20 Ideas for Office Gifts that your Staff will Love

Best office gift ideas for Christmas, Halloween or the Holiday season Gift exchange. Show your appreciation and gratitude to your co-workers with these coworker gift ideas.

Spending time with co-workers seems a bit different and challenging, isn’t it? While some of you might have gone back to work, others have only communicated with their co-workers through a video call on Zoom or everyday Slack messages. This means it's been more difficult than ever to get to know your co-workers well this year, which can make sending gifts such as Christmas present purchasing even more difficult. 

Of course, gift cards seem to be the safest option out there, but it can also seem impersonal and then, of course, comes the question of ‘How much’. Moreover, gift cards might not seem appropriate for someone you might work closely with, especially someone like your manager. Gifts can be a great way to show appreciation and strengthen your bond with your co-worker.

Having said that, however much you wish to spend on office gifts for staff, there's no need to worry, we’ve got you covered. This article will give you 20 ideas for office holiday gifts and would answer the question - Are office gifts tax-deductible?

Table Of Contents


  1. Work Fro Home Bundle
  2. Sips And Snack Box
  3. UV Phone Sanitizer & Charger PhoneSoap
  4. Eye Masks Made Of Cashmere
  5. Ceremonial Badge Session on Zoom
  6. Luxury Spa Box for Employee Appreciation
  7. Vacuum your desk
  8. Hario Cold Brew Bottle
  9. North Face Fleece Touchscreen Gloves
  10. Bags and Laptop Sleeves By Incase
  11. Memory Foam Foot Rest for Longevity
  12. Espresso Maker on the Go by Wacaco
  13. Candle For The Golden Hour
  14. Digital Picture Frames by Aura
  15. Echo Dot
  16. Money Tree by Bloomscape 
  17. Tech Lover’s Box by Caroo
  18. Bottle with Built-In Fruit Infuser
  19. W&P Portable Lunch Bowl
  20. SmartDevil Air Circulator Fan 



20 Best Gifts Ideas for Employee Appreciation and Gratitude

Look through the categories below to find the best office gifts for staff and office manager gifts.

1) Work From Home Bundle

Price - Customizable

Great for - Remote work gifts or hybrid gifts

You can create your own combo of small gifts that will make Work From Home even more fun! These gifts also work great for hybrid workplaces that have a dedicated desk.

You can create your own Work from home box with Pressed flowers desk mat, rainbow pencil set, luxurious good vibes candle and a lovely mug. Another option is to go for the remote work gift box with a journal, Tech kit, Pocket Lattes and personalized handwritten card, Fun, isn’t it?

2) Sips And Snack Box

Price - $100

Great for - Luxury gift for co-workers

What exactly is it? A lovely gift package filled with high-quality chocolates, tasty nibbles, herbal tea and coffee by Sipsnack shop. This employee present will be appreciated by your employees when they are snuggled up around a warm fire or on a cozy couch.

The ideal mix of a herbal tea and coffee will complement the luscious richness of bakery cookies, artisanal chocolates and lovely treats.

3) UV Phone Sanitizer & Charger by PhoneSoap

Price - $79.95

Great for - Highly functional, luxury gift

PhoneSoap will maintain your employees' phones sanitary by killing germs using UV-C light. Alarms and alerts may also be heard, thanks to the built-in sonic speaker. It takes 10 minutes to sanitize your mobile or small gear.

4) Eye Masks Made Of Cashmere

Price - $35

Great for - Caffeine addicts!

A good night's sleep implies a more productive day the next day, making an eye mask a win-win situation for both, you and your co-workers. This cashmere mask by Naked Cashmere is lined with silk and very soft on the face, will hide out the sunlight and enable you to sleep peacefully and comfortably. This is the ideal office holiday gifts idea to have a comfortable and long night’s sleep, especially for frequent travelers on airplanes. Looking for more cashmere masks? You can take a look at Etsy’s collection.

5) Ceremonial Badge Session on Zoom

Price - Varies for physical/ digital badges

Great for - A great team appreciation session

Want to reward someone for a good job done? While a “Good job” remark feels great, having some more recognition tied to our work can go a long way in recognizing employee efforts. A physical trophy might not always be possible. So why not do something more fun, like having a ceremonial badge given to employees over a Zoom call with the team? This will be very effective and fun for everyone in the company!

6) Luxury Spa Box For Employee Appreciation

Price - Starts from 38.90

Great for - A Spa Day at home

You can’t leave your home and go to the Spa during the pandemic, so why not bring the spa at home? The You Are Amazing Spa Gift Box set is made with all-natural, organic components. It comes in a variety of lovely fragrances, as well as a selection of deliciously luxurious self-care items that you can customise.

7) Vacuum Your Desk

Price - $14.95

Great for - Budget and functional gifts

It is, without a doubt, a very handy tool for a quick clean. The FineInno Mini Crumb Vacuum Cleaner is designed specifically for individuals who enjoy keeping their office neat and tidy. It is small and handy, so it allows us to reach all the hard-to-reach areas - under the displays, and between the keys on the keyboard.

8) Hario Cold Brew Bottle

Price - $35

Great for - Caffeine addicts!

Yes, we all love coffee and more so a cold brew. Say hello to Hario cold brew bottle that is perfect for carrying your cold brew along. Just prepare your coffee and keep it overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning, simply take out the filter and off you go!

9) North Face Fleece Touchscreen Gloves 

Price - Starts from $35

Great for - People who are always cold, skii or outdoor trips during winter

The North Face is a master of warm yet practical winter clothing. As the cold weather rolls in, skiing trips are bound to happen and no one wants to take their gloves off to receive a call or send a quick text. So what’s the best way to keep using your phone while protecting their hands from freezing? The North Face Touchscreen gloves allow people to send a quick text or check their email without having to wrestle off their mittens and face the cold weather.

