8 Fun Online Zoom Games to Play with your Coworkers

Getting bored of Zoom meetings? Make your Zoom meeting fun and interesting by playing Online Games with your team. 1. Pictionary 2. Heads Up 3. Psych 4. Bingo

We all have been using Zoom for pretty much everything; meetings, client interaction, presentations etc. With all the comfort and connectivity that Zoom has provided us, sometimes it becomes monotonous and mentally tiring, causing Zoom fatigue — therefore it becomes important to break the ice with the help of some virtual party games and kick the boredom out of the place.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we have your back! We have found some Online Zoom Games for your next virtual team building session that are going to transform your Zoom experience from Meh to Magnificent.

No matter if you are a Trivia person or a Pictionary lover. Our selection of easy and fun Zoom activities will ensure that your virtual party becomes as much fun as the last in-person hangout you had. To make your workspace even more interactive, check out Ricotta.

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15 Online Zoom games to make your next meeting fun

1. 21 Questions

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As simple as the name sounds, this game brings out much more than one can imagine. With 20 Questions, you can get to know your teammates and colleagues even better over just a few meetings. 

Wondering how it works? Each of the participants asks each member of the group 20 creative questions. Check out our list of 120+ icebreaker questions that will help you get a head start. Doesn’t matter if you know the person, with this game you are bound to surprises, that is what makes it interesting and fun.

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2. Virtual Bingo

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Who doesn’t love a game of Bingo? Play the traditional game with your colleagues or a custom Bingo revolving around a Movie or TV show. To play the game you can visit My Free Bingo Cards to get the party started. Also, to add a cherry on the top, you can keep prizes for the winners like a cocktail or a gift card for takeout.

3. Scattergories

A game for all your mates of all ages. This is a simple yet fun game wherein you get One letter and Five categories (like “School supplies,” “Book name” etc.). You then get a time limit of 60 seconds to come up with a word that will fit in the category and that starts with the given letter. The more unique your answer as compared to other player, the more points you get. You can visit free game generator and invite participants through a link to play the game.

4. Most Likely To

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This is a fun way to get to know your team. Here, you can put up different "most likely to" scenarios — such as, "most likely to go Scuba diving" or "most likely to own a restaurant " — and answer which one in the team would be most likely to do that thing. Whoever’s name comes up will have to take a drink.

5. Virtual Rock Paper Scissors

This one’s a winner! For a quick game of virtual Rock Paper Scissors, gather another team member, get on a Zoom call and get started. The rules are simple - scissors cuts through the paper, paper covers the rock and rock destroys the scissors. We all know the hand gestures involved. You can also give this game a twist with Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.

To play a quick game of RPS on Slack, check out Ricotta Games & Trivia.

6. Pictionary

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A classic game-night game, with simple rules. This is a team game, choose a team to start with as well as a designated ‘Drawer’ in that team. The Drawer will generate a word and will get one minute to draw that work for their teams to guess. A correct guess gets your team a point.

7. Heads Up!

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A great way to get the party started is through Heads Up! A classic word game where players  describe the word on the screen to the person who is holding the screen on their heads. If you describe the word correctly and the other person guesses the word, you get a point. You get many categories to choose from and you can play along as many participants as you wish. 

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8. Psych

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Another engagement tool and a great party starter from the makers of Heads Up — and it's just as fun. To play Psych, Participants come up with fake answers to some trivia questions, the challenge is to choose the correct one among all the answers that are given.

9. Uno


Uno is one of the most popular card games that almost everyone has played at least once. In this game, the objective is to discard all the cards you have, with some interesting rules to make the game more fun, and it is now available to play online here

Simply download the app and play with up to ten of your friends or family or colleagues. You can even team up with someone else and play a game of two versus two, but the best thing about this online game is that you can set your own house rules for each game so no more arguing about which rules are valid and which ones sound totally made up!

10. Guess Who?


Guess Who? is a wonderful two-player game that is traditionally played on a board but like most other board games, can now be played online as well! 

In this game, you are given a character from a bunch of other characters and the person opposite you must guess your character by asking questions that can be answered in a yes or no, like “Do they wear glasses?”, “Do they have brown hair?”, etc. 

