20 Employee Gifts ideas that your Staff will Love

Best office gift ideas for Christmas, Halloween or the Holiday season Gift exchange. Show your appreciation and gratitude to your co-workers with these coworker gift ideas.

Spending time with co-workers seems a bit different and challenging, isn’t it? While some of you might have gone back to work, others have only communicated with their co-workers through a video call on Zoom or everyday Slack messages. This means it's been more difficult than ever to get to know your co-workers well this year, which can make sending gifts such as Christmas present purchasing even more difficult. 

Of course, gift cards seem to be the safest option out there, but it can also seem impersonal and then, of course, comes the question of ‘How much’. Moreover, gift cards might not seem appropriate for someone you might work closely with, especially someone like your manager. Gifts can be a great way to show appreciation and strengthen your bond with your co-worker.

Having said that, however much you wish to spend on office gifts for staff, there's no need to worry, we’ve got you covered. This article will give you 20 ideas for office holiday gifts and would answer the question - Are office gifts tax-deductible?

In this article, we have covered:
  1. Work Fro Home Bundle
  2. Sips And Snack Box
  3. UV Phone Sanitizer & Charger PhoneSoap
  4. Eye Masks Made Of Cashmere
  5. Ceremonial Badge Session on Zoom
  6. Luxury Spa Box for Employee Appreciation
  7. Vacuum your desk
  8. Hario Cold Brew Bottle
  9. North Face Fleece Touchscreen Gloves
  10. Bags and Laptop Sleeves By Incase
  11. Memory Foam Foot Rest for Longevity
  12. Espresso Maker on the Go by Wacaco
  13. Candle For The Golden Hour
  14. Digital Picture Frames by Aura
  15. Echo Dot
  16. Money Tree by Bloomscape 
  17. Tech Lover’s Box by Caroo
  18. Bottle with Built-In Fruit Infuser
  19. W&P Portable Lunch Bowl
  20. SmartDevil Air Circulator Fan 

20 Best Gifts Ideas for Employee Appreciation and Gratitude

Look through the categories below to find the best office gifts for staff and office manager gifts.

1. Work From Home Bundle

Price - Customizable

Great for - Remote work gifts or hybrid gifts

You can create your own combo of small gifts that will make Work From Home even more fun! These gifts also work great for hybrid workplaces that have a dedicated desk.

You can create your own Work from home box with Pressed flowers desk mat, rainbow pencil set, luxurious good vibes candle and a lovely mug. Another option is to go for the remote work gift box with a journal, Tech kit, Pocket Lattes and personalized handwritten card, Fun, isn’t it?

2. Sips And Snack Box

Price - $100

Great for - Luxury gift for co-workers

What exactly is it? A lovely gift package filled with high-quality chocolates, tasty nibbles, herbal tea and coffee by Sipsnack shop. This employee present will be appreciated by your employees when they are snuggled up around a warm fire or on a cozy couch.

The ideal mix of a herbal tea and coffee will complement the luscious richness of bakery cookies, artisanal chocolates and lovely treats.

3. UV Phone Sanitizer & Charger by PhoneSoap

Price - $79.95

Great for - Highly functional, luxury gift

PhoneSoap will maintain your employees' phones sanitary by killing germs using UV-C light. Alarms and alerts may also be heard, thanks to the built-in sonic speaker. It takes 10 minutes to sanitize your mobile or small gear.

4. Eye Masks Made Of Cashmere

Price - $35

Great for - Caffeine addicts!

A good night's sleep implies a more productive day the next day, making an eye mask a win-win situation for both, you and your co-workers. This cashmere mask by Naked Cashmere is lined with silk and very soft on the face, will hide out the sunlight and enable you to sleep peacefully and comfortably. This is the ideal office holiday gifts idea to have a comfortable and long night’s sleep, especially for frequent travelers on airplanes. Looking for more cashmere masks? You can take a look at Etsy’s collection.

5. Ceremonial Badge Session on Zoom

Price - Varies for physical/ digital badges

Great for - A great team appreciation session

Want to reward someone for a good job done? While a “Good job” remark feels great, having some more recognition tied to our work can go a long way in recognizing employee efforts. A physical trophy might not always be possible. So why not do something more fun, like having a ceremonial badge given to employees over a Zoom call with the team? This will be very effective and fun for everyone in the company!

6. Luxury Spa Box For Employee Appreciation

Price - Starts from 38.90

Great for - A Spa Day at home

You can’t leave your home and go to the Spa during the pandemic, so why not bring the spa at home? The You Are Amazing Spa Gift Box set is made with all-natural, organic components. It comes in a variety of lovely fragrances, as well as a selection of deliciously luxurious self-care items that you can customise.

7. Vacuum Your Desk

Price - $14.95

Great for - Budget and functional gifts

It is, without a doubt, a very handy tool for a quick clean. The FineInno Mini Crumb Vacuum Cleaner is designed specifically for individuals who enjoy keeping their office neat and tidy. It is small and handy, so it allows us to reach all the hard-to-reach areas - under the displays, and between the keys on the keyboard.

8. Hario Cold Brew Bottle

Price - $35

Great for - Caffeine addicts!

Yes, we all love coffee and more so a cold brew. Say hello to Hario cold brew bottle that is perfect for carrying your cold brew along. Just prepare your coffee and keep it overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning, simply take out the filter and off you go!

