15 Best Zoom Apps, Bots & Integrations to make your Zoom team meetings productive and fun

What are the Best Apps on the Zoom marketplace? Read our list of 15 best Zoom Integrations, Apps and Bots to make your Zoom meetings productive, fun & engaging.

Zoom needs no introduction. It is one of the most widely used video conferencing platforms, having been an integral component of most workforces since the pandemic caused many to work from home. With amazing features like Zoom breakout rooms, it has now started to offer its own native applications and third party integrations that allow you to boost your productivity and make your meetings more engaging and fun. From Project management apps to products that help you build your own online course, There are more than 1500 apps which can be downloaded from the Zoom marketplace. Here in this blog, we explore some of the best apps from the Zoom Marketplace.


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15+ Zoom apps for remote, hybrid or in-office teams

  1. Google Workspace
  2. School Runner
  3. IFTTT
  4. Mentimeter
  5. Virtual background
  6. Mural
  7. Miro
  8. Dot collector
  9. Socaco
  10. Macro
  11. Modjo
  12. Lemonade TV
  13. Monday.com
  14. Otter.ai
  15. Mastera

1. Google Workspace

Integrating Google with Zoom will make your life easy in a lot of ways - from scheduling Zoom calls directly over mail to managing your calendar on all devices. Google Workspace Zoom integration is a must for all remote teams. 

Using Gmail and Google Calendar, you can simplify how your team plans, begins, and organizes meetings. Automate your scheduling procedure by include Zoom Meeting details in your Google Calendar invites with one click. You can even create relevant meeting information by adding the topic, attendees, and attachments automatically and do a lot of other customizations.

2. School Runner

If you are running a virtual classroom on Zoom, you might find it problematic to keep track of how much time do students and teachers spend on Zoom call - Are they attending classes regularly? Is there a drop in engagement levels? Et al. School runner is the one-stop shop for all your analytics needs. This integration not only exports data points, it also has advanced analytics to help you tackle engagement or attendance issues.  

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IFTTT is a leading workflow automation tool. You can connect Zoom with 600+ other apps, and there are several public workflows which you can start using instantly. Automating flows on IFTTT not only ensures you save time, but you can get creative with your integrations and make your work a lot more productive. For example, you can connect your Google Wi-Fi to zoom and prioritize the call quality over other downloads/uploads, you can even integrate your zoom with Philips bulbs to change hue while you are on a Zoom call.

4. Mentimeter

mentimeter zoom app for polls quizzes gifs
Conduct interactive presentations with Mentimeter

With Mentimeter on Zoom, teams can easily deliver interactive presentations and engage with the audience by conducting polls, quizzes, GIFs and open-ended questions, and collect real time feedback from the meeting. Teams can connect their presentation via their cellphones or other devices. Mentimeter helps remote teams create a dynamic experience in all their Zoom keynotes and sessions.  There are additional analytics features which teams can use to assess engagement.

mentimeter real ime feedback
Collect real-time feedback from the meetings

5. Virtual background

Select your favourite virtual background for your next Zoom meeting

When you attend so many Zoom meetings, you’d expect a change in scenery, or at least a virtual one. Or if you want to hide a messy room and want to make your background seem more professional, you can set your favourite Zoom virtual background. Virtual background is a direct feed of Unsplash images that you can use as your meeting backgrounds for free. You can choose your favourite virtual background from over 2 million high-resolution photos and range of categories like art, nature, wildlife etc.

6. Mural

Mural is an online whiteboard on Zoom

Mural is an online white board, It is an excellent tool for remote team collaboration, especially for visual analysis and brainstorming. Teams can use it to map customer experiences, analyse user studies, visualize funnels, discuss personas, including other productive tasks. The Zoom integration provides a platform for the whole team to join on a call and work on the whiteboard simultaneously, which can be a perfect substitute for in-office work.

7. Miro

Create your own whiteboard on Zoom with Miro

 Miro is a whiteboard tool, which includes a range of inbuilt templates and features, it is the perfect collaboration partner for remote team, and much like Mural, Miro’s features can help you run stand-ups, retrospectives, ideate designs, come up with GTM and projects. Several advanced features include bringing a collaborator to a specific part of the white board and follow along your flow. It also includes anonymous voting to arrive to a conclusion. Overall, Miro is an extremely impressive product, which will compliment Zoom really well.

