14+ Zoom Icebreakers for your next work meeting

Looking for fun activities for your next Zoom meeting? Get your conversations started with these Virtual Ice-breakers for large groups!

With COVID-19 affecting our work culture and personal lives globally, there has been a sudden decline in in-person meetings. And not just professional in-person meetings, but movie nights, family and romantic dinners, outings and happy hours with friends. 

Now, remote and hybrid teams, choose to conduct online conference calls on Zoom, Skype, Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx or other video conferencing platforms. However, these meetings come with a growing problem of Zoom fatigue and so companies are looking for ways to increase engagement and productivity at work. 

The answer lies in conducting fun virtual water cooler and team building activities as Zoom meetings. Some great examples of social activities are Zoom meeting icebreakers, games and activities that make boring meetings fun!

Here are 20+ ideas for conducting Zoom happy hours at your next Zoom meeting.

Zoom Icebreaker Games for Remote Teams

1. Open-ended Icebreaker Questions

2. This or That (Would You Rather)

3. Netflix Series You're Currently Binging

4. I Spy

5. 2 Truths and a Lie

6. Story Building 

7. Emoji check-in

8. Rose, Bud, Thorn

9. Virtual Room Tours

10. Virtual Movie Party

11. Zoom virtual backgrounds

12. Virtual Pictionary

13. Social Distancing Bingo

14. Trivia Time



Zoom Icebreaker Games for Remote Teams

1. Open-ended Icebreaker Questions

girl waving at the laptop webcam

Icebreaker questions have got to be the top on the list. What does one do to get to know the other person? Ask questions! You can take these up a notch by adding a timer or converting these into rapid fire rounds. You can also keep it fresh by setting a theme for every meeting and asking questions of that particular theme or category. Like food & drink, funny, work-related or reflective icebreaker questions.

But what we struggle with at times is asking the right questions. You can refer to our list of 120+ icebreaker questions for team building.

Great for: Onboarding new members in small and large remote teams. For smaller groups, you can have a more interactive session with specific questions, whereas for larger groups, you can have everyone answering the same question.

2. This or That (Would You Rather)

Would You Rather is a quick and effective icebreaker game for small and large teams. Simply make employees choose their favourite out of two options (coffee or tea, sightseeing or shopping, warm shower or cold shower). You can refer to our list of 40+ Would you rather questions to make it super easy to play.

Great for: Remote teams looking for a quick games session on Zoom. 

3. Netflix Series You're Currently Binging

remote pointed at TV screen with Netflix logo

We all have been binging over shows like The Queen’s Gambit, Money Heist and Rick & Morty. A fun and simple way to break the ice is to bond over which TV series they are watching. You can bond over similar taste in TV shows, and it can be a great conversation starter. Who knows, you might get suggestions for your next TV show to watch!

Great for: Great for remote teams to bond easily.

4. I Spy

Use Gallery View on Zoom to see everyone’s window in one view. Next, start a game of I Spy by naming an object that you see in someone’s frame. Everyone can take guesses and take a close look at each other’s backdrop. This can be super fun and entertaining for your team and is a great way to end a meeting!

Great for: Remote teams looking for a quick bonding session.

5. 2 Truths and a Lie

This is a classic that everyone loves, but with a twist. One person writes down 3 statements about themselves, with two statements being the truth and one being the lie. You can do this over a shared whiteboard, where everyone takes a guess and states the lie by adding a dot or a symbol of your choice on the whiteboard. You can also mark the statements A, B and C and ask your colleagues to vote for the lie. Simple and effective!

Use Slack at your workplace? Play 2 Truths and a Lie with Ricotta Trivia on Slack!

Great for: Small as well as large groups that are looking to get to know each other better.

6. Story Building

Your team can create amazing stories together with this virtual activity. One person has to set the theme of the story and starts with one line, the next person has to continue the story from there and add their own twist to the story. This is a great way to get everyone involved in a creative exercise on Zoom.

To play a game of Story Building on Slack, install Ricotta Trivia and upvote the part of the story you like the best for making it more interactive.

Great for: All remote teams, especially creatives, content teams and people who enjoy creative exercises.

