20 hilarious memes to say goodbye to your workplace

We curated a list of best 50 goodbye memes for your last day of work! These funny, hilarious and dark memes will make you laugh & ease your last day at work.

When it's time to say goodbye, you want to do it with style. Maybe you have a few friends coming over, or maybe you're just feeling nostalgic. Whether you're wondering what to say on last day at work or sending out last day of work emails, you should leave with a smile!

Whatever your plans are for your last day of work, we have got you covered in regard to memes!

Here's our list of funny farewell memes and funny goodbye memes for coworkers. Let's go!

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Funny last day at work memes

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1. How to celebrate last day at work?

Catch up with the closest friends and well-wishers from work and have a blast! It is more important to stay connected with these bunch post transition. It can be hard to stay connected with your previous coworkers, but there are ways to make it easier. You may want to reach out and connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook once in a while as well.

2. What to say on the last day at work?

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do is to say goodbye. This can be especially true when you're leaving close work friends. The best way to bid someone farewell is often subjective and depends on the person. This is best done through a handwritten note!

3. What to do on the last day of work?

Nothing can prepare you for your last day at work. You have to see it coming, or you'll be blindsided. The best way to get through that last day is to work with a strategy in mind. Take stock of what needs to be done and prioritize tasks. There are some things that require your attention on the last day. It's also wise to have some documentations ready before the final hours so that there are no surprises for your successor when they walk in on Monday morning.

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