9. North Face Fleece Touchscreen Gloves 

Price - Starts from $35

Great for - People who are always cold, skii or outdoor trips during winterThe North Face is a master of warm yet practical winter clothing. As the cold weather rolls in, skiing trips are bound to happen and no one wants to take their gloves off to receive a call or send a quick text. So what’s the best way to keep using your phone while protecting their hands from freezing? The North Face Touchscreen gloves allow people to send a quick text or check their email without having to wrestle off their mittens and face the cold weather.

These gloves include smartphone-accessible fingers and a textured palm grip that promises to let you grasp onto gadgets even in the slickest of circumstances. If you are looking for a more cost-effective pair of gloves, you can take a look at these USB heated gloves for working indoors.

10. Bags and Laptop Sleeves By Incase

Price - Starts from $14.99

Great for - Well-designed corporate gifts

Incase creates tough-yet-stylish backpacks and laptop cases that make great work anniversary gifts. The City Brief is an extremely adaptable option because it may be used to transport a laptop, tech accessories, critical business papers, or personal things.

Its fleece-lined pockets keep items clean and protected from dirt and harm. The bag also has compartments for easy access to necessities and is available in a stylish toned gray or plain black. Incase bags may endure for years if properly cared for.

11. Memory Foam Foot Rest for Longevity

Price - $32.95

Great for - Comfort during work

We all sit at our work desk for the majority of our waking hours. Why not gift one to your co-worker for extra comfort during work hours? The Memory Foam Foot Rest by Everlasting Comfort reduces pressure and improves circulation throughout your feet, legs, hips, and lower back.

12. Espresso Maker on the Go by Wacaco

Price - $32.95

Great for - Hybrid teams and travel enthusiasts

With this excellent coffee maker by Wacaco on your desk, you'll be able to make a hot cup of espresso whenever you want. It will taste exactly like the one from your favorite coffee shop, but without having to go there physically. This coffee maker weighs less than half a pound and does not require filters, making cleanup a joy.

13. Candle For The Golden Hour

Price - $24

Great for - Self care

Even the most committed employees might find the 9-5 grind tedious, but the Golden Hour candle will offer them something to look forward to. This lovely candle, named after the time of day when the sun begins to set, is scented with Citrus, Wheat, and Gold Flower.

14. Digital Picture Frames by Aura

Price - Starts from $179

Great for - A heart-warming gift to a close co-worker

With the Aura digital frame, co-workers can simply connect their device and transmit photographs, no matter where they are. When you order a picture frame, you can preload it with photos, and add a gift message for your co-worker.

It is a great addition for their work desk, with an auto‑dimming screen that wakes each morning and goes to sleep at night. 

15. Echo Dot by Amazon

Price - Starts from $24.99

Great for - Employees working remote

The Amazon Alexa Echo dot is a popular gift option because of how compact it is. The Echo Dot collaborates with the digital assistant to do voice-activated activities like playing music, checking the weather, reading the news, or even changing the thermostat in a suitable Smart Home. This is one of the best ideas for office gifts for staff.

16. Money Tree by Bloomscape

Price - Starts from $24.99

Great for - Thoughtful and personal gift for a close co-worker

The money tree is an absolutely fantastic gift for anyone to add some green in their workspace. It looks beautiful and is believed to bring positive energy and good luck to the owner. It is also known to relieve stress and anxiety and makes for a beautiful indoor plant. 

17. Tech Lover’s Box by Caroo

Price - Take this quiz and get a quote

Great for - Customizable boxes for Tech lovers

What exactly is it? The Tech Lovers Box is the ideal office holiday gift for employees who want to stay in touch. Why workers adore this holiday present the most is because it comes with a cable organizer, colored glasses to protect the eyes from the harmful effects of excessive screen time, a leather mouse pad, compact chargers, and much more. Tech enthusiasts will be more than happy with this high-tech gift box.

18. Bottle with Built-In Fruit Infuser 

Price - Starts from $19.95

Great for - Customizable and unique gift that anyone will love

Add your favourite fruit and turn your water or cold drink into fruity goodness with this fruit infuser. It is absolutely fantastic idea for long commutes and for giving your drink a healthy twist.

19. W&P Portable Lunch Bowl

Price - Starts from $20

Great for - Hybrid gifts for employees who love to pack a lunch

Bringing your lunch to work may become monotonous, especially if you end up eating the same meals every day. Fill the W&P lunch bowl with various meals, including soup, salads, and even spaghetti. 

PRO TIP: It is not leak-proof, so be sure to carry liquids separately!

Choose from ceramic and plastic options and you'll spice up your meals while lowering your carbon footprint.

20. SmartDevil Air Circulator Fan

Place the SmarDevil fan on your desk to provide proper air circulation on your own workstation. It's little enough that you won't even know it's there. It features two speeds and a manual rotating base, allowing you to adjust the fan to your liking. 

Best Staff Gifts

If you want to gift your employees on any special occasion or make them feel special, you can choose to give any of the following items as a lovely present. Since Christmas and New Year are around the corner, some of these gifts would be ideal for these occasions. Take a look.

1. 2023 Desk Calendar by Rifle Paper Co.

Price - $14.40

Great For - Staff Gifts

Now that New Year is around the corner, Rifle Paper Co. has brought out this lovely desk calendar for 2023. If you are planning on gifting something to all your employees, this is one of the best gifts you could think of. Apart from adding a lovely look to your workplace desk, calendars also keep reminding you of your goals, timelines, and all important days and events that are lined up for you in the coming year. Check this out at Rifle Paper Co. 

2. Social Stationery Set from Rifle Paper Co.

Price - $22.00

Great for - Staff gifting. Can also be a gift for a colleague’s birthday.