These gloves include smartphone-accessible fingers and a textured palm grip that promises to let you grasp onto gadgets even in the slickest of circumstances. If you are looking for a more cost-effective pair of gloves, you can take a look at these USB heated gloves for working indoors.

10) Bags and Laptop Sleeves By Incase

Price - Starts from $14.99

Great for - Well-designed corporate gifts

Incase creates tough-yet-stylish backpacks and laptop cases that make great work anniversary gifts. The City Brief is an extremely adaptable option because it may be used to transport a laptop, tech accessories, critical business papers, or personal things.

Its fleece-lined pockets keep items clean and protected from dirt and harm. The bag also has compartments for easy access to necessities and is available in a stylish toned gray or plain black. Incase bags may endure for years if properly cared for.

11) Memory Foam Foot Rest for Longevity

Price - $32.95

Great for - Comfort during work

We all sit at our work desk for the majority of our waking hours. Why not gift one to your co-worker for extra comfort during work hours? The Memory Foam Foot Rest by Everlasting Comfort reduces pressure and improves circulation throughout your feet, legs, hips, and lower back.

12) Espresso Maker on the Go by Wacaco

Price - $32.95

Great for - Hybrid teams and travel enthusiasts

With this excellent coffee maker by Wacaco on your desk, you'll be able to make a hot cup of espresso whenever you want. It will taste exactly like the one from your favorite coffee shop, but without having to go there physically. This coffee maker weighs less than half a pound and does not require filters, making cleanup a joy.

13) Candle For The Golden Hour

Price - $24

Great for - Self care

Even the most committed employees might find the 9-5 grind tedious, but the Golden Hour candle will offer them something to look forward to. This lovely candle, named after the time of day when the sun begins to set, is scented with Citrus, Wheat, and Gold Flower.

14) Digital Picture Frames by Aura

Price - Starts from $179

Great for - A heart-warming gift to a close co-worker

With the Aura digital frame, co-workers can simply connect their device and transmit photographs, no matter where they are. When you order a picture frame, you can preload it with photos, and add a gift message for your co-worker.

It is a great addition for their work desk, with an auto‑dimming screen that wakes each morning and goes to sleep at night. 

15) Echo Dot by Amazon

Price - Starts from $24.99

Great for - Employees working remote

The Amazon Alexa Echo dot is a popular gift option because of how compact it is. The Echo Dot collaborates with the digital assistant to do voice-activated activities like playing music, checking the weather, reading the news, or even changing the thermostat in a suitable Smart Home. This is one of the best ideas for office gifts for staff.

16) Money Tree by Bloomscape

Price - Starts from $24.99

Great for - Thoughtful and personal gift for a close co-worker

The money tree is an absolutely fantastic gift for anyone to add some green in their workspace. It looks beautiful and is believed to bring positive energy and good luck to the owner. It is also known to relieve stress and anxiety and makes for a beautiful indoor plant. 

17) Tech Lover’s Box by Caroo

Price - Take this quiz and get a quote

Great for - Customizable boxes for Tech lovers

What exactly is it? The Tech Lovers Box is the ideal office holiday gift for employees who want to stay in touch. Why workers adore this holiday present the most is because it comes with a cable organizer, colored glasses to protect the eyes from the harmful effects of excessive screen time, a leather mouse pad, compact chargers, and much more. Tech enthusiasts will be more than happy with this high-tech gift box.

18) Bottle with Built-In Fruit Infuser 

Price - Starts from $19.95

Great for - Customizable and unique gift that anyone will love

Add your favourite fruit and turn your water or cold drink into fruity goodness with this fruit infuser. It is absolutely fantastic idea for long commutes and for giving your drink a healthy twist.

19) W&P Portable Lunch Bowl

Price - Starts from $20

Great for - Hybrid gifts for employees who love to pack a lunch

Bringing your lunch to work may become monotonous, especially if you end up eating the same meals every day. Fill the W&P lunch bowl with various meals, including soup, salads, and even spaghetti. 

PRO TIP: It is not leak-proof, so be sure to carry liquids separately!

Choose from ceramic and plastic options and you'll spice up your meals while lowering your carbon footprint.

20) SmartDevil Air Circulator Fan

Place the SmarDevil fan on your desk to provide proper air circulation on your own workstation. It's little enough that you won't even know it's there. It features two speeds and a manual rotating base, allowing you to adjust the fan to your liking. 


The gifts on this list are what we believe to be the best office gifts for staff. However, similar products are available at a variety of pricing ranges. When choosing a present, the most crucial aspect to consider is the intent behind the gift. Office gifts are a great way to show appreciation, onboard a new employee, or celebrate a big milestone at work. A thoughtful gift can make your co-workers feel extremely appreciated and can be a great morale booster.

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Q1) What are employee gifts?

Employee gifts are thoughtful items given to coworkers to honor holidays, birthdays, accomplishments, work anniversaries, and other special occasions. Gifts are also often used by employers to enhance workplace satisfaction and improve employee engagement.

Q2) What is the significance of employee gifts?

Gifts are one way to show gratitude and appreciation at work. You can build trust and rapport with your staff by thanking them for their time and work with gifts and nice gestures. Presents demonstrate your care and commitment, motivating workers to appreciate their time with you and the firm.

Q3) Are office gifts tax-deductible?

The question are office gifts tax-deductible implies that all cash or gift cards convertible to cash are taxed to the employee, even if it is a Christmas present.

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