The Ultimate Food Trivia Questions with Answers

This is the ultimate quiz for kids and food lovers. Test your knowledge of all things food, drink, dining and everything in between.

Food lovers rejoice! What is the best way to test your food knowledge? A game of food trivia! This talking points quiz will get all the foodies talking. The goal here is to get your mouth watering with amazing trivia, while learning something new along the way. If you love food and enjoy spending time reading about food and connecting with people who share your passion for food & drinks, then you're going to love our quiz. This quiz consists of 100 questions that will put your gastronomic knowledge to test!

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MCQ style food Trivia questions and answers

1. Both Appenzeller and Emmental cheeses originate from the same country. Which one is it? 

A) Sweden B) Switzerland C) Russia D) Zimbabwe 

2. The Italian term ‘al dente’ is used to describe cooked pasta. How is the pasta supposed to be when al dente?

 A) Spicy B) Soft C) Garlicky D) Firm 

3. If a wine is termed ‘corked’. What does that mean? 

A) Improved by its corking B) Tainted by a decaying cork 

C) Less than two years old D) More than two years old 

4. What is the Jewish bread ‘Bagel’ shaped like? 

A) Ring B) Cross C) Square D) Rectangle 

5. What is the name of a rather ‘peppery’ red grape used in the production of Côtes du Rhône wine?

A) Cera B) Supra C) Syrah D) Cyrrus 

6. In New World wine, this same grape is known as...

A) Shiraz B) Shia C) Seurat D) Shiva 

7. What is the name of the savoury Italian, pasty-like snack which can play host to a wide variety of fillings?

A) Bizone B) Ozone C) Prozone D) Calzone 

8. Jarlsberg is a nutty, sweet cheese originating from which country? 

A) Turkey B) Norway C) Belgium D) Australia  

9. Pétillant is a French term for a wine that is slightly…

A) Too sweet B) Too alcoholic C) Sparkling D) Boring 

10. What are dishes that are ‘au gratin’ usually served with? 

A) Cheese B) Horseradish C) Carrot D) Cabbage

11. Gorgonzola is a moist, blue veined cheese best known for It's...

A) Bland taste B) Strong, pungent aroma C) Use in pizza D) Resistance to heat 

12. Which country does Gorgonzola traditionally hail from? 

A) Albania B) Italy C) Spain D) Romania 

13. Wine from Australia, New Zealand, the Americas and South Africa is known as what? 

A) Cold World B) Fast World C) New World D) Slow World 

14. Herbs de Provence comprise a mixture of herbs traditionally used in which cuisine? 

A) Indian B) Mediterranean C) Polish D) Irish 

15. Fusilli pasta captures sauces by being made like little...

A) Twists B) Butterflies C) Heart shapes D) Star shapes 

16. Panettone is sweet Italian bread shaped like a rounded pyramid and traditionally served when? 

A) The first day of Spring B) Easter C) The first day of Summer D) Christmas 

17. What added spice or herb is used to give both flavour and heat to curries? 

A) Tarragon B) Mint C) Basil D) Chilli 

18. Goulash is a particularly rich and tasty kind of....

A) Stew B) Ice-cream C) Pudding D) Fried fish 

19. Which country is goulash normally associated with? 

A) Cyprus B) Egypt C) Israel D) Hungary 

20. The term ‘goulash’ comes from a phrase meaning...

A) Dancer’s teeth B) Herdsman’s meat C) Singer’s fish D) Walker’s song 

21. In French wine classification, ‘cru’ signifies...