This is another lovely piece brought out by Rifle Paper Co. It comes with 12 notes and envelopes. This stationery set can be used for preparing greetings or thank you cards. The set comes with 2 different designs, each six in number. All of these are packed into a box having a similar cover design.

3. Zonon 12-pen set with Inspirational Quotes

Price - $14.49

Great for - Staff gifts. It can be presented to a team member as a token of appreciation.

Zonon has brought out this beautiful 12-pen set. Each of these pens is inscribed with a motivational quote, giving you a daily reminder of your goals. Each pen consists of a stylus tip. Therefore, you can use it to work on your phone screen, thereby increasing your convenience.

The pens are made of a metallic body. Each pen measures 14.3 cm in length and 1 cm in diameter. They come with a good grip, thereby making it easy for us to write. Moreover, the pen set comes in a completely black color set or even assorted colors.

4. Joy 2023 Planner at Papier

Price - $32

Great for - An ideal staff gift item for Christmas and New Year.

How many of us make New Year's Resolutions but tend to forget them within a month of creating them? Well, this 2023 Papier Planner brought out by Joy will ensure that you remember your resolutions throughout the year. This one is a lovely planner where you can jot down your resolutions and also make notes regarding important events or things you need to do.

The planner cover is available in a wide range of colors including black, green, pink, beige, blue, and many more. You can check out this product at Papier.

5. Beanie Wine Stoppers

Price - $15.90

Great for - Wine lovers, Christmas Present



Do you want your wine to remain fresh and retain its flavors once you’ve opened the bottle? Then these wine stoppers by Monkey Business are for you. Not just wine bottles, you can also use them to seal your alcohol bottles, champagne bottles, or even non-alcoholic drinks. Made of silicone, these bottle caps can fit bottles of different sizes. Each box has a set of 2 bottle stoppers - Red and Gray.

6. Harry and David’s Holiday Evergreen Festive Sweets Tower


Price - $24.49

Great for - A ‘sweet’ gift for the holiday season

With the holiday season approaching, there cannot be a better way to wish your employees than gifting them this ‘sweet tower’ containing varieties of goodies. Every set comes with Pomegranate Puffs (2.2 oz), Piroulin® Dark Chocolate Wafer Rolls (3.25 oz), Truffettes de France® Chocolate Truffles (0.526 oz), Chocolate Crème Sandwich Cookies (5oz), The Popcorn Factory® Kettle Popcorn (6 oz).

Chocolate lovers would truly gorge on these goodies!

7. Twin pack Socks Gift Set from Happy Socks


Price - $32.00 

Great for - Appreciation gift, Christmas gift


These socks from Happy Socks are sure to keep your feet warm this winter. Also, these socks have a festive touch making them an add-on to your Christmas apparel. Made from cotton (86%), polyamide (12%) and elastane (2%).

8. Ornate Snowflake 3-Wick Candle Holder

Price  - $7.47

Great for - Staff gifting purposes, home decor lovers


This 3-Wick Candle Holder not only houses your 3-wick candle, it also adds that beautiful look and aura to your living room. Its exterior consists of a delicate gold-finished design with a pearl touch up which makes it a beautiful piece of home decor.

9. Motivational Silicone Wristbands and Keychain Bracelets from Sureio

Price - $8.99

Sureio has brought in a complete set of 12 keychains, each having a unique quote, and 12 wristbands with motivational quotes printed on them. People who own these beautiful pieces feel a sense of positivity coming over them. The wristbands are made such that they can fit most people. You can use these keychains for either your car keys or your house keys or you can simply hang them in a suitable place in your living room, where it is visible. 

Both the wristbands and keychains are made of silicone rubber material, making them soft and sturdy. When used and taken care of properly, these are quite long-lasting.

The wristbands and keychains come in a completely black color as well as different colors. This material is quite good to be worn on your wrists. 

10. “You Make a Difference” Lined Journal

Price - $6.96

Great For - Appreciation Gifts, Christmas and New Year Gift

If you want to make your employees or team members feel special, then this can be another gift. A journal with the following printed on its cover “You Make A Difference Thank You For Your Hard Work and Dedication” made by Diana Creations can be a good appreciation gift or a Christmas gift for your staff members. 

It contains about 100+ pages of supreme quality white paper with lines printed on it, making it a perfect item to be carried in meetings and conferences. It is also a good piece to jot down new ideas and write down your daily goals. One can even make a note of their New Year Resolutions in this journal.

Best Coworker Gifts

If you need to reward or show appreciation towards your team member, gift them on their birthday or a holiday, then we have sorted out some of the best coworker gifts for you. 

1. ComfiLife Gel-based Seat Cushion 

Price - $47.95

Great For - People sitting on chairs for long hours; can be used during driving as well.

If you are really concerned about your team member’s health, then this is the best gift you can think of. ComfiLife has manufactured this seat cushion that has a solution to lower back problems, sciatica, herniated disc, tailbone issues, and other problems related to the spinal cord. Made of very good quality memory foam topped by a layer of gel, this product is

designed with the intent to provide the best level of comfort to the user while providing posture correction as well.

This seat cushion can also be used when driving long distances or for hours. The seat cushion comes with a washable cover. This product is available in Gray, Black, and Navy Blue. Prices may vary as per the choice of color. This product is available on Amazon.

2. Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker with IPX5 Waterproofing

Price - $23.89

Great For - A coworker who is a music lover or plays the role of an office DJ, can be an ideal birthday or Christmas gift.

