20+ Improv Games For Kids, Adults & Coworkers in 2024

Improv games not only bring out the creativity within you but is also a great hobby. This blog covers 20 improv game ideas to keep large groups entertained.

You're at the right place for a list of improv games, activities and exercises.

How exactly do these games work? Improv activities require you to think on the spot and act a particular situation. They enhance your intuitive and quick-thinking skills. 

At a workplace, improv games can act as great icebreakers for team members to open up and get to know each other better. Improvisation games are also effective for enhancing team building and employee engagement at your workplace. A few examples of these games include Two Truths and A Lie, the 21 Questions game, Thought-provoking questions game, and much more.

In this article, we will cover:

  • Improv games for kids
  • Easy improv games for beginners
  • Good improv games for small groups
  • Best improv games for large groups
  • Fun improv games for team building
  • Zoom improv games

Let's get started!

Improv Games For Kids

1. One Word Story 

This can be an apt improv warm up game for kids since it is fun and easy. In this game, simply make all the kids stand in a circle and give them a word. For example, if the word is ‘fast food’, then each of them needs to say one word related to it like 'French Fries'. The next kid has to speak out a word that connects well with the previous word which is French Fries. The game gives the feeling of listening to a story that is connected to the main word. You'll be surprised where this game leads you to!

2. Freeze Tag

Freeze games are pretty popular within improv games used to practice spontaneity, creativity, and quick thinking. In this game, two kids come forward and start enacting a scene. Anyone can yell "Freeze!" causing the actors to hold their pose and 'freeze' instantly. The player who shouts 'Freeze!' comes in and takes over their position. Then the new player must do a new scene inspired by that position. This cycle repeats with players initiating scenarios from the same physical cues.

3. 1-10 Energy Game

The 1-10 Energy Game boosts kids' energy in a fun way. Have the kids form a circle and start in a squat. Taking turns, they count from 1 to 10. The twist? As they count higher, they slowly stand up from the squat. Their voices start soft at 1 and grow louder with each number, reaching maximum volume and energy at 10, when they're fully standing. It's a playful way to get kids moving and increase their energy, mixing counting, movement, and voice control into one exciting activity.

4. Count Your Words

"Count Your Words" is a great improv game for teens and middle schoolers. In this game, each player is assigned a random number that dictates how many words they can say at a time. For example, if a player gets the number 4, they must express their thoughts in exactly 4 words. To make things interesting, set a quick timer, either 5 or 10 seconds for each player's turn. Anyone who takes too long is out of the game. For an extra challenge, introduce a "central word." Players then have to link their phrases back to this word, making connections and keeping the conversation flowing. This game sharpens quick thinking, word choice, and creativity, perfect for budding improvisers.

So these are some improv exercises that kids can try out.

Easy Improv Games For Beginners

5. Knight, Horse, and Cavalier

Knight, Horse, and Cavalier is a lively game perfect for warming up before more intense improv activities. Think of it as a twist on "Simon Says," but you'll need a partner to play. A moderator calls out one of three commands: "Knight," "Horse," or "Cavalier," and you and your partner quickly act them out:

  • Knight: One partner kneels on one knee, while the other sits on that knee, arm raised as if wielding a sword.
  • Horse: One partner gets on all fours to become the "horse," and the other sits on their back.
  • Cavalier: Similar to "Knight," but with a slight variation in the pose as decided by the game.

This game is all about speed and agility, making it a great icebreaker or warm-up. It encourages teamwork, quick thinking, and a lot of laughs, setting the stage for a fun session of improv games.

6. Questions Only

Questions Only is a game wherein players chat using only questions. It might sound tricky, but it's definitely doable and a lot of fun. Here’s how it rolls: two or more players engage in a conversation, but every response must be a question.

Player 1: Did you check out the new Walmart store?

Player 2: Is that the one next to the pizza shop?

Player 1:  Why haven’t noticed the new Walmart store next to the pizza shop?

Player 2: Do you ever notice anything around you while feasting on a pizza?

This back-and-forth continues, with each player trying to keep the conversation flowing. The challenge is to see how long you can keep the question-based dialogue going, making it an entertaining way to sharpen your wit.

