180+ Funny What If Questions For Friends, Couples & Coworkers

These funny What If Questions will level up your game night. So gather your friends and family and try out these fun what if questions to break the ice.

If you are searching for the best What If Questions, then stay right here. 

These What If Questions will not only help you to understand your friends and coworkers better, but they will also test and sharpen your critical thinking skills. As many of these questions involve hypothetical scenarios, you need to exercise your brain and come up with the smartest possible answer. This question game will be interesting and fun to play just like True or False Questions game, Two Truths and a Lie game, the 21 Questions Game, and much more.

In this blog, you will find a list of:

  • What If Questions For Work
  • Funny What If Questions
  • What If Questions For Couples
  • What If Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend
  • What If Questions For Adults
  • What If Questions For Friends
  • What If Questions For Kids
  • What If Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend
  • Deep What If Questions
  • Random What If Questions

You will also find some random, funny, and deep questions. Towards the end of this article, you will be ready all set for this game.

What If Questions For Work

  1.  What if you were required to ride a unicycle to get around the office?
  2. What if every meeting had to be conducted in rhyme?
  3. What if office emails were replaced with carrier pigeons?
  4. What if the office dress code changed to superhero costumes?
  5. What if your desk chair was replaced with a bouncing exercise ball?
  6. What if every time someone said 'synergy', they had to do a dance?
  7. What if instead of a water cooler, there was a chocolate fountain in the office?
  8. What if instead of coffee, the office only provided caffeine-infused gummy bears?
  9. What if all company updates had to be sung like an opera?
  10. What if office memos were delivered by singing telegram?
  11. What if you had to walk like a crab for a whole day in the office?
  12. What if every time you made a sale, a mini parade went through the office?
  13. What if the photocopier only worked when you complimented it?
  14. What if office chairs were replaced with saddled ostriches?
  15. What if all phone calls had to be taken while standing on one leg?
  16. What if the office was suddenly filled with beach sand and palm trees?
  17. What if the elevator only went to your floor if you told it a good joke?
  18. What if office supplies started talking to you like in a cartoon?
  19. What if you had to hula hoop during every conference call?
  20. What if every Monday was 'Talk Like a Pirate' day at the office?

Funny What If Questions

  1. What if tacos started growing on trees?
  2. What if your cat could suddenly speak English, but only when you're not around?
  3. What if we needed to charge ourselves like phones to get energy?
  4. What if all our dreams were broadcasted live on Television?
  5. What if your belly button was a reset button for an embarrassing moment in your life?
  6. What if your left shoe made a meow sound with every step?
  7. What if we sweat chocolate instead of perspiration?
  8. What if all cats secretly knew kung fu?
  9. What if your eyebrows danced to the rhythm of the music you're listening to?
  10. What if every time you yawned, a light in your house turned on or off?
  11. What if everyone was required by law to wear superhero costumes on Tuesdays?
  12. What if squirrels became the dominant species on Earth?
  13. What if your nose honked like a loud horn whenever you told a lie?
  14. What if you had to sing everything you wanted to say instead of speaking it?
  15. What if everyone could only communicate by interpretive dance?
  16. What if whenever you snapped your fingers, you instantly changed your outfit?
  17. What if gravity only worked on Wednesdays?
  18. What if every time you sneezed, you teleported to a random location?
  19. What if chickens could play basketball and were surprisingly good at it?
  20. What if all rain was carbonated, making every rainstorm a soda shower?

What If Questions For Couples

  1. What if we could relive one day from our past, which day would we choose?
  2. What if we could switch roles for a day, what's the first thing we would do?
  3. What if we had a chance to become famous, would we take it, and for what reason?
  4. What if we could choose one celebrity to have dinner with, who would we pick?
  5. What if we could only eat one type of food for the rest of our lives, what would we choose?
  6. What if we had the power to read each other's minds, would we use it?
  7. What if we were stranded on a desert island, what three things would we want to have with us?
  8. What if we were given the chance to star as a couple in a movie, what genre would it be?
  9. What if we could adopt any kind of pet, what would it be?
  10. What if we could trade places with any couple in history, who would we choose?
  11. What if we could live in any fictional universe for a day, where would we go?
  12. What if we had to compete in a dance-off for the last slice of pizza, who would win?
  13. What if we were cast in a comedy movie, who would be the funny one and who would play the straight man?
  14. What if we were superheroes, what would our silly superpowers be?
  15. What if we could only communicate in movie quotes for a day, how would our day look?
  16. What if our pets could suddenly talk, what embarrassing secrets would they reveal about us?
  17. What if one of us became the ruler of a small island, what ridiculous laws would we institute?
  18. What if our bed turned into a giant sandwich every night, would we still be able to sleep?
  19. What if every time we held hands, our favorite song would start playing out of nowhere?
  20. What if we woke up one day and found we had switched bodies, what's the first thing we would do?

