80+ Deep & Interesting Thought-Provoking Questions For Introspection

This list of deep thought-provoking questions will help you and your friends truly introspect. Ask these deep questions on long walks or over a cup of morning tea

You’ll love our list of Thought Provoking Questions!

How much do you understand and know about yourself in and out? Do you connect with your inner self when certain demanding situations arise? How well do you evaluate yourself during a particular scenario? Can you evaluate yourself on the basis of these random questions? The answer to all of these questions lies within ourselves. Each of us should take some time out and discover ourselves. Now how do you do that?

To get to know yourself better, you need to ask yourself certain “thought-provoking questions”. Not just yourself, you can put forth these questions to your friends, partner, or even family members and close associates so that you can understand them well.

In this article, you can find an exhaustive list of different “thought-provoking” questions. You may want to ask these questions to yourself and also to others. Think what would be your answer to each of these questions. Let’s get started!

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Thought Provoking, Deep, and Interesting Questions to ask yourself and others

Let us have a look at some deep questions to ask yourself and others. These are questions that make you think and ponder. These are deep questions to ask someone, or you can even answer these yourself. Jot down your answers and go through them. No one else can evaluate and judge you better than yourself.

Deep Questions To Ask Someone

What is one thing that you hate about yourself and would like to rectify?

This shouldn't be very tough to answer. All of us have at least one negative quality which we ourselves would like to rectify. And you need to answer just that.

If you got Aladdin’s magic lamp, what are the three wishes that you would ask for?

Here, you need to think carefully and come up with a suitable answer as to what are those three wishes you would ask out of Aladdin’s magic lamp. (Aladdin’s magic lamp is totally fictitious. It has been included in the question to make it more interesting).

If you could transform something in this world, what would that be?

According to you, what is that thing in this world which needs to be changed immediately? It could be the law and order or anything from an environmental perspective. Think and come up with a smart answer.

What is one thing that scares you the most?

All of us are phobic about something or the other. You need not have any particular phobia, however, it could be anything like sitting inside a high-speed vehicle, sitting inside an airplane, etc. Think about what scares you the most.

Which vehicle would you prefer to sit in - a time machine or a rocket that takes you into outer space?

This is another interesting question that will make you go into deep thought. Both time machine and rocket are interesting options here and you will be confused as to which one to pick.

Who was your first crush?

If at all you have had a crush on anyone in your life, then this one should be pretty straightforward for you.

What is your understanding of love?

Each one of us may differ in our understanding of love. You need to put forth your thoughts on this one.

What would be your approach to tackling stress in your life?

In the present-day scenario, stress is a part of everyone’s life. Each one of us may have different tactics for combatting stress. Pitch in with your thoughts on what would be your approach for doing so.

Would you ever tell a lie when you know that it can benefit someone?

Well, we all have been taught right from childhood to always speak the truth. But sometimes, circumstances turn out in such a way that one would refrain from speaking the truth. You need to think about whether your answer would benefit someone or work against someone. This is a tough one.

Which is the one thing you want to change in your life by traveling backward in time?

Often, many of us repent certain mistakes of our past which could have been unintentional too. Think if there is any such mistake of your past that you may want to correct by traveling backward in time.

Are you content with your current profession?

Many times, quite a lot of us are unhappy with our profession. It could be a wrong choice of career or taking up something which is not working too well for you. If at all you have any such predicament in your mind, then do put forth your thoughts on the same and what you plan to do in the future.

Are you confident today about accomplishing specific tasks which seemed impossible 3 years ago?

As someone has rightly quoted, “Make improvements, not excuses.” There could be any such thing that you would have improvised upon in a span of 3 years like developing more patience, improving your immunity and stamina, and much more. Think if there is any such thing.

Are you capable of taking important decisions quickly and independently?

Few people are very good when taking important decisions quickly while a few others are not so good and often rely on others for support. Think and answer carefully as to which of these categories you belong to.

Do you think crying is a shortcoming or a quality?

Can crying be a quality? For certain people, yes. Come up with a smart answer here.

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Do you always follow your inner conscience or listen to others?

While many of us follow our conscience, there are a few others who don’t listen to their inner-self and follow others blindly. Which category do you belong to?

Has anyone ever taken any sort of inspiration from you?

Have you ever inspired anyone in your life? If yes, then do mention it.

Have you ever felt caged in your life?

Have you ever undergone a phase in your life wherein you urged for some independence? If there was ever such a time in your life, you need to explain it.

Are you still holding on to something which should have been forgotten?

