Why should you use Slack for your Nonprofit Teams? Here’s the Answer

Don't miss out on Slack's discounted pricing for Non-profit Organisations. Use Slack to keep all your communication organised, effective and in one place.

In this era of remote and flexible working, it is important that businesses adopt a more efficient and effective way of team communication to manage their day-to-day tasks. That's where Slack comes in!. Slack has changed the way business communication happens. It's fast, efficient and fun, and it keeps on getting better.

Due to the fundamental change that's happening all over the world in the way business communication is happening, Slack is a must-have for businesses going forward. And Yes ! Nonprofit organizations and associations too can benefit from Slack. Want to know how Slack will help your nonprofit? But first, let’s get into the basics and talk about Slack.

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What is Slack?

Slack is a web and mobile-based communications platform that is largely used to communicate with the team via organized channels, direct messages, file sharing, and phone calls. It can also be used to track projects and promote company culture. The goal of this software is to completely replace email and reduce the number of phone calls and in-person meetings, allowing people to work more efficiently; it's like a social media platform but for companies. Slack’s fundamental feature is "channels," but other features include direct messages, voice and video conversations, third-party application interfaces, and workflow.

Slack is all about working together as a team. When you’re trying to run and maintain an organization, you definitely need the kind of team synchronization to achieve your goals. 

How will Slack help your nonprofit organization?

To start with, using Slack for Nonprofits lets you connect your teams together by sharing messages, ideas, and files in private conversations or dedicated "channels." You can organize your channels in any way that works best for your company. For example, by the team, project, subject, geography, competence area, and so on. It keeps all your communication in one place.

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On Slack, you can Store and Upload files, make mentions of specific people, communicate from anywhere (web or app-based), Directly message groups or members, set calendar reminders for meetings and other important dates., Organize video conferences, Search messages easily, use hashtags to organize content, Pin, and Star important item. Etc.

Slack can simplify regular work tasks through simple workflows that ensure the appropriate information reaches the right people at the right time. You can automate everything from welcoming new channel members to sending alerts when important donors make an online gift and many more things.  

Here is an example of a Slack workspace, Source: Slack

Wondering how to set up your Slack for nonprofits? Check out this guide to create your own workspace.

Key Slack Features to Help Your Nonprofit

  1. Simple file sharing: Slack makes file sharing for teams very easy. It's as simple as just dragging & dropping a file to the desired channel. Images, PDFs, and videos can all be shared by users.
  2. Group channels and direct messages (DMs): Slack allows users to send direct/private messages to other users, as well as invite-only private group channels.
  3.  Integrations: Track and engage with third-party platforms directly in slack so that everyone can see the process. For example, organizations can link a task manager like Asana to a Slack channel for continuous updates about a particular project. Other Integrations include Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello, and many more. 
  4. Productivity improvement: Slack boosts productivity by reducing the amount of time spent browsing through emails, looking for that emails sent days and weeks ago. Slack is instant, it promotes efficiency and productivity.
  5. Hashtags: Hashtags can help you arrange your Slack conversations. Hashtags help users track content since they may be added to messages, allowing users to search for a specific hashtag rather just conversation dates or phrases.
  6. Building Team Morale:  Working from home, away from teammates, has been emotionally demanding in recent months, leaving some team members feeling demotivated. Slack can help raise workplace morale by allowing teams to create channels just for their lunch hour, where they can gather, have virtual lunch sit-downs, and catch up much like they did in the office.

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Is Slack Free?  

Slack has a free version that can be used for an unlimited period of time and with an unlimited number of members. While there are some limitations to the features, it should meet the needs of a small or basic team. Only 3 million of Slack's over 8 million users are paid. This means that the free version meets the needs of 5 million people. 

Note that Slack offers special pricing for Nonprofits and Education programs. If your organization (nonprofits) needs or desires more features, eligible nonprofits can avail for a free upgrade to the Standard plan for up to 250 members, as well as an 85% discount on a larger Standard plan or Plus plan for any size.

Check out the Slack for Nonprofits program, to check if your nonprofit is eligible for Free Upgrades and Discounts and also, to apply for it.  

How to get started?

Are you ready to try out Slack for your nonprofit?

  • Install Slack on your device
  • Invite some colleagues and start using it right away
  • Create channels (by team, person, or subject — for example, Marketing team, fundraising committee, volunteer recruitment channel)
  • Invite the appropriate individuals to these channels.
  • Check out the Slack for nonprofits program for the price discounts and free upgrades.
  • Have fun working 

To get Slack on your phone, download the app and send and receive Slack messages from anywhere.

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FAQ: Slack Non Profits

Can nonprofits use Slack on their workspace?

Yes! Non-profit organizations can choose to use the free plan or apply for a discount on the paid plan.

Are there any discounts on Slack for nonprofits ?

Yes, you can! You simply need to apply here. If you meet the eligibility requirements, Slack will revert with a discount for your non-profit.

How can non-profits improve their engagement on Slack? 

For employee engagement, you can install multiple bots and integrations from the Slack App store. For cool employee engagement trivia and games, check out Ricotta Games & Trivia and get 50% off on your subscription!

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