7. The Mirroring Game

The Mirroring Game is all about copying your partner without talking. Players team up in pairs and stand facing each other. One person starts doing movements, and the other person tries to copy them exactly at the same time, like looking into a mirror. A person watching the game, called the moderator, can suddenly say it's time to switch. Now, the person who was copying has to lead, and the leader becomes the copier. It’s a fun game to get people moving and paying attention to each other, perfect as an improv warm-up game.

8. Two Truths And A Lie

In the Two Truths and a Lie game, players share three statements about themselves: two are true, and one is a lie. The challenge? Guess which one is the lie. It sounds easy, but it can be tricky if the statements are cleverly crafted. This game is great for beginners in improv and helps test how good you are at spotting the truth and bluffing.

Good Improv Games for Small Groups

9. You’re Fired 

"You’re Fired" is a fun improv game that tests your acting skills. You need at least four people to play. One plays the boss, and the others are employees. Here’s the twist: one employee is late, and the others must explain why to the boss. When the late employee arrives, they must guess the excuse their coworkers made up, based on their mimes, and tell it to the boss. If the boss hears the same excuse, the late employee keeps their job. If not, they're fired. Players then switch roles. It's a great game for quick thinking and acting, perfect for adults and theater fans!

Best Improv Games for Large Groups

10. Cow, Alien Tiger

Everyone stands in a circle, and when the game starts, you choose to be a cow, an alien, or a tiger. If you're a cow, put your hands on your tummy to mimic udders and say "Moo". Choose to be an alien? Stick your fingers up like antennae and go "Bleep Bleep". If you're a tiger, show your claws and roar. The game checks who picked what, and the group with the fewest players gets out. It's all about making quick choices and having a laugh with friends.

11. Rumor Game

Some people can be really good when it comes to spreading rumors in real life. But how well can anyone generate rumors as a part of an improv activity?

Players stand in a circle, and one starts with "Did you hear about ___," making up a fun rumor. The next person adds to the story, and everyone laughs. Then, the next player starts a new rumor, and it keeps going around. For example, one might say, "Did you hear about Jane’s cat having colorful kittens?" and another adds, "Yes, and one looks like a tiger!" The game is great for any group size, but the more people, the merrier, as each adds their twist, making the rumors wilder and the game more fun.

12. It’s Time To Party

This is a perfect example of a theatre improv game. One person is chosen to be the host and is asked to step out for a while. The rest are guests, each assigned a unique character by a moderator or the audience. Guests enter the party one by one, interacting with the host and others while embodying their characters. The host's challenge? To guess who each guest is pretending to be. Characters can range from a tipsy Prince Charles, a forgetful Bill Clinton, to Dwayne Johnson showing off his muscles. The more guests and creative characters, the merrier the game becomes, making for a fun-filled improv experience.

13. 1 to 21 Game

Players need to play this improv game with their eyes closed!

Ask the players to form a circle and close their eyes. Now every member has to pick a number from 1 to 21. The counting can start from any random player. Now here comes the fun part. Two players can call out the same number simultaneously. There are high chances for this to happen since players have their eyes closed. If such a thing happens, then everyone needs to start from 1. It's a fun game of luck and timing, making it a great icebreaker or warm-up activity.

Fun Improv Games for Team Building

14. "Yes, And..."

The "Yes, And..." game is a fun way to practice listening and adding to what others say. In it, two or more people talk about something, but they must start every reply with "Yes, and..." to add to the previous point. This keeps the chat flowing and builds up the conversation. For instance, if planning a beach day, one might say, "Let's not forget the beach ball," and the next could add, "Yes, and let's pack a picnic too." It’s great for agreeing and expanding on ideas, making it perfect for groups to play and get creative together.

15. Red Ball

The main goal of this game is to check the concentration and focus levels of every participant. This game also inculcates collaboration among group members. In this game, there is no actual red ball. The players need to imagine that they have a red ball in their hand which they continue to pass from one person to another. 

Any player can start and throw an imaginary red ball towards another participant by saying “Red Ball”. In return, the person receiving the imaginary ball responds by saying “Thank You”. Then this person has to pass it on to someone else in a similar manner. Remember, eye contact is extremely important here.

