Slack Reminders Examples & Guide: How to Set Reminders on Slack

Wondering how to set reminders on Slack easily? This blog covers everything from viewing, editing, and deleting Slack recurring reminders to Slack channel reminders.

Managing our workday can get difficult with constant notifications and meetings. Add to that the pressure of remembering everything we need to do that day. We sometimes need to rely on external tools and software for our daily task management. We usually tend to use tools like Google Calendar, Todo Apps and Task boards to plan our day. But how about small and mundane tasks that we need to be reminded of throughout the day?

If you are using Slack as your main communication platform, understanding how its features work can help us plan your day better. One such great feature is the Slack reminders that can come in handy for getting quick reminders, right in Slack. In this article, we will talk about Slack reminders in detail — how to set and automate reminders how to view, edit and delete reminders and Slack reminder examples.

So let’s get into it!

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What are Slack reminders?

Slack reminders are a handy feature on Slack that works via the Slackbot. Using the command /remind, you can get reminders on meetings, deadlines, messages and tasks right inside Slack. It is a great tool for automating reminders and getting notifications on Slack, without having to check your calendar app.

With /remind, you can set a reminder for yourself, your coworker, or an entire channel. 

The shortcut for using the reminder feature is:

/remind [@someone or #channel] [what] [when]

Using this command, you can set reminders easily. 

Some Slack reminders examples include:

/remind me to drink water at 2 pm every day
/remind me on August 21st to wish Adam a happy birthday
/remind #marketing to "Share their tasks for the day" every Monday at 10 am
/remind @aditya about the product meeting in 5 hours
/remind @jasmine tomorrow "Please check if the office snack drawer is empty"

Snooze or Mark Slack Reminders as Complete

You can snooze, delete and mark a Slack reminder as complete.

To snooze a reminder in a direct message, use the command:

 /remind snooze [some description of time] 

For example:

• /remind snooze for 5 hours
• /remind snooze until Thursday

You can also mark a reminder as completed from the “In Progress tab”. It will move the reminder message to the Completed section.

Now let’s get into some details and try to break down how to set different types of reminders on Slack.

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How to Set Slack Reminders?

The quickest way to set reminders for yourself is to do so in your own chat. Here’s how you can set a reminder for yourself on Slack:

Step 1: Type /remind in the chatbox and you will see the format of the reminder.

set slack reminders step 1 image

Step 2: Enter the command with the details of the reminder in the chat box and press enter.

The general format for setting reminders is /remind [@someone or #channel] [what] [when].

set slack reminders step 2 image

Step 3: Your reminder will be set successfully. You will receive a notification via the Slackbot at the specified time and date reminding you of the event.

set slack reminders step 3 image

If you want more details on how to set different types of reminders, scroll down to the next section.

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Types of Reminders on Slack

You can easily set different types of reminders on Slack  — recurring and non-recurring for yourself, a coworker or in a channel. You can even set a reminder for a Slack message. 

1. Setting one-time reminders for yourself

Slack gives you the option to set a reminder for yourself. 

Let’s say you want to remind yourself to “Share an update on Project Poodle” at 5:30 PM, you can do so by using the same command.

/remind [@someone or #channel] [what] [when]

In this case, you will just say “me” instead of @someone or #channel and mention the date and time of the reminder.

So, a reminder for “Share an update on Project Poodle” at 5:30 PM on 4th April will look like:

/remind me to Share an update on Project Poodle at 5:30 PM on 4th April

2. Setting one-time reminders for someone else

To create a one-time reminder for someone else, you can follow the same steps as above with one small change. Instead of “Remind me” you can assign the reminder to someone else using the “@” symbol. So the reminder will look like this:

/remind @Lana to Share an update on Project Poodle at 5:30 PM on 4th April

Please note that you can do this only in paid workspaces and not on a free plan.

3. Setting Slack Recurring reminders for yourself

To set recurring reminders for yourself, simply go to your chat and type in the command and press enter. 

Let’s say if you want to remind yourself to share your task list every Monday at 10 am, the reminder would look like:

/remind me to Share my task list at 10 am every Monday

4. Setting recurring Slack channel reminders

Let’s say you want to set recurring Slack channel reminders, you simply need to head to that channel and set the reminder.

If you want to remind everyone in the channel to share their project update at 12 pm every day, the reminder would be:

/remind #marketing “Please share Project Poodle update” at 12 pm every day

Please note: You cannot set recurring reminders for someone else. Only one-time reminders can be set.

