34 Best Slack Apps, Integrations and Bots in 2023

These Slack apps and integrations for HR, Project Management, Developers, Marketing and Fun & Gaming will make your team even more engaged and productive.

Slack is powerful for many businesses to get things done. Slack apps provide extra features and add-ons to enhance productivity, engagement and output where it falls short. Instead of switching between Slack and other apps, these tools let you do everything from creating to-do lists and task boards to team building on Slack.

We have extensively gone through the directory and added Slack apps that are a must-have in your workspace. We use many of these apps on the Ricotta work space, and these will surely help you improve your team culture and employee engagement.

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Slack Apps for Daily Productivity

1. Standuply

Conduct Asynchronous stand-up meetings on Slack

Standuply is an automation tool that performs Daily stand-up meetings for you in a text format. You can run a text stand-up, with Standuply as your Scrum Master. 

Remote teams can organize an efficient meeting via text, voice, or video to track team performance. It even has scheduled surveys, team analytics and conditional questions to bolster your team’s productivity.

2. Ricotta Todos

Manage your personal todos with checklist-style lists

Track your weekly tasks and to-do items without leaving Slack with Ricotta. Use the checklist-style to-dos to keep track of all your reading & research lists.

We use this tool every day at Ricotta, after conducting our daily stand-ups, we head over to Ricotta todos to update our tasks for the day. We keep marking the completed tasks right on Slack for that extra motivation.

3. Range

Native slack bot for check-ins and automating reminders

With Range, you can keep track of ongoing status updates with fewer meetings. When you first log into Slack, you'll be prompted to fill out the check-in with your daily plan, specifics about what has already occurred, and questions that you want your co-workers to thinkabout. 

Your entire team can go through previously published check-ins to see what's going on without having to attend a Zoom stand-up meeting. With Several integrations on Range, you can easily import work from GitHub, GitLab, Asana, Trello, Jira, Google Drive or Google Calendar. 

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4. Todoist

Organize your tasks using to-do lists

Create new tasks within Slack with Todoist. You can include a due date, time, labels and the project name, and it will automatically sync with the To-do app.

Convert any Slack message into a Todoist task and  complete that task within Slack. You can also update the person to whom that task was delegated.

5. Geekbot

Stand-ups, retrospectives and surveys on Slack

Geekbot, the Slack integration, can replace group chats and video conferences for a quick, effective, and transparent collaboration. It can be used in any remote, virtual, or otherwise asynchronous environment, allowing you to be more productive. 

Geekbot automates recurring tasks. Simply mention the questions that the bot should ask your team, then sit back and watch as it gathers replies and broadcasts them to your team.

6. Dailybot

Run asynchronous stand-ups and anonymous mood tracking

DailyBot is ideal for asynchronous daily stand-ups, team check-ins, incentive monitoring, employee appreciation, and positive feedback. You can keep in touch with your team and see any roadblocks, as they arise. You may come up with your own unique questions to ask your team! 

Create numerous teams, issue reminders, schedule check-ins, and work across various time zones. On a weekly basis, the bot monitors your team's morale and assists you in identifying areas of improvement in your team culture. The bot receives anonymous feedback on the mood of your co-workers on Slack.

7. Meister task

Task manager for Slack agile teams

Meister task is an extensive task management tool. With Meister task, individual Slack channels can be linked to project boards and the teams can get updates regarding their work progress and even create new tasks without having to leave Slack.

Manage task data in Slack, including assignees, due dates, and tags, all on Slack.

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HR and team culture Slack Apps

8. Ricotta Games & Trivia

Trivia, Watercoolers, Icebreakers and fun Games for Team Bonding

Ricotta Games & Trivia Slack App
Ricotta Games & Trivia Slack App

Games with Ricotta Trivia are a great way to bond with your team and get a 5-minute break from work. It includes games like This or That (Would You Rather), Never Have I Ever, Virtual Catchup, Secret Santa Kudos and more!

Just choose a game and a channel on Slack and start playing with your team. You can also see our list of 10 fun Slack games and activities for remote teams to get more team bonding ideas. Let the team bonding begin!

9. Giphy

Fun with GIFs on Slack

We all adore and overuse GIFs and emojis. So where else do we go to find the best ones? Giphy!

You can share your favourite GIFs from a channel using their free Slack app. You can send a random GIF shared to any channel by using the /giphy command with the theme of the GIF that you have in mind. Shuffle through the options until you find the right one, then press send to share it on the channel.

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10. Vacation Tracker

Manage your off days on Slack

With Vacation Tracker, you can keep track of employee absences, create leave rules, and automate the leave tracking process. A one-stop shop for timely leave management, Vacation Tracker saves time and keeps everyone informed by allowing your staff to manage leaves with just a few clicks. 

HRs can also set up multiple departments and assign leave approvers and export your leave history and team statuses.