A) Sugar content B) Alcohol level C) Growth or crop D) Colour 

22. Cru bourgeois means that the wines are...

A) Not classified B) The sweetest C) The lowest standard D) The driest 

23. Premier cru signifies that the wines are...

A) The fruitiest taste B) The highest standard C) The lowest alcohol D) Bland 

24. Antipasto is an Italian term referring to what? 

A) Desserts B) Main meat dishes C) Main fish dishes D) Appetizers

25. Ghee, clarified butter made from cow or buffalo’s milk, is extensively used where? 

A) Angola B) Belize C) India D) Chile 

26. A croissant is a popular and tasty French...

A) Cupcake B) Biscuit C) Pastry D) Ice cream 

27. Creole is a spicy, distinctive cuisine of which region? 

A) The West Indies B) Western Russia C) Central Africa D) Southern Asia 

28. Gravad lax, a Scandinavian dish, comprises thinly sliced and marinated...

A) Mushrooms B) Raw salmon C) Hard-boiled eggs D) Raw beef 

29. Bratwurst is a popular and traditional German...

A) Bread B) Pie C) Sausage D) Pudding 

30. What is the name of a very strong Mexican spirit made from the pulp of a plant? 

A) Tequila B) Technetium C) Tempera D) Teme 

31. The four principal northern wine-making regions of France are Alsace, Loire, Chablis and what else? 

A) Burgundy B) Champagne C) Bordeaux D) Côtes du Rhône 

32. Quill-shaped pasta, often served with a spicy sauce, is known as...

A) Jenne B) Lenne C) Benne D) Penne 

33. A Japanese savoury dish comprising seaweed filled with rice and raw fish is called…

 A) Sushi B) Surd C) Suzerain D) Swanndri

34. The French term ‘en croûte’ means a dish cooked... 

A) Over a naked flame B) In a clay oven C) In a pastry case D) Over charcoal 

35. A purée of vegetables/fruit, thin enough to pour, is known as a...

A) Coop B) Coulis C) Cornice D) Copra 

36. A famous cocktail made with four parts tequila to two parts lemon or lime juice is called a...

A) Majenta B) Maidenhead C) Margarita D) Majesty 

37. A white stew made of lamb, chicken or veal in a cream sauce is known as a... 

A) Blarney B) Blanquette C) Blether D) Blancmange 

38. A consommé is a clear, thin soup made from….

A) Fruit juice B) Coconut milk C) Egg whites D) Clarified stock 

39. What is the name of a type of unleavened Indian bread that is made from coarse, wholemeal flour? 

A) Chomsky B) Cimabue C) Ceres D) Chapati 

40. Worldwide, spaghetti is now generally reputed to be...

A) The most popular pasta B) The tastiest pasta 

C) The least popular pasta D) The hardest pasta to cook 

41. What does En papillote method of cooking and serving food entail? 

A) In thick pastry B) In oiled or buttered paper/foil C) Wrapped in leaves D) Covered in salt 

42. Hors d’oeuvre, comprising raw vegetables cut into sticks and eaten with dips, are called...

A) Croutons B) Crudités C) Cruxes D) Croziers 

43. What is the name of a hard, gold-coloured, popular type of English cheese? 

A) Cedar B) Cellar C) Cheddar D) Chipper 

44. What is the name of a very adaptable grape variety used in wines from France, Italy, Eastern Europe and the New World? 

A) Merlin B) Merlot C) Merino D) Meridien

45. Sencha, Hojicha, Gyokuro and Matcha are popular types of Japanese...

A) Tea B) Coffee C) Milkshake D) Fish snack 

46. A Chinese frying pan with a rounded bottom and domed lid is called a...

A) Whorl B) Wok C) Woad D) Wold

47. ​​Risotto is a dish where meat or fish, vegetables, butter and stock combine with what other main ingredient? 