This is one of the many fun Zoom games that can be played with anyone of any age.

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11. Taboo


Taboo is another really entertaining board game that involves guessing. However, this game can be played by many people at once as they are divided into two teams. One person is chosen from a team and given a word and a set of five other words associated with the first word. 

The objective here is for the selected person to make their partners successfully guess the word without mentioning any of the words on the list. The fun comes in when you have to make your team guess the word “Shark” without saying the words: teeth, ocean, jaws, hammerhead, or blood! Now, you can liven up a normal virtual meeting with an online game of Taboo

12. 5 Second Rule

The 5 Second Rule is a famous game that everybody loves to play. Traditionally, it involves the host picking up a random card from a set of cards that contain categories or topics. They will then read the topic out loud and set the timer for exactly 5 seconds, which is the amount of time a player will have to name at least three things that fit within that topic or they lose. 

The 5 Second Rule is relatively easy to play online as you can simply decide on a list of topics beforehand, make some up on the spot, or use an app such as the 5 Second Challenge to suggest some. This is one of those online Zoom games that can quickly and effectively make any boring work meeting interesting in seconds (literally!).

13. Name Place Animal Thing


We all remember playing the amazing game, Name Place Animal Thing, in school or as kids to entertain ourselves on a slow day. Originally, it is played on paper with four separate columns of name, place, animal, and thing. A letter from the alphabet is chosen at random and all the players begin to enter a word that begins with that letter and fits the respective categories. 

The round ends as soon as the first player is done with their task. All the players then exchange papers and score each other based on various criteria. In this era of virtual meetings and online classes, Name Place Animal Thing is one of the best online Zoom games for kids as it can now also be played online. All you have to do is create a game and share the code with your friends to start playing!

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14. Boggle


Boggle is one of the most popular word games and while it is quite well known as a mobile game application, it used to be played on a board or tray full of 16 cubic dice that had a letter on each of its sides instead of dots. Someone has to shake the tray to shuffle all the dice at once and once they settle, there will be an array of 16 random letters. 

The timer is set for two to three minutes and then each player competes to form words from the letters on the tray. The catch is that each letter should be connected to the last one diagonally, horizontally, or vertically and the words have to be at least 3-letter long. This game is now available to play online Boggle With Friends: Word Game, where you can compete with your friends and family, making it one of the best Zoom games to play!

15. Charades 

Charades is possibly the most entertaining guessing game of all time and the most obvious choice for many family game nights. In this one, a group of people are divided into two teams and quite similarly to Taboo, a player is selected from each team and told to choose from a collection of movie titles, usually written on small pieces of paper beforehand. 

Then they have to act out the title of the movie to make their teammates guess what it is, without speaking or writing anything and the team which guesses the most movie titles correctly wins! Now you can play this wonderful game with your loved ones in virtual meetings as well, which makes it one of the most fun Zoom games for families and friends.

How to make your own Zoom games?

With so many people using virtual meetings on Zoom for work and entertainment purposes during and after the COVID-19 pandemic as part of hybrid work models, the increase of various productivity or workplace apps used along with Zoom meetings is apparent. The introduction of Zoom Apps seeks to close the gap between virtual meetings and third-party apps, and make the whole experience smoother and more seamless. While there are a lot of apps for productivity, project management, note-taking, marketing, and more, there are also many games available to download with this feature.

To install a Zoom games app, all you need to do is start a meeting, click on the Apps option and then the Discover option, and start browsing the apps available to install. You can select the Games category and choose from apps such as Heads Up!, Boggle, Bingo, Trivia, and many more other Zoom games to play with coworkers, family, or friends. After installing, you can play games right in the Zoom meeting, without having to go to a third-party app, or using a website.

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Zoom Games For Work

We can all agree that work can get pretty exhausting sometimes, especially when it is to be done sitting in front of a screen instead of in an office with all your coworkers. Although remote working has its unique and amazing perks, it is also hard to properly connect with your colleagues through virtual meetings.

Thus, Zoom games can be the perfect solution to have fun with your coworkers and battle Zoom fatigue at the same time. Here are some Zoom games ideas that you can use with your work friends!