11. Lunchtrain

Schedule team outings and lunches on Slack

Lunchtrain is the perfect app to plan for lunches. Suggest a restaurant, receive everyone's feedback, and remind everyone when it's time to go. It's also more entertaining than debating the following station. All of this comes with an added topping of Food puns.

12. Friday

An asynchronous operating system for remote teams

Friday is a team communication tool that serves as both, a daily schedule and a means to remain in touch with your remote team. 

While minimizing the amount of meetings, you can complete routines for team updates, offer Kudos to team members, and participate in entertaining icebreakers to get to know your co-workers better. In the premium version of Friday, you can even set goals and conduct team routines.

13. Donut

Indulge in virtual water cooler conversations on Slack

Donut is an icebreaker app that helps team members bond virtually through chat channels with different themes. You can send your new joiners the information they need to get started at their new position, or just link them with an onboarding buddy who can introduce them to the firm, its regulations, and maybe some excellent places where they can have lunch. 

You can also bring together members of other teams who have never met or spoken. Invite two or three co-workers for a cup of coffee or a donut.  You'll also boost the culture of your organization and promote employee engagement.

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Project Management Slack Apps

14. Trello

Productivity app with Kanban boards for Slack

Trello's productivity app provides boards, lists, and cards to manage a project. Use the command /trello to add new Trello cards to your boards directly from Slack. 

You can change due dates, attach discussions, and much more using Trello cards (and boards!). Teams can even automate cards and board previews with members, descriptions, and comments. 

15. Kyber

Stand-ups, tasks and message scheduling

Kyber is an all-in-one tool that you'll need to flawlessly organize your teams and automate your operations. Kyber provides message scheduling, stand-up meetings, polls, surveys, and a plethora of customizable micro-apps in addition to Task and Project management. 

You may even use Kyber to design, tweak, and configure your own “micro-apps” based on tasks, polls, questions, and messages to address your team's particular use cases without having to code.

16. Weekdone

Weekly check-ins and OKRs on Slack

Weekdone is a goal-tracking and status-reporting OKR app. You can use defined objectives to coordinate operations throughout the business on Slack. 

You can also measure weekly progress, give feedback, and ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction. Weekdone is a wonderful way to keep engaged to your team's ideas, progress, and challenges while working remote.

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17. Asana

Manage projects, teams and tasks on Slack

Asana is widely used to manage projects, tasks, and teams that is useful for cutting down on time that is wasted switching between tools. 

Turn discussions into tasks, alter the status of an activity, get alerts to a channel of your choice, attach a project to a channel, or just start a new task with a simple /command using the Asana-Slack interface.

18. Hive

Organize your projects and tasks on Slack

The Hive Slack app makes it easy to keep your work as tidy as possible. You may be looking at a kanban board in Hive when you find a little error that everyone should be aware of. 

Use Hive as a jumping off point to go to the relevant Slack channel. You can even drag and drop an action from Hive into Slack without having to retype any commands.

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Polls & Recognition Slack Apps

19. Polly

Improve employee engagement through surveys, polls, trivia and stand-ups

Polly is a survey tool that enables teams to collect feedback and assess their productivity or engagement levels using several workflows. It helps teams to enhance employee and customer experiences. You can access a full array of survey features on Polly,  without leaving Slack, and even integrate automatic feedback into your current processes.

Teams can even build their own feedback-driven processes with Polly APIs, or link their internal systems to gain a systematic view of the data.

20. Karmabot

Appreciate, recognize and praise your teammates on Slack

Karmabot enables you to instantly share micro-feedback and create real-world perks and automatic incentives. You can even engage with your colleagues and learn new things. 

Several teams use it to gather anonymous feedback, set up an informal video conference with team members. It has an analytics feed to analyse appreciation and praise activities using visual reports to help organizations reinforce long-term vision and goals and empower and disseminate your company's ideals.

21. Evergreen

For every appreciation you give your teammates, evergreen plants a tree

Evergreen is a Slack tool that enables businesses to offer peer-to-peer acknowledgment.  Evergreen allows you to thank co-workers with up to 1-3 tree seedlings. It then goes ahead and plants the trees while keeping track of your carbon offset.  

You can use Evergreen to recognize co-workers. Improve morale by increasing engagement and build stronger teams.

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22. HeyTaco

Build happy teams by sharing tacos

Does your team have a reason to rejoice? Toss in a taco! Do you want to appreciate your team member? Toss in a taco! That's exactly what HeyTaco does.

Every team member has 5 tacos to give out everyday, and you can give kudos to a co-worker with Tacos. Enter the Taco emoji, include a nice message and mention their username.

You can also view the activity, leaderboard and redeem your tacos for rewards in the HeyTaco dashboard. Despite its simplicity, current users praise it for assisting teams in strengthening their bonds and expressing their gratitude for one another.