5. Setting reminders from messages

This typically means that you want to be reminded about a particular message at a later date. Let’s say you want to revisit a Slack message at a later time or date, you can set a reminder for that particular message.

Step 1: Simply go to the message and click on More actions.

click on more actions to set slack reminders

Step 2: Click on “remind me about this”.

click on remind me about this to set slack reminders

Step 3: Choose a custom time or one from the given options to set a reminder.

Step 4: You will receive a notification via Slackbot about the reminder.

slackbot reminder notification screen

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How to view Slack reminders?

Wondering how the Slack view reminder feature works?

Enter this command and press enter:

/remind list

Use /remind list to see the list of all your reminders. You can go to any channel or your own chat to see the reminder list.

how to view slack reminders image

The /remind list command will give you a list of the current reminders including past and incomplete reminders. This Slack list reminder feature comes in handy to plan your day better and get reminded of your important tasks throughout the day.

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How to delete Slack reminders?

To delete a Slack reminder, simply list all the reminders on your Slack. 

Enter /remind list to view a list of current, incomplete and past reminders. 

You can then click on the ‘Delete’ button to delete a particular reminder.

how to delete slack reminders image

If you want to delete a reminder that you created immediately, simply click on the Delete button that you see in the Slackbot reminder confirmation message.

how to delete slack reminders immediately image

How to edit Slack reminders?

There is no direct way to edit reminders on Slack. So you will need to delete your existing reminder and set a new one.

By now you already know how to delete and create new reminders.

However, if you need some help, follow this tutorial to edit Slack reminders. 

How To Edit Reminders On Slack

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How to Use Slack Reminders? - Some Slack Reminders Examples

You may be wondering how to best make use of the Slack reminders features. So, we have compiled a list of examples or use cases, that could help you with your daily communication and task management.

1. Conduct daily huddle meetings

While Slack has a huddle feature already, if you work asynchronously and want a quick way to conduct your daily huddles, you can use the Slack reminders feature instead. It can be helpful for teams who work in different time zones and can also help larger teams be on the same page. After all, it is not time efficient to have huddle meetings in large groups.

Here is an example of how you can set a reminder for daily standups:

/remind #product Hey @product How does your day look like? at 9 am every day 

This prompt will send a reminder to the #product channel at 9 am every day to share their daily progress.

2. Keep track of important messages

If you are a manager, you might be bombarded with hundreds of messages during your workday. Keeping track of conversations can be a task and it is not possible to respond to every message immediately. Slack reminders can be used to set message reminders so that you can revisit them when you are effectively less busy. You can also use them to keep track of important tasks, meetings and conversations.

slack message reminders

You can also set reminders for more personal stuff like a coworker’s birthday, filing taxes, walking your dog, completing your daily steps, or drinking water.

3. Indulge in Weekly team building

The Slack reminders tool can be used for a quick icebreaker or weekly reflection. You can ask your coworkers how they are feeling at the end of the week or ask an icebreaker question like “What are your weekend plans?” every Friday. 

For example, 

/remind #random What are your weekend plans? at 4 PM every Friday


4. Update your Quarterly OKRs

Setting OKRs can be a cumbersome process, but if you don’t want to forget to update your quarterly OKRs, you can choose to use Slack reminders. 

You can set a reminder in a channel to remind your team every quarter on Slack.

/remind me to check my quarterly OKRs in three months

Follow these Slack reminders examples to make your Slack communication more effective.

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Using Slack reminders for your daily work can make your life easier. While some people may prefer a proper task manager for all their task management, the Slack reminder tool can come in handy for quick reminders. 

After all, it is a very underrated tool that many don’t know about but works exceptionally well.

You can also refer to our list of virtual team building activities, Never Have I Ever Questions, Zoom icebreakers and Question Games.

Frequently Asked Questions: Slack Reminders

How to set reminders on Slack?

To set reminders on Slack, you can enter the shortcut command /remind and enter the reminder details in this format /remind [@someone or #channel] [what] [when]. For example, if you want to set a reminder for every Monday at 10 am to “share your daily task list”, you can simply head to the channel and enter /remind to Share your daily task list at 10 am every Monday. This will send a reminder to the channel every Monday at 10 am.

How to view reminders in Slack?

To view reminders in Slack, simply enter the command /Remind list. You will see a list of current, past and incomplete reminders. You can enter this command in a channel or your chat on Slack.

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