120+ Best Have You Ever Questions For Adults & Coworkers in 2024

These funny Have You Ever questions are great for sparking conversations. Use these have you ever questions for adults, coworkers, friends to break the ice.

You’ve come to the right place for a list of Best Have You Ever Questions.

"Have you ever questions" are not just conversation starters; they're bridges to helping people to connect and share personal experiences. They are best used as icebreakers in social and professional gatherings.

A game of Have You Ever, similar to Never Have I Ever, can be played virtually at work or as a large group game. It starts with each participant holding up their palms outstretched. Players take turns asking "Have You Ever" questions to the group that involve experiences or actions, like "Have you ever forgotten someone's name right after meeting them?"

If a player has done the action mentioned in the question, they lower one finger. The game continues in a circle, with each player posing a different question when their turn comes.

To play more such fun games, check out This or That, Most Likely To, Unpopular Opinions, 21 Questions and Two Truths and a Lie.

The game often leads to laughter and surprises as players reveal their unexpected experiences. In this blog, you can find a list of all types of Have you ever questions for many different occasions. Let’s get into it!

In this blog, we will cover:

  • Funny Have You Ever Questions
  • Have You Ever Questions For Adults
  • Have You Ever Questions For Coworkers
  • Have You Ever Questions For Friends
  • Dirty Have You Ever Questions
  • Have You Ever Questions For Kids
  • Have You Ever Questions For Students
  • Christmas Have You Ever Questions
  • Icebreaker Have You Ever Questions
  • Good Have You Ever Questions

Funny Have You Ever Questions

Have you ever…

  1. Accidentally sent a text to the wrong person that was about them?
  2. Woken up with no memory of where you left your shoes?
  3. Tried to sound smart and completely mispronounced a word?
  4. Laughed so hard you had to leave the room?
  5. Made a ridiculous excuse to avoid going out?
  6. Forgotten the punchline of a joke mid-telling?
  7. Walked into a room and forgot why you were there?
  8. Had a dream about being a superhero?
  9. Tried to cook something and ended up ordering takeout instead?
  10. Been caught talking to your pet in a funny voice?
  11. Danced like nobody was watching, only to find out someone was?
  12. Worn clothes inside out all day without noticing?
  13. Tried to imitate a movie scene and failed spectacularly?
  14. Got lost even with GPS?
  15. Created a bizarre sandwich combination that you actually liked?
  16. Pretended to be a detective in your own home?
  17. Talked your way out of an awkward situation using only movie quotes?
  18. Tried a weird food combination just because you were curious?
  19. Locked yourself out of your own house or car?
  20. Accidentally replied to your boss with a meme?

Funny Have You Ever Questions

Have You Ever Questions For Adults

  1. Traveled to a country where you didn't speak the language?
  2. Taken a spontaneous road trip with no particular destination in mind?
  3. Cooked a meal that was completely inedible?
  4. Pulled an all-nighter for something other than work or study?
  5. Experienced an extreme sport or adventure activity?
  6. Attended a high school reunion?
  7. Made a significant life decision on a whim?
  8. Lost something valuable and never found it?
  9. Been part of a surprise party for someone else?
  10. Tried a food that was initially unappealing to you but ended up liking it?
  11. Had a paranormal or unexplained experience?
  12. Taken a risk that dramatically paid off?
  13. Gone on a blind date?
  14. Volunteered for a cause you're passionate about?
  15. Missed a flight or a major transportation connection?
  16. Lived without internet or a cell phone for more than a week?
  17. Learned to play a musical instrument as an adult?
  18. Been to a major sporting event, like the Olympics or World Cup?
  19. Had an embarrassing moment that you now find hilarious?
  20. Changed careers or considered a complete professional shift?

Have You Ever Questions For Coworkers

  1. Worked a different job role for a day?
  2. Been to a company retreat or team-building event?
  3. Had to give a presentation with little to no preparation?
  4. Helped resolve a major problem at work?
  5. Been recognized with an employee award or special acknowledgment?
  6. Volunteered for a work project outside your usual responsibilities?
  7. Pulled an all-nighter to meet a work deadline?
  8. Traveled to a new city for a work conference or meeting?
  9. Had a funny or embarrassing moment during a video call?
  10. Taken part in a mentorship program, either as a mentor or mentee?
  11. Made a lifelong friend through work?
  12. Accidentally replied all to an email?
  13. Experienced a major technology fail during an important task?
  14. Learned a new skill to improve your job performance?
  15. Participated in an office potluck or cooking competition?
  16. Been part of a successful team project that you were initially skeptical about?
  17. Organized or been a significant part of a company event?
  18. Had to adapt quickly to a major change at work?
  19. Shared a unique personal talent or hobby with your coworkers?
  20. Faced a significant challenge at work and overcame it?

