How to Create a Slack Poll Easily in 2023

Learn how to create a Slack poll with the help of apps like Simple Poll and Polly. Enhance team collaboration and decision-making using a Slack Poll.

Creating a Slack poll can be easier than you thought. Don’t believe us? In this article, we have highlighted how to create a poll on Slack using apps like Simple Poll and Polly.

Polls are an effective and quick way to gather opinions, make decisions, or get feedback within your team or organization. From finding out everyone’s preference for a team lunch to asking icebreaker questions, polls can make team interactions more engaging and democratic. They can also be work-related, helping in decision-making processes with product-related questions or setting the meeting agenda.

How do you understand your team’s perspective on a particular subject? With the help of polls! These versatile tools can be used for a variety of purposes. From finding out everyone’s preference for a team lunch to asking icebreaker questions, polls can make team interactions more engaging and democratic. They can also be work-related, helping in decision-making processes with product-related questions or setting the meeting agenda.

We will cover everything you need to know about Slack Polls - how to create them easily and Poll apps that you can use in your Slack workspace. Let's begin!

In this blog, we will cover:

  • What is a Slack Poll?
  • How to create a poll in Slack?
  • Slack Apps & Integrations For Creating Polls

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What is a Slack Poll?

Simply, put a Slack poll is a mechanism for understanding the team’s views on a particular topic or subject. For instance, if you are leading a completely, remote-working team, it could be a little challenging for you to understand how the team is finding the company culture.

Just create a Slack poll to understand what your team feels about the company and its culture.

To explain in simple words, a poll will help you to coordinate better with your team members by understanding their opinions.

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How to Create a Poll in Slack

In the above section, we have seen various polling apps that you can use to make a poll on Slack. However, in this article, we will mainly talk about the usage of the Simple Poll and Polly apps. So let us look at how you can use these apps for creating a poll in Slack in detail.

Create a Slack Poll using Simple Poll

Let us look at how to create a poll in Slack using the Simple Poll app.

Step 1: Install the Simple Poll app on your workspace. You can find the entire list of apps within the Slack App Directory.

Step 2: Click on the Create Poll button. You can even use the shortcut /poll to launch the Create Poll window.

Click on the Create Poll button to start creating a Slack Poll

Step 3: Select the channel where you want the poll to be created. Also, type in the poll question at the designated place.

Select the channel you want to post the poll in

You also have options to set real-time, after closing, or restricted results of the poll. 


If you want to close your poll automatically, there is an option for that as well. You can choose after how long you would like the poll to end.

Step 4: Click on the Preview button to check your poll question. If you feel something is not right or needs to be changed, you can always go back, make those changes and come back again.


Step 5: Click on the Create Poll button. Your poll is ready and will be posted to the channel.


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Create a Slack Poll Using Polly


  Now we will see how to create a poll in Slack using the Polly app.

Step 1: Just like we did above for the Simple Poll app, you will have to install the Polly app on your workspace from the Slack App Directory.

Step 2: Once the Polly app gets installed in the workspace, click on the Create a Polly button. Or you can use the /polly command in the particular channel to launch the Polly window.


Step 3: Next, a Polly window will open up. Click on the + Create New button if you want to create your own poll or choose from a template.

You can also choose your audience you want to send the poll to.


Step 4: You can select your question type at this step. You can choose from open-ended, multiple choice, NPS or agree/disagree type polls.

You can also choose to allow comments or multiple votes. Moreover, there is an option to let your audience add their own choices. 


Step 5: Choose the channel where you want to post your Polly. Now finally hit the Send button. Your Polly will be created.

Next Steps


You can choose the authentication method depending on your requirements. For instance, if you want to make it public, you can choose the option accordingly. For our example here, we will go with the public link. Once you are done, you will receive an authentication link.

Click on the Done button above. Notice that you will be able to view your Polly along with its link and various other options to edit your Polly, view and share the results, and also send reminders to your team to pitch in their views within the Polly.


Clicking on the web voting link will open the Polly for you where you can give in your vote. 


You can see your Polly displayed in the Messages section of the Polly app within your workspace.


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Slack Apps & Integrations For Polls

You can use the following apps to create polls on your Slack channel. Let us take a look at how to use Simple Poll and Polly.

1. Simple Poll

As the name sounds, it is quite simple to create a poll using the Simple Poll app. Apart from creating a poll, one can also create surveys using this app. Here are some of the features of this app:

a. Create polls to know opinions: You can create polls with multiple options. The app also offers some inbuilt option sets like Yes/No and Strongly Agree/Agree/Disagree/ Strongly Disagree. Depending on your poll, you can either add your customized options or add any of the in-built options.

b. Create Recurring Polls: You can create a poll and set it to repeat for a particular day or time.

c. View Results in Real-time: Simple Poll allows the user to view the poll results in real-time so you get instant feedback.

d. Allows anonymous polling: Simple Poll allows the members to post their opinions anonymously to avoid any kinds of unwanted clashes or bias.

2. Polly

With this app, you can create Pollys and get instant results from your team members. The Polly app enables you to conduct engagement surveys and standups. You can also test your team’s trivia skills and knowledge with this one. Like Simple Poll, Polly also provides real-time results.

3. Standuply

With the Standuply app, you can automate all your agile processes. Whether it is a standup meeting or any other agile activity, you have it all at your convenience. 

To create a Slack poll using Standuply, all you need to do is to enter the /poll-standuply command in the channel where you want to create the poll. Then follow the steps to create a poll. The poll results are updated in real time after every vote. This enables other team members also to see the poll and give in their votes.

4. Geekbot

You can create polls using Geekbot on both Slack and MS Teams. Polls can be anonymous or public. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and then, your poll is ready!

Responses can be generated in the form of plain text, numerals, or pre-defined text where the option needs to be chosen. Additionally, you can add an Intro and an Outro message for your poll.

5. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is an independent platform that allows you to create surveys. All you need to do is to create a survey on Survey Monkey and integrate it with Slack. All your surveys will be accessible on Slack and you can share them with your team members.

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We hope creating polls in Slack using Simple Poll and Polly now seems less daunting. Utilize the power of Slack polls not just for work-related decisions but also to foster a more engaging and inclusive team environment. Whether it's deciding on the next team outing, getting feedback on a project, or just a fun question to break the ice, these polls can be your go-to tool.The main essence of a Slack poll is to understand your team’s perspective and their opinions so that you have a lovely coordination and collaboration with your coworkers. So the next time you have anything in your mind and thinking as to how to get the answers from your team, you know what to do!

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