1. Skribbl 

Skribbl is very similar to Pictionary, but it is played online and has a few more twists. In this online game, the group is not divided into teams, instead everyone plays for themselves. To play this game, you have to select a word from a list of three options given to you. On selecting, you will have 80 seconds to draw what the word represents. Meanwhile, the other players will try to guess what you are drawing by typing it in the chat box. The quicker someone guesses the word correctly, the more points they get. You can create a private room for up to 12 players, customize the list of words to fit your theme, and even change the time limit for drawing to make the game more challenging. This is one of the best Zoom games for work friends to virtually hang out and get to know each other better.

2. Spot The Difference

We have all played Spot The Difference puzzle games in our childhood where we had to identify a fixed number of often subtle differences in very similar looking pairs of pictures. While this puzzle game can now be played online in the form of gaming apps on phones and tablets, these games are usually catered towards children. However, this game can now be played online with friends and in real time! Here’s how you can play Spot The Difference with your coworkers or friends on Zoom: one person is given a minute or two to carefully study everyone’s backgrounds. Next, everyone switches their webcams off and takes a minute to change or remove one object visible in their backgrounds. When everyone turns their cameras on again, the player has to spot all the differences in everyone’s backgrounds. You can make the game more fun by changing the time limit, deciding on the type of item that can be changed, etc.

3. Read My Lips

Read my Lips is an amazing guessing game that can be very easily played in a virtual meeting when the team needs a little break from all the work at the end of the day. It is also very easy to play. Any one person has to mute themselves and speak either a single word or a phrase. The other players then get to guess what the first person said just by reading their lips. The person who correctly guesses the most answers, wins the game. This game can be made even more fun by allowing people to speak whole sentences such as tongue twisters to create more chaos and endless fun!

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4. Story Races

This brilliant storytelling game is one of the best Zoom improv games and is bound to bring everyone’s creative sides out and quickly become everyone’s favorite. In this game, one person is nominated to be the Storyteller and they proceed to read out either a prompt from a previously made list or speak a completely random sentence like “Once upon a time, there was a court jester…”. All the other players then get to suggest a sentence to continue the prompt. Either the Storyteller or all the players together get to decide which sentence is the best. If desired, you can lay down ground rules such as the first suggestion will always be selected or create a voting system to vote for the best continuation to the prompt. This goes on for several rounds till the story is complete. Remember, the more bizarre or creative the suggestion, the more fun everyone will have.

5. Guess The Movie

This online Zoom game is for all your colleagues who love to watch movies and can talk about them for hours. With Guess The Movie, you can all gather and test each other to find out who knows the most about movies. Playing this game requires a little bit of preparation as one person has to find small clips of either the most famous or the least known scenes from movies. On commencement of the game, they will share their screen and play these clips one by one and all the players will then have to guess the name of the movie. Whoever guesses the most movie titles correctly wins the game! The game can be made more fun by deciding on a theme of movies beforehand such as movies from the 90s, superhero movies, animated movies, etc. or instead of playing a clip, only showing a few frames from the movie.

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Zoom Games For Families

Family game nights were not just for playing the most fun games with your loved ones but also a way for everyone to catch up with their families in between their fast-paced lives and spend some quality time with them. In this post-pandemic era, it has become difficult for us to be with our families even when they need us the most. So while it is not exactly possible to gather everyone for a games night in person, it is possible to arrange a virtual games night where each family member can see each others’ faces and hear their voices to ward off some of the lockdown loneliness. Since playing games virtually is very different from playing in person, it can be difficult to think of ideas so here are some ideas for Zoom games for families:

1. Virtual Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Dinners were a really fun and interesting way to spend an evening with your loved ones and participate in a thrilling game at the same time. It usually involves an exciting plotline about a murder and entertaining characters who strive to find out who did it. Everything is wrapped up in the most fitting theme and setting for the party, be it a Queen’s court in the 1800s or a train journey like in the classicmystery novel, Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. To play a murder mystery game online, you can pick from the many murder mystery stories available online to use. Websites such as this one will usually contain all the character and story information needed, which you can also mail straight away to all the participants beforehand. You can then go ahead with the virtual game of murder mystery and add to the fun by asking people to decorate their backgrounds according to the theme, besides dressing up for their part as well.