Have You Ever Questions For Coworkers

Have You Ever Questions For Friends

  1. Ever gone on a spontaneous road trip?
  2. Tried an exotic cuisine and loved it?
  3. Pulled a prank on someone?
  4. Stayed up all night talking with friends?
  5. Forgotten a close friend's birthday?
  6. Been to a concert of your favorite band or artist?
  7. Had a supernatural experience?
  8. Taken part in a sports event or marathon?
  9. Binge-watched an entire TV series in one weekend?
  10. Learned a foreign language?
  11. Gone camping in the wild?
  12. Taken a class or course just for fun?
  13. Had a childhood dream that you still remember vividly?
  14. Been lost in a foreign country?
  15. Created something artistic?
  16. Had a memorable encounter with a stranger?
  17. Done something daring like skydiving or bungee jumping?
  18. Had a sudden change of heart about something important?
  19. Found something valuable that you thought was lost forever?
  20. Made a decision that drastically changed your life?

Dirty Have You Ever Questions

  1. Ever accidentally eaten spoiled food?
  2. Gotten really muddy or dirty on an outdoor adventure?
  3. Had a food or drink spill on you in a public place?
  4. Forgotten to brush your teeth before going out?
  5. Stepped in something unpleasant with your bare feet?
  6. Had a bug fly into your mouth while talking or laughing?
  7. Been drenched by rain and had to stay in wet clothes?
  8. Used someone else's toothbrush by mistake?
  9. Had a cooking experiment go horribly wrong?
  10. Laughed so hard you spilled your drink?
  11. Slept through an entire day?
  12. Been splashed by a car driving through a puddle?
  13. Forgotten to apply deodorant on a hot day?
  14. Accidentally dropped your phone in water?
  15. Had a bird poop on you?
  16. Worn the same clothes for more than three days while traveling?
  17. Had a bad hair dye experience?
  18. Cooked something that set off the smoke alarm?
  19. Got lost on a hike and ended up in a messy situation?
  20. Had a pet that brought something unpleasant into the house?

Have You Ever Questions For Kids

  1. Seen a shooting star?
  2. Built the tallest LEGO tower?
  3. Been on a school field trip?
  4. Tried to stay awake all night?
  5. Had a pet or wanted one?
  6. Made up your own language or secret code?
  7. Been to a zoo or aquarium?
  8. Won a prize at school or in a competition?
  9. Built a fort or treehouse?
  10. Had a funny dream that you remember?
  11. Learned to ride a bike or skate?
  12. Played a character in a school play?
  13. Been scared by a movie but watched it anyway?
  14. Tried a food you thought you wouldn't like, but then liked it?
  15. Had a birthday party with a fun theme?
  16. Made a new friend without planning to?
  17. Been on a family vacation?
  18. Found a cool rock, shell, or fossil?
  19. Helped cook a meal with your family?
  20. Lost a tooth and waited for the tooth fairy?

Have You Ever Questions For Students

  1. Studied all night for a test?
  2. Participated in a school play or talent show?
  3. Been on a field trip that you found really exciting?
  4. Forgotten to do your homework and remembered right before class?
  5. Won a medal or award for a school activity?
  6. Helped organize a school event?
  7. Read a book that you couldn't put down?
  8. Been part of a sports team at school?
  9. Had a science experiment go unexpectedly?
  10. Made a new friend in an unexpected way?
  11. Been to a summer camp?
  12. Learned to play a musical instrument?
  13. Been really nervous for a presentation but it went well?
  14. Volunteered for a community service project?
  15. Tried to learn a new language?
  16. Had a teacher who inspired you in a big way?
  17. Created an art project you were really proud of?
  18. Participated in a school debate or academic competition?
  19. Helped a classmate with a difficult topic?
  20. Done something for the first time at school this year?

