Two Truths And A Lie: How to Play & 120+ Best Lie Ideas in 2024

Two truths and a lie can be played with your colleagues at work or even with your family and friends. Let's dig into some interesting two truths and a lie examples.

Need some ideas for your next game of two truths and a lie? This article has numerous examples and ideas that would help you trick your friends into believing your lies. 

Think you've got what it takes to spot the lie? Or are you here to gather some sneaky ideas for your next game night? If you are looking to strike up a lovely conversation with a new joiner or if you are looking for some icebreakers in a meeting, then this two truths and a lie game is for you. 

You can also find this game on the Ricotta app, which contains interesting and interactive games like Tic Tac Toe, Would You Rather, This Or That, Icebreaker Games, Word Building, Story Building, and much more. 

In this article, we have given exhaustive example sets of truths and lies within various categories like:

  • Good Two Truths And A Lie
  • Two Truths And A Lie Examples For Work
  • Funny Two Truths And Lies
  • Best Two Truths And A Lie

So, let’s jump into everything related to two truths and a lie — how to play it as well as a list of 100+ truths and lies.

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How To Play Two Truths And A Lie

The two truths and a lie game comes with three statements in every set. As the name itself suggests, there are two truths and a lie hidden in each of these statement sets. You need to guess the “hidden” lie in these statements. Of course, the game is not as easy as it seems or sounds. 

how to play Two Truths And A Lie

How to make this all the more interesting and tricky at the same time? Well, for that you need to keep a few important things in your mind like:

1. Frame unbelievable truths and believable lies

The complete game is centered around your truths and lies, and hence, it is your job to frame them in such a way that your truths seem a little unbelievable. A good truth is something that no one can easily guess. 

At the same time, create your lies in such a way that your friends end up believing them. To sum it up, your truths should seem like lies and your lies should be framed in such a way that they seem to be truths. Check out an example below:

  1. My dad is an air force pilot.
  2. My mom is an air hostess.
  3. I have never traveled by train.

Your friends will be bowled over for sure!

2. Keep your facial expressions neutral

Always keep your expressions neutral while reading out the questions and don’t give your friends the slightest hint. Remember that your facial expressions can give you away and your lies would be easily guessed!

3. Keep shuffling your order of truths and lies

Do not mention your lie at the end by default. You can reveal your lie either in the beginning or the middle to confuse the other players. 

4. Don’t go overboard with your lies

Keep your lies simple and don’t go overboard with your lies. Overstating your lie can give you away. For instance, don’t try saying “I can speak 22 languages.” You can say something like, “I can understand 5 foreign languages.”

Two truths and a lie can be played either in a large group or a small group of people. However, even two members can play this game with equal amounts of fun and enthusiasm. 

Once you have read out your statements and everyone has guessed the truths and lies, you can reveal the correct answer.

With all of this information, we hope that you have got a gist of how to go about this game. With this, let us check out some good and funny two truths and a lie examples.

The two truths and a lie game can be played with your colleagues at work or even some of your acquaintances (who don’t know you in and out). Let us check out some interesting “two truths and a lie examples” in this section.

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Good Two Truths And A Lie (Lie Examples)

Want some lie suggestions for good two truths and a lie? Check out some really good and interesting “two truths and lie examples” below.

Good Two Truths And A Lie
  1. I can read Japanese.
  2. I have visited Disneyland in Hong Kong.
  3. I can understand when people speak Cantonese.
  4. I have currency notes from 10 countries.
  5. I have visited at least 20 foreign countries.
  6. I can speak 2 foreign languages.
  7. I have been wearing glasses since I was one year old.
  8. I love eating raw carrots.
  9. I cut my hair all by myself at home.
  10. I am allergic to milk and eggs.
  11. I am partially blind in my left eye.
  12. I have been a part of a short film when I was a kid.
  13. While swimming, I can hold my breath for 2 minutes underwater.
  14. I haven’t visited Niagara falls until now.
  15. I visited the World Trade Center just a day before it was attacked.
  16. I have visited at least 5 Wonders Of The World.
  17. My mum has my name tattooed on her arm.
  18. My grandfather was working with NASA.
  19. I can manage pretty well with just 4 hours of sleep.
  20. My aunt is just a year older than me. 
  21. I hate pizza but love cheese.
  22. I don’t have a Netflix subscription.
  23. I once backpacked through Antarctica.
  24. I'm a certified sushi chef.
  25. I adopted a pet kangaroo.
  26. I grew up in a castle.
  27. I trained with an Olympic swimming team.
  28. I've painted a mural on the Eiffel Tower.
  29. I was an extra in a Marvel movie.
  30. I invented a popular smartphone app.
  31. I have a PhD in Astrophysics.
  32. I've conducted a symphony orchestra at Carnegie Hall.
  33. I've climbed Mount Everest twice.
  34. I've published a bestselling poetry book.
  35. I've worked as a spy for a government agency.
  36. I own a dress once worn by a famous Hollywood actress.
  37. I've danced in Rio's Carnival parade.
  38. I was once a contestant on a reality TV show.
  39. I've flown a plane solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
  40. I discovered a new species of butterfly in the Amazon rainforest.

