How to Use GIPHY on Slack? Install and Send GIFs on Slack!

5 Simple Steps to install the GIPHY integration on your Slack workspace and send popular GIFs to your coworkers. 1. Go to the Apps menu on Slack 2. Add GIPHY

Remember the times when you were actually rolling on the floor laughing, but all you could manage to send was,  or the times you were super surprised and the 😮 emoji didn’t quite put it across?

That’s when GIFs come to your rescue! GIFs are a fun way to make your conversation interesting and enticing.

But how to use GIPHY in Slack? With GIPHY on Slack, you can share the best and most popular GIFs. 

Follow these quick steps, and you’ll be able to make your Slack conversations more fun and engaging!

slack gifs command

 How to Add GIPHY to your Slack workspace

Step 1 – Open Slack

Launch Slack and login with your credentials.

slack gifs

Step 2 – Go to Apps

Go to the Apps section on your Slack workspace.

Select the Apps option in the top-left corner of the Slack app.

slack gifs command

Step 3 – Search and add the GIPHY app

Type GIPHY in the search bar. Once the GIPHY app shows up, click on the Add option underneath it. 

The GIPHY app page will open in your default web browser. Next, select ‘Add to Slack’.


how to get gif on slack


slack giphy


Step 4 – Add the integration from the Slack App Store

Click on “Add GIPHY Integration” on the next page.

slack giphy commands

Step 5 – Set Up GIPHY

slack giphy caption

Configure and customize the settings as you want. Finally, click on “Save Integration”.

How to Send GIFs in Slack

Once you have integrated GIPHY on Slack, you can send GIFs by following the steps below:

Step 1 – Enter the command

Type /giphy ( + any word or phrase) in any conversation 

For example, if you want to send a funny GIF, then you can type and send: /giphy funny.

slack giphy plugin

Step 2 – Select your favourite GIF

Random GIFs will appear. Select on ‘Send’ if you would like to send it or ‘Shuffle’ to get another random GIF.

slack giphy add text

Step 3 – Share the GIF with others

Simply click on ‘Send’ or press enter to send the GIF that you like. It will be posted on your Slack channel or conversation.


slack giphy specific gif

Easter eggs and fun commands for Giphy power users:

1. Get Weather data: “/giphy #weather YOUR ZIP CODE OR CITY NAME”

slack giphy no shuffle

2. Add Dealwithit to any photo: “/giphy #dealwithit ANY MEDIA LINK WITH A FACE!”

slack giphy hacks

3. Make Colourful display text: “/giphy #echo WHATEVER PHRASE YOU WANT!”

giphy echo slack

4. Add caption: "/giphy #caption Phrase"


“/giphy #caption “Whatever you want to enter” Gif Search term or Giphy link”

5. Find Gif with a particular quote: "/giphy #caption “quote” phrase"

slack giphy with caption

6. Zoom in on any gif: "/giphy #enhance image link"

7. Magic ball: “/giphy #magic8ball QUESTION?”

slack giphy commands

8. Mashup any gif with a funky text:" “/giphy #mashup STICKER TERM, GIPHY SEARCH TERM”

9. Get the most widely used result: “/giphy #1 SEARCH TERM!”


Now that you know how to add and send GIFs on Slack, you can now be a GIF master on your team’s Slack channel. GIFs allow us to express our thoughts and emotions in online communication, and hence have become important in our daily digital life. 

For the same reason, GIPHY has become popular with millions of users globally using the platform. They help lighten up the mood during a conversation, especially while working remote on Slack. 

Follow the above-mentioned steps and start sending GIFs to make communication fun!

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How do I search GIFs in slack?

1. You must have the giphy or other gif apps installed in your channel

2. Click on the + icon in the chat box

3. Select the "Find and Share Gifs"

4. Search for an appropriate term and shuffle options

5. Select the on you like and share them

How do you search GIFs in Slack messages?

You can only search for Gifs in the respective channels if you have captioned them, otherwise you'll have to rely on using a new one.

1. Enter the search term in the respective search bar of the channel

2.  The post will appear in the search result

3. If you are on slack free tier, there is a limit to no of messages you can access (10000)

4. If the post is not archived, it won't appear in the result section.

How does GIPHY search work?

Giphy search is very similar to Google's page rank algorithm in that it searches for pertinent keywords and tags. GIPHY’s search mechanism is sound, but it’s not perfect. But as you might expect from a site geared towards handling millions of GIF searches a day, it uses a variety of techniques to get you the results that you need. GIPHY also relies on GIFs metadata (tags, colors, category associations, etc.) that aren’t necessarily a part of the GIF itself to output relevant search queries

How do you add a GIF to slack?

In this article we have discussed step by step method on how to add gifs to slack, if you want to add a link or you can drag and drop a downloaded gif just like how you'd do with an image.

How do you add a caption to Giphy in slack?

Type “/giphy #caption “Whatever you want to enter” Gif Search term or Giphy link”

What are the alternatives to Giphy on Slack?

Gif Magazine: Load of Gifs, especially for Japanese slack users

Gogif: Gif library

Gyfcat: General Purpose Gifs

Kulfy: Bollywood and Indian Gifs

How do I add a custom Giphy to slack?

1. Click on Upload to add content to your GIPHY channel on the giphy website

2. Use this detailed guide on best practices to add tags for more impressions.

3. Add tags and click on upload

4. Once upload, copy the shortened link from giphy and paste it on your slack channel

Is Giphy free?

Yes, Giphy is absolutely free. They run on venture money that they raised years ago.

How do I Preview GIFs in slack?

Once you search for a term on Giphy, it will giv you options to shuffle before posting it on the channel, this is a preview window and you can choose to cancel if it is not to your liking.

How to Disable Giphy on Slack?

1. Click on the workspace name in top left corner of your slack workspace

2. Under settings & administration, go to manage apps

3. Slack webpage with apps details will open

4. Go to Giphy

5. Click on disable

Disable Giphy on Slack

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