2. Overcooked!

Overcooked! 2 is an amazing and fun-filled video game. It is a cooking simulator game and thus, involves players becoming chefs in a chaotic kitchen and trying to take care of the guests of the restaurants, trying to complete their craziest food orders while tackling various obstacles within the kitchen as well. The complexity of the kitchen’s layout, guests orders, and obstacles change every level to become even more chaotic each time. For example, in a certain level, the kitchen contains moving walkways that the chefs have to cross while preparing the dish. In another level, the kitchen is on a hot air balloon that later crash lands. Overlooked! 2 is perfect for a family game night and can introduce some much-needed lightheartedness and fun while you are unable to be near your family members or meet them in person.

3. Trophies 


Trophies is a brilliant board game played with uniquely designed cards. In this game, a person acts as the judge and picks out a card from a deck with names of different categories or topics on it on one side and a random letter on the other. The judge reads out the name of a topic and shows the group the letter. The players then have to race against each other to say a word that fits the category and starts with the letter shown to them and the person who does it wins a trophy card and the player with the most trophy cards wins! This game can be easily played online if someone already owns the board game. They can be the judge and keep track of everyone’s trophy cards while giving out the topics and letters. It can easily liven up any boring virtual meeting and is one of the most fun virtual Zoom games for families.

4. The Alphabet Challenge


The Alphabet Challenge is a very interesting word game for families to play as it involves a good amount of healthy competition, which is often the fun part about family game nights anyways. This game is quite similar to the 5 Second Rule, where a topic or category is announced and all the players have to name things that fit the category. However, in this one, the time limit is much longer than just five seconds and this is because the players have to name at least 26 things that belong in the category, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet. The topics can be the name of a country such as Scotland, Germany, etc. or be general categories such as school or airports. The person who is able to complete their list of words, wins the game!

5. Poker

Poker is the ultimate card game and while there is no match for a traditional in-person poker game, if you miss the fun family activity, there are many great options available to play poker online in real-time with your family. Websites such as Poker Now allow users to create a private room for up to 10 players. Simply start a Zoom meeting for your family, start a private room game on the website, and share the link with them in the meeting chat box so they can join the game. The game will let you set the time limit for each player’s turn, the amount of their stack, the poker variants, everything. By playing poker at a Zoom meeting, you will be able to see their real-time reaction when you call their bluff or win the round and take all their game money!

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Zoom Games For Kids

It is difficult raising kids in a lockdown, especially when you have to work from home as well. Children need to socialize with other children and while usually this would not be a problem with regular school where they get to meet and play with other children their age. However, having virtual playdates where the kids play games or watch movies is definitely possible. So here are some amazing ideas for fun Zoom games for kids that will keep your kids entertained, engaged, and happy!

1. Codenames

Codenames was a classic board game that involved a lot of guessing and a lot more chaos. Traditionally, it is played with cards and an hourglass, and players are divided into two teams of blue and red, with each team having a spymaster. Twenty-five cards with words written on them are laid out in a grid and the spymasters are given a key which shows which cards belong to which team. Their job is to then make their teams guess the card with just a single word and if their team guesses all the right cards while avoiding the one representing the assassin, they win. It can now be easily played over Zoom as one person can share their screen and the two teams can be sent into breakout rooms to discuss what to make of the spymaster’s clues. Codenames is the perfect game for kids as it encourages them to think sharply and gain more knowledge of the language. 

2. Musical Chairs


We all remember playing musical chairs when we were kids as it is an amazing game for parties and celebrations but fortunately, there is a way kids who are stuck in lockdown can also play this wonderful game virtually so they don’t miss out on the experience. The way this game can work in a virtual meeting is very easy too and it can quickly become one of your favorite Zoom games for adults and kids alike. Someone in charge or not participating in the game can create a playlist of everyone’s favorite songs beforehand and play them during the game. While a song is playing, all the players have to get up from in front of their computers and start dancing, and as soon as the song stops, they have to sit down on their chairs. The last person to sit down after the song stops playing is out of the game and can watch the others dance, and the last person remaining in the game will win!