Often, we find it difficult to let go of our past occurrences and still hold on to them, knowing that they would do us more harm than good. Also, we tend to hold certain grudges in our minds against someone, something that needs to be forgotten. This question has been asked so that you tend to forget those moments and move on.

Is there any past event from your life that still haunts you?

A few unpleasant memories from the past keep haunting us. If there is any such thing in your life, it's time to put it down here and forget it.

If you are healthy at the age of 80, what would your primary wish be - to live longer or die soon?

At the age of 80, while some of us could be healthy and fit, a few others could be counting their days of survival. How would you want to be at 80?

Will you opt for your dream job and spend sleepless nights in the office or prefer a low-demanding job?

Your dream job may not be so dreamy after all. Hence, think carefully and answer this question.

Would you ever challenge the law to protect a close friend or a family member?

You need to probe whether your friend is right or wrong. Based on that, frame your answer.

Have you ever gone out of your way to help a friend or a family member?

If you have gone beyond your limits to help a friend, then do mention that.

If you ever get an opportunity to address a huge crowd, what would your main message be?

Think about what should be the main highlight while you address a crowd. It could be anything such as developing inner peace, letting go of stress, or anything as such. Think about it.

Which book has inspired you the most?

If you are an avid reader, think about those books from which you have drawn some sort of inspiration and jot them.

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Questions to Get To Know Someone Deeply

Each of these questions below will help you understand the other person at a deeper level.

What would you prefer - a failure or not trying?

This question is not so complex to answer. Of course, failure is way better than not trying at all.

If you were to become the President of your country for just a day, name one thing you would change in your country.

If you are unhappy with something in your country, maybe you could change that when you become the President! Think deeply about what you could change in a day.

Has your attitude changed from what it was a decade ago?

If you actually feel you have changed in the past 10 years, then explain the change.

Do you think you need to change any quality of yours?

If you feel you need to improvise or change anything within yourself, then highlight it here.

How to let go of the feeling of hurt?

Sometimes it becomes tough to let feelings that bring painful memories. Think about the ways in which you can destroy those feelings. It may even help you.

Do you think you can forgive your biggest enemy?

This totally depends on why you chose a person as an enemy of yours in the first place. However, nothing is bigger than forgiving your biggest enemy.

Do you have the ability to change others' attitudes?

This is another interesting question. One can change their attitude, but to change others’ attitudes, a lot is needed. You need to think and answer if you can fulfill that.

If you win a lottery, what would you do with the prize money?

Winning a lottery prize money is not a small thing. And one can do many things with the lottery amount. You need to think and come up with an appropriate answer.

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Questions That Make You Think

These questions below will make you think, think and think. You’ll be left wondering what to answer. To make it simple for you, check out the descriptions below each of these questions. They will help you think better.

Is there anything that is stopping you from achieving your goals?

If you feel anything is bothering you from achieving your goals, think about what it is. You could even work on it.

What would you do if you were to skip your sleep for a night?

Skipping your sleep is a very big thing, and if you have decided to do that even for a night, think about what you would be doing. Come up with a clever answer.

Which superpowers would you like to possess?

Have you ever wished to be like Superman or Batman or any other superhero? If yes, then what superpowers would you like to have? Think!

What is the craziest thing that you have ever done?

Think you’ve done something really crazy? Put it here.

Do you believe that someone’s negative energy can harm you? Has it ever happened to you?

Certain people believe a lot in the concept of negative energy. If you have ever experienced it, put your thoughts here and take it out of your mind.

Do you spare a few minutes for yourself every day? If yes, how has it impacted you?

Sparing a few minutes for yourself is very essential. If you do so regularly, then think about how it has influenced you.

Do you believe in the concept of self-love?

This question has been put forth here to make you understand the importance of self-love.

Are you at peace with yourself? What do you need to be more at ease with yourself?

If you are not at peace with yourself, then it's time for a change. Think about what will give you that much-needed peace of mind.

What is that activity which helps you to get rid of stress?

Stress has become a part of everyone’s lives today. But what do you think you are doing to keep it at bay?

What is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for you so far?

Have you ever felt deeply touched by someone’s gesture? Put it here.

Can you sacrifice all your material comforts and completely align yourself with social service?

This is another question that needs a lot of thinking. It is not easy to give up on your material comforts. This question has been put to check how deeply you can think.

