10 Tips on How to Improve Employee Onboarding Experience

Improve your Employee On-boarding process with these 10 simple tips and ideas

First impressions are meant to last, which is why having a carefully designed on-boarding process is a must in modern-day organisations. It is a crucial aspect of improving employee satisfaction and retention. 

Research by Glassdoor indicates that organisations with a strong on-boarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%. With such big numbers, you might surely think most companies get it right, right? 

But a research by Gallup found that only 12% of employees strongly agree that their organisation does a great job with on-boarding, and that calls for some efforts into revamping the process. Employee satisfaction and engagement is probably at the top of an HR manager’s checklist, and ensuring a seamless experience for your employees from the start is a must with various virtual team building activities and other strategies in place. Whether you’re preparing a virtual on-boarding experience for the first time, or you’re looking to structure your existing on-boarding process, you’re at the right spot.

Let’s look at 10+ effective ways to ace your employee on-boarding game.

1. Too Early is the Right Time

First days are crucial, but it can get very exhausting for your employees to receive an information overload, which might eventually lead them to become less engaged with your organisational objectives, especially if you are on-boarding them remotely on Zoom or any other video conferencing tool. Long on-boarding sessions might result in Zoom fatigue on the first day itself.

Our advice is to start early, right from the beginning of hiring processes. Send in booklets to your employees about organisational goals and essential information in advance. This would not put too much stress on them on the first day.

2. Make it engaging

While Employee engagement is a whole wide world for you to take care of, in the long run, try and make your virtual on-boarding process as engaging as possible. Personalise the experience, strike conversations, and help your new hires identify and align their personal goals with the organisational goals. Instead of emphasising on filling up a gazillion HR forms, make the on-boarding process engaging and exciting.

3. Explain the role

The most crucial task to be done in the first weeks is to explain the job description to your employees, and make them aware about their unique part in the success story of your organisation. Answer questions and explain the goals and motto of your organisation, and how their role is to fit in. 

4. Familiarise with essential tools

Probably the most important part of your checklist would be to get your new hires familiarised with the software and tools that your company functions with, as getting them comfortable with these tools prevents any confusions and inconvenience later. Whether you are using Microsoft Teams or Slack, incorporate the usage of these tools in the first few days and have check ins with the employees to address any doubts they might have. Also, check out these 14 Slack Channels you must have to make your employee experience better.

5. Design a checklist for their first week

Give your employees a structured introduction to the work they’ve signed up for. Our advice, carefully craft a first week to-do checklist to give them a fair idea of the current projects and their work. Bite sized information is the way to go. Try Ricotta’s productivity checklists to make the process efficient.

6. Break the Ice!

Now, breaking the ice with your employees is a top recommendation, but it’s that much more difficult to implement. It’s the first step towards building employee engagement, and is so much more difficult in a virtual environment vis-a-vis an in-office interaction. Try to make your on-boarding process and work environment exciting and engaging by incorporating these 10 tips for having fun at work.

You can also have a quick icebreakers' session with all the newly on-boarded employees to make them comfortable and acquainted with each other. You can refer to our list of 120+ Best Icebreaker questions so that you don’t have to compile icebreakers before the session!

7. Involve a Buddy

Having a person to directly connect with regarding any doubts is a great way to make your new employees feel comfortable. Having a point of contact in a similar role/ mentorship position makes the process more seamless. A research conducted by Microsoft indicates that having a strong buddy system in place helps in improving employee satisfaction, boosts productivity and much more within 90 days of implementation.

8. Encourage Team Building

It is absolutely essential to get your employees to feel like a part of their work teams, hence it is important to get them engaged with the ongoing team building activities. To get a better grip of how to build a better team at the workplace, try checking out these 10 tips for Virtual Team Building.

9. Frequent Debriefs

As important as the first welcome call is, try and schedule frequent debriefs for your new hires, as it’s difficult to have unscheduled interactions in a virtual environment. Having frequent scheduled interactions prevents your new hires from feeling stuck or lost, and provides ample opportunities for them to get any doubts clarified.

10. Make it fun!

Last but not the least, we want our employees to enjoy their workplace, as that is the one sustainable path towards long-term employee satisfaction and retention. While having a fun workplace in general is important, it is even more crucial to make your employee's first week more exciting. Having relaxed trivia activities and games is a good way to do that. Try Ricotta Trivia, an exciting platform for fun games, contests, trivia, and much more. 


Now that you have a better grip of how to make the on-boarding experience of your employees better, do incorporate elements of team building and productivity and make the workplace more engaging and enjoyable for your new hires. Stuck on how to increase employee engagement? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Check out 12 HR strategies on how to increase employee engagement.

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