged throughout, check out our games and trivia app on Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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