GTM hub OKR alternative: Why your team should use Ricotta OKR tool

With remote work on the rise, team collaboration can get tricky. The solution? OKRs, known to improve employee engagement. It's all about goals & productivity at Ricotta - right from goal-setting, updating progress to goal tracking. All on Slack!

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Improve your OKR Software adoption with Ricotta on Slack

GTMHub is a great tool for big enterprises that have been using the OKR methodology for a while now. Use Ricotta for your OKRs instead, a more inexpensive and easy OKR tool. Build high-performing remote teams with Ricotta OKR software. Manage all your OKRs for less than one-tenth of the price of GTMHub!

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Early & Growth Stage Startups

Large enterprises

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Weekly reminders. Lifetime free Personal to-dos. Everything on Slack

Dynamic Key results RPA Zapier Integration

Ease of setup

Easy on-boarding of your entire team

Requires a demo & team support to set up

Product Direction

Task Management using Kanban and Agile-Scrum. Link OKRs with tasks.

Timeline Management & Audit

Tracking OKRs

Right on Slack. Where your team spends most of their time

Dashboard and Session Statistics


End-to-end encryption

Dedicated security only for Enterprises

Why should your team use OKRs for goal-setting?

While organizations have been working towards making their remote teams as coordinated and the work as rewarding as possible, goal setting and performance tracking can be one of the toughest things to crack. This is where OKR methodology comes in handy to keep all teams aligned and focused. Start making collaborations among teams easy and focus on the right stuff for your organization. Invest time in OKRs and your team would thank you!

Are OKRs always complicated and expensive for teams?

Not at all! Ricotta’s pricing is very affordable since we want everyone to have easy access to OKR tools. Plus OKRs don’t have to be complicated at all! Ricotta is very simple to use, even for OKR amateurs. View, update progress, edit or archive OKRs and define objectives and key results within Slack. Easy peasy! We also have features like weekly reminders, one-click onboarding, and lifetime free personal to-dos to keep our users engaged.

Yes, OKRs can improve your team collaboration

OKRs connect employees to your company vision that helps them to increase accountability and productivity and everyone feels that their work matters. They also enable employees to share their accomplishments openly thus helping them to grow in their careers.

Why use Ricotta OKRs for your team?

Everything can be done on Slack - Employees can access all the functions of Ricotta on Slack and don’t have to log in to a separate website, making it easier to implement and adopt Ricotta among remote teams. Automated OKR reminders - View, track and update your progress with these reminders to stay on track! Collaborate easily - Use Ricotta OKRs to ensure distributed remote teams collaborate smoothly and asynchronously. Lifetime free personal to-dos and end-to-end encryption. We are also adding new integrations like MS teams & Zapier integration, Interactive dashboard, task collaboration etc very soon.

Hello productive team! Turn your team goals into great results with OKRs.
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