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Set your sales team targets with these OKR examples

Objectives and Key Results will help the Sales team achieve clarity on targets for the quarter. When it comes to sales teams, it is extremely important to set targets and monitor them on a weekly basis. And OKRs help the sales head or the sales manager to do this in a structured manner.

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In this article, we will cover the points mentioned above and give you a good overview of Sales OKR

Sales OKR Examples

Objective A: Achieve revenue target of 1 Million $ this quarter

  • Key Result 1: Cross-sell the new product to 30% of existing customers
  • Key Result 2: Convert 30% of leads generated by the Marketing team
  • Key Result 3: Generate 20% of this target through referrals from existing customers

Objective B: Recruit best in class Sales people for the team

  • Key Result 1: Hire 1 Sales Manager
  • Key Result 2: Hire 3 Assistant Managers
  • Key Result 3: Hire 10 Sales Executives

Objective C: Grow Sales through channel partners

  • Key Result 1: Onboard 25 channel partners in USA and Canada
  • Key Result 2: Train all the newly on-boarded channel partners
  • Key Result 3: Monitor and assist channel partners to close at least 10 deals this quarter

Objective D: Pro actively up-sell plans to existing customers

  • Key Result 1: Shortlist 20% of the existing customers to target based on usage
  • Key Result 2: Contact and convert 30% of the identified customers
  • Key Result 3: Automate up-sell emails to all the customers

Objective E: Enter Asian market and set up a Sales team

  • Key Result 1: Recruit a Sales Head for Asia and a sales team
  • Key Result 2: Partner with 10 channel partners
  • Key Result 3: Conduct a launch event in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hanoi, Hong Kong and Mumbai

Objective F: Improve the Sales team with training and feedback

  • Key Result 1: Establish a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the Sales team
  • Key Result 2: Conduct at least 1 sales training session each month
  • Key Result 3: Provide analytics data and quantitative feedback every week to the Sales team
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