7. Emoji check-in

This is a great way to indulge in a conversation, especially at the start of a meeting. Have everyone define their mood with the help of an emoji. This will help everyone in the team understand how the other people are feeling. You can make this fun by turning it into an emoji puzzle or emoji trivia for some added laughs.

Great for: Icebreaker at the start of the meeting or a quick game for laughs.

8. Rose, Bud, Thorn

This is a great way to bring mindfulness using virtual team games.

Basically, in this game Roses are the positive experiences, Buds are potential ideas and Thorns are the hurdles or negatives that you’ve faced.

Sharing such personal emotions can help bond with your team in a very strong way. It can also help you reflect on your current work challenges in a very effective away. 

Great for: Conducting mindful and reflective icebreaker exercises on Zoom.

9. Virtual Room Tours

This one’s an extension of the show me your Work From Home setup activity. Of course, not everyone would be comfortable giving a virtual tour of their personal space, so you can start by sharing something unique or memorable from your space and narrating a story. Not only will this be fun, but will also give your colleagues a chance to get to know you better.

Great for: Small groups for more intimate and highly engaging virtual activities.

10. Virtual Movie Party

This one’s always a big win! Watching movies and documentaries can not only keep everyone engaged at the same time, but can also help become a conversation starter. One great way to do so is using Hyperbeam, a tool we found on Product Hunt and absolutely love!

Great for: Both small and large teams for some virtual happy hour sessions.

11. Zoom virtual backgrounds

The best way to have a laugh? Set funny and unique Zoom backgrounds while on a Zoom call. This can help set a light mood and is a great icebreaker for long and monotonous Zoom meetings. You can even use these to hide a messy room or a boring backdrop. Make it a contest by rewarding the person with the most unique and funny Zoom background.

12. Virtual Pictionary

Via Cornell University

We all love Pictionary, don’t we? It’s super exciting and brings a bit of healthy competition to the table. To play Pictionary on Zoom, start by dividing your team into small groups. You can then use a random word generator to get a word that you have to draw. Make use of the Zoom whiteboard feature and assign one person to draw the generated word while other members guess. Of course, you can also time this to make it even more fun and interactive. In the end, reward the team with the most points.

13. Social Distancing Bingo

Fun and simple! No, you don’t need a traditional Bingo board. With so many Bingo templates being exchanged on social media, you can easily find a desired template on Pinterest or Instagram. Set a theme to your Bingo challenge like a movie, TV show or season. Reward your team members with fun prizes like a free coffee or takeout.

14. Trivia Time

Everyone enjoys a game of Trivia and you can even turn this into a Zoom rapid fire Trivia with a timer. To make it even more fun, you can set a fun theme like animals, cuisines, Brand logos or TV shows. Simple!


What are Zoom icebreakers?

Zoom icebreakers are virtual games and activities that are played via online Zoom meetings by remote and hybrid teams. All the team members join a Zoom meeting to indulge in Zoom games and activities. 

What are the benefits of conducting Zoom icebreaker sessions?

Zoom icebreaker sessions help in team building, adding a bit of fun to monotonous work and creating happier, engaged teams.

Are there any free virtual icebreakers that I can plan for my meetings?

Yes, icebreaker games are free and are very simple to implement in your virtual team building routine.

If your team uses Slack, you can play free icebreaker games like Would You Rather, Two Truths and a Lie, icebreaker questions and co-worker questions with Ricotta Trivia.

On what other platforms can I conduct these virtual icebreaker sessions?

You can conduct these sessions on Slack, Teams, Discord or any other platform you use for your daily collaboration.

How does Ricotta help teams with virtual team bonding sessions?

With fun quizzes, games and icebreakers, Ricotta helps teams to bond and have fun on Slack.

Ricotta lets you play together as a team, no matter where you are in the world. The best part? It’s asynchronous, with a real-time leaderboard and an option to Schedule quizzes throughout the week.

 Ricotta helps teams to:

1. Build an amazing team culture

2. Add a bit of fun to monotonous work

3. Bond and enhance team connections

4. Create happier, engaged teams

Watch how Ricotta Trivia works and then get started for free!

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