Slack Huddle: What Is It & How to Use It Effectively in 2023

In this blog, we will cover the basics, tips and tricks to use Slack Huddle effectively. Use the Slack huddle feature to collaborate and have fuss-free huddles.

Slack huddle has been instrumental in enabling remote teams to collaborate and have daily fuss-free team huddles. It is one of the newer and more advanced features of Slack that is loved by remote and hybrid teams to step-up their standup meetings.

It has no doubt been helpful in further revolutionizing virtual team collaboration. Let’s talk about the Slack huddle feature in detail. 

In this article, we will cover:

  1. What is a Slack huddle?
  2. Slack Huddle vs Calls
  3. Who can use a Slack huddle
  4. How to start a Slack huddle
  5. How to join a Slack huddle
  6. How to invite people to a Slack huddle
  7. How to leave a Slack huddle
  8. Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Slack Huddle

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What is a Slack huddle?

Now that you’re here. Let’s first understand ‘What is a Slack huddle?’. Slack Huddle is a feature in Slack that allows for spontaneous and real-time audio conversations within any channel or direct message. There, of course, is an option to switch to a slack huddle video call, which was added in 2022.

These huddles are designed to mimic the quick, informal conversations that would happen naturally in a physical office setting. In a Huddle, you can quickly chat with your team without needing to schedule a formal meeting.

You can also make the best of these huddles by using features like screen sharing,  a dedicated thread for notes, live captions, and emoji reactions.

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Slack huddle vs call

Huddles are meant to be impromptu and quick conversations that are similar to the type of informal chats you may have in your actual office. 

These can be started quickly in a direct message or a channel, thus enabling a more spontaneous communication style. There is no compulsion to set an agenda or send a formal invite for a huddle. They are ideal for quick check-ins, brainstorming, and idea sharing. 

On the other hand, calls are more structured and formal. They tend to have a pre-set agenda, unlike Slack huddles that are informal and spontaneous. 

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Who can use a Slack huddle?

Slack huddles are only for workspaces and users that use Slack for their day to day communication. 

Slack huddles are restricted to people having paid subscriptions. While on the free subscription, Slack huddles can have a maximum of two participants. On the other hand, huddles can have up to 50 participants in the case of paid users.

Thus, there are some restrictions to using the feature so you can consider using these alternatives:

  1. Clubhouse
  2. Range
  3. Geekbot 

When using Huddles in Slack Connect channels and DMs, make sure that the users have access to Huddles as well. If they do not have access to huddles, they will not be able to start or join them.

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How to start a new Slack huddle

Step 1: Go to the channel or DM you want to start the huddle in

Step 2: Toggle on the headphones button at the sidebar's bottom left corner. You can also use the shortcut ⌘ Shift H for Mac and Ctrl Shift H for Windows.

How to start a new Slack huddle
Toggle the headphones button to start a Slack Huddle

Step 3: Invite your team members to the huddle by clicking on the + sign 

Additional features: 

  • Just like normal Slack calls, you can mute your microphone, share your screen, and switch on your video.

  • Slack huddles also have the option to turn on live captions by clicking on More options as well as a video background option.
  • Click the ‘View in Mini window’ button to view the huddle on a larger screen. Here, you can also chat with your team in a thread. 

Slack huddle features
Click on 'Open Mini Window' to see a bigger view of your Slack Huddle

Slack huddle video
Switch to a bigger view during your Slack Huddle to chat with your coworkers via Slack thread

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How to join a Slack huddle

Step 1: Go to the channel or DM to which you have been invited for the huddle 

Step 2: Toggle on the headphones button at the sidebar's bottom left corner. 

Step 3: You have now joined the huddle

Step 4: You can switch to a slack video huddle, mute yourself or open the huddle in a large window.

How to join a Slack huddle via Slack Connect

If you want to join a huddle from another organization, you can use Slack Connect to do so. Just make sure that you are on a paid plan and are connected via Slack Connect. Also, check if Slack Huddles are activated for you. If not, you may have to contact your workspace admin. 

You can follow the same steps as above to join a Slack huddle via Slack Connect.

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How to invite people to a Slack huddle

Step 1: To invite people to a Slack huddle, simply click on the Invite people button

Click on the + sign to invite people to a Slack Huddle

Step 2: This will open up a new window prompting you to select the people you want to invite 

Choose which coworkers you want to invite to the Slack huddle

Step 3: This will send an invite to the Slack user who can then join the huddle

How to leave a Slack huddle

To leave a Slack huddle, simply toggle the headphones button again. You will be out of the huddle meeting right after.

Toggle the headphones button again to leave the Slack huddle

You can also use the shortcut ⌘ Shift H for Mac and Ctrl Shift H for Windows to leave the huddle.

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6 Tips & Tricks To Get the Most Out of Slack Huddles

slack huddle tips
6 Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Slack Huddle

Slack huddles can help your team enhance their team communication, especially if you’re working remotely. Here are some tips from our team to help you make the most of Slack Huddles: 

1. Use for quick discussions

Huddles can come in handy when you want to have quick check-ins or clarifications. They are a great alternative to typing out long and detailed messages. So, use this feature to have quick and immediate real-time conversations. 

2. Use the right channel

Start the Huddle in a relevant Slack channel so that the right coworkers can join the discussion. Keep your conversations organized and ensure that the people you want in the huddle are on the channel.

3. Respect boundaries and timezones

It is a good practice to message and let your coworkers know that you will be starting a huddle. If your team is distributed across multiple time zones, consider the time before you start a Huddle. 

4. Keep it focused

Don’t try to discuss multiple things at the same time to avoid confusion since huddles are meant to be quick. Try not to sway away from the main topic of discussion. Keep things focused and aim to resolve issues or make decisions efficiently.

5. Close with clear action steps

Always end your huddle with clear takeaways or action steps. Summarize the discussion and clarify who is responsible for which task going forward.

6. Use sparingly

Keep in mind that huddles are not the replacement for every text message on Slack. While huddle is a great tool, respect your coworker’s time and avoid starting frequent huddles.

Remember that the goal of these huddles is to facilitate quick and easy communication. Remember to follow these tips when starting your next team huddle.

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Undoubtedly, Slack huddle is one of the best team communication features that Slack introduced. It enables teams to have real-time productive conversations making work discussions much easier and quicker. It can also help team members overcome the ‘meeting fatigue’ and switch to fast-paced and quick discussions to make time for focused work everyday.

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