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What If Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

  1.   What if you hit some kind of jackpot and win a lot of money? What would you do with so much wealth?
  2. What if you have to sacrifice your favorite football match on TV to come out with me?
  3. What if we were given the chance to go to some beautiful place far away? Where would we go and how would we spend our time?
  4. What if you could have a unique talent? What would it be?
  5. What if you get an opportunity to become the President of the United States for just a day? What major change would you bring about in the country?
  6. What if you get to design your dream house? How would you go about it?
  7. What if you were born in a different era? What would that be and why?
  8. What if I decided to quit my job and pursue my passion for traveling around the world?
  9.   What if you were the girl and I was the boy? What would you have done differently which you never did as a guy?
  10.  What if you got a chance to erase some moments from your past?
  11.  What if someone offered you 10 million dollars and asked you not to shower and shave for a year?
  12. What if you could age in reverse?
  13. What if every time you said 'I love you', your voice turned into a helium squeak?
  14. What if your clothes randomly changed color based on your mood?
  15. What if every time you went to the gym, an enthusiastic marching band followed you?
  16. What if you woke up one day as your favorite superhero, but you could only do their chores?
  17. What if instead of snoring, you recited famous speeches from history in your sleep?
  18. What if your car only started if you sang it a love song?
  19. What if every time you played video games, you had to wear a suit of armor?
  20. What if you found out that your favorite food made you invisibile for an hour?

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What If Questions For Adults

What If Questions For Adults

  1. What if you happen to fall into the black hole?
  2. What if smartphones were never invented?
  3. What if you found out that your spouse is a spy?
  4. What if you could build an amusement park in your city? What would you create within the park?
  5. What if you could swap your body with your pet for a day?
  6. What if you could be born as an 80-year-old and die as a baby?
  7. What if you were hanging on a helicopter blade by your hands and then someone turned it on?
  8. What if you can correctly calculate the distance of stars from the Earth?
  9. What if the internet had never come into existence?
  10. What if you found out that the passenger sitting beside you on a plane is a hijacker?
  11. What if you had the liberty to form your law? How would you define it?
  12. What if you land in a foreign land and don’t understand a word that people speak there?
  13. What if Albert Einstein was still alive? How do you think the world would have shaped up?
  14. What if you could add another word to the English Dictionary? What word would you add?
  15. What if utensils start melting away in sunlight?
  16. What if you had to choose between sleeping non-stop for two days or eating fast food for three days at a stretch?
  17. What if the Earth was square instead of round?
  18. What if humans had never reached the Moon?
  19. What if you happen to encounter a supernatural force?
  20. What if the Pacific Ocean dries up?

What If Questions For Friends

  1. What if you happen to become the richest person on this planet?
  2. What if all volcanic mountains on Earth start erupting at the same time?
  3. What if God created an entrance exam to reach heaven? Would you pass the test?
  4.  What if you are deprived of all material comforts in your life?
  5.  What if you are given an opportunity to find a fool-proof medicine for all types of cancer?
  6.  What if the Mongol Empire helped the United States’ westward expansion?
  7.  What if every happy event brings two sad events?
  8.  What if there was no technological intervention in our lives?
  9.  What if you could never sleep and still remain healthy? What would you do?
  10. What if you are challenged to spend an entire day without drinking water or any other liquids? Would you take it up?
  11. What if you encounter an avalanche while trekking Mount Everest?
  12. What if you were invited to high tea with Prince Charles?
  13. What if you are stranded alone with a flat tire on a deserted road with no mobile network? How would you call out for help?
  14.  What if you woke up and discovered that your brain is not registering anything that’s going on?
  15.  What if you had the power to change your future?
  16.  What if you invent a drink that would cause humans to live forever and never die?
  17.  What if you could recollect certain situations from your previous birth?
  18.  What if you are offered an opportunity to write a book? What would be the central idea of your book?
  19.  What if you come to know that your newly purchased home has been inhabited by a spirit?
  20.  What if the universe stopped expanding right now? How long would it take for a human to drive a car all the way to the universe?

What If Questions For Kids

what if questions for kids

  1. What if the sun never set?
  2. What if your favorite toy could talk?
  3. What if you find a tiger peeping through your bedroom window?
  4. What if you woke up in the morning and found out that your nose has grown similar to that of Pinocchio’s?
  5. What if you get a chance to ride a unicorn?
  6. What if you could travel to outer space? Which planet would you like to visit?
  7. What if you get a chance to click a selfie with an alien? Would you do it or would you be scared?
  8. What if your nails grow 5 feet long in a day?
  9. What if video games and play stations were never manufactured?
  10. What if fast food restaurants suddenly disappeared from Earth?
  11. What if you had three eyes instead of two?
  12. What if french fries were good for your health?
  13. What if everything you touched just disappeared into thin air?
  14. What if you had a magic watch that could predict what would happen in the next 10 minutes?
  15. What if you could see what is inside your friend’s brain?
  16. What if fairies and mermaids were real?
  17. What if you had a personal robot that could do your homework and write your exams?
  18. What if you could get gold and silver coins in exchange for normal ones?
  19. What if all extinct animals came back to life?
  20.  What if someone builds an amusement park right in front of your house?