Anker has designed this lovely Bluetooth speaker that has an amazing sound quality upgraded by its in-built BassUp technology. The only thing you need to ensure

is a good Bluetooth range, the rest of it is sorted. You can connect this speaker to your Android or iPhone and enjoy your favorite music for as long as you want, thanks to its high-grade battery life. It is covered with an IPX5-rated casing, offering complete water protection. Hence, do not worry if you accidentally spill water over the speaker. 

The speaker is quite light in weight, making it easy for you to carry it wherever you want to. So the next time you are having a party outside your house, then do not worry about the party music. Anker’s Bluetooth speaker is here for you. You can order this product either from Amazon or Walmart. However, the price is a little higher at Walmart.

3. Rose Agate Bottle

Price -  $35 (17oz), $45 (25oz)

Great for - Keeping water either hot or cold for hours, can be an ideal birthday gift for a close colleague

The Rose Agate Bottle from S’well will maintain the temperature of water within it. Hence your hot water remains hot for hours and the same goes for cold water too. Thus, you can enjoy those sips of warm or hot water during those harsh winters and drink cool water during scorching summers.

How is this achieved? The Rose Agate comes with three layers of insulation. Moreover, there is absolutely no condensation. Hence, you can keep this bottle filled with cold water in your handbag without any worry about your bag getting wet. The time frame for which your water remains hot or cold is dependent on its size.

A gift of this sort would be a reminder to your coworker to sip water at frequent intervals while at work, which is good for health.

4. Secret Santa Gift Box

 Price - $49.99

 Great for - Can be a ‘sweet’ and a lovely Christmas gift to your bestie in the office



              Check out this Secret Santa Gift Box at Harry & David. The box has been named perfectly since it has been designed as per your Christmas needs. What does it contain? It comes with a pack of Moose Much Premium Popcorn (dark chocolate peppermint bark flavor, 10 oz), Hammond’s chocolate biscuit bar (1.2 oz), snowflake-shaped marshmallow cocoa toppers (4 nos, 1 oz), and a Gnome-shaped milk chocolate hot cocoa bomb (2.5 oz). 

Apart from all these goodies, a ceramic mug and a cotton towel are also present in the package. This can be a very good Christmas present for a close colleague, or you can choose to gift a packet each for your subordinates.

5. Tea Forte Tea Box

Price - $20

Great For - Tea lovers

Want to gift a coworker who is also a tea lover? Then check out this Petite Tea Tasting Assortment Box from Tea Forte. What does it contain? Well, there are different blends of white, green, black, and herbal teas. All of these are packed within 10 pyramid-shaped infusers. It includes the following blends:

  • African Solstice (herbal tea)
  • Black Currant (black tea)
  • Chamomile Citron (herbal tea)
  • Earl Grey (black tea)
  • Ginger Lemongrass (herbal tea)
  • Green Mango Peach (green tea)
  • Jasmine Green (green tea)
  • Raspberry Nectar (herbal tea)
  • White Ambrosia (white tea)
  • White Ginger Pear (white tea)


As soon as you open the box, notice the lid. It has all the details regarding the different tea blends. Your tea admirer colleague will be quite happy and excited on receiving this gift!

6. Pottery Barn Desktop Organizer

Price - $31

Great for - Can be arranged on your office table, can be used for home desks too.

Would you like to help out your colleague who is having a hard time arranging their stuff at the workplace? In that case, check out the Mason Desktop Ivory Organizer from Pottery Barn. An organizer of this sort prevents your office table from being cluttered and untidy, thereby giving it an elegant look.

What does it contain? It comes with 4 cups of varying heights and a tray to hold these cups. How can you use them to organize your desktop? Well, you can use them for stacking your pens, glasses, staplers, board pins, and perhaps even your spectacles. In the image above, notice that these cups are good for holding your phone as well. With all your items neatly arranged within a tray, we bet your desk can’t be neater!

A few other features of this set include:

  • This organizer is available in either ivory finish or charcoal finish. The set depicted in the image above is of an ivory finish.
  • The set is made out of stoneware and reactive glaze.

7. National Parks and Monuments Map 1000-Piece Puzzle

Price - $33.94

Great for - Those who love problem-solving, can be an appreciation gift too.

Cavallini Papers and Co. has brought out this 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle comprising National Parks and Monuments. The pieces of the puzzle are thrust into a hand-sewn muslin bag, all of which come packed within a 10-inch long cylindrical container. If your best friend in the office is fond of problem-solving, then they would love this present.

8. Mini Zen Garden

Price - $26.99

Great for - Can be a great stressbuster, and can give your office table a beautiful look.

Ever thought that a garden can occupy a corner of your office desk? Or even a side table at your home? Well, this Mini Sand Garden tool kit allows one to precisely do this. If your friend is overloaded with work, then they need a stress reliever. And the answer to that is this zen garden kit.

What does it contain? The pack comes with a tray (black), sand, a miniature rake, and 5 polished stones, each one different in its own way.

9. Mimosas and Sangrias from Ohza

Price - $49 (Price for 12-pack)

Great for - Wine lovers

Does your coworker love to relax after a tiring day at the office with a glass of wine in his hand? Then you should consider gifting this. Ohza has brought in mimosas and sangrias of varying flavors. These drinks can be a great stress buster. It also adds the required fun element during any party nights or on festive occasions.