23. Bonusly

Employee rewards programme right on Slack

With Bonusly, users are given the ability to reward team members with points, which can then be swapped for prizes such as gift cards, charitable donations, and more in the online reward catalogue. This is great for keeping your staff motivated, as well as maintaining a good dose of competition.

24. Disco

Appreciation and value-driven work on Slack

Disco makes Slack an incubator for promoting values and rewarding your team's efforts. Use appropriate Slack channels to celebrate team victories as they occur and to make outstanding work apparent across the organization. 

Furthermore, all of your recognition is posted into a kudos channel, where anybody can see all of your appreciation across all of your channels.

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25. Simple Poll

Create polls and surveys on Slack

Simple Poll allows you to build native polls and surveys in Slack. Get the opinions of your co-workers in minutes. Polls that are native to Slack are simple and easy to use. 

Create a poll for every decision you need to make, from little to major. Limit how many votes each user may cast, and even make polls anonymous.

Slack Apps for Developers

26. Zapier

Integrate two apps together

Zapier uses Zaps to link apps together. It can be used to build workflows to automate simple tasks like sending automatic reply to certain mails, or forwarding mails to Slack channels, or automating replies to Slack DMs.

With Zapier, you can post details of new orders in your eCommerce app to a Slack channel, move important tasks out of Slack or send form responses to a Slack channel.

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Automate workflows between apps with a click

IFTTT has a wide range of features that address a lot of different types of users. IFTTT helps applications  work together by connecting them to automate and simplify activities. You can also post important news into your Slack channels and share photos easily.

28. Github

The world’s largest community of developers on Slack

Developers and engineers spend an inordinate amount of time on GitHub, the world's largest code hosting site for collaboration, with 36 million members. Developers also spend a lot of time on slack, so this integration is very useful.

When GitHub and Slack are linked, you can get notifications on: New commits, requests for pull and status of deployments.

29. Marker.io

Compile reports on bugs on Slack

Marker.io allows you to collect bugs from your customers and deliver them to your preferred Slack channel. Every bug report includes a screenshot as well as complete technical environment data and console logs, allowing your developers to reproduce and fix the issue more quickly.

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Slack Apps for Marketing

30. Markup Hero

Screenshot and annotate on Slack

Markup Hero is a free tool to annotate screenshots and PDFs to help teams communicate better. You can easily annotate any picture or PDF in your Slack channels or direct messages. It is an essential tool for all teams, especially developers and marketing teams.

31. HubSpot

CRM to help your company market and sell more 

HubSpot is the one of the most widely used CRM tool. HubSpot is an inbound marketing, sales, and service platform that helps businesses manage and expand their online presence. Any team member can create a task and link it with a deal, company or customer in the HubSpot database.

There are additional HubSpot commands like /hubspot-search-contact and /hubspot-feedback to help improve search and resolve tickets easily.

32. Drift

Conversational marketing & sales tool on Slack

Drift assists businesses in increasing revenue, shortening sales cycles, and converting clients into lifetime fans. Drift's performance can be monitored, optimized, and reported on Slack. 

From conversations and emails collected to meetings scheduled and pipeline affected, get fast insights throughout the whole funnel right on Slack.

Knowledge Management Slack Apps

33. Tettra

A shared brain for your Slack workspace

Tettra Wiki absorbs and processes information and displays it in a digestable form on your Slack workspace. Tettra's easy Slack editor allows your entire team to effortlessly construct your knowledge base. Tettra can be used to discover articles if you (or anybody else) has a question or wants to examine how things were done in the past.

34. Seismic (Formerly Obie)

Knowledge, FAQs and shared documents in one place

With , you can create a  knowledge base, manage a wiki, collect a library of FAQs, or link one of Obie's 16+ pre-built knowledge connectors.

It works with an increasing number of knowledge, wiki, and document management systems and integrates with Google suite and a range of other apps. Seismic also has an NLP based search engine.


Undoubtedly, Slack is one of the best team communication and collaboration apps out there. It brings the entire team together in one place making work much easier and efficient with everything in one place. Of course, the Slack App Directory is a treasure trove of helpful apps that make work much smoother and sometimes even fun! Speaking of fun, you can add Ricotta Trivia to your Slack workspace to play exciting Trivia quizzes, free icebreakers and games.

To make workspace collaboration more efficient, many companies prefer using task boards or tools for daily stand-ups to avoid unnecessary Zoom calls. Try out Ricotta Taskboards, OKRs, daily stand-ups and free personal to-dos, an all-in-one productivity app on Slack. Such Slack apps can help even if you are all working from different locations. Let’s focus on the good things! 

Have any thoughts or feedback? Email us at cheese@ricotta.team to get in touch with us. Follow us on Twitter @RicottaHQ to get the latest updates on our new launches and upcoming games on Slack!

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