20 Virtual Microsoft Teams Games, Bots & Integrations That You'll Love

Looking for Microsoft Teams Games for your team? Check out our list of fun microsoft teams apps, games & integrations for teams meetings to play with coworkers.

Microsoft Team Games, also known as ‘MS Team Games’ are virtual activities, games, icebreakers, watercoolers and puzzles that can be played on Microsoft Games. We all know that Microsoft Teams is a platform used by many companies for their day-to-day collaboration and virtual team meetings.

Many HR managers look for virtual team building activities for Microsoft Teams in the form of games to play on teams with coworkers. Games like Trivia, Bingo, Pictionary and Scavenger Hunt can facilitate team bonding on MS Teams, Slack, Webex, Zoom as well as Google Meet. In this article we will talk about Microsoft Team Games, apps and integrations for virtual meetings and channels.

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This article talks about virtual games to play on Microsoft Teams, games to play on Teams with coworkers and free Microsoft Teams games.

List of Microsoft Team games your team will love

With fun games like Guess Who, GIF charades, Trivia and Bingo, this list contains games for all your team building needs!

1. Ricotta Games on Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams games app
Ricotta Games & Trivia on Microsoft Teams app

Who doesn’t love playing games, especially at the workplace? After all, we all want some healthy competition and teamwork during the work day.

With Microsoft Teams apps like Ricotta Games & Trivia, you can have all the fun that your team desires.

Simply add the Ricotta app to your team channel or group to get started. The app has fun games like Trivia, Snowman, Unpopular Opinions, Fact or Fiction and 2-player games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Rock Paper Scissors, Odds & Evens and more.

Time for some team bonding with Ricotta!

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2. Microsoft Team Watercoolers

If you are looking for games for teams meetings, watercooler games can be a fun addition to your Microsoft teams space for quick breaks.

Watercooler and icebreaker games like This or That (Would You Rather, Most Likely To, Guess Who and more can help break the ice and spark new conversations. 

With Ricotta Games & Trivia, play fun games like Icebreaker questions, Coworkers icebeakers, This or That, Never have I ever right on MS Teams. 

Check out our list of Never Have I Ever Questions.

3. Microsoft Team Bingo

microsoft teams bingo

Microsoft Teams Bingo got popular during the COVID 19 pandemic when everyone was working remote.

It is one of the simpler teams meeting games to execute and requires a common template to play.

This can be played over a series of meetings or a single meeting.

You can simply mark the square off when a certain behavoiur is observed during a meeting and write down the name of the coworker to make it even more fun.

It makes everyone in the team more alert and ready to what is being said. Your team will start looking forward to such team meetings in hopes of winning. 

You can refer to this Microsoft Teams Bingo Temaplate.

4. Trello Truth or Dare

Trello has a super fun Truth or Dare integration for Microsoft Teams. Simply install the app on your teams chat and create an exclusive board for the game. You can then invite all your coworkers to join in and let the fun begin!

It is a 2 to 10 player game with the option to take on a truth or do a crazy dare. The app also includes a scoreboard that lets you keep track of who answers how many truths and completes the most dares. This way, you can give out prizes to the people with the highest scores.

The app is workplace appropriate, kid and family safe. You can play this game in one go or play throughout the week.

You can play asynchronously by asking your coworkers to type their truths in the comments and post a video of them completing the dares. You can also set a deadline for the truths and dares so that everyone can participate and submit their entires within the designated time frame.

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5. Microsoft Teams Family Feud

Microsoft Teams Family Feud can either be played using Survey Monkey or you can create your own question set.

If you want to go the more ambitious way, you can allot a over-enthusiastic host (brownie points for appointing a Trivia nerd). The host can then create a set of questions and share them with the team.

Once the questions are shared, the team has to be divided into two equal teams or ‘families’. Next, you can start playing. To play the game, you have to challenge the teams to guess the most common answers.

Each family can have one person designated as the team captain. Every correct response means that the team gets an assigned number of points. The more popular the answer, the more points the team gets awarded.

Some fun Family Fued Questions: 

Name the month of the year during which the most babies are born

  • November (26)
  • September (21)
  • March (18)
  • December (15)

Name a bad job for someone who’s afraid of heights

  • Window cleaner (39)
  • Pilot (37)
  • Construction worker (16)
  • Hiking instructor (6)

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6. Wiki Kingdom Founders

Who knew that a Wiki plugin, used to share notes and store company knowledge can be used as a team building tool? Wiki Founders is a virtual Microsoft Teams game that can be played in groups. 

