The Ultimate Zoom features guide 2023 | All new Zoom features

Here are the top 10 Zoom features and their benefits. Zoom meetings have a wide-range of useful features and benefits for the host, participants & teachers.

Zoom is perhaps the world's best video conferencing platform today. It’s simple, unique and offers an intuitive video experience that users love. In 2020, Zoom witnessed tremendous growth because of the new Zoom features list. With students and working professionals confined to homes during the pandemic, Zoom became their go-to-app to attend online classes or collaborate with colleagues effectively. The app helped 1000s of businesses stay connected, run their operations remotely and engage their employees effectively

According to backlinko, in 2020, the Zoom mobile app was downloaded 485 million times, and the annual meeting minutes were over 3.3 trillion. Unbelievable, isn't it? 

Zoom's unique features and easy-to-use interface have been the primary reasons for its popularity among people of every age group. Now, let's take a closer look at some Zoom meeting features that users across the globe love.

In this blog, we will cover:

  1. How to record a meeting on Zoom?
  2. How to share  your screen during a Zoom meeting?
  3. How to change your Zoom virtual background during a Zoom meeting?
  4. How to add beauty filters on Zoom?
  5. How to make use of reaction buttons during a Zoom meeting?
  6. What are Zoom Breakout Rooms?
  7. 5 new Zoom apps that you need in 2021
  8. How to enable a Waiting Room on Zoom? 
  9. How to schedule a meeting or a webinar on Zoom?
  10. How to set Recurring Meetings on Zoom?

Best Zoom Features & Benefits

Zoom has quite a few amazing features. Here’s the zoom features list with the top 10 most popular and unique features of Zoom app.

1. How to record a meeting on Zoom?

You no longer have to worry about re-conducting meetings for absentees. As a Zoom host, you can record any meeting or webinar and save a ton of time. 

There are two ways in which you can record Zoom meetings/webinars:

  • On cloud
  • On the local system

You can simply set up or adjust your recording preference in the Recording tab of your Settings page. Here's a quick snapshot of the setting option.

Once you configure your settings, then all you need to do to use this zoom feature is clicking on the 'Record' option whenever a meeting begins. Locally saved recordings will be processed once your meeting ends. Whereas, meetings recorded on the cloud will be available in your Zoom account under the 'Recordings' tab.

2. How to share  your screen during a Zoom meeting?

Screen sharing comes in handy when you want to make presentations or share any visual content with the meeting attendees. You will find the 'Share Screen' option on the bottom toolbar during the meeting. While using this option, you'll also get to choose if you want to share your entire screen or a particular window. 

On a fun note, you can even watch movies or play online games with your friends by screen sharing.

3. How to change your Zoom virtual background during a Zoom meeting?

Zoom virtual background is one of the coolest Zoom meeting feature. However messy your surroundings are, Zoom can rescue you from the situation. Zoom virtual background feature allows you to set an image or a video as your background during a meeting. It also allows you to import your favorite background or choose from the wide collection provided by Zoom.  

Head to the settings option, and select the virtual background tab to choose a background of your choice.

The best thing is, you can pretend to be on the moon when you are catching up with your friends and at the same time, you can pretend to be in a beautiful office when you are meeting your clients. The app lets you do it all!

4. How to add beauty filters on Zoom?

What if you could look super presentable even when you are just out of bed? Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Zoom can do that for you in seconds! Not just that, it can also give you a make-up effect. You can add eyebrows, beard, moustache and lip color to your video. So that means, you are always ready!

To explore these features, go to settings

  • Select the video tab and use 'Touch my appearance' option
  • Select 'Backgrounds & Filters' and use the ‘Studio effects’ option

5. How to make use of reaction buttons during a Zoom meeting?

While in a meeting, most times, it is quite challenging to express your thoughts or react to certain statements quickly. When you do so, you end up disturbing the flow of the speaker. To avoid such chaotic situations, you can use Zoom reactions.

Zoom reactions let you express your non-verbal feedback in the form of emoji reactions. You can react with a simple thumbs up to acknowledge, or react with a clapping emoji to appreciate someone. Also, you can raise your hand to indicate that you have a question to ask.

To react during a meeting, use the reactions tab next to the record option in the bottom toolbar.

Note: Your reactions will disappear in 5 seconds.

6. What are Zoom Breakout Rooms?

Breakout Room lets you split your team into smaller groups, where you can have separate conversations and then come back to join the larger meeting. This is an extremely useful feature for businesses and Institutes. Even individuals can use this zoom feature to play fun team activities.

Here are the steps to create breakout rooms in Zoom:

  • Sign in to Zoom on browser
  • Go to 'Settings' option on the left side menu
  • Now under 'In meeting (advanced)', enable breakout rooms feature
  • Then head to your meeting, and you'll find the option to create breakout room on the toolbar

Post creation, you can also manage the attendees in each of those rooms and invite them back to the larger meeting whenever you wish to.

Note: You can create up to 50 breakout rooms

7. 5 new Zoom apps that you need in 2021 [Zoom New Feature]

Apps are the newest feature launched by Zoom. You can now download your favorite apps and use them while video conferencing. For instance, you can download an app to play games on Zoom, or you can download an app to make notes or list down tasks during a Zoom meeting. All in all, these apps will make your day-to-day meetings much more fun, engaging, and productive.

Here are five most popular Zoom apps:

  • Kahoot - To play fun quizzes
  • Slack - For internal communications
  • Evernote - To make notes
  • Trello - To assign and keep track of tasks
  • Pexels - For free images and virtual backgrounds

You can add all of these apps using the Apps feature on the bottom toolbar. Go ahead and make the most of this new Zoom app feature.

P.S. Zoom Apps like Kahoot and Ask away can help you and your team combat zoom fatigue. They will make you more relaxed and stress-free. Besides using Zoom apps, here are some ways to overcome zoom fatigue

8. How to enable a Waiting Room on Zoom? 

You can keep unwanted guests out of your meeting with a waiting room feature. With this feature, Zoom gives the host complete control of accepting or rejecting a meeting joinee. This makes Zoom all the more secure and safe for its users.

You can enable the waiting room while scheduling a meeting. 

9. How to schedule a meeting or a webinar on Zoom? 

Zoom lets you schedule meetings/webinars seamlessly. You can schedule any number of meetings, customize the settings and share it with the invitees in no time. You can even control webinar registrations and send email reminders as per your choice.

Furthermore, you can schedule your upcoming meetings by logging into Zoom on the desktop and heading to the meeting or the webinars tab. 

10. How to set Recurring Meetings on Zoom? 

If you have weekly meetings with the same set of people, then you don't have to schedule multiple meetings. In fact, Zoom does it for you. The very first time you schedule a meeting with that group of people, ensure you tick the recurring meeting option and select a frequency (daily, weekly, monthly). Zoom does the rest - it schedules meetings automatically and sends them reminder emails.


Zoom is a very powerful tool if you can use it to its full potential. Now that you know the most valuable Zoom app features, get started with using them from your next meeting onwards. These features will surely help you and your team have great meeting experiences. 

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