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Two Truths And A Lie Examples For Work

Two Truths And A Lie Examples For Work
  1. I once gave a presentation to the United Nations.
  2. I was the CEO of a Fortune 500 company for a day.
  3. I've negotiated a million-dollar deal single-handedly.
  4. My first job was as a stunt double in Hollywood.
  5. I secretly wrote a bestselling business book under a pseudonym.
  6. I invented a widely-used software program during my first internship.
  7. I've been personally congratulated by a famous entrepreneur for my innovative ideas.
  8. I organized and led a corporate retreat on a private island.
  9. I worked undercover for a major competitor for a year.
  10. I have a secret patent that revolutionized mobile technology.
  11. I used to be a personal chef for a Hollywood celebrity.
  12. I was once offered a job as an astronaut by NASA.
  13. I've ghostwritten speeches for a world leader.
  14. My first job was as a lion tamer in a traveling circus.
  15. I developed a viral marketing campaign that became a global phenomenon.
  16. I've been a secret consultant for a famous tech billionaire.
  17. I created a top-selling mobile game during my lunch breaks.
  18. I was a body double for a famous action movie star.
  19. I've designed a dress worn at the Oscars.
  20. I once won an international award for innovation in architecture.
  21. I was a detective involved in solving a high-profile case.
  22. I've directed a music video for a top-charting artist.
  23. I worked as a translator for the United Nations.
  24. I've been a test pilot for experimental aircraft.
  25. I founded a startup that was later sold for billions.
  26. I was a contestant on a famous cooking show and won.
  27. I've conducted secret research for a government agency.
  28. I was a professional athlete in a team that won a national championship.
  29. I've designed special effects for blockbuster movies.
  30. I managed a luxury hotel on an exotic island.

Funny Two Truths And Lies

Funny Two Truths And Lies
  1. I can gobble up 3 large pizzas at a time.
  2. I don’t bathe before coming to work.
  3. I am a complete vegan.
  4. I have 40K+ followers on Instagram.
  5. I started writing my own songs at the age of 10.
  6. My favorite thing to watch on TV is “The Tom And Jerry Show”.
  7. I don’t watch any OTT shows.
  8. I have never used a public washroom.
  9. Me and my best friends swap all kinds of clothes and try them on.
  10. I choose my dating partners based on their sun signs.
  11. I once went off to sleep inside a bus and opened my eyes at the last stop.
  12. I have never eaten ice cream.
  13. I love playing with a ping pong ball.
  14. I love watching blackhead-popping videos on YouTube.
  15. I am the only child from both my mom's and dad’s sides.
  1. I have no uncles or aunts.
  2. I don’t eat fast food at all.
  3. As a kid, I never watched cartoons.
  4. My parents got married while they were in their teens.
  5. I can sleep for 24 hours at a stretch.
  6. I have trekked Mount Everest.
  7. I am good at kickboxing.
  8. I can easily do somersaults.
  9. I can roar like a lion.
  10. When I sleep, I don’t snore at all.
  11. I can close both nostrils with my thumb and hold my breath for 120 seconds.
  12. I can stay on elbow planks for 8 minutes.
  13. I used to bed-wet till the age of 11.
  14. I have broken the same bone twice.
  15. I don’t like reading newspapers.
  16. I was born in the seventh month.
  17. I can sleep at any time of the day.
  18. I can dance like a monkey in front of a huge crowd.
  19. I once farted accidentally in front of many guests at my place.
  20. I have undergone liposuction to reduce my body fat.
  21. I don’t know how to use a chopstick.
  22. I am scared of clowns.
  23. I can juggle 5 balls at a time.
  24. My hair coloring experiment once ended in a disaster.
  25. I landed at the wrong wedding party, ate sumptuously, and realized the error after spotting the bride and the groom.
  26. Once I drove for 10 km before realizing that a snake was hidden inside the car.
  27. A dress that I thought was a total disaster turned into a super hit after all my friends loved it.