16. Word Ball

"Word Ball" is a fun improv game perfect for a group of 5 to 10 people. It starts with one player saying a random word. The next person then says a word that's related to the first one. The game keeps going like this, with each word somehow linked to the previous. For example, it might start with "Apple" and move to "Fruit," then "Healthy," and so on, ending up at "Water." The goal is to see how long you can keep the chain going without repeating words. It's a great way to warm up and get creative with connections.

17. Last Word, First Word

The game starts when a player makes a statement. Then the next player has to make another statement with the last word of the statement said by the first player. This keeps going until someone can't make a new statement. To spice it up, each player gets 20-30 seconds to think of something. It's a fun challenge to see how long the chain can last!

P1: I love to travel.

P2: Travel is the best way to find solace.

P3: Solace is the most precious asset in this world.

P4: World leaders should work together to make it a better place to live.

P5: Live your life on your own terms. 

The above game also tests quick thinking and listening skills. So, how long do you think you and your team can go on with this one?

18. Family Portrait

This game is best played in a large group of 15-20 people.

Divide your team into groups of 3, 4, or even 5 members. Call out the name of a type of family and mention any specific requirement like “Family with two dads”. Each group has to create a freeze-frame of that family in just ten seconds. The family should include different age-groups including children, adults and grandparents to make it more realistic.

For instance, one group could be given to portray a “Happy Family”, another group could be given to portray the “Addams Family” and so on. It will be fun to watch every group portray different expressions.

Zoom Improv Games

19. Alphabet

This game is perfect for both offline and online play, making it a great choice for Zoom gatherings. It's simple: players take turns creating sentences in alphabetical order. The first person starts with a letter A, the next with B, and so on. But here's a fun twist: make your sentences connect to each other, weaving a sort of story or conversation. This way, someone listening without focusing on the starting letters might still hear a coherent tale.

For example:

  • P1: "Albert Einstein was one of the greatest scientists the world has had."
  • P2: "Before Einstein, even Galileo and others explored the theory of relativity."
  • P3: "Credits have been given to Einstein only for his theory of relativity. Why so?"
  • P4: "Defining the relativity theory was definitely not easy."
  • P5: "Einstein’s definition of relativity explains all the principles of the subject in depth."

Give this game a try during your next virtual meet-up or in person. It's not only a blast but also sharpens your quick-thinking skills!

20. "Change!"

"Change!" is an exciting game that really tests your ability to adapt and think on the fly. Here’s how it works: two people start acting out a scene from a scenario given by the host or the audience. At any moment, anyone watching can shout "Change!" The person speaking at that time must immediately stop and switch their last sentence to something totally new and different. This keeps the scene lively and unpredictable, as it evolves with each new twist. It's a fantastic way to foster creativity and quick thinking.


These improv games can help you engage kids, adults, or even your coworkers in a fun and gripping way. And to make things easier for you, we have listed a few improv warm-up games as well. These activities boost your confidence and get you ready for the main act. Don’t worry even if you are a beginner in these activities. As time progresses, you will get used to playing such games and enjoying them!


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FAQ: Improv Games & Exercises

What are improv games?

Improv games are acting-based activities that enhance your thinking skills and enable you to put up spontaneous acts. They require you to think on the spot and act out a particular situation.

What are some improv exercises for business?

These are some good improv exercises for business:

  • Problem and Solution: One person presents a problem while another one has to provide a solution to the problem.
  • Club Gesture: An icebreaker game where your actions and gestures need to be guessed correctly by other participants.
  • Phone A Friend: Two participants put on an act of communicating with each other over the phone. It helps in building communication skills.

What are the best improv games for adults?

Some of the best improv games for adults include:

  • Questions Only: Players have to communicate only by questions.
  • Magic Box: Participants need to take out an object from a box and state something that connects them with that object.
  • Hypeman: A team collaboration exercise where each participant needs to exaggerate about his/her team members.
  • Human Machine: This is another teamwork exercise where every group member gets together to form a robot (by behaving like a robot’s body part).
  • Non-verbal improv: Players need to communicate using actions.
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