Mimosa flavors available

Canned mimosas are available in the following flavors

  1. Classic Mimosa - Made from natural orange juice, carbonated wine, a few natural flavors, citric acid, beta carotene, and water
  2. Peach Bellini - Contains peach juice, carbonated wine, natural flavors, citric acid, a few vegetable and fruit juices, and water
  3. Cranberry Mimosa - Made from natural cranberry and apple juices, carbonated wine, natural flavors, and water
  4. Grapefruit Mimosa - Made from pink guava juice, grapefruit juice, carbonated wine, citric acid, and water

Sangria flavors available

  1. Fizzy Red Sangria - Made from carbonated wine, water, plum juice, grape juice, tangerine juice from concentrate, and natural flavors
  2. Fizzy White Sangria - Made from carbonated wine, water, peach juice, pear juice, and natural flavors

             All of these mimosas and sangrias are low in calories, contain no added sugars, and are absolutely free of gluten. Moreover, vegans need not worry since these are completely vegan. We bet your friend would love these low-calorie drinks.

10. Green Thera Cane Massager

Price - $39.95

Great for - A lovely massage after a tiring day at work or even otherwise.

If you really care for your coworker’s health, then you should consider something like this. Thera Cane has manufactured this massager that can relieve you from all kinds of aches and pains in your body, especially after a long day at work. Sitting for long hours on a chair and staring at laptop screens for hours together can put a lot of strain on your back, neck, and other areas of your body. This massager is there to aid you from all kinds of muscle and joint aches.

This massager also eases painful knots within the body, thereby helping one relax after an eventful day.

11. The ReNew Transit Backpack

Price - $95

Great for - Carrying a laptop and other essentials, can be an appreciation gift to a team member.

If you are thinking of a reward for a team member for all the hard work he has put in, then check out The ReNew Transit Backpack at Everlane. This one comes with a 15-inch pocket that makes it quite easy for your laptop to slide in comfortably. Apart from the main pocket, there are 2 small pockets with zips for keeping important stuff like your passport, wallet, mobile phone, spectacles, etc. There are two additional pockets internally for keeping other stuff like newspapers, magazines, books, and so on. Apart from all of these, there are two water bottle holders that come with this bag. 

Now comes the best part. The entire product is made out of 100% recycled polyester, barring some of the metal zippers. 

The backpack is totally waterproof. Hence your laptop will be absolutely safe inside your backpack even if someone spills water accidentally over your bag. 

The backpack comes in colors like Black, Charcoal, Quartz, Nutria, and Ocean Cavern.

12. Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Headphones

Price - $59.99

Great for - Working in the office, working from home, can be an appreciation gift or a Christmas gift.

Your coworker will definitely thank you for this gift if they are working in a noisy environment. The Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Headphones will eliminate all the external sounds, be it the constant clattering of keyboards by your colleagues, or the noise caused due to vehicle movement outside. Even when you are working from home, you need a peaceful environment for 100% concentration and these headphones provide exactly that.

The headphones provide an amazing sound quality, thanks to the 40mm dynamic drivers. One can play music continuously for 40 hours at a stretch under noise cancellation mode after one round of complete charging. However, all of us know that practically this is not possible and one cannot listen to music for such a long time.

13. Relax your feet while working with ComfiLife Foot Rest

Price - $41.95

Great for - Working in the office, working from home, can be used while traveling in an airplane too

The ComfiLife Foot Rest is a great gift to those who spend long working hours on their desk, be it in the office or at home. If you know of such a colleague and wish to gift them something, then this product would prove to be an amazing choice of a present. ComfiLife has brought about this amazing footrest that not just relaxes your feet, but can also help you with your back and hip-related issues.


As you place your foot on the footrest, there is no unwanted pressure over your lower back and hip area. This in turn, automatically tackles issues like sciatica. It will also help people who suffer from spinal cord problems.

Moreover, a footrest of this sort ensures correct positioning of your feet, which helps with proper blood circulation around your legs. This product is made from superior quality memory foam material, which can provide good support to your feet for a long time. You can remove the cover and wash it from time to time. This can be safely washed in the machine. And yes, you can carry this even while traveling so that your feet do not suffer during long journeys.

Your coworker will surely thank you for a gift of this sort.

14. Hilarious Coffee Mugs for Coworkers

Price - Varies for every mug in this category

Great for - Funny coworker gifts

Want your coworker to have a laugh while thinking about you? Or do you want to make their tryst with coffee funnier? Then you should consider gifting these hilarious coffee mugs made by GR8AM with funny and interesting punchlines. These mugs come with various interesting punchlines. You can choose the one having a punchline that your friend or coworker uses the most and is very likely to have a hearty laugh while sipping on his favorite coffee or tea.

Apart from this, there is another specialty that lies within this mug. It changes color accordingly when you pour in hot and cold coffee or tea. Accordingly, you will see the text getting displayed over the mug.

The mug is made from very good quality ceramic. Hence be assured that this one will last for years.

15. 3D Star Wars Night Lamp

 Price - $17.99

 Great for - Home Decor, Christmas gift

If your colleague is a huge fan of Star Wars, then he will love this. The UbiKORT 3D Star Wars Night Lamp will look lovely in a dimly lit room. It can also serve as a lovely night lamp that can be placed beside your bedside. Or one can simply put this light on and the remaining lights off while watching TV. 

This light glows in 7 different colors that change just with a simple swipe. The colors keep shifting between YELLOW, PINK, SKY BLUE, RED, GREEN, BLUE, and WHITE.

This lamp comes with a 2mt USB cable wire along with a UbiKORT box.

16. Mental Health Care Package     

Price - Varies as per the term (different prices are available for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and a year)

Great for - Stress relief, mental well-being.