8. Dot collector

Feedback tool on Zoom to enhance team engagement

Dotcollector is a feedback tool that assist teams to gather and disseminate reports systematically to enhance team performance and engagement.  The Dot Collector helps teams foster a culture of continuous improvement on Zoom. A dot is a unit of recognition given to a teammate, which helps boost their morale and makes them feel appreciated. Apart from the central kudos feature, there are additional features to schedule meetings and conduct polls. This is one of the people tools offered by Principles, an organization run by Ray Dalio.

9. Sococo

Create your own virtual workplace on Socaco

Sococo is a virtual workplace, It has layouts, meeting rooms, cafés, water cooler, lounge - all the traditional features of an actual workspace but online. Sococo is an interesting and really fun product, where teams can create their office using a set of existing templates and add their own customizations. With the native Zoom integration, you can join Zoom meetings directly from Sococo and even display a badge where the meeting is being held and who all are participating.

10. Macro

Macro acts as the timekeeper for Zoom that helps teams to encourage participation of those team members who aren't highly engaged.  Macro also allows you to bring out the fun and pepped up version of yourself in meetings. Teams can choose from a variety of video shapes, colourful  filters, and emojis. Macro also allows you to switch between viewing modes, such as a free floating, where users can drag and drop other participants to any location, and even has a mode without any borders which is ideal for working on a collaboration document.

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11. Modjo

Modjo.ai collects all conversations over Zoom pertaining to your sales pipeline, allowing you to assess conversations and your team member's performance and improve on certain aspects based on deals history. With Modjo Integration, all the Zoom calls can now generate an automated task in your CRM to help your teams hit their targets. Modjo even enables transcripts as soon as the Zoom calls end, and teams can use them for email follow-ups and CRM updates.

12. LemonadeTV

LemonadeTV is one of the widely used tool in creator economy, It is used by influencers to sell their products online or conduct short tutorials. With the Zoom integration, creators can now stream their content live, they can chat with their community in real-time, or users can shop exclusive merch live. LemonadeTV brings the full stack creator economy value chain from creating content to redeeming code and placing merch order on one single platform.

13. Monday.com

Monday.com - Project Management tool on Zoom

Monday.com is a widely used project management software that enables teams to communicate, coordinate projects, set goals & manage pretty much everything work related. This integration enables you to organize your meetings ahead of time, retrieve pertinent information after the meeting, and post your meeting summary on Monday.com web app. You can notify members of Zoom meeting or even create a task with respect to the meeting. Overall, Monday.com’s Zoom integration is a pretty powerful tool for people who want to get things done.

14. Otter.ai

Generate meeting notes, presentation summaries and transcript interviews with Otter

Otter.ai is an AI assistant that can generate meeting notes, presentation summaries and transcript interviews. Otter.ai tries to make sense of the conversations rather than just writing down verbatim. The Zoom integration allows teams to record live notes, transcripts, highlight shared photos and add annotations. Post the meeting, Otter exports the transcripts into cloud storage, which can be accessed aby any of the team members for further review. This is an extremely useful tools for all Zoom regulars, from University students to Fortune 500, however the integration is available for only paid tier users of Otter.ai.

15. Mastera

Build, launch and scale a course on Zoom with Mastera

With Mastera, you can build, launch and scale a course on Zoom. The Zoom integration lets you share links for your live content or courses, which can be monetized on Mastera’s platform. You can even record these classes and create a library which can be archived in Mastera. While Mastera’s web app lets users build community, revenue pipeline, gated content and even upsell on merch and physical products, Zoom integration is the cornerstone for brining in customers. If you are an aspiring creator, then you should definitely consider building your business on Mastera.


These apps are just the tip of the iceberg in the vast directory of awesome apps in Zoom marketplace. Do check them out for making your video calls on Zoom even more awesome and productive.

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Frequently asked questions: Best Zoom apps

How to download Zoom apps?

Follow these simple steps to download Zoom apps:

  • Go to Zoom marketplace
  • Search for the relevant app
  • Add it to your personal Zoom space
  • Start using the app


How to use Zoom apps?

Zoom apps aren’t that different from web apps in terms of user expereince, only that there is an additional feature of video collaboration which will gives these apps higher efficiency when used by remote teams.

Follow these simple steps to use Zoom apps:

1. Download and add relevant apps from Zoom marketplace
2. Signup/Login to this particular app on their web app/dashboard
3. Most of the apps use the same web authentication and you’ll be logged into the Zoom app as well
4. Start using the apps when you’re on video calls by clicking on the app button in the lower bar

5. Launch the relevant app during a zoom call (all participants must have installed the app for collaboration)

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