Teammates can create an imaginary world using Wiki pages. Every Wiki page acts as a ‘kingdom’ with some fun details about the imaginary world.

This can act as a creative team building exercise with voting rights for the team. The pages can include things such as maps, laws, history, and traditions. Super creative, isn’t it?

7. Microsoft Teams Pictionary

Pictionary is a fun and popular game that everyone loves — whether it’s at a party, a family get together or a workplace team bonding activity. You can also play Pictionary easily on Microsoft Teams.

To play a game of Pictionary, you can follow these steps:

  • Split everyone into teams
  • Next, pick a custom word of your choice or use a Pictionary Generator
  • One team member then starts drawing the word 
  • The team has 60 seconds to guess the right word
  • Reward the team a point if they guess correctly
  • Repeat this with the other team

You can award the winning team an Amazon gift voucher or free coffee to make them even more motivated to play. You can use a whiteboard on MS Teams to play Pictionary.

8. Who bot Scavenger Hunts

Continuing the streak of using basic tools to create amazing team building activities, Who bot Scavenger Hunts is played using the ‘Who’ bot. Who bot is used to search for information within a company’s directory on Microsoft Teams. 

With the Who bot, you can get information like:

  • Who is
  • Who works with
  • Who reports to
  • Who has the same manager as
  • Who was in the meeting about

You can use this bot to conduct a Scavenger Hunt to get to know your coworkers better. You can set a time limit and conduct fun searches to see what results pop up.

Here is a list of teamwork games that you’ll love.

9. GIF Charades

Combine the best of both worlds, GIFs and charades and you get the popular and fun GIF Charades game.

To play a game of GIF charades, simply pick a movie of your choice and instead of enacting it out, give out clues using GIFs. Your team members then have to guess the movie by looking at the clues in the GIF.

To play GIF charades on Microsoft Teams, you can post GIFs in a channel and thwen everyone can guess the movie in the thread. Make sure to not post GIFs of the movie to make it more challenging for everyone. 

10. Espionage

Espionage! Is a fun spy-themed virtual team building game that you can play on Microsoft Teams with your coworkers. It is a 90-minute long fully hosted Microsoft Teams game for puzzle lovers.

It is 90 minute long game and is hosted by an experienced professional with audio and visual components for a complete virtual team building activity.

Love puzzles? You can also play Word Chain on Slack.

Microsoft Teams Apps, Bots & Integrations

1. Ricotta Games & Trivia

Play fun icebreaker games on Microsoft Teams with your coworkers

Ricotta Games & Trivia is a fun team building app with Trivia, Games and Icebreakers.

It comes with super fun games like Icebreaker questions, Fact or Fiction, Hangman, Never Have I Ever and more!

The Trivia comes in two different formats and has fun categories like Marvel, Star Wars, World Capitals etc.

Play fun games on group channels and meetings right in Microsoft Teams.

  • Asynchronous games for everyone
  • Real-time leaderboard 
  • Admin controls

2. Breakthru 

Breakthru is more of a wellness app and less of a Microsoft Teams game. It encourages everyone to take two minute breaks or microbreaks.

It can be used as an icebreaker in meetings to encourage everyone to take a ‘microbreak’ and do some quick movements through the app. You can set reminders and follow the cues on the screen to perform certain movements.

The app promotes movement and lets you break a sedentary lifestyle with ease. 

3. Kahoot!

Kahoot is a fun Microsoft Team Trivia game that you can play with your team during virutal meetings. 

To start a game on Kahoot, follow these steps:

  • Start a virtual meeting and login to Kahoot
  • Share your screen once you add it to a channel or group
  • Launch a quick game
  • Share a game pin with your team for maximum participation

With Kahoot, you can opt for a live game or send a self-paced challenge to your team. In a self-paced challenge, your team will receive reminders to complete the trivia before the deadline.

After the deadline, the final scores are shared with everyone. You can also refer to a detailed report to get more insights. 

4. LEAD.Bot (virtual coffee)

LEAD.Bot is a tool that matches coworkers with each other and encourages to meet via DM.

You can set your own schedule and customize your matching preferences. It also helps in scheduling easy meetups right in Microsoft Teams.

