30+ Funny Back to Work Memes to help your Return to Office

If you dread returning to office after quarantine, these get back to work memes will help you ease the pain and make your return to office less miserable!

If you are feeling a bit stuck and overwhelmed by the idea of having to go back to work, don’t worry. These Back to Work memes will get you through it.

Memes have a way of making everything feel better — including the post-quarantine return to work. These memes are not only hilarious but also brutally honest, but they always resonate with people who are in the same boat. They show that you’re not alone in your feelings of dread when it comes time to resume your daily commute, wear work clothes, attend countless in person meetings and actually having to socialize with coworkers again.

Let's check out some fun Back To Work Memes that are fun and exciting.

Back to School Memes that'll make you laugh


  1. Back to work might be socially awkward
back to work memes
  1. When was the last time you set your alarm?
back to work after vacation meme
  1. Short, Tall, Grande, Venti, Venti++
get back to work meme
  1. Supreme leader AKA Your Boss is asking you to get back to office
back to work after quarantine meme
  1. Volunteering back to work
back to work memes funny
  1. Precious, precious...
back to work after thanksgiving meme
  1. It's been ages since you stepped your foot in office
back to work after new year meme
  1. Dan Ariely Propaganda
get back to work meme funny
  1. Upskill you kids to help you out with your work
back to work crying meme
  1. No more zoom classes
back to school work meme
  1. No more Afternoon naps
minions back to work meme
  1. Can't switch off your screen now, can you?
back to work meme covid
  1. No luxury of mute button in offline meeting
back to office memes
  1. It'll be tough to get back to office
going back to office memes
  1. This meme is on point
back to work memes 2022
  1. No more pyjamas
back to work clothes meme
  1. 5 mins in, contemplation starts
back to the work grind memes
  1. How many times will you think of quitting your job in a day?
funny back to work monday memes
  1. Micromanagers, micromanagers everywhere
back to work after lockdown memes
  1. Micromanagers, micromanagers everywhere again
back to office covid
  1. No luxury to mute them at work
Return to office covid
  1. Can't log off zoom now
Return to office meme
  1. That dreadful feeling
Return to office
  1. If only....you had 'Get out of meeting card'
return to work meme
  1. 10 mins into working at office...
return to work after quarantine meme
  1. Furlough anyone?
back to work after furlough memes
  1. People skills, what is that?
who return to work after covid
  1. We might have put on a little weight...
return to work funny memes
  1. Gotta stay safe!
not going back to work meme
  1. Modern problems require modern solutions
clothes meme work


After working from the comfort of home, cuddled up with our fur buddies in pyjamas, it can get overwhelming to return back to work. Yes, we know that feeling. So, which one is your favorite and most relatable back to work meme out of all these?

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FAQs: Back To Work Memes

How to get back to work after a long break?

The decision of how long (or short) of a break is up to you. But if you feel ready, getting back to work may be easier than you think. The task of getting back to grind becomes easy when you plan your own strategy for achieving goals and include mindfulness techniques. The most important thing is to get back in shape (mentally more than physically), socialize with people at work and so on. The next thing is to make an action plan that will describe what you will do each day to change something (usually very small tasks), then stick to schedule even if you have some other plans during the day you should not abandon your schedule completely.

What are the WHO back to work guidelines?

Below is the link to World health organisation guideline to return to work: https://www.who.int/publications/m/item/returning-to-workAs this document gets revised, we will update the latest version so that our readers will stay informed.

How to transition back to work after covid?

Getting back to work policies might have to be well thought of, covid might have disrupted the mental health of a lot of your employees and they may be dreading the impending transition back to the office. Employees should take some time to think about why it’s important for them and what they hope to gain from the experience. For many people, a break from work can lead to increased productivity and energy when they are able to return. It’s also possible that they miss their colleagues and want to resume “normal life” after lockdowns. If this is the case, remember that returning to work does not have to negatively impact their mental health or wellbeing. Encouraging them to Practice self-care and mindfulness can help ease anxieties about returning to the office. If you are a Decision-maker in your organisation, you should definitely listen to your employees thoughts on returning to work, conduct appropriate survey and take a comprehensive feedback on the same, this report from Deloitte might offer you some prompts.

What is back to work interview?

Back To Work Interviews are are held by employers for job candidates who have been out of work for a significant period of time.  A Back to work interview is a meeting or process between the senior management team at your prospective employer and you. It’s an opportunity for the teams to ask questions about you, your employment history and your plans for the future. The goal of these discussions is to acquire an insider’s perspective of what working at their company may be like, from an employee perspective. In most situations, this meeting will be led by your hiring manager but it could feature members of your potential boss’s or manager’s direct reporting line or non-related members of senior management as well. The main aim of a back to work interview is to assess whether the individual would accept work in the light of what it involves and if he/she is likely to learn anything during their time in the employ. The type of questions you ask may depend on the job in question. Unless it is very clear what the employee’s intentions are, you should run through the range of possible jobs that might be involved.

Which companies are going back to work offline?

Some of the investment banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan in US had started to work out of office, while IT companies based out India, like Accenture, Infosys had followed suit. With the onset of new variant of Covid, things have changed and organisations are revisiting their Hybrid workplace policies. This article from Bloomberg summarises the scene in US succinctly.

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