110+ Best Hot Take Examples To Start a Fiery Debate

Hot Takes are a great way to get people to start talking or even fire up a debate. Use our list of controversial Hot Take examples to get started.

You’re at the right place for some fiery hot take examples!

Feeling blue or bored at work? A hot takes game is all it takes to spread some cheer and cause commotion in your workspace. It’s a fun way to start conversations at work and spark new debates for the more introverted to intermingle.

We’ve compiled a list of best hot takes questions that you can use to start sizzling debates.

In this blog, we will cover:

  • What are hot takes?
  • Funny Hot Takes
  • Controversial Hot Takes
  • Food Hot Takes
  • Good Hot Takes About Animals
  • Fashion Hot Takes
  • Popular Hot Takes about Travel 
  • Hot Takes Game on Slack and MS Teams

What are hot takes?

Before we actually get into the hot take examples, let’s understand what hot takes are, for the newbies. Hot takes are basically fiery or provocative statements that can lead to debates and discussions with other people. 

Hot Takes usually don’t have a right or wrong answer, but it all comes down to who puts their point across better. In the end, you can choose to disagree with each other, while being respectful.

Some hot take statements are:

  • Pineapple belongs on pizza for a tropical twist.
  • The book is always better than the movie.
  • Reality TV shows are better than documentaries.
  • Cats make better pets than dogs.
  • Video games are the highest form of art.

These statements get people talking to each other since they tend to be controversial. You might find yourself at the other extreme which makes a game of hot takes all the more fun!

Want to try a game of hot takes? In the next section, you’ll find 100+ hot takes statements that you can use.

Funny Hot Takes

Want to crack some laughs and break the ice with your coworkers? Here are some funny hot takes to try.

  1. If your coffee order is more than four words then you’re ordering a milkshake.
  2. The best part about being an adult is canceling plans, not making them.
  3. You've never truly lived if you've never missed a trash can with a paper ball.
  4. The snooze button is the greatest lie we tell ourselves every morning.
  5. If you think about it, a kangaroo is just a T-Rex deer.
  6. The most effective alarm clock is a cat that's decided it's breakfast time.
  7. Zombies are just trying to help us all get our daily cardio in.
  8. The only place you clean up before the cleaning lady comes is your house.
  9. The natural enemy of the left sock is the washing machine.
  10. If we can't buy happiness, explain sushi and same-day delivery.
  11. A Caesar salad is just a promiscuous sandwich, everything's out in the open.
  12. Adulthood is saying "Things will slow down next week" until you retire.
  13. A nap is just a short-term investment in the sleep market.
  14. The more expensive the juice, the more words they use to describe "pressed."
  15. The treadmill is just a hamster wheel for humans with digital readouts.
  16. Socks with sandals is not a fashion faux pas, it’s just advanced layering.
  17. The real reason we have smartphones is to avoid awkward eye contact in elevators.
  18. Lasagna is just spaghetti-flavored cake.
  19. If you've never pushed a door that says pull, you haven't fully experienced public embarrassment.
  20. Instagram scrolling should be an acceptable resume skill.

Controversial Hot Takes

Everything aliens, politics and technology — this section with controversial hot takes will take you on a ride. Try them out with your friends (at your own risk).

  1. Autocorrect has done more damage to our spelling than texting shorthand ever did.
  2. Online debates have never actually changed anyone's opinion.
  3. Smart homes aren't that smart; they just make it easier to be lazy.
  4. Every generation thinks the following one is doomed, and they're all wrong.
  5. The digital nomad lifestyle is just a glorified way of saying you don't like commitment.
  6. We say we miss the "good old days" but forget about the lack of Wi-Fi.
  7. Saying "no offense" usually means you're about to offend someone.
  8. Brunch is just an overpriced breakfast for late risers.
  9. Video games are better at storytelling than most movies.
  10. Running is a hobby, not a personality trait.
  11. Astrology is just made-up fun, not science.
  12. Not all opinions are worth hearing.
  13. You don't need a smartwatch if you have a smartphone.
  14. Most meetings should just be emails.
  15. Paper straws are worse than plastic ones.
  16. Not everyone needs to go to college.
  17. Staying up late is better than waking up early.
  18. Cake frosting is often too sweet.
  19. Reality TV reflects society more than scripted shows.
  20. Not all classic literature is good.

Controversial Hot Takes questions

Food Hot Takes

Who doesn’t love a quick food debate? Have some seriously sizzling food talks with these food hot takes.