A) Rice B) Chickpeas C) Spaghetti D) Breadcrumbs

48. Guacamole is a Mexican dish comprising crushed tomato, seasoning and mashed...

A) Avocado B) Pear C) Leek D) Artichoke

49. In India, various types of cooked, split lentils, beans and other pulses are collectively known as...

A) Dale B) Dal C) Dais D) Dinar

50. Sauerkraut, a German dish, mainly comprises shredded...

A) Beef B) Pork C) Cabbage D) Beetroot


1. B) Switzerland 

2. D) Firm 

3. B) Tainted by a decaying cork 

4. A) Ring 

5. C) Syrah 

6. A) Shiraz

7. D) Calzone 

8. B) Norway 

9. C) Sparkling 

10. A) Cheese

11. B) Strong, pungent aroma 

12. B) Italy 

13. C) New World 

14. B) Mediterranean 

15. A) Twists 

16. D) Christmas 

17. D) Chilli 

18. A) Stew 

19. D) Hungary 

20.B) Herdsman's meat 

21. C) Growth or crop 

22. C) The lowest standard 

23. B) The highest standard 

24. D) Appetizers

25. C) India 

26. C) Pastry 

27. A) The West Indies 

28. B) Raw salmon 

29. C) Sausage 

30. A) Tequila 

31. B) Champagne 

32. D) Penne 

33. A) Sushi 

34. C) In a pastry case 

35. B) Coulis 

36. C) Margarita 

37. B) Blanquette 

38. D) Clarified stock 

39. D) Chapatti 

40. A) The most popular pasta 

41. B) In oiled or buttered paper/foil

42. B) Crudités 

43. C) Cheddar 

44. B) Merlot 

45. A) Tea

46. B) Wok

47. A) Rice

48. A) Avocado

49. B) Dal

50. C) Cabbage

Food and drink trivia questions


  1. Kale is a variety of which winter vegetable? 
  2. Chinese Gooseberries are better know as what? 
  3. What is pumpernickel? 
  4. Rioja is produced in which country?  
  5. Dish made from pork trimmings and pig's head? 
  6. A Harvey Wallbanger contains Vodka, Galliano and? 
  7. Which is the first nation in Europe to drink tea? 
  8. Demerara sugar is named after a region of? 
  9. Eggs fried without cooking the yolks is called? 
  10. Zinfandel grapes are cultivated where in the US? 
  11. Rum is fermented and distilled from? 
  12. A Tandoor is a type of? 
  13. Which drink can be 'fino' or 'oloroso'? 
  14. What sort of fish is a kipper? 
  15. Name of film which forms on side of good old port? 
  16. The indentation in the base of wine bottles is called? 
  17. What would you buy from a Bodega?  
  18. Redcurrant is a traditional accompaniment to what? 
  19. Which vegetable is served with eggs Florentine? 
  20. Which US state exports the most wine? 
  21. Paprika pods are from plants in which botanic family? 
  22. How many gallons are there in a firkin? 
  23. Who invented Coca Cola in 1886?
  24. From what is hummus made? 
  25. What does the Hebrew word ‘kosher’ mean when used in relation to food? 
  26. How much beer is in a ‘firkin’? 
  27. What do you call a Spanish wine shop or cellar? 
  28. What is the French term used to describe food baked in dough or pastry? 
  29. What sauce is usually served with beef? 
  30. Which vegetable is used to make the Russian soup, Borscht? 
  31. What is traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday? 
  32. What does the word SPAM mean in relation to the tinned meat product? 
  33. Which coffee chain is named after a character in Moby Dick? 
  34. Where should you store cooked meat in the fridge? 
  35. What is Scotland’s national dish? 
  36. What is the recommended temperature for a freezer? 
  37. From what is Tofu made? 
  38. By what other name are courgettes often known? 
  39. The extract of which bitter citrus fruit is used to flavour Earl Grey tea? 
  40. Said to be made to Bonnie Prince Charlie's secret recipe, what is the name of the sweet golden coloured liqueur made from Scotch whisky, honey, herbs and spices?
  41. What happens when you add water to the Greek drink, Ouzo? 
  42. Which type of oranges are traditionally used to make marmalade?
  43. From what country does Sangria originate?  
  44. Bruschetta is? 
  45. What is the French word for a cake shop? 
  46. How many noggins in a pint? 
  47. What seafood is known as Norwegian lobster? 
  48. What is a Rosti?  
  49. How many teaspoons in a tablespoon?


1. Cabbage 

2. Kiwi Fruit 

3. A type of bread 

4. Spain 

5. Brawn 

6. Orange Juice 

7. The Dutch 

8. Guyana 

9. Sunny side up 

10. California 

11. Sugar cane 

12. Oven 

13. Sherry 

14. Herring 

15. Beeswing 

16. Punt 

17. Wine 

18. Lamb 

19. Spinach 

20. California 

21. Nightshade 

22. Nine 

23. John Pemberton

24. Chickpeas. 

25. ‘Fit’ or ‘proper’. ‘Kosher’ foods conform to strict Jewish dietary laws as laid down in the Old Testament. 

26. 72 pints or 9 imperial gallons, which is equivalent to 10.8 US gallons.

27. A bodega. 

28. En croute. 

29. Horseradish sauce. 

30. Beetroot. 

31. Pancakes. 

32. Spiced Ham.

33. Starbucks. He was the first-mate of the whale-ship Pequod, the ship in Moby Dick. 

34. Top Shelf. 

35. The Haggis. 

36. Minus 18 degrees centigrade. 

37. Soya beans. 

38. Zucchini

39. Bergamot. 

40. Drambuie. 

41. It turns a milky-white colour. 

42. Seville oranges

43. Spain 

44. Fried or toasted bread 

45. Pâtisserie 

46. Four 

47. Scampi 

48. A pancake of fried grated potatoes 

49. Three


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