Christmas Have You Ever Questions

  1. Made a snowman taller than you?
  2. Been caroling or seen carolers at your door?
  3. Tried to stay awake all night on Christmas Eve?
  4. Opened a Christmas present early without anyone knowing?
  5. Made homemade Christmas decorations?
  6. Had a white Christmas with snow?
  7. Eaten so much holiday food that you felt you couldn't move?
  8. Watched Christmas movies all day?
  9. Been surprised by a gift you didn't expect to receive?
  10. Worn a Christmas sweater, funny or stylish?
  11. Helped cook a Christmas dinner?
  12. Had a mishap while setting up Christmas lights?
  13. Participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange?
  14. Created a Christmas playlist of your favorite holiday songs?
  15. Played in the snow on Christmas day?
  16. Tried a traditional Christmas dish from another culture?
  17. Been to a Christmas parade or festive event in your town?
  18. Made a gingerbread house?
  19. Given a handmade gift to someone for Christmas?
  20. Sung Christmas songs at the top of your lungs at home?

Icebreaker Have You Ever Questions

  1. Traveled to a country on your bucket list?
  2. Tried an extreme sport or activity?
  3. Cooked a meal from a cuisine completely new to you?
  4. Taken an impromptu road trip?
  5. Been to a concert of your favorite band or artist?
  6. Had a completely unplanned day turn out to be amazing?
  7. Learned to play a musical instrument?
  8. Volunteered for a cause you're passionate about?
  9. Read a book that completely changed your perspective?
  10. Had a chance encounter that led to a lasting friendship?
  11. Tried a hobby that was out of your comfort zone?
  12. Been part of a memorable team-building activity?
  13. Watched a movie that made you laugh uncontrollably?
  14. Attended a festival or event that celebrates your culture?
  15. Gone without technology for a weekend?
  16. Had a pet with a unique personality?
  17. Taken a class or course just for fun?
  18. Been to a famous landmark or historical site?
  19. Experienced a moment of pure serendipity?
  20. Made a dish or recipe that turned out unexpectedly well?

Icebreaker Have You Ever Questions

Good Have You Ever Questions

  1. Ever watched a sunrise or sunset in a really beautiful place?
  2. Traveled to a country that was completely different from your own?
  3. Tried a food that you thought you wouldn't like, but ended up loving?
  4. Been pleasantly surprised by a random act of kindness?
  5. Had a hobby or activity that you're really passionate about?
  6. Taken a risk that paid off in an unexpected way?
  7. Found a book or movie that you could relate to deeply?
  8. Experienced something that changed your perspective on life?
  9. Been to a live event that you'll never forget?
  10. Learned a skill or talent that you're really proud of?
  11. Helped someone in a moment of need?
  12. Had a coincidence happen to you that seemed almost impossible?
  13. Been part of a project or team that achieved something great?
  14. Overcome a fear or challenge that was important to you?
  15. Discovered something new about yourself?
  16. Been in a situation where you laughed uncontrollably?
  17. Made a decision that was out of character for you but turned out well?
  18. Had an adventure in nature that was unforgettable?
  19. Created something that you were really proud of?
  20. Met someone who had a significant impact on your life?


Have You Ever questions are a fantastic tool for sparking conversations, building connections, and fostering understanding in various social contexts. Whether it's among friends, family, coworkers, students, or even new acquaintances, these questions open up a world of shared experiences and interesting stories. So next time you're in a social setting and looking for a way to break the ice or deepen the conversation, consider throwing in a "Have You Ever" question and see where the conversation takes you!


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FAQ: Have you ever questions

What are some have you ever questions for couples?

Here are some have you ever questions for couples to get to know each other better:

  • Have you ever dreamed about our wedding day?
  • Have you ever thought of a name for a future child?
  • Have you ever kept a memento from our earliest dates?
  • Have you ever imagined what our life might be like in 10 years?
  • Have you ever considered a spontaneous trip or adventure just for us?

What are some spicy have you ever questions?

Here are some spicy Have You Ever questions that can add a bit of excitement and fun to the conversation:

  • Have you ever sent a flirty text to the wrong person?
  • Have you ever had a crush on a friend's partner?
  • Have you ever lied about your relationship status?
  • Have you ever gone on a date just to make someone else jealous?
  • Have you ever had a romantic dream about someone you shouldn't?
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