30+ Funny Back to Work Memes to help your Return to Office

If you dread returning to office after quarantine, these get back to work memes will help you ease the pain and make your return to office less miserable!

If you are feeling a bit stuck and overwhelmed by the idea of having to go back to work, don’t worry. These memes will get you through it.

Memes have a way of making everything feel better - including the post-quarantine return to work. These memes are not only hilarious but also brutally honest, but they always resonate with people who are in the same boat. They show that you’re not alone in your feelings of dread when it comes time to resume your daily commute, wear work clothes, attend countless in person meetings and actually having to socialize with coworkers again.

Back to School Memes that'll make you laugh



After working from the comfort of home, cuddled up with our fur buddies in pajamas, it can get overwhelming to return back to work. Yes, we know that feeling. So, which one's your favorite and most relatable meme out of all these?

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