This is one of the best gifts which you can gift anyone. In today’s times where stress levels are peaking rapidly for each and every one of us, mental well-being is something that all of us tend to ignore, although we take care of our physical health. Cratejoy has brought in a Mental Health Care Package which contains many items packed within a box that encourage you to take care of your mind and soul.

What comes within this box? There are about 4-6 tools that involve you in certain activities necessary for mental peace. The kit also provides a lot of information related to Anxiety and Depression. It also helps you in discovering your inner self and the very purpose of your existence.

Your coworker will appreciate you for this wonderful gift!

Office Gifts For Her

Check out the following list of gifts if you are planning on gifting something to a female colleague.

1. Hey Dewy Wireless Facial Humidifier

 Price - $59.95

 Great for - Working from home, can be used in the office too, could be a great Christmas gift.


Does your coworker keep complaining about her dry skin during winter and the problems that she faces due to this? Well, the Hey Dewy Wireless Facial Humidifier should solve her problem. This adds that glow to dry and scorched skin and creates a spa-like atmosphere wherever it is used. The humidifier can run for up to 8 hours on a single charge. There is a soft LED illumination whenever you switch ON the humidifier. 

This one needs batteries and water to function smoothly. We bet your friend will no longer complain about her skin getting dry!

2. Mini Secret Santa Eyeshadow Palette

Price - $20.50

Great for - Christmas gifting purposes, ideal for makeup and party lovers.

The name of the product itself suggests that this one could be a lovely Christmas present. The Mini Secret Santa Eyeshadow Palette comes with 8 beautiful shades, with a mix of metallic, shimmering, and matte finish. And these shades are completely free of parabens, which means, it is quite safe for use on your skin. 

              Makeup lovers will go crazy on receiving a gift like this!

3. The New Yorker Polarized Sunglasses

Price - $39.95

Great for - Women who love wearing shades, it can be a good Christmas gift or an appreciation gift as well.

Does your friend love wearing shades? Then have a look at the New Yorker Polarized Sunglasses at Prive Revaux. These square-shaped shades are made of polarized lenses with excellent optical quality. Also, these lenses have an anti-glare feature and are made to be scratch-resistant. These sunglasses offer 100% UV protection.

These shades are available in elegant colors like black, brown, and green. However, these sunglasses would best fit a woman who has an oval-shaped face.

4. Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

 Price - $50

 Great for - Office wear, casual wear, and occasional wear.

Quince has a very stylish Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater that looks quite smart when paired with jeans, trousers, or even a skirt. Made out of 100% Grade A Mongolian cashmere, this apparel sports a crew neck and ribbed cuffs. Now coming to the best part — this sweater is extremely light in weight, soft and cozy which will not make you feel like you have worn a sweater in the first place. In simple words, one would feel very comfortable wearing this one. Hence, this can be a good form of office wear or can even be worn on a casual outing.

The Mongolian Cashmere sweater comes in about 15 colors and each one looks pretty in its own way. If you are planning to gift this one to a coworker, pick her favorite color and see how delighted she would be!

5. Glossier Candles

 Price - $45

 Great for - People who love scented candles.

If you have a friend in the office who is very fond of scented candles, then consider gifting her these Glossier Candles. These candles fill the air in the entire room with a lovely fragrance as they burn. There are two varieties:

  • Glossier You Candle: Women who love the Glossier You perfume will have no reason to dislike this one. This one gives out fragrances of Pink Pepper, fresh Iris, woody Ambrette, and Ambrox as it burns and fills your entire room with a lovely smell.
  • Orange Blossom Neroli Candle: This variant contains fragrances of Neroli and Pear that are adjusted with the fragrances of Citrus and Cypress. 


The candles are placed inside glass containers. And yes, you can reuse the glass for keeping or storing any other item once the candle burns out completely.

These candles are manufactured using soy and coconut oil (completely vegan in nature). You can burn these candles for about 45 hours.

6. Sports Gym Bag

Price - $20.99

Great for - Fitness lovers.

Is your coworker a fitness freak who hits the gym regularly? If you plan on surprising her with a Christmas gift or wish to give her something for her birthday, then consider gifting her this Gym Bag. 

What’s so good about this bag? Well, there is a separate, waterproof section to keep your wet and soiled apparel. You can keep your used clothes in this section and clean clothes in another section. Apart from this, there are separate compartments for keeping your shoes and storing water bottles. An inner pocket is also present to keep important items like your wallet, mobile phone, etc.

Apart from two handles, there is an adjustable strap that will help you to hang this bag comfortably over your shoulder.

This bag can also be used when you go swimming or do any outdoor activities.

7. Vlando Cosmetics Organiser

Price - $25.99

Great for - Storing cosmetics, it can be used as a travel kit.

The Vlando Cosmetics Organiser is another lovely item that can be a lovely Christmas present. This makeup bag has two sections. Four pockets are housed within one section that can be used to store makeup brushes. Additionally, there is another zipper section to store smaller cosmetic items. The main compartment is divided into four sections. These sections are customizable and you can choose to divide the sections as per your requirement.

Overall, the bag is quite spacious and can accommodate most of your cosmetics that are essential. This is also travel-friendly and you can carry all your cosmetics safely wherever you go. 

8. Malin+Goetz Bestsellers Travel Kit

Price - $32

Great for - Women who travel frequently.

If you want to gift a female coworker in your team who travels quite often, consider giving her a travel-friendly kit from Malin and Goetz. It contains a face cleanser, a face moisturizer, a body moisturizer, a complete body wash, shampoo, and a conditioner. The Grapefruit Face Cleanser of this brand is quite famous. This travel kit will fulfill all the basic requirements that women need when they are traveling. 