3. Quiplash


Quiplash is yet another fun game that leads to a lot of entertainment and laughter. In this game, you are provided with a number of random prompts or questions such as “another name for France” or “something you’d be surprised to see a donkey do”. While one person will read these prompts, other players will take turns suggesting hilarious answers for the questions and everyone will then vote on the funniest answer. Players can also take turns in pairs as two people answer the same question and the rest can vote on the answers. Quiplash is a Jackbox game that can be easily played online in a virtual meeting but one person will need to buy the game to access it and share their screen with the rest of the party. It is one of the best choices for Zoom games to play with friends.

4. Uno

Uno is a classic card game that everyone has always enjoyed playing and like it was mentioned before, it is now available to play online on many platforms. It is simple enough that kids can play it but also leads to so much fun that adults can’t deny that they love it too. One unique thing about playing it online is that you will get to set your own rules regarding almost everything, resulting in less playful arguments about who wants to stack the Draw Two cards on top of Draw Four cards and who does not!

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Zoom Games For Students

Zoom classes can become pretty boring or exhausting very soon, especially for students who are much more susceptible to losing interest if they are not engaged enough. Playing games in Zoom classes is a really effective way to increase engagement and participation of students in a class. It can eventually lead to them performing well in their tests as well as encourage them to build meaningful relationships with their classmates through fun games, which they might not be able to without regular in-person classes. Here are some wonderful ideas to make your classes more interesting and engaging for your students:

1. Hangman


Hangman is a classic guessing game that can be played on any platform. It involves one person thinking of a word or a phrase and letting everyone know how many letters are there in each word. The rest of the players then have to guess the letters that might be in the word or phrase and the person who decided the word will either insert the letters in the appropriate places or draw one part of the body of the hangman. The objective for the players is that they have to guess the letters correctly before the first person draws all the parts of the hangman. The fun part about Hangman is that teachers can use this game to let students guess the topic of the next lesson or an important term, making the lesson more interesting and easy to be remembered by students. You can use the Whiteboard feature of the Zoom app to play this game or play the game here.

2. Zoomed In

This is yet another guessing game that can significantly increase engagement by students in your class. For this game, you can find pictures of a variety of things; these could be animals, a famous person, a vegetable, a well-known monument, etc. and zoom in on them so closely that it becomes somewhat hard to figure out what the pictures are. In the Zoom meeting, share your screen with the class and show them the zoomed in pictures one by one, asking them to guess what the picture is supposed to contain. Give them a time limit to enter their answers in the chat box and then reveal the actual picture. You can also arrange a small prize for the winner to give the kids an incentive to actively participate and make the game more interesting by showing everyone a different zoomed-in part of the picture and letting the kids have another guess!

3. Heads Or Tails

This is a really interesting game that also involves guessing but is perfect for a break between all the learning. Instruct your students to get up and stand away from their seat. Next, ask them to choose either Heads or Tails each. The students who choose Heads shall stand with their hands on their heads, while the students who choose Tails stand with their hands on their hips. Share your screen and go to a coin toss website. This can be done by simply searching for “coin toss” on Google and it will generate a random result for you. If it comes out to be Heads, then the students who chose Heads will remain standing but the students who chose Tails will have to sit back down on their seats, and vice versa if the result is Tails. This game is similar to Musical Chairs in the sense that the last man standing will win the game, except Heads or Tails is a game of luck and good guessing skills!

4. Fictionary 

Fictionary is a popular word game that can be organized by English teachers to help their students build their vocabulary and is one of the best Zoom games for large groups. The way this game works is that everyone takes turns finding rare or uncommon words from the dictionary or looking for them online (here is a list of rare words that might be useful) and speaks the word out loud before spelling it as well. Then all the other players have to guess what the word means and send their guesses privately to the person who told them the word. That person, once they receive everyone’s guesses, will read all the definitions out loud in a random order along with the real definition of the word. Everyone will then vote for the definition they think is the real one. If a person votes for the correct definition, they will score a point and if someone else votes for their fake definition, they will also get a point. The one with the most points wins and everyone learns a ton of new words!

