10+ Fun Virtual Team Building Activities and Games for your Remote Team

Must-try Virtual Team Building Activities, Games and Ideas for remote team engagement online on Slack or Zoom conference calls for your team.

With an increasing number of companies opting for remote or hybrid work, it becomes increasingly important for employees to get to know and bond with each other. Bringing the social and fun aspect to the workplace can do wonders to improve team morale and bonding. Online team building is the answer for having happy and motivated employees. So, how do you indulge in online team building and icebreakers? It’s simple - virtual games and activities on Slack, Zoom or Google Meet!

Some of the best and top-rated virtual games are Pictionary, Word Building, Hangman, Icebreaker games and other water cooler activities. These are virtual team building games and activities that are very effective for increasing remote team engagement and manage global teams effectively

Here are 10+ Virtual Icebreaker Activities, Games, & Ideas for remote teams.

1. Virtual happy hour trivia 

Time - 5 minutes, at your own pace

With your host, Ricotta Trivia on Slack, your team will have loads of Trivia fun! With an option to schedule the contest, your team can play asynchronously without having to lose focus from work. Choose from fun categories like Star Wars, Marvel, World Capitals, Art, Movies and more.

You can also have weekly trivia days like Trivia Tuesday or Icebreaker Fridays or a game jam with your team. Play trivia contests, picture quizzes and ice-breaker games on Slack. Once the contest ends, your score will be posted in the real-time leaderboard. Co-workers can compete with each other to try and beat the high score. Teams can gamify Ricotta Trivia further by attaching a prize like an Amazon Gift card or a free coffee for the winner!

Play virtual trivia contests asynchronously with your team

2. Chat channel for furry friends

Time - 10-15 minutes

This one’s a winner! What’s a better way to bond with fellow co-workers than striking up a conversation about our furry babies? Create a chat channel on Slack or Teams just for sharing images, memes, GIFs or stories about your pets. We guarantee 100% engagement on this soon-to-be-most-busy-and-fun-Slack-channel on your workspace!

3. The Aliens have Landed

Time - 30 to 60 minutes

Want to break the ice and have a team building session? This game can really help co-workers understand each other’s team innovation and teamwork skills better.

To play, simply divide your team into even groups and imagine that aliens have landed on Earth and want to learn about the company. The aliens don’t understand English or gestures, and so you need to explain using five symbols and pictures.

Each participant draws five simple images that describe your company culture or product in a shared document. The team can then talk through common themes (or try to guess what each person’s drawing represents).

Don't forget to make your work calls interactive and fun (sometimes)!

4. Team Building Boxes by Caroo

Boxes for team building? Yes, you heard that right! With Caroo (formerly SnackNation), you can send well-curated wellness boxes to your co-workers.

The boxes are customizable, and you can choose from healthy snacks, team activities, electronics and more for your co-workers. And the best part? Each delivery donates meals to families in need.

5. The Birth Map

Time - 30 to 45 minutes

This virtual team building game helps co-workers to understand each other’s story and where they come from. This can get really interesting.

Print a world map and upload it to a shared folder. At the beginning of the activity, ask everyone to mark or pin their birthplace and then start the discussion. Ask your team members to share a story about their most prized memory and what they love the most  about that place. This activity shows the varied cultures and values of the employees and can help strike some meaningful conversations.

5. Fun Icebreaker questions

Time - 10 to 15 minutes

Icebreaker activities are a great way to get your team members talking, or simply for onboarding new employees. Just divide your team equally and let the conversation flow with these 120+ icebreaker game questions.

If you want to make this easy, then what you need is a fun online team building software like Ricotta Trivia if you use Slack. No need to form teams or do any prep at all! Select your favourite icebreaker game - This or That, 2 Truths & a Lie, How well do you know your co-workers or team icebreaker questions. Just post on your desired channel and start playing!

Virtual Icebreaker Games on Slack by Ricotta Trivia

6. Typing Speed Race

Time: 2-3 minutes

This activity is super fun and is a great stress buster. Time for some healthy competition! You can use a free tool like typingtest.com and ask your team to do the challenge for a minute each. Then, have each person post their result on Slack or any other platform.

You can also form teams and have them post the cumulative score for some extra fun! This challenge is a sure shot way for your team to have some fun bonding time.

7. Bucket list challenge 

Time: 10-15 minutes

Host an online meeting with your team to discuss each other’s bucket list - what are the things that they would love to do in their lifetime? Let everyone share their list and talk about their bucket list. You can even pair up people with similar bucket list ideas and motivate them to strike it off their list together! This is a great team building exercise that can help understand each other’s interests better and may even help in ticking things off their bucket list!

Make your own bucket list and share with your team. It's bonding time!

8. Two Truths & a Lie

Time: 10-15 minutes

This activity is easy-peasy and loads of fun! Host a video meeting on Zoom or Google Meet and ask each co-worker to tell three truths and make up one lie about themselves.

Remember to keep the lie realistic to make it even more engaging. The other co-workers have to guess which one is the lie, and the person who answers correctly gets the points. To play Two Truths & a Lie on Slack, you can add Ricotta Trivia on Slack and play the free ice-breaker games!

9. Who Am I: Child Edition

Time: 10 minutes

This activity is very simple and effective! Ask your co-workers to share their childhood pictures with you only. Keep all the childhood pictures in a private folder (don’t forget to name them correctly). Simply share one childhood photo every week and ask everyone in the team to guess who it is! Then ask the person who guesses correctly to share their funniest childhood story. Get ready for some real fun and laughter.

10. Games Club and Banter Day

Time: 60-90 minutes

What’s the best way to bond with your team, but also make sure that everyone is involved? Have a dedicated Game Jam day every week to play games, but here’s where it gets interesting - have people form clubs of their choice and allot a club leader. The leader is responsible for conducting games and activities like movie night for the movie club, virtual book club reading for the book club or remote karaoke for the music club. Sounds fun, right?

You can have a fun rewards system for every club like Amazon Gift Cards for increased engagement.

Weekly game jam sessions can be super fun for your team

Wrapping up

Hosting these fun virtual activities and games can be a huge success, and you will ultimately see the benefits of these social activities.

  • Increased productivity and morale among co-workers
  • Strong bonding and effective communication
  • Stress busters that prevent burn-out
  • Feeling of being accepted at the workplace
  • Bring social and fun and eliminate the feeling of isolation while working remote

These activities help teams to boost creativity and improve cohesiveness among teams. Online team building icebreakers and games can also facilitate strong bonds, especially during remote work for new employees.

Play fun Games & Trivia with your team on Slack!
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