Best Charades Ideas For Adults, Kids & Teens

We all love charades, don't we? Here are some fun charades ideas for adults, teens and kids that will make your get=together full of excitement and fun.

Looking for some fun charades ideas for your next get-together? We’ve got you!

Who doesn’t love a game of Charades? Charades have long been a cherished game for gatherings of all types, whether it's family reunions, holiday celebrations, or just a fun evening with friends. The joy of guessing and acting out different prompts can bring everyone together. 

Whether you're a seasoned charades player or new to the game, these charades ideas are sure to make your next event memorable.

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In this blog, we will cover: 

  • Funny Charades Ideas For Adults
  • Animal Charades Ideas For Kids
  • Dirty Charades Ideas For Teens
  • Hard Charades Ideas
  • Easy Charades Ideas
  • Good Charades Ideas for work
  • Christmas Charades Ideas
  • Movie Charades Ideas
  • Halloween Charades Ideas
  • Thanksgiving Charades Ideas

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A Sloth Winning a Race

Funny Charades Ideas For Adults

This list of funny adult charades ideas will make your gathering so much fun! Try to enact any one of these and see the room roaring with excitement.

  1. Attempting to Parallel Park a Car While Eating a Messy Burrito
  2. Dancing Eccentrically as if No One's Watching, but Everyone Is
  3. Sophisticated Wine Tasting at a Wild Children's Birthday Party
  4. A Frantic Cat Trying Desperately to Escape a Bath
  5. A Sloth Running a Marathon at an Impossibly Slow Pace
  6. Fumbling to Assemble IKEA Furniture Without Any Instructions
  7. A Stiff Zombie Struggling to Do Yoga Poses
  8. A Fish Awkwardly Riding a Bicycle on Land
  9. A Love-Struck Robot on a Romantic Date
  10. One of the Queen's Guard Breaking Composure and Laughing at a Joke
  11. An Octopus Trying to Juggle Eight Objects and Failing
  12. Sherlock Holmes Analyzing Everything on a Vacation at the Beach
  13. An Egyptian Mummy Engaging in a Modern Dance-Off
  14. Napoleon Bonaparte Attempting to Do the Macarena Dance
  15. A T-Rex with Tiny Arms Trying to Tie a Necktie

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Animal Charades Ideas For Kids 

While doing these animal charades ideas, your kids will be rolling with laughter and excitement. Try out any one of these kids' charades ideas for your next game.

  1. A Penguin Doing a Happy Dance
  2. A Monkey Hanging Upside Down Eating a Banana
  3. A Dog Spinning in Circles Trying to Catch Its Tail
  4. A Goldfish Opening and Closing Its Mouth Trying to Sing Opera
  5. A Clumsy Elephant Attempting to Hula Hoop
  6. A Cat Reaching and Playing the Drums with Its Paws
  7. A Snail and a Tortoise in a Super Slow Race
  8. A Chicken Clucking and Flapping in a Tap Dance
  9. A Unicorn Using Its Horn to Make a Magical Sandwich
  10. A Mermaid Out of Water Trying to Climb a Tree
  11. A Kangaroo Boxing with Its Pouch Full
  12. A Flamingo Trying to Ice Skate
  13. An Octopus Playing a Piano
  14. A Sloth Climbing a Tree Very Slowly
  15. A Giraffe Trying to Sip a Coffee at a Café

Movie Charades Ideas

Movie fanatics assemble! Try out these fun movie charades ideas for a super fun evening with your friends and family.

Here is a fun movie charades printable for you:

Movie Charades Ideas Printable

  1. Titanic
  2. The Godfather
  3. Jurassic Park
  4. Star Wars: A New Hope
  5. Inception
  6. The Shawshank Redemption
  7. Forrest Gump
  8. The Lion King
  9. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
  10. The Dark Knight
  11. Jaws
  12. The Wizard of Oz
  13. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  14. Finding Nemo
  15. The Shining
  16. Frozen
  17. Ghostbusters
  18. Avatar
  19. The Matrix
  20. Back to the Future
  21. Gladiator
  22. Toy Story
  23. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  24. Shrek
  25. The Silence of the Lambs
  26. Pulp Fiction
  27. The Sixth Sense
  28. Braveheart
  29. A Beautiful Mind
  30. Up
  31. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
  32. The Breakfast Club
  33. The Truman Show
  34. The Big Lebowski
  35. Casablanca
  36. The Great Gatsby
  37. Spider-Man: Homecoming
  38. La La Land
  39. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  40. Mad Max: Fury Road

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Dirty Charades Ideas For Teens

Let’s get dirty! Our list of dirty charades ideas for teens is bound to entertain your friends to the fullest.

  1. Accidentally Walking into the Wrong Restroom
  2. Slipping on a Banana Peel into a Mud Puddle
  3. A Dog Eating Spaghetti from Someone's Plate
  4. Digging Through the Trash to Find Lost Keys
  5. A Zombie Snacking on Gummy Worms
  6. Cleaning Up a Room Full of Stinky Socks
  7. A Scientist Mixing a Potion with Slimy Ingredients
  8. Trying to Eat a Sandwich Filled with Bugs
  9. Unplugging a Clogged Toilet with Bare Hands
  10. Chasing After a Runaway Snail on a Wet Sidewalk

Hard Charades Ideas

Try out these hard charades ideas to see who gets how many right!