9. A Beautiful Scarf

Price - $9.99

Great for - Wearing it while stepping out under the sun, keeps one warm during cold weather conditions.

FONYVE has brought out this polyester satin silk scarf in beautiful designs. Extremely soft to touch, this scarf can be used for protection against strong sun rays. It can also protect one’s ears during cold weathers. This scarf goes pretty well on party dresses too.

This can be a very good gift for your colleagues. Women can tie the scarf around their head like a bandana, or they can even wear it like a neck tie.


Coworker gifts under $10

If you are looking to buy some cheap coworker gifts, then check out the following options. You may wish to order a few of these in bulk for multiple employees.

1. A Thank You Keychain

Price - $9.99

Great for - Bulk gifting within the team, can also be a good Christmas gift for all employees.

Do you wish to thank all your team members for the efforts that they have put in? Then have a look at these Thank You keychains. Although small and tiny in size, the keychain conveys a lot of love and emotion through a lovely message inscribed on it. This can also be a very simple and lovely Christmas gift or a small token of appreciation. You can also gift this to a team member who has decided to move on from the company or to someone who is retiring from office.

What is this keychain made of? It is made using a very superior quality stainless steel, which makes it sturdy; at the same time, it is also very light in weight. 

This keychain is available in Black and Silver colors. Trust us, your employees will start valuing you more when they receive gifts like these!

2. Bright-colored, ruled sticky notes

Price - $6.99

Great for - Working in the office, working from home, can be used for other home-related purposes too. 

If you are looking to gift something useful on a low budget to your employees in bulk, then check out these sticky notes. Every booklet within this pack measures 3x3 inches in size and each of these comes in attractive colors like yellow, purple, green, blue, orange, and pink (all fluorescent shades). There are 100 sheets per pad. 

These sticky notes are of very good quality. They can be peeled off easily, stick quite well and also come off easily. You can use these sticky notes for your office-related tasks or even home-related tasks.

3. To-Do List Notepads

 Price - $9.99

 Great for - Noting down office-related tasks and even home-related tasks, can be a great low-budget Christmas gift to employees.

This is another useful gift to be given to employees on occasions like Christmas. Again these are To-Do List Notepads in the form of sticky notes, with each notepad containing 60 pages. The complete pack comes with a set of 4 such notepads. 

The To-Do List sheets come in different colorful designs and sticking them on your office workstations adds more beauty to your workplace. If you want to prepare a list of tasks for your home, you can choose to stick these notes on your refrigerator, almirah, or any suitable shelf. The attractive sheets would ensure that you are reminded of your tasks to be done.

4. Mouse Pad

Price - Varies from $6.49 to $8.98

Great for - People who use a mouse with their laptop

Have you seen your colleagues struggling to move their mouse comfortably? Or have their mouse pads worn off? Then these mouse pads from ITNRSIIET could be a wonderful gift for your employees. Not only are these useful, but they also look so cute and elegant. 

The edges of this mouse pad have been made such that they can be used for a long time without it wearing off. Its surface has been made such that the mouse can move comfortably and freely over it. Moreover, its base has a very good quality rubber, that firmly positions it on the surface where it is placed. One will not face the hassle of the mouse pad moving while they work using the mouse.

ITNRSIIET has made many such mouse pads with different designs, each looking lovely in its own way. You can pick the designs that you love most from this amazing collection. The price of each mouse pad varies as per the design. 

5. Cute and Funny Emoji Symbols for your desk

Price - $6.29

Great for - Placing it on the office desk, or on a study table. It can be a good Christmas gift.

These cute and funny emoji signs would add that extra fun element to your office workstation. Different emojis like a smile, happy, cry, angry, laugh and many more come within an entire pack. The complete pack comes with 30 such emojis. Just imagine, if everyone within their cubicle put up various emojis on their desks, how funny and cute the entire office floor would look!

Office employees would love to have these kind of gifts. 

6. Positive Vibes Word Search Book

Price - $9.95

Great for - People of all ages, can be a great stressbuster. A useful gift for your colleagues to beat the stress!

Do you find any of your coworkers getting stressed from their day-to-day routine life? If yes, then try to help them beat that stress by gifting them this lovely book called “Positive Vibes Word Search” for Christmas this year. This book proves the saying “Age is no bar”. Everyone, right from school-going kids to old people, can solve the puzzles in this book and find the words within it.

What are the contents of this book? There are about 100 exciting puzzles that make you search for a word and guess the best part here - the word that you search for gives you some sort of a positive vibe. Hence, not only does this book do the job of activating your brain, but it also releases your mind from other sorts of tensions and stresses within your life. 

Apart from these puzzles, this book also has motivational quotes printed on every page. To top it all, flowery doodles show up on all the pages. Kids generally like to color these prints.

To summarize, this book is a very good way of keeping one’s mind busy and relaxed at the same time.

7. MOUNTAIN TOP Essential Oils

Price - $8.99

Great for - Each of these oils is made for different purposes like aromatherapy, massage, cleaning, etc


MOUNTAIN TOP has come with a band of different-flavored oils, each one having a very good purpose. While a few of these oils are meant to give one a very good feeling post their application, there are other oils that can be used for cleaning and skin rejuvenation as well. The flavors of this oil include

  • Lemongrass: Used for aromatherapy, relaxation, and massage.
  • Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus oil has medicinal properties. It provides relief from a bad cold and a headache.
  • Lavender: Lavender oil can be used in preparing skin and hair products, it also has some cleansing properties and can be used in soap preparation.
  • Lemon: Used for aromatherapy, cleaning, and skin care.
  • Orange: Used for aromatherapy and massage purposes.
  • Peppermint: Great for tension and stress relief.

