150+ funny Zoom memes to beat Zoom meeting blues

Hilarious Zoom memes for a better and more productive work day. These 150+ crazy Zoom meeting memes will make your next remote team meeting less monotonous.

When you work in the office, you get the option to interact with your colleagues face-to-face. But when you have a remote job or are part of a distributed team, that's not always an option. This means that communication and collaboration isn't something everybody will get on a daily basis. Zoom (and other similar apps) are meant to offer communication tools that allow you to actually talk with your colleagues, host virtual team building sessions and share ideas, your screen, and so on. But let’s be honest: we all know how useless and unproductive these meetings can get most of the time.

We've created this collection of funny Zoom meeting memes for you to share during your next conference call and these funny Zoom memes for conference calls are guaranteed to beat the boring blues of remote team meetings.

Zoom, a video chatting/conferencing program, has become essential for people working from home, students taking online classes, and hosting gatherings and reunions. Things can obviously go wrong since a lot of people aren't fully accustomed to living a complete remote lifestyle. These hilarious memes pretty much sum up all the emotional highs and lows we have faced during this pandemic.

Here are 100+ funny Zoom memes to beat the Monday morning blues.

Zoom Memes That Will Make You Laugh

  1. "Corporate wants you to find the difference": This is an apt background for all your awkward meeting, surely to light up boring meeting agendas.
zoom meeting meme

  1. Do Potatoes micromanage: If your bosses turned into a potato, It would not just be awkward, but you would find it really difficult to keep your laughter in!
zoom background meme

  1. Zoom prescription medication: Studies show that this is the apt medication for all the covid blues, side effects might include getting drunk!
zoom call meme

  1. Narcissist Emperor Palpatine: Can the emperor use force via zoom? That would be a headache to many officers!
zoom memes

  1. Up your Zoom background game!
zoom meme background

  1. Reason #34019176444 to have an audio only call on Zoom
funny zoom memes

  1. Research shows that 13th Zoom meeting is when people stop giving a damn!
zoom class meme

  1. Aftermath of a Zoom meeting with your boss!
 meme background for zoom

  1. Another research shows that 9th Zoom meeting is when people stop giving a damn!
 meme zoom

  1. Pump up those rookie numbers!
zoom memes funny

  1. HR mandated Zoom meeting dress code
zoom in meme

  1. Kids can appear at the right time!
zoom meeting meme funny

  1. Reason #788019176444 to have an audio only call on Zoom

 virtual meeting meme

  1. Confit de Guillotine
last supper zoom meme

  1. Christopher Nolan would be proud!
funny zoom meeting memes
  1. Waiting, waiting, waiting....
memes for zoom background

  1. Some people exit the zoom classes faster than the speed of light!
video conference meme

  1. Real life is yet to ship audio only options
zoom teacher meme

  1. Reason #34019176444 to have an audio only call on Zoom
best zoom memes

  1. This is getting out of hand! Our Justice system is now helmed by Cats!

Zoom Call Meme

  1. Worthy Contribution!
hamster zoom meme

  1. Most Interesting man on Zoom call!
cat zoom meme

  1. The effort it takes to share the screen!
meme background zoom

  1. Big Brain stuff!
zoom face meme

  1. Zoom meetings don't have Netflix kinda catalog!
dog zoom meme

  1. The Grind! We feel sorry for all those people who attend Zoom meetings day in day out!
rick roll zoom background

  1. The updated dress code for Zoom meetings!

zoom dog meme

28. Story of our life!

  1. The only way to prepare for Zoom meetings if you have a cat!
zoom call memes

  1. The best feature of zoom!
zoom class memes

Zoom Class Meme

  1. Bring your pets to Zoom meeting day!
zoom in memes

  1. Pictures with dogs> Zoom meetings!
zoom meeting memes funny

  1. The right time to wake up before an audio only zoom call!
zoom memes funny

  1. The Motley crew part 1
zoom meeting memes
  1. Reason #788019176444 to have an audio only call on Zoom
best zoom memes

  1. Zoom meetings that could have been an email!
zoom memes for self quaranteens

  1. Judas can't be backstabbing virtually now, can he?
zoom memes 2021
  1. Based Employees!
memes de zoom

  1. Who else has got this doubt?
zoom memes reddit

  1. Yes, don't make us look like degenerates!
what do you meme on zoom

  1. Isn't this what everyone does?
background for zoom memes

  1. Awkward!
memes for zoom meetings

  1. Hey all you cool cats and kittens!
zoom app memes

  1. It was Zoom all along!
memes about zoom

  1. This kid will go places!
zoom karo zoom karo memes

  1. Classes are important, the world can wait!
zoom meeting memes reddit

  1. Backbenchers doing backbencher things!
memes de zoom app

  1. Zoom University > Ivy League!
zoom memes 2020

  1. Need to come up with new alibi's now!
memes on zoom app

  1. Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom.......
funny memes zoom meeting jokes