  1. Deep dish pizza is just a tomato soup in a bread bowl.
  2. Adding fruit to savory salads is a culinary abomination.
  3. Vegan cheese is an insult to both vegans and cheese.
  4. Boneless wings are just overpriced chicken nuggets.
  5. Putting ice in wine should be a universally accepted practice.
  6. Milk chocolate is for amateurs; dark chocolate is where it's at.
  7. Bacon is overhyped; sausage deserves the breakfast crown.
  8. Pineapple does go on pizza, and it's called flavor innovation.
  9. A well-done steak is a perfectly valid choice.
  10. Bubble tea is just a liquid snack with obstacles.
  11. Salad dressing on the side is just a way to publicly pretend you care about calories.
  12. Gluten-free anything is just punishment for the taste buds.
  13. Brunch is an excuse to overcharge for breakfast.
  14. Peas ruin every dish they're added to.
  15. Charcoal in food doesn't make it healthier, it just adds crunch and regret.
  16. Spicy food challenges are not about taste, they're a test of your will to live.
  17. Blue cheese is just moldy sadness.
  18. The only thing super about superfoods is the price.
  19. Eating pizza with a fork and knife is the proper way to enjoy every bite.
  20. The louder the crunch of a chip, the better the chip.


Good Hot Takes About Animals

Settle the age-old debate of cats vs dogs. Try out these hot takes about animals with your team.

  1. Dogs understand more human language than we give them credit for
  2. Cats don't ignore us. They're practicing ancient royal etiquette.
  3. Birds aren't just singing, they're conducting the world's most natural symphony.
  4. Turtles teach us the value of taking life slow and steady.
  5. Bats are just creepy birds.
  6. Penguins prove that being a good parent is not just a human trait.
  7. Horses can read human emotions, making them excellent companions and therapists.
  8. Parrots aren't just mimicking speech, they're attempting to communicate with us.
  9. Camels look unimpressed all the time because they know they're the ultimate desert survivalists.
  10. Dolphins are secretly judging us for our poor swimming skills.

Fashion Hot Takes

Team baggy clothes or skinny jeans? The Devil Wears Prada returns! Here are some fun fashion hot takes you can refer to.

  1. Crocs are the ultimate everyday footwear.
  2. Sneakers should be acceptable footwear for formal events.
  3. Vintage shopping isn't just eco-friendly but also the secret to unique style.
  4. Wearing pajamas in public should be socially acceptable.
  5. The little black dress is overrated.
  6. Mixing prints and metals makes for the most interesting outfits.
  7. High heels are an unnecessary torture device.
  8. Gender-neutral clothing is the future of fashion.
  9. The most stylish people are those who ignore trends and create their own look.
  10. Oversized clothing is not sloppy. It's a statement of comfort and style.
  11. The return of 90s fashion proves that style is truly cyclical.
  12. Socks with sandals are a fashion statement, not a faux pas.
  13. The crop top trend needs to finally come to an end.
  14. Investing in a good tailor is more important than buying designer labels.
  15. Fashion influencers have more impact on trends than traditional fashion designers.
  16. Capsule wardrobes are liberating and encourage creativity.
  17. The most versatile wardrobe item isn't the little black dress. It's the denim jacket.
  18. Luxury handbags are not an investment.
  19. Athleisure is not just a trend but a movement towards functional fashion.
  20. Skinny jeans just make your groin sweat and serve no other purpose.

Popular Hot Takes about Travel 

Travel is such a must-do activity these days, everyone has a strong opinion about places, experiences and culture. Explore some fun and popular hot takes about travel below. 

  1. Instagram has spoiled hidden gems.
  2. Budget airlines compromise more than just legroom.
  3. Tourist traps offer a sense of shared global culture, not just crowds.
  4. Hostels beat hotels for authentic travel stories.
  5. Packing light overvalues laundry skills.
  6. Road trips trump flights for real adventure.
  7. There are many more romantic places than Paris.
  8. People should take a break from making travel reels.
  9. Flight food videos are overrated.
  10. Eating street food is the way to understand local culture.

Hot Takes about Work

Want to fire up a heated debate at work? Try out our hot takes about work. Enjoy!

  1. Meetings are just email threads in disguise.
  2. The 9-to-5 workday is an antique, unfit for modern creativity.
  3. Coffee breaks are the real productivity sessions.
  4. Email signatures are the modern wax seal, pretentious yet necessary.
  5. Dress codes stifle personality, not enforce professionalism.
  6. Unlimited vacation policies are a test, not a benefit.
  7. Job titles are the adult version of grade school labels.
  8. Networking events are more about free snacks than connections.
  9. Performance reviews are less about feedback and more about formality.
  10. The best ideas come from the shower, not the boardroom.

Hot Takes on Slack and Teams

Great news! Hot takes is such a fun and engaging activity that we decided to add it our pool of 20+ games. 

Simply install the Ricotta app on your Slack or Microsoft Teams workspace and try out a game. You and your team can vote for the fire or the eyebrow lift emoji. The fire emoji means you agree with the statement while the eyebrow lift emoji means you may disagree or have a different opinion altogether. You can have a long discussion and share your thoughts in the thread.

hot takes on slack ms teams

So what are you waiting for? Fire up your team building with a fun and dazzling game of Hot Takes.

Try Hot Takes on Slack

Try Hot Takes on Microsoft Teams


A game of hot takes can be a great way to get everyone to open up and express their opinions. While it is an extreme game, a fiery hot take can change people minds, even though they disagree. So next time consider playing a round of hot takes to get things going!

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