60+ Empathetic Thank You Messages for Your Coworkers

It is important to appreciate your coworkers, colleagues, bosses and employees. Saying thank you goes a long way in building genuine work relationships.

A thank you is a compelling way to build a stronger bond among colleagues. It serves as a concrete way to show someone your gratitude and care.

Many people find it difficult to find the right set of words or phrases to convey said appreciation to their fellow employees, hence we figured we should create a list of such ‘thank you notes’ for inspiration.

Thank you for being a great role model! Your hard work is an inspiration to all of us
Thank you for completing the project earlier than the prescribed deadline, we are lucky to have you on the team!
Thank you for going beyond the call of duty to make it happen! We couldn’t have done it without you!

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Your meticulous attention to details has helped us get through this project! Thanks for being on the team!
You are an example to all of us, thanks for your consistent effort to help us reach our goals!
We couldn’t have got the same result without you on the team! Your insights and impact have been tremendous!
Your creativity has been key to our success! Thanks for the impact!
You are the reason why we got this project done fast! We are proud to have you on our side!
You’ve proven a tough negotiator, you are a valuable member of this team!
This is a happier team with you in it!
This office is fun with you in it!
We all love the fact that you’re always all smiles and have a pumped up attitude! Keep it going.

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You make everyone’s day better when you are here! Thanks for being part of our team!
Your sense of humour makes coming to work an absolute delight. Thank you for keeping our spirits high!
Thanks for being a positive, upbeat force in our team!
Thank you for taking up the gauntlet whenever the team needs it!
Thank you for being there in the times of need! This team is indebted to you!
You take the “I’m” out of the impossible!
I admire your dedication to always putting forth excellent work.
You make teamwork a pleasure! Thank you boss!
You are a solid taskmaster! This team is lucky to have you. Thank you boss!
It’s great to see that you are acing your goals, great job, keep the pursuit on!
Your eagerness to develop talent is awe-inspiring, we are happy to have leaders like you!
Watching you strive to improve has been an inspiration for both me and the entire team. You’re amazing!
Congratulations on your journey! Your success is well-earned!
Your hard work is well rewarded! This success is deserved!
You’ve overcome obstacles, you have the drive to face more challenges, Thank you for being an inspiration for the whole office! Thank you, boss!
From day one, your work has always been amazingly high-quality. We are thrilled to have you with us!
We’re blessed to still have you as part of our team. Here’s to a promising future in our organization!
I love that you make such insightful comments during our meetings. This makes my decision-making a lot easier!
You make coming to work a pleasure.
You're an invaluable part of our team.
The effort you put in does not go unnoticed, we are grateful to have you on our side!
We appreciate the way you push your team to get the best out of them, you are a real leader!
Your superpower to work really well with others is a blessing for this company!
We were a little apprehensive to take up this project, but with you on our team, we all are a bit more confident!
You are an amazing mentor! Thanks for doing everything to help me advance my career!
I know you've been tasked with a lot of work recently. It's because I have faith in your ability to get it all done!
Thank you for always jumping in and helping!

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Your dedication is unparalleled! We are thankful to have you here.
Thank you for always showing the way!
Thanks for all your contribution and being the north star that we can rely on!
You are a real difference maker in our team! We are glad to have you here with us.
I am envious of what you are capable of, you’re wonderful at what you do and we are glad to be on your team!
I couldn't have asked for a better coworker than you.
We all appreciate your out-of-the-box solutions, this has helped us grow tremendously!
Your hard work and persistence is an example to all of us!
I consider myself so lucky to work in an office with such caring, hard-working individuals.
There's no other way to put it, except that without you our team would be lost.
Thank you for your continuous encouragement and support.
Thank you for being a supportive colleague!
Thank you for always pushing me to do better.
Your street smartness has increased our sales growth! We are glad to have you here
Thank you for being the hustler in the team, we’d be lost without you
You are a testament to our hiring policy, we have the best of the best!
Thank you for being ever so reliable! We know we can count on you in times of trouble!
Thank you for being the breath of fresh air in our team!
Your guidance has helped us cross several barriers, thanks for being a considerate mentor to all of us!
Thanks for covering for me, I wouldn’t know where I would be without your help!
Thanks for caring and supporting me during all my troublesome days.
Thanks for standing up for me in that meeting! You are a true friend!


Employees tend to go the extra mile when they are shown some appreciation. It is often evident that gratitude makes more impact than a monetary reward. The role of HR leaders is to inculcate a culture of gratitude in the company and make the idea of work environment appreciation infectious.

We at Ricotta know it is difficult to build a strong appreciative team culture, that’s exactly why we are building Ricotta Games, to not just help companies build a value based culture but also help small teams take their employee engagement levels to the moon!


1. How to send a thank-you note?

A thank-you note can be designed on Canva/ Figma/ Photoshop and sent across internal messaging platforms. You can also write the said message on a regular picturesque postcard and send it to your colleague if you like things the old school way.

2. What to include in a thank-you note?

There are several ways to show your gratitude. We have included some examples in this article and you can take one from here and tailor your own message according to your need.

3. How to say thank you to a coworker?

Saying ‘thank you’ to a coworker will break the barriers and strengthen the work relationship. Different scenarios demand different types of messaging, but the common underlying principle is to show that you are grateful to your colleague.

4. How to thank your coworkers for a gift?

The best way is to give another gift in return when the time arises. However, sometimes just a simple thank-you note should do the job!

5. How do you thank an employee who is leaving?

An employee parting ways would have played an important role in your career. You should not only thank them for the support and guidance, but also wish them the best in their new endeavor. More importantly, you should stay in touch.

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