Zoom Background Memes

  1. Marie Kondo speaking facts!
memes para zoom

  1. Research shows that this is a side effect of extensive exposure to zoom meetings!
memes de zoom en español

  1. "Well, If only I could show you my studio!"
lorena zoom memes

  1. Olympics is including this sport and naming it the race of the decade!
zoom app memes tamil

  1. "Can't stop, won't stop"
zoom quiz memes

  1. "Well, well, well, look how the turntables!"
zoom breakout room memes

  1. Reason #1825364545222 to do an audio only call on zoom!
zoom happy hour memes

  1. Dark side of the room!
zoom outfit memes

  1. "Ermmm, Ma'am I am facing technical difficulties with the network"
zoom memes teachers

  1. There is only one true god!
zoom background memes reddit

Zoom meeting memes

  1. 5 mins zoom breaks is all we got!
funny zoom school memes

  1. God to Adam: "Let's touch base on Zoom" 😬
zoom memes español

  1. This is how you answer interview question in 2021
funny zoom teaching memes

  1. A+ zoom background game
zoom etiquette memes

  1. When you want to reconsider your life choices in the middle of a meeting
zoom pfp memes

  1. UNESCO has voted this as the most fitting background for 2020-21
zoom pic memes

  1. Reason #99864545222 to do an audio only call on Zoom!
zoom blur memes

  1. Daft Punk realized they are no longer the greatest double act of the decade!
zoom call memes funny

  1. "Mooooommm, I wanttss Foooooddd"
funny zoom memes 2021

  1. "Sorry, did I wake you up? Was it too cozy!"
funny zoom memes 2022

  1. Unfortunately life hasn't shipped this feature yet!
memes about zoom classes

  1. Let's join our hands together and channel the higher powers through zoom!
online zoom memes

  1. Narcissus koala be tripping on self reflection!
zoom animal memes

  1. This is why you have to mute when you aren't speaking, always!
zoom link memes

  1. Want to disrupt a "productive" meeting? Get a cat!
zoom virtual background memes

  1. The Bible says it is sin to judge people while on Zoom meetings!
memes por zoom

  1. Standard doctor prescription for Zoom meetings!
zoom memes youtube

  1. Remember flattening the curve!
zoom memes mute

  1. Technical difficulties or a glitch in the matrix!
zoom lecture memes

  1. Don't worry, those meetings were boring anyway!
funny zoom teacher memes

Funny Zoom Memes

  1. Zoom executives swimming in dough!
zoom exam memes

  1. Zoom should start charging for the 40-min cutoff feature!
memes with zoom

  1. Revised Seven Deadly sins for the modern world!
funny zoom memes

  1. The Zoom Motley crew part 2!
huawei zoom memes

  1. Reason #4464545222 to do an audio only call on Zoom!
zoom memes or memes

  1. Reason #9994464545222 to do an audio only call on Zoom!
top zoom memes

  1. It seems Zoom did not help make meetings more productive!
zoom memes for students

  1. Dhun, dun, dun! This is the final showdown!
memes about zoom meetings

  1. Changing zoom background is therapeutic
skype zoom memes

  1. After several meetings, I have arrived at the conclusion that every company should have a Zoom meeting SOP!
zoom up memes

  1. Up your zoom background game so that one day your grandkids will be proud of you!
zoom memes for work

  1. Reason #69464545222 to do an audio only call on Zoom!
memes de zoom meeting

  1. Self awareness is very important in Zoom classes!
zoom fatigue memes

  1. Reason #37464545222 to do an audio only call on Zoom!
zoom class memes reddit
  1. Used to get invited to 0 meetings before, 0 meetings now. We see this as absolute progress!
memes reuniones zoom

  1. Safe to say our generation is Zoom illiterate: Are you a pro at Zoom or an illiterate like the rest of us?
memes on zoom classes

  1. The best time to wake up for zoom class is 5 mins before the class!
zoom memes for self quaranteens reddit

  1. How many times have you turned up in your children's zoom classes? Be honest!
relatable zoom memes

  1. There's always that one person in the office
hilarious zoom memes

  1. Short, Grande, Tall, Venti, Venti+, Venti XL, Venti XXL++++
zoom call memes funny
  1. Mozart's Zoom call symphony no 40
Zoom memes
  1. When your boss's cat hates you on zoom!
Zoom memes

113. Gen Z on Zoom chats

Zoom memes
  1. When your coworker streams
Zoom memes
  1. This is how zoom classes look!
Zoom memes
  1. When a fire saftey officer decided to troll the office!
Zoom memes