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Zoom Games For Team Building

Team building is important for all kinds of teams that want to succeed and fulfill their goals. While team building was a big task when almost all work was done in-person, it has become an even bigger task and gained more importance now that so much work is done remotely. Virtual games are a good option for a number of reasons, from encouraging everyone in the team to build a connection with each other in order to become a better team, to increasing engagement while trying to lower chances of burnout. Following are some Zoom games and icebreakers for team building:

1. Two Truths And A Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is a great icebreaker game that also brings a lot of fun and excitement into the whole thing. In this game, everyone takes turns telling three statements or facts about themselves, out of which, one has to be a lie. The other players then have to discuss and guess which of the three statements was not true. Players usually choose to tell a lie that is very believable and truths that are quite bizarre and unbelievable about themselves or some that contradict each other, further confusing the other players. For example, the three statements can be: 

  • I have never driven a car.
  • I was in a minor car accident last week.
  • I hate vegetables.

Any of these statements might be a lie and lead to a lot of chaos and fun. However, this is a great game for a team to play as they can get to know each other quite well through random statements or facts about everyone’s life.

2. Scavenger Hunt


Scavenger Hunts are an amazing way to liven up a team that is feeling burnt out or in need of a break. Virtual Scavenger Hunts are not that different from the traditional ones almost everyone played as kids at a birthday party. A list is prepared by the team lead or any member of the team beforehand. The list should be made up of items that can be easily found in a house. These can include-a kitchen utensil, something green, something to put on your hair, etc. When the game starts, that person reads out items from the list one by one. As soon as the leader reads an item out loud, they start a timer for 15-30 seconds, and all the players have to rush and bring before the camera an item that fits the description within the time limit. This can lead to a lot of fun and chaos, especially if there is a pre-decided prize for winning the game.

3. Among Us


Among Us was probably one of, if not the most, popular game of 2020 for all ages. This game lets 4-15 players act as “Crewmates” on a spaceship, where they try to fix small repairs around the ship and sometimes huge breakdowns of important machinery such as the reactor or communications system. Meanwhile, one or two of the players are assigned the role of the “Imposters” and their responsibility is to sabotage the Crewmates’ efforts to run the ship, cause breakdowns, and kill all the Crewmates! However, the Crewmates also have the power to vote anyone they suspect to be an Imposter out of the spaceship and into the vacuum of space. They can call emergency meetings to discuss the matter and then cast their votes. Among Us is a game of deception and mayhem but however chaotic it may sound, it is actually perfect for team-building as it can result in better communication and coordination among the team.

4. Online Escape Rooms

Solving a puzzle together can be the most effective kind of Zoom games for team-building as everyone has to work together towards a common goal. And while getting the proper escape room experience is not possible in these times, it can be somewhat emulated by online escape rooms. These cannot always provide the actual atmosphere and urgency of trying to escape a place to each and every person sitting in their own houses, but they can provide you with a challenging puzzle and an amazing plot to keep you on the edge of your seat, even when you are miles apart from each other. The Escape Game now offers remote escape room adventures where you and your team can strive to solve puzzles from the comfort of your home with a Game Guide streaming live into your virtual meeting to show you each and every detail of the actual escape room at their location. You can direct the Game Guide to move or point to a particular direction and get all the clues just like you would in an actual escape room.


Since most of the world has shifted to their computers for work or studies, it has become more important than ever to make work more engaging and fun for everyone as burnout and disengagement has become an even bigger risk. Zoom games are a wonderful way to liven up any boring virtual meeting. It is now possible to play almost any game online with the help of different websites and tools. These include Pictionary, Uno, Guess Who?, Murder Mystery games, Boggle, Codenames, and many more.

You can even play Escape Rooms online with your team where a person will be your eyes, hands, and legs at the actual location to give you the traditional experience. The introduction of Zoom Apps has made it more convenient. With the help of Zoom Apps, you can download not only productivity and data analysis apps but also games that will seamlessly work right within the Zoom meeting, without the need of going to a third-party app.


Hope this will help you in breaking the monotony at your virtual workplace and provide you an opportunity to interact and engage more with your teams and colleagues. 

You can choose to plan a long virtual games session with your team on Zoom or just play a quick game before your meeting to break the ice.