  • Rosemary: Rosemary oil is good for hair and it helps to improve memory power. This oil can also be used to eliminate unwanted odors.
  • Tea Tree: Helps in building immunity, and provides a lot of relaxation.

As you can see, each of these oils is useful in certain ways. You can choose the best ones from these and gift them to your colleagues. Check out these oils on Amazon.

8. TWONE White Cloud Magnetic Wall Key Holder

Price - $7.98

Great for - Securing all your keys together in one place, home decor lovers

Have you ever seen a magnetic key holder? If not, then have a look at this White Cloud Magnetic Key Holder by TWONE. Its appearance itself is so attractive that you would wish to own one. If you are thinking of getting some cheap coworker gifts this Christmas, then this one could be a good choice.

The keyholder contains three strong magnets to hold 3 iron key rings. If you look at it, you would feel that a white cloud is carrying your keys. Each magnet supports a maximum key weight of about 220g; however, for best results, ensure that the key weight is about 180g. 

This key holder is quite easy to install. Simply peel its sticker off and mount it anywhere on a flat surface such as your living room wall, almirah door, or any other appropriate place. Secure all of your keys with this lovely key holder.

How To Build Gifting Culture in Office?

We have seen what could be the various types of gifts that could be given to employees on various occasions. Now we know the choice of gifts, how can the corporate gifting culture be incorporated? Before even jumping to answer this question, let us see why employee appreciation is a very important factor in the first place.

Why is employee appreciation necessary?

The ideology here is quite simple. To explain it in simple terms, how do small kids feel whenever they receive gifts? Their joy and happiness know no bounds. Well, we understand that we are talking about employees here, but the feeling is the same. A simple gift from an employer to his employees will go a long way in building and sustaining that relationship, which matters a lot.

Employee appreciation will also be quite useful in a hybrid work model. Post the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us have been working remotely. Although a few people have got the privilege of resuming work back in their offices, there are many out there who still continue working remotely. And during such circumstances, corporate gifting culture enforces a healthy professional relationship between employees and their organization.

Recently, Harris Poll conducted a survey to find out what employee appreciation means to employees. According to this research, about 71% of Americans feel more closely connected to their employers whenever they receive any thoughtful gift from them, and about 56% of employees felt that not getting any gifts was better than receiving any random gift.

Hence, these are good enough reasons that show employers need to tactfully plan out what gifts they should be giving their employees. Also, there are budgetary factors to be considered as well.

So, to summarize, corporate gifting instills a lot of positivity and gives good vibes to the employees towards their organization and their employer. And this is sure to last for a lifetime.

How To Build Corporate Gifting Culture Within An Organization

Now that we know the importance of employee appreciation and the value it holds in the relationship of an employee with an organization, let us see how can we build this culture within an organization. And the core aspect of the gifting process lies in the kind of gift that is given to employees. People appreciate thoughtful gifts.

One needs to keep a few things in mind before deciding on a gift for coworkers.

  1. Reflecting important organizational aspects: Choose a gift while keeping the organizational aspects in mind. For instance, if you are looking to support some small, local businesses, then you can choose to purchase gifts from them.
  1. Pick gifts while keeping their utility value in mind: Don’t give gifts just for the sake of giving them. One needs to put in some amount of thought process before deciding on the right kind of gift. Choose your gifts wisely and pick the right kind of gift, keeping in mind the preferences of employees. The hot favorites amongst gifts are coffee and chocolates (especially in the holiday season).
  1. Don’t go overboard with branding: Well, we understand that branded items are loved by most people, however, when it comes to corporate gifting, one should never go after too many branded products. Keep these to a minimum.
  1. A thoughtful message is a very good gesture: A gift with a lovely message is a good way of showcasing your feelings towards your employees. It can be a handwritten note, or even a QR code with a video message from the head of the organization. These actions give employees a very good feeling about the company.
  1. Go Creative: Do not think twice before picking on a gift which is unique and significant at the same time. Think of different ways and means of gifting. Also include some surprises and an element of fun. Think of a gift of this sort-a small kit of skin care essentials along with a spa appointment. Doesn’t it sound exciting?


The gifts on this list are what we believe to be the best office gifts for staff. However, similar products are available at a variety of pricing ranges. When choosing a present, the most crucial aspect to consider is the intent behind the gift. Office gifts are a great way to show appreciation, onboard a new employee, or celebrate a big milestone at work. A thoughtful gift can make your co-workers feel extremely appreciated and can be a great morale booster.

Want to up your employee engagement game at the workplace? Try out Ricotta Games & Trivia on Slack.

FAQs about Office Gifts

What are employee gifts?

Employee gifts are thoughtful items given to coworkers to honor holidays, birthdays, accomplishments, work anniversaries, and other special occasions. Gifts are also often used by employers to enhance workplace satisfaction and improve employee engagement.

What is the significance of employee gifts?

Gifts are one way to show gratitude and appreciation at work. You can build trust and rapport with your staff by thanking them for their time and work with gifts and nice gestures. Presents demonstrate your care and commitment, motivating workers to appreciate their time with you and the firm.

Are office gifts tax-deductible?

The question are office gifts tax-deductible implies that all cash or gift cards convertible to cash are taxed to the employee, even if it is a Christmas present.

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