8 Fun Online Zoom Games to Play with your Coworkers

Getting bored of Zoom meetings? Make your Zoom meeting fun and interesting by playing Online Games with your team. 1. Pictionary 2. Heads Up 3. Psych 4. Bingo

We all have been using Zoom for pretty much everything; meetings, client interaction, presentations etc. With all the comfort and connectivity that Zoom has provided us, sometimes it becomes monotonous and mentally tiring, causing Zoom fatigue — therefore it becomes important to break the ice with the help of some virtual party games and kick the boredom out of the place.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we have your back! We have found some Online Zoom Games for your next virtual team building session that are going to transform your Zoom experience from Meh to Magnificent.

No matter if you are a Trivia person or a Pictionary lover. Our selection of easy and fun Zoom activities will ensure that your virtual party becomes as much fun as the last in-person hangout you had. To make your workspace even more interactive, check out Ricotta.

8 online Zoom games to play that will make your next meeting fun

1. 20 Questions

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As simple as the name sounds, this game brings out much more than one can imagine. With 20 Questions, you can get to know your teammates and colleagues even better over just a few meetings. 

Wondering how it works? Each of the participants asks each member of the group 20 creative questions. Check out our list of 120+ icebreaker questions that will help you get a head start. Doesn’t matter if you know the person, with this game you are bound to surprises, that is what makes it interesting and fun.

2. Virtual Bingo

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Who doesn’t love a game of Bingo? Play the traditional game with your colleagues or a custom Bingo revolving around a Movie or TV show. To play the game you can visit My Free Bingo Cards to get the party started. Also, to add a cherry on the top, you can keep prizes for the winners like a cocktail or a gift card for takeout.

3. Scattergories

A game for all your mates of all ages. This is a simple yet fun game wherein you get One letter and Five categories (like “School supplies,” “Book name” etc.). You then get a time limit of 60 seconds to come up with a word that will fit in the category and that starts with the given letter. The more unique your answer as compared to other player, the more points you get. You can visit free game generator and invite participants through a link to play the game.

4. Most Likely To…

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This is a fun way to get to know your team. Here, you can put up different "most likely to" scenarios — such as, "most likely to go Scuba diving" or "most likely to own a restaurant " — and answer which one in the team would be most likely to do that thing. Whoever’s name comes up will have to take a drink.

5. Virtual Rock Paper Scissors

This one’s a winner! For a quick game of virtual Rock Paper Scissors, gather another team member, get on a Zoom call and get started. The rules are simple - scissors cuts through the paper, paper covers the rock and rock destroys the scissors. We all know the hand gestures involved. You can also give this game a twist with Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.

To play a quick game of RPS on Slack, check out Ricotta Games & Trivia.

6. Pictionary

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A classic game-night game, with simple rules. This is a team game, choose a team to start with as well as a designated ‘Drawer’ in that team. The Drawer will generate a word and will get one minute to draw that work for their teams to guess. A correct guess gets your team a point.

7. Heads Up!

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A great way to get the party started is through Heads Up! A classic word game where players  describe the word on the screen to the person who is holding the screen on their heads. If you describe the word correctly and the other person guesses the word, you get a point. You get many categories to choose from and you can play along as many participants as you wish. 

8. Psych

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Another engagement tool and a great party starter from the makers of Heads Up — and it's just as fun. To play Psych, Participants come up with fake answers to some trivia questions, the challenge is to choose the correct one among all the answers that are given.


Hope this will help you in breaking the monotony at your virtual workplace and provide you an opportunity to interact and engage more with your teams and colleagues. 

You can choose to plan a long virtual games session with your team on Zoom or just play a quick game before your meeting to break the ice.

Looking for team building games on Slack? You can try out Ricotta Games & Trivia by adding it to your Slack from here.

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