Looking for team building games on Slack? You can try out Ricotta Games & Trivia by adding it to your Slack from here.

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FAQ: Online Zoom Games

How many Zoom calls at once?

While it is possible to join multiple Zoom meetings or seminars at the same time from a single device, you might not be able to host multiple meetings on Zoom at the same time if you are a Basic or Licensed user on a Pro account. However, if you are a Licensed user on a Business, Enterprise, or Education account, then you shall be able to host up to 2 Zoom meetings from the same account. To be able to join multiple Zoom meetings, you will have to enable the “Join different meetings simultaneously on desktop” option from the Settings after signing into the Zoom web portal. 

What Zoom games can you play?

An unexpected outcome of so many people shifting to remote work or hybrid work is that activities that were usually performed in person are now performed in virtual meetings. Similarly, almost any game can now be played across computers through video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. These include Charades, Pictionary, Scattergories, Codenames, Heads Up, and more. Icebreaker games such as 20 Questions and Two Truths and A Lie are especially suited for team building activities.

How many Zoom meetings at once?

A Basic user or a Licensed user on a Pro account can only host one meeting at a time, but Licensed users on Business, Education, or Enterprise accounts are able to host up to 2 meetings at the same time. However, everyone is able to join multiple meetings at the same time. You can join the first meeting either on the Zoom desktop client or entering the Zoom meeting ID on https://zoom.us/join. For each subsequent meeting that you want to join, you will have to join it from the browser by clicking the join URL or entering the meeting ID on https://zoom.us/join. The additional meeting will then automatically be launched in the Zoom desktop client.

How to play games in Zoom meeting?

You can play many games in a Zoom meeting, such as Uno, Pictionary, Codenames, Overcooked! 2, etc. by going to their websites and starting a game. You can then send the rest of the members or participants the code or link of the game so they can start playing too. However, there is a way to play games right in the Zoom client by starting a Zoom meeting, clicking on the Apps option, and then selecting the Discover option. You will then be able to browse a number of Zoom Apps related to productivity and entertainment. You can download games such as Live Game Night Poker, Heads Up, Kahoot, etc. and start playing within the meeting itself.

Where Zoom backgrounds are stored?

Zoom backgrounds is a very useful feature, through which you can display a photo or video as your background for the duration of the meeting. You can either use the free backgrounds that come with Zoom or upload your own custom background. For macOS, the location where the Zoom backgrounds are stored is /Users/USER_NAME/Library/Application Support/zoom.us/, whereas in Windows 10, it is stored in C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Zoom\data\VirtualBkgnd_Default/.

What are good Zoom games?

There are many good games that can be downloaded as Zoom Apps. These include Heads Up!, in which one player will have to guess a word or phrase that the other players give them clues about, or Boggle, where players compete to form the most words from an array of 16 random letters. There is also BINGO! for Zoom, which works exactly like Bingo in real life as players race to complete lines and corners to call Bingo before others. AceTime Poker by LGN, Two Truth One Lie, 1st Solitaire for Zoom, Draw Party, and And Now… Trivia! are some other great games to play on Zoom through Zoom Apps.

What are the best Zoom games?

The best Zoom games are the ones best suited for your party and the one that all members of the meeting will love. For example, some of the best games suited for a virtual family game night are murder mystery games, Overcooked! 2, Trophies, The alphabet Challenge, Poker, etc. while some Zoom games for kids are Codenames, Quiplash, Uno, and Musical Chairs, etc. Some games best suited as team-building activities are Two Truths and A Lie, Scavenger Hunt, Escape Rooms, etc. Teachers can also make good use of Zoom games such as Fictionary,Heads Or Tails, Hangman, etc. during and between their lessons to make learning more fun for the students.

What are Jackbox Games Zoom?

Jackbox Games is a video game developer and has made a number of games that can be played both in person and online with a Zoom meeting as well. These games include Quiplash, Fibbage, Drawful, Split The Room, etc. While these games are not free, only one person in the party is required to buy a game for everyone to play it. Once they have downloaded it, they can start the Zoom meeting and share their screen with everyone else. Other participants can then go to jackbox.tv and enter the four letter code visible on the shared screen. They can then start playing the game together for free!

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