  1. Solving a Rubik's Cube Blindfolded
  2. An Astronaut Playing Golf on the Moon
  3. A Detective Deciphering Morse Code
  4. A Time Traveler Trying to Fix a Broken Time Machine
  5. An Inventor Creating a Machine That Only Makes Toast
  6. A Philosopher Contemplating the Sound of One Hand Clapping
  7. A Wizard Casting a Spell to Make Invisible Ink
  8. A Robot Learning to Paint a Landscape
  9. An Archaeologist Discovering an Alien Artifact
  10. A Mermaid Trying to Learn Sign Language

Easy Charades Ideas

Are you a beginner at charades? Then these easy charades ideas are for you!

  1. Brushing Your Teeth
  2. Riding a Bicycle
  3. Baking a Cake
  4. Taking a Selfie
  5. Walking a Dog
  6. Playing a Guitar
  7. Flying a Kite
  8. Building a Snowman
  9. Jumping on a Trampoline
  10. Reading a Book

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Good Charades Ideas for Work

Playing a game of charades at work can be great for providing some light-hearted entertainment for a work event. Enjoy!

  1. Trying to Fix the Office Copier with Duct Tape
  2. Accidentally Sleeping Through a Video Conference Call
  3. Juggling Multiple Phones During a Busy Day
  4. Sneaking Late into a Meeting with a Donut
  5. Pretending to Understand Corporate Jargon
  6. Interviewing a Job Candidate
  7. Organizing Office Supplies
  8. Lunch Break in the Office Cafeteria
  9. Onboarding a New Employee
  10. Taking a Power Nap at the Desk

Christmas Charades Ideas

These festive Christmas charades ideas should add some holiday cheer to your game of charades!

  1. Wrapping a Last-Minute Gift
  2. Singing Christmas Carols Door-to-Door
  3. Building a Snowman Wearing a Santa Hat
  4. Baking Gingerbread Cookies
  5. A Reindeer Stuck on a Slippery Roof
  6. Misplacing the Christmas Presents
  7. Overcooking the Christmas Ham
  8. A Cat Knocking Over the Christmas Tree
  9. Dancing in Ugly Christmas Sweaters
  10. Trying to Untangle a Ball of Christmas Lights
  11. Accidentally Regifting a Present to the Original Giver
  12. Santa Claus Getting Stuck in the Chimney

christmas charades printable
Christmas Charades Printable

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Halloween Charades Ideas

These amusing and light-hearted Halloween scenarios will bring some spookiness to your game of charades

  1. Carving a Jack-o'-Lantern
  2. Trick-or-Treating at a Haunted House
  3. A Witch Riding a Broomstick
  4. A Ghost Floating Through Walls
  5. A Zombie Rising from the Grave
  6. A Werewolf Howling at the Moon
  7. Dracula Sipping a "Bloody" Drink
  8. A Mummy Wrapped in Bandages
  9. A Scarecrow Coming to Life
  10. A Black Cat Crossing Your Path
  11. A Skeleton Trying to Chew Bubblegum
  12. A Scarecrow Scaring Itself in a Mirror
  13. A Jack-o'-Lantern Carving Its Own Face
  14. A Mummy Getting Tangled in Its Own Wraps
  15. Frankenstein's Monster Doing the Macarena

Thanksgiving Charades Ideas

These fun Thanksgiving charades ideas will make your family gathering extra memorable and exciting.

  1. Carving the Thanksgiving Turkey
  2. Falling Asleep After Eating Too Much
  3. Watching a Thanksgiving Parade
  4. Playing Football in the Yard
  5. Setting the Thanksgiving Table
  6. Cooking Mashed Potatoes
  7. Arguing Over the Last Slice of Pumpkin Pie
  8. Traveling to Grandma's House
  9. Making a Wish on the Wishbone
  10. Helping with the Thanksgiving Dishes

Verb Charades Printable

Bonus: Here is a fun verb charades printable that you can use for your next get-together. Simply take a printout, cut out the cards and shuffle them to create your own charades game.

Verb Charades Printable


This list of Charades Ideas will build up fun and excitement for your next family or friends get-together. So grab a timer, level up your acting skills, and let the fun begin.

With so many charades ideas to choose from, the only challenge you'll face is deciding which one to act out first. Happy playing!

FAQs about Charades Ideas

Here are some frequently asked questions about charades ideas:

How to play charades?

To play a game of charades, you start by dividing all the players into teams. One player from each team acts out a word or a phrase without speaking, while the players from the other team guess what it is. Each team will take turns miming clues within a time limit, and score points for correct guesses.

What are some good charades ideas for work?

Some good charades ideas for work include:

  • Leading a Meeting
  • Making Coffee in the Office Kitchen
  • Stuck in a Long Conference Call
  • Frustrated with a Jammed Printer
  • Racing to Meet a Deadline
  • Negotiating a Business Deal
  • Networking at a Company Event

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