What If Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

  1.  What if you had the power to read my mind?
  2.  What if you lose your favorite make-up kit the day you are supposed to look your best at a party?
  3.   What if you get an opportunity to work in an ad with a well-known celebrity?
  4.   What if you happen to suffer a wardrobe malfunction at an important event?
  5. What if you had a warning label, what would it say?
  6.    What if you could cause some minor inconvenience to the person you hate the most? What would that be?
  7. What if you could set a benchmark for something? What would that be?
  8. What if you were challenged to spend an entire week alone in a haunted house?
  9. What if your boyfriend appreciates your best friend’s dressing sense instead of yours?
  10. What if your boyfriend happens to forget your birthday?
  11. What if we happen to start a band together, what would you name the band?
  12. What if you have to stay in the same pajamas for one week at a stretch?
  13. What if you happen to say something to your friend that you shouldn’t have?
  14. What if you had a butler who could cook all types of cuisines?
  15. What if you have to stay up all night to complete an assignment? Would you be able to manage without any sleep?

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Deep What If Questions

  1.   What if you have been concealing a dark secret within you for years? Would you like to reveal it?
  2. What if you had to choose between spiritual beliefs and scientific research?
  3. What if you still feel connected to a departed soul?
  4. What if you are able to teach your child more than you know?
  5. What if age-old myths start taking precedence over modern facts?
  6. What if all your dreams turned into reality?
  7. What if common sense is the best approach to tackle tough situations? Can you provide a real-life example related to this?
  8. What if you could become invisible? What would you like to do?
  9. What if all that we are is simply the result of what we have thought?
  10. What if your forefathers left you a fortune that would last for a lifetime?
  11. What if our subconscious mind controls our destiny?
  12. What if God suddenly appears in front of you? What would you ask for?
  13. What if you have to tell a lie for a good cause? Would you still do it?
  14. What if you could insert a magical chip into your kid’s brain following which your child can become a genius?
  15. What if you can calculate math problems faster than a calculator?
  16. What if you were at a bank and robbers came in?
  17. What if you suddenly found out that you have a half-sibling that you never knew of?
  18. What if your blog post has hit a million likes?
  19. What if you could stop time whenever you wanted to?
  20. What if humans existed on Mars rather than on Earth?

Random What If Questions

  1. What if you are challenged to keep quiet and not utter a word for an entire day?
  2. What if you could master any subject just by touching a textbook?
  3. What if you were blessed with a superpower to fly? How would you make the best use of this power?
  4. What if you got an opportunity to be a part of a reality show? Which type of reality show would you prefer being in?
  5. What if you could get a glimpse of the afterlife? Would you want to know what happens after we die?
  6. What if you get an opportunity to produce a movie? Which type of movie would you like to create?
  7. What if cats and dogs become best friends?
  8. What if the sky changed color every hour?
  9. What if gravity was optional?
  10. What if animals could understand human languages?
  11. What if we discovered that plants have feelings?
  12. What if you could teleport, but only to places you've already been?
  13. What if we could see music instead of just hearing it?
  14. What if you woke up tomorrow in the year 1000, what would you do?
  15. What if we had to photosynthesize like plants to get our energy?
  16. What if every book you read came to life for the duration of your reading?
  17. What if dreams were shared experiences and everyone could see them?
  18. What if the earth rotated twice as fast?
  19. What if our lifespan was determined by the number of words we could speak in our lifetime?
  20. What if every human had a different color of blood?
  21. What if we could smell emotions?
  22. What if all humans suddenly lost the ability to lie?
  23. What if clouds were solid and we could walk on them?
  24. What if every time you snapped your fingers, you switched places with someone else in the world?
  25. What if you could choose your own dreams every night before sleeping?


We hope this list of What If Questions can spice up your conversations and work as great icebreakers. These questions can be played with people of all age groups. Additionally, you can form your own rules like setting a time limit for every question or conducting a rapid fire round. Begin your game!

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FAQ: Best What If Questions

What are What If questions?

What If questions are a combination of imaginary, hypothetical, and funny questions that enable you to think deeply and come up with a smart answer. It is a good way to test one’s critical thinking skills. 

What are some good What If Questions to ask?

Here are a few good what if questions:

  • What if no one hears a sound that only you can hear?
  • What if the North and the South Poles switched positions on Earth?
  • What if the internet never existed?
  • What if animals could talk?
  • What if money were no object?

What are some crazy What If Questions?

Here are some crazy What If Questions:

  • What if you can count all the hair on your head?
  • What if there was a magical tree in your house that gave golden fruits?
  • What if your dreams were a glimpse into parallel universes?
  • What if every action did not have an equal and opposite reaction?
  • What if every time you sneezed, you changed gender?

How do you play the What If Questions game?

To play the What If questions game, keep a good set of questions ready. Then gather a group of friends and start asking questions one by one. To make this game more interesting, you can set a timer for each question. When played with the right set of questions, this game can be a lot of fun and can also give way to interesting conversations.

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