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Thought-Provoking Questions / Interesting Questions

Now let us check out a few thought-provoking questions below. All these are interesting questions and we are sure you would take a minute or two or sometimes even more before you come up with a suitable answer. While some are straightforward, there are a really few tricky questions here that would make you dwell deep in your thoughts.

Which book would you like to read again?

Not a very tough one. If you are a bookworm, you must have definitely read a book that you may want to read again.

What would you do if you had an entire day to yourself?

In today’s times when most of us are busy almost every day, getting an entire day to ourselves would be something that all of us look forward to eagerly. If you have an entire day completely to yourself, what do you think you would be doing? Pitch in your thoughts.

If you write an autobiography about yourself, what would be the most highlighting aspect?

This one’s not very tough. You must recognize your talents here and highlight the most important aspects.

How would you like your loved ones to remember you?

Another beautiful question that requires a lot of thinking. You need to highlight those features within yourself that people would remember after you even when you no longer exist.

Describe the times and situations when you felt very low in life.

Have you ever felt low and depressed in your life? If yes, then write about those testifying times here.

Which are those mistakes that you made in your life that you don’t want your children to make?

Many times, we repent our past actions and always feel that we shouldn't allow our children to go on the same path. Now, this could be anything like a career choice gone wrong or not listening to our inner self and following others blindly. Do you feel you have made any such mistake previously? Explain it here.

If a situation arises wherein you need to choose between your spouse and your parents, whom would you choose and why?

A very, very tough question that required a lot of thinking and reasoning. Both your parents and your spouse are obviously very dear to you, so choosing between them is very difficult. 

On what topic can you give a lecture on the spot for a minimum of 40 minutes?

Think about those topics in which you are a pro. Can you give a lecture on these topics for 40 minutes at a stretch?

If you had the choice of becoming an animal for a day, which one would you choose and why?

If someone is asking you a question of this sort, it is to check your way of thinking. Which animal can you relate yourself with?

If you want to do something adventurous in your life, what would that be?

This question has been put forth to check if you have an adventurous side to yourself.

If you happen to discover that you are suffering from a terminal illness and have just one more month to live, what would be your priorities?

This question tests your rapid thinking capabilities. With just a month more to live on, you could have many things to do but what would be your priority tasks?

If your only child has committed a serious crime, would you go against the law or prefer punishing him/her?

The question checks your point of view and the actions you would take when you know you are not right.

What is a part of you, you’d never want the world to see?

Do you feel you need to hide something from the entire world? If yes, what is it and why do you think so?

Aside from having a career and making money, what else do you think you need to do so that people remember you?

Life is not just about building a successful career and making lots of money. There are many other things involved. This question will indeed make you rack your brains.

What would be that piece of advice which you would like to give your teenage self?

As we grow older, we not just mature with age but also in our thoughts. So you need to think about what advice you would have for a younger version of yourself now that you have matured for the better.

In your career, which is that path that you have never explored? Would you like to do so in the future?

There could be many unexplored paths in your line of career. Think about them and list them if you have anything in your mind.

What would you want to do if you got a magic wand?

You need to think about what would be your wish if you got a magic wand in your hand.

Is there something that you feel is productive, but on the contrary, you are just wasting time on it?

Many times, we put a lot of effort into something, however, the results are not at all fruitful. Is any such thing happening with you? Then maybe, it’s time for a change.

While in the office, if you happen to face downtime for about a couple of hours, what would you do in that time?

When you face downtime in your office, you may not be able to accomplish your work-related tasks. But can you do something productive in that time? Come up with your thoughts.

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Which work drains out maximum energy from within you?

This is a question that involves direct thinking here. Just close your eyes and think about what is taking up most of your energy.

Is there any important aspect of your life that you haven't paid heed to?

This question tries to help you in recognizing an important aspect of your life that you may have ignored.

Tell me about a challenge that you have faced in your life.

You need to think deeply here about the challenges you have faced in your real life.

If you had all the time in the world with lots of money, what do you think you would be doing?

This is a question that involves deep thinking. Money and time are a rare combination, so what do you think you would want to do?

If you were to become a millionaire in a few years, would you invest it or donate it to a social cause?

Another question that could confuse you to no end. This question gives you very tough choices. Think and pick what would be the best one for you.

Do you manage to draw a line with the people around you? Are you good at it?

This question tests your ability to define boundaries for yourself and for others. Can you do it?

If you are feeling let down in your professional career, would you adopt a different strategy or opt for an alternate career path?

How agile can you be when it comes to taking risks and important decisions in your life? The above question is all about that. One needs a lot of guts to abort a current career path and switch over to an alternate one. Are you brave enough to take such a big step? Think.

