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Ricotta is an easy-to-use and powerful OKR tool for small fast-growing companies. Pay less for your OKR management needs and achieve remote-work zen. All on Slack!

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Automate your OKRs & focus on measurable goals

Comparing Ricotta vs. 7Geese, Ricotta is a Slack OKR goal tracking and management app that is designed exclusively for small companies. Ricotta OKR software gives you the freedom and control to plan your OKRs and deliver spectacular results without ever leaving Slack! It makes for a great alternative for 7Geese OKRs. Manage all your OKRs for less than one-tenth of the price of 7Geese OKR. Moreover, get additional features like Lifetime free personal to-dos, weekly reminders and many more!

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Early & Growth Stage Startups


Customer support

Unparalleled customer support because we care. As long as we’re up and awake, we’re here to listen. We promise!

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Weekly reminders. Lifetime free Personal to-dos. Everything on Slack

Company survey Value-based recognition 360 feedback

Ease of setup

Easy on-boarding of your entire team

On-boarding support and training required

Product Direction

Task Management using Kanban and Agile-Scrum. Link OKRs with tasks.

HR Stack Career management

Tracking OKRs

Right on Slack. Where your team spends most of their time

App for Android and iOS OKR tracking report


End-to-end encryption

Enterprise-grade security

What is an OKR?

OKR (Objectives & Key Results) is a goal-setting methodology that helps organizations focus on what matters the most. The ‘O’ in OKR meaning ‘Objectives’ which are typically the goals you want to focus on. ‘Key Results’ are measurable and help you track progress and understand what the outcome of the objective looks like.

Why should you use Ricotta OKRs on Slack?

Looking for an OKR tool for your remote team? You’re on track for finding the right OKR tool that would empower your team. We are a bunch of underdog remote founders building Ricotta from the ground up building consumer-grade enterprise tech with a seamless user experience. Our aim? To make OKRs super easy to implement and cost-effective - it’s a win-win!

Are you tired of cumbersome and expensive OKR tools?

We hear you! That’s why we decided to build Ricotta on Slack first and have added other integrations (MS teams, Zapier, etc.) in the pipeline. You don’t need to leave Slack to manage and access OKRs! Weekly reminders, one-click onboarding, and lifetime free personal to-dos are some of the features our users are most excited about!

Ricotta is all about team collaboration

Unlike other OKR tracking tools, we want you to spend less time creating and editing OKRs on a dashboard and more time working on your desired objectives and key results. We have largely focused on ease-of-use and transparency so that you save time and effort! We also have a free forever personal to-dos feature which our users love and find very useful to monitor their everyday tasks on Slack easily.

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