Timely OKR Tool Alternative: easier to use, inexpensive OKR Software on slack

Align your teams to focus on measurable goals, automate OKR management and increase employee engagement with Ricotta. Say yes to super easy to implement and cost-effective OKRs. All on Slack!

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Cost-effective, personalized, and easy to use OKRs on Slack

Looking for a Timely alternative? Ricotta is an OKR goal tracking and management app on Slack that fits all the needs of small companies. Ricotta is more cost-effective, personalized, and easy to use on Slack. Manage all your OKRs for less than half the price of Timely. Moreover, get additional features like Lifetime free personal to-dos, weekly reminders and many more!

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Early & Growth Stage Startups


Customer support

Unparalleled customer support because we care. As long as we’re up and awake, we’re here to listen. We promise!

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Weekly reminders. Lifetime free Personal to-dos. Everything on Slack

Project tracking

Ease of setup

Easy on-boarding of your entire team

Demo and customer support required

Product Direction

Task Management using Kanban and Agile-Scrum. Link OKRs with tasks.

Native app, product based approach

Tracking OKRs

Right on Slack. Where your team spends most of their time

Project goal tracker


End-to-end encryption

Protected team privacy

Why do teams use Ricotta OKRs?

Evaluating OKR tool alternatives for your remote team? You’re on track! OKRs make your goals extra defined which helps in clarity and effective communication among remote teams. By using OKRs for goal setting, employees know exactly what every team is working on and keeps everyone on the same page. They are even said to improve employee engagement. Of course, when things are transparent and measurable, everyone is bound to be happy. Moreover, companies like Google, Netflix, Twitter, and others use OKRs and see results. At Ricotta, our aim is to make OKRs super easy to implement and cost-effective which makes it ideal for small and growth-stage startups.

Looking for inexpensive and easy-to-use OKR tools?

We hear you! That’s why we have kept our pricing very affordable and our user experience very intuitive. When using Ricotta, you don’t need to leave Slack at all! Everything can be done on Slack - view, update progress, edit or archive OKRs and define objectives and key results within Slack. Easy peasy!

Improve your team motivation with Ricotta

We want you to spend less time creating and editing OKRs and more time working on your goals and objectives. That’s why we have largely focused on ease-of-use and transparency so that you save time and effort! We also have lifetime free personal to-dos, our most-loved feature that is very useful to monitor everyday tasks on Slack easily.

We’re evolving and getting better each day

We are here to listen and work on making Ricotta better every day. We rolled out more than 5 most-requested major feature additions. Our product roadmap is heavily guided by user feedback and we have several integrations and intuitive dashboard features in the pipeline like MS teams & Zapier integration, Interactive dashboard, task collaboration etc.

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