Are you good when it comes to handling conflicts? How do you manage to do it?

The easiest thing for many of us to handle conflicts is to avoid getting into one in the first place. However, this may not be the solution always and you cannot evade conflicts throughout your life. So then, how do you handle them? This is a lovely question that prompts you to think deeply.

Would you guide your kids for choosing the right career path or would you leave it for them to decide?

The above question provides tough choices and requires a lot of thinking. On one hand, you can guide your children towards the right career path, on the other hand, you are allowing them to decide what’s good for themselves which is also good. Which path would you choose?

Did you ever wish to become a celebrity?

We all know that celebrity life is not as good as it seems, still, many of us wish to pursue the luxuries to which celebrities are entitled. Which one would you prefer?

What would you do if you happened to suddenly land on a lonely but beautiful island with no one in sight?

While one option in the above question is a beautiful one, the other one is a little scary. What would be your line of thinking here?

If money can’t buy happiness, why do you think people still run after money?

Get your thoughts working on this one! The question here is pretty straightforward, however, you’ll have to think a lot to come up with an appropriate answer.

If you need to ask 5 questions each to Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Joe Biden, what would be your questions to each of them?

A very interesting question. We have five successful personalities here and undoubtedly, all of them come with a brilliant mindset. So now, sit back and think as to what questions you would be asking each one of them. 

If you happen to start a company with a partner, will you be satisfied if your partner decides to be the face of the company while you run other important errands?

This one is tough. Although you get to do some important tasks for your joint organization, will you be really happy if your partner becomes the face of the company? What would be your answer?

Would you like to be rich and famous at the same time or you are concerned only with being rich?

Not much explanation is needed here about the question, however, your answer involves a lot of thought.

If you had $10,000 to yourself, would you invest that money in stocks, start a company, just travel around the whole world or simply donate the entire amount to charity?

The question is self-explanatory here. However, when it comes to choosing the option, which one would you go for?

If you are in dire need of money to save a loved one’s life and stealing is the only option for you to arrange funds, will you still do it?

When you are stuck in a life-and-death kind of situation, your mind seldom works. So what would you do here?

If you become your team’s manager and you are asked to fire a subordinate who has been your best friend for years, what would you do?

This question tests you on how you segregate professional duties from personal relationships. In what manner would you think here? Put in your thoughts.

If you love to travel, do you prefer traveling solo or with your family?

Some people prefer to seek solace and discover themselves by traveling solo, while others look at it as a good time to spend with family. While both the above options are good in their own ways, which one would you prefer here?

What is that wish of yours that you intend to fulfill before you die?

Get your thoughts working on this one. We understand that you could have many wishes that you need to accomplish before leaving this world but which one holds the utmost importance for you?

If someone offers you $1,00,000 to spend a night alone in a haunted house, would you accept the money and go for it?

This question is not so difficult. However, think if anyone would simply give you $1,00,000 just for staying in a haunted house!

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With the above exhaustive list of deep and thought-provoking questions, we hope this article is of great help to you if at all you wish to ask these questions to yourself for a better self-understanding. You may even use these thought-provoking questions to ask your friends in your spare time and try and see if something really constructive comes up. We really wish you have a thoughtworthy time asking and answering these questions.

FAQs about Thought Provoking Questions

How to ask thought-provoking questions?

Before asking thought-provoking questions, make a list of all the questions. If you need to question yourself, then relax your mind before you begin to think of an answer. Likewise, if it is for a friend, ensure you both sit in a calm and quiet place and begin the question-answer session.

List some thought-provoking “what-if” questions.

Check out some thought-provoking “what-if” questions:

  • What would happen if mobile phones vanish from this planet?
  • What would happen if the Ebola virus starts spreading more rapidly than Covid-19?
  • What would happen if dinosaurs evolve again on Earth?

How to frame thought-provoking questions?

In order to frame thought-provoking questions, prepare a bucket list of your choices. You can do the same for your friends if you planning on asking them these questions. Prepare a questionnaire based on these choices.

List some funny thought-provoking questions.

  1. Check out some funny thought-provoking questions below.
  • If animals could converse with you, which one would be the rudest of all?
  • If you’re waiting for the waiter, aren't you the waiter?
  • If you wash your mud-laden hands with soap, is the soap dirty or are your hands clean?

How to come up with thought-provoking questions about books?

To develop thought-provoking questions on books, try to understand what kind of books you like to read the most. You can prepare a question set accordingly.

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