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Best Two Truths And A Lie

Best Two Truths And A Lie

  1. I gatecrashed at my ex’s wedding.
  2. I can play both the piano and the guitar.
  3. I once went for an interview for the wrong job that was for some other requirement.
  4. I have the autographs of many celebrities.
  5. I have gone swimming with dolphins.
  6. I can have 20 marshmallows at one go.
  7. A funny video that I shot once accidentally went viral.
  8. I once finished an entire Christmas turkey all by myself.
  9. I once saw Dwayne Johnson at a cafe and he posed with me for a picture.
  10. I once brought a cat home and hid it from my family for an entire day.
  1. I love continental food.
  2. I can very well do a double dutch braid.
  3. I have never colored my hair.
  4. I love the smell of petrol.
  5. I hate mozzarella cheese.
  6. I do not eat anything after 6 pm.
  7. I lost 30 kilos in just two months.
  8. I work out rigorously for 6 days a week.
  9. I can stay up as late as 4 am early in the morning.
  10. I have won many prizes for inter-school quizzes during my school days.
  11. I was given a double promotion in school once.
  12. I dropped out of college for a couple of years and went back later and completed my course.
  13. I can’t get sleep without my stuffed teddy beside me.
  14. I can watch 3 movies non-stop back to back.
  15. I danced for 4 hours at a stretch at a dance party.
  16. My birthday falls on February 29.
  17. Before coming to work, I swim for an hour.
  18. I had hair falling below my waist before I decided to cut it to ear level.
  19. I am completely deaf in my right ear.
  20. I suffered from dyslexia in my childhood.
  21. I won the first prize in an eating contest.
  22. I cannot digest tomato ketchup.
  23. I have never played the tic-tac-toe game.
  24. As a kid, I was always in my books and never into play.
  25. I grew up as a loner without any friends.
  26. I have stayed in an igloo.
  27. I was all alone last Christmas.
  28. I have experienced paranormal activity in a hotel room.
  29. I don’t visit churches.
  30. I love mountains and beaches but haven’t visited either.

With so many examples of truths and lies above, shall we give you’ll a gist of how to play this game? Let’s see.

Have a look at each group below. Every group contains three statements each - two truths and a lie. 

Group 1

  1. My sibling was adopted by my parents.
  2. We have three pet dogs.
  3. I have no cousins.

Group 2

  1. I have visited the Arctic.
  2. I love cold places.
  3. I love white sand beaches.

In each of the groups above, there are two truths and a lie. We don’t know which is the lie. It’s your job to take a guess!

This game can also be played online through the Ricotta app on Slack and Microsoft Teams. Each of us needs to post three statements and the others can start taking guesses.

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With the above exhaustive list of statements for your “two truths and a lie” game, we are quite confident that your icebreaker session will turn into a fun session. By going through this article, hope that you have understood very well the rules of the game and how to go about the entire activity to make it more interesting.

With these lists, you have also got some good lies for your two truths and a lie game. We have also given you’ll an idea of how you can put forth your truths and lies.

So the next time you have decided on playing this game, don’t worry, just relax. Our article is loaded with ideas just for you guys. Just sit back, put forth your questions, and don’t give away your lies. Hope you have a lovely time playing this with your friends.

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FAQs: Two Truths and a Lie

What are two truths and a lie?

The game of “two truths and a lie” is very much like an icebreaker session. You need to provide your opponents with three statements, out of which two statements are true and one is a lie. The other members need to guess the lie.

What are good two truths and a lie?

A good truth is something that people find hard to believe; while a good lie often seems like the truth. For a better understanding, have a look at the following examples.

  1. I love Chinese noodles.
  2. I hate Italian pizza.
  3. I love cheese.

Your friends will be blown off by such statements and they will keep guessing till the time is up.

How do you play two truths and a lie?

For this game, you need to state three statements to your opponents, out of which two are true and one is a lie. Your opponent needs to guess the lie. It is always better to change the order of your lies while giving out the statements. Also, keep your facial expressions neutral so that your lie is not caught.

How to play two truths and a lie on Zoom?

Check out the following steps to play “Two Truths And A Lie” on Zoom:

  1. Create a Zoom meeting and share it with all participants.
  2. Once all participants have joined, any one person can post three statements (two truths, one lie).
  3. The remaining members will have to guess the lie and they have to share it individually with the member asking the question.
  4. Finally, the lie will be revealed and the members guessing it correctly get a point.

How to come up with two truths and a lie?

You need to think of those truths that your friends would find hard to believe. At the same time, frame your lies in such a way that your friends mistake them to be the truth.

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