  1. Die Hard 7: Zoom edition!
Zoom memes
  1. When zoom confuses your face with the background!
Zoom memes
  1. Zoom vs MS teams!
Zoom memes

120. The best time to switch to audio only zoom

Zoom memes
  1. What teetotalers drink on zoom calls
Zoom memes
  1. When your dad logs in on both phone and desktop!
Zoom memes
  1. "Ready for the zoom call!"
Zoom memes

124. Me taking notes on my zoom classes!

Zoom memes
  1. Dad taking revenge on son during a PTA zoom meeting!
Zoom memes
  1. Dad taking revenge on son during a zoom class!
Zoom memes
  1. Role reversal
Zoom memes
  1. Switch to call!
Zoom memes
  1. Zoom meeting bombing!
Zoom memes
  1. When your cat helps you make renaissance era art on zoom!

Zoom memes
  1. All Zoom meetings be like...
Zoom memes

132. Let the judgement sessions begin!

Zoom memes
  1. WFH etiquette 101
Zoom memes
  1. Well, well, welll....
Zoom memes
  1. Let's move on...
Zoom memes
  1. Welp!
Zoom memes
  1. Zoom etiquette 101 part 2
Zoom memes
  1. People have reported to have lost their sense of time!
Zoom memes
  1. Best part of being a theatre major!
Zoom memes

  1. Zoom etiquette 101 part 3
Zoom memes
  1. WFH ain't easy!
Zoom memes
  1. Zoom etiquette 101 part 4
Zoom memes
  1. "Coworkers" be plotting!
Zoom memes

144. Zoom etiquette 101 part 5

Zoom memes

  1. Panikkkkkk!
Zoom memes
  1. Just don't look at it!
Zoom memes
  1. Absolute A+ zoom background game!
Zoom memes
  1. When you let your boyfriend into your zoom sessions!
Zoom memes
  1. Why I CC'd you on this mail
Zoom memes

  1. The definitive timeline of any zoom call
Zoom memes
  1. Fall edition Zoom fashion!
Zoom memes

152. Peter parker attending zoom classes.

Zoom memes
  1. Strategic cleaning to avoid strategic judgemental looks!
Zoom memes
  1. When you text on zoom chat instead of imessage!
Zoom memes
  1. How you should introduce yourselves to your colleagues upon returning to work!
Zoom memes

FAQs: Zoom Memes

Here are some frequently asked questions about Zoom memes:

What is Zoom and how does it work?

Zoom is a video conferencing system that allows you to hold meetings on your computer or tablet. Receive high-quality audio and video with little delay in remote participants. Zoom is an easy way to meet with people, share your presentation, collaborate together, and make decisions. Everyone can participate instantly using their laptops, phones or tablets. Zoom makes it easy to move around the room, share your screen with others, and join a meeting from anywhere!

Are zoom breakout rooms recorded?

If the zoom cloud recording is being used to record the meeting, then only the main room with all participants will be recorded. If you want to record a breakout room, participants will have to do it locally.

Are Zoom private messages private?

If you send a message to a specific person, only you and that person can see the message. Zoom has officially confirmed this, saying “Private messages between participants are not viewable by the host.”

Are Zoom breakout rooms free?

Yes, Zoom breakout rooms are completely free. Anyone with a Zoom account can enter breakout rooms from a main room if that feature is enabled by the user and the meeting admin.

Can Zoom detect screen recording?

Zoom can detect the screen recording feature that is inbuilt. It notifies all the users with a little red pop up "recording" at the bottom of the meeting window. However, if a user is using a third-party recording app to record calls, Zoom won't be able to detect this.

How do Zoom breakout rooms work?

Zoom breakout rooms are an easy way to set up a new call on a regular basis. Billions of users around the world use zoom every single month. That’s huge and it makes this tool easy to access. So how do zoom breakout rooms work? This article by us will break everything down for you.


These memes perfectly capture what we all went through while we're in a Zoom conference. They are a good antidote for Zoom fatigue, and the next time you can get a meeting invitation that could have been an email, just incite these memes!

No matter how much your company grows, or how many people you hire, it is impossible to avoid these awful team calls that eventually replace face-to-face meetings. While there's no way of getting rid of Zoom and all its cons, we at least can make ourselves laugh, ridding the drudgery and monotony that comes with meeting after meeting by reading all these crazy Zoom call memes. You know just how boring and awkward Zoom calls can be and it gets hard to have fun at work. Luckily, you can use these memes to spice it up and make your next Zoom call a hell of a lot more fun. Just share the funniest one with all of your team members and before you know it, you’ll have an entire chat room full of chuckles and laughs—and maybe even some bonding too. Enjoy these funny memes and have a laugh at those silly video conferencing moments with your team.

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