The admin can also set their preferences to maximise the effect of matching and fostering new friendships. It can also be very effective in helping integrate new team members into the team. 

5. NickNack

Nicknack (acquired by Papaya Global) is an app used to foster relationships between remote and hybrid teams.

It comes with activities like virtual escape rooms and lip-syncing videos.

It has some asycchronous games that can foster team building with an engagement report to keep track of everyone’s engagement. It also offers a tracker that can help track participation from various members of the team.

6. Polly

Polly is a great tool for team building that can encourage transparency and employee engagement.

With Polly, your team can fill out surveys and polls regularly.

Apart from using the tool for everyday work, managers can also use it to plan virtual team building activities and team outings or get general feedback about the team culture. 

It can also be used for regular check-ins to get a sense of how everyone is feeling and to onboard new employees through their pulse surveys.

7. Karma

Recognition by your team and coworkers is crucial, especially while working remote. Some apps like Karma can help employees feel valued and  appreciated right in MS Teams.

It encourages each team member to share feedback and give out kudos to others. With the Karma app, you can also track analytics and get detailed reports for each member.

It also includes rewards and perks that are given out to people to encourage feedback and appreciation. This can create a culture of appreciation and transparency helping employees connect with each other better.

8. Health Hero

Health Hero promotes employees engagement through emotional and physical wellness on the MS Teams app.

With the app you can create various engaging well-being challenges and puzzles for the team. It sends updates, milestones and messages to keep you on the move. 

It also consists of leaderboards to inculcate a sense of teamwork. It captures activities via chat or through uploaded pictures.

9. Kudozza

Kudozza is another app for kudos and motivation, similar to the Karma app for Microsoft Teams.It lets the team members give kudos to others through a ‘pat on the back’ on doing a good job.

The appreciation can be given through various formats like emojis in the app. It has a tracking feature that gives you all the important insights for managers. It has ranking and reports that fosters healthy competition among team members. 

10. HeyTaco

HeyTaco encourages coworkers to show gratitude and appreciation to their team. It is peer to peer recognition app on Microsoft Teams that uses Tacos as currency.

Every person has 5 Tacos to give to their team members daily. It is a gamified platform with leaderboards and levels that make the process fun. 

The tacos that are collected by each member can be redeemed for exciting rewards and prizes.


Microsoft Team games can help employees avoid social isolation, foster employee engagement and team building and build new friendships at work. This list contains free microsoft teams games as well as apps and integrations that you can pay for. These games can act as teams meeting games and can be played in teams chat or channels as well. To find more such similar apps, you can always head to the Micrsoft App Hub, however, this list is created after analysing all the apps out there.

For more such ways to keep your team engaged, refer to these resources:

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FAQs: Microsoft Teams Games

What are Microsoft Teams games?

Microsoft Teams games are fun and engaging set of games, apps and integrations that can be played with your team on MS Teams. These MS Teams games can be played in meetings or on group chat or team channels. They range from a series of paid as well as free microsoft teams games.

What are some of the best Microsoft Teams games for groups?

There are many virtual games to play on Microsoft Teams, however, the most popular ones are Guess Who, Pictionary, Trivia, Icebreakers and Scavenger Hunt. Microsoft Teams bots like Ricotta Games & Trivia let you play trivia, games and icebreakers in Teams with your coworkers.

How do I choose an activity to play on Microsoft Teams?

You can refer to this list to choose an activity based on your budget, time preference or team size. Some apps may be paid and some games listed in this blog are absolutely free of cost. 

How do I increase my employee engagement on Microsoft Teams?

Sometimes it can be hard to engage all the employees since they end up not showing up. This may be due to multiple reasons such as the activity being not of their interest, their schedule being packed or they simply don’t find these activities rewarding.

Here are a few ways to encourage more team members to participate in Microsoft Teams games:

  • Conduct polls and surveys to understand the interests of your team. You can keep switching between activities to keep everyone interested according to their interests.
  • Conduct activities in smaller groups to make everyone comfortable and feel included.
  • Sometimes it is good to conduct impromptu games and activities like This or That, Icebreaker Questions or Trivia that don’t require too much planning. It can keep everyone interested and they wouldn’t need to take out too much time from their schedule.
  • Track everyone’s engagement and share reports of how much progress  the employees have made in terms of employee engagement and productivity to emphasise on the importance of team building.
  • Give out rewards after every team building activity to the top scorers to make them more invested.
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