100+ Big League Baseball Trivia Questions And Answers

Are you ready to hit a home run with this list of baseball trivia questions and answers? Take this MLB quiz to know if you belong in the major league!

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Our list of baseball trivia questions and answers covers everything from the sport’s rich history to current leagues like MLB. 

Whether you’re a fan of old-time greats like Babe Ruth or modern-day legends like Derek Jeter, our MLB quizzes will test your knowledge and entertain you.

Are you ready to ace this all-star MLB quiz? Take a swing!

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Baseball Trivia Questions and Answers

1. Fenway Park is the home ground of which baseball team?

a) Boston Red Sox
b) New York Mets
c) Chicago Cubs
d) LA Dodgers

Answer: Boston red sox

2. Which baseball team has won the World Series the most times?

a) Chicago cubs
b) St Louis Cardinals
c) Detroit Tigers
d) New York Yankees

Answer: New York Yankees

3. The only Major League Baseball team in Canada is based in which city?

a) Calgary
b) Ottawa
c) Toronto
d) Vancouver

Answer: Toronto

4. What award is given to the best defensive performer at each position in Major League Baseball?

a) Golden Hand
b) Lou Gehrig Trophy
c) Babe Ruth Award
d) Gold Glove

Answer: Gold Glove

5. Who traditionally throws the ceremonial first pitch of the baseball season?

a) President of the USA
b) President of the MLB
c) Captain of the previous winner
d) Referee

Answer: President of the USA

6. What is the name of the award given to the best pitcher in baseball? 

a) Babe ruth award
b) Cy Young Award
c) Warren C. Giles Trophy
d) Silver Slugger

Answer:  Cy Young Award

7. Which team ranks second in the World Series wins? 

a) New York Mets
b) Chicago Cubs
c) Boston Red Sox
d) St Louis Cardinals

Answer: St Louis Cardinals

8. Who hit the most home runs in a Baseball contest in any league? 

a) Jay Clarke 
b) J. D. Martinez
c) Bobby Lowe
d) Lou Gehrig

Answer: Jay Clarke 

9. When was the first world series held?
a) 1903
b) 1915
c) 1910
d) 1943

Answer: 1903

10. Which was the first Olympics to feature baseball?

a) 1996
b) 2008
c) 2020
d) 1992

Answer: 1992

11. Who is known as the father of baseball?

a) Abner Doubleday
b) Alexander Cartwright
c) Henry Chadwick 
d) Al Spalding

Answer: Henry Chadwick

MLB Trivia Quiz

12. What NL pitcher won the Cy Young award 4 years in a row from 1999-2002?

Randy Johnson

13. Who lost to the Twins in the 1987 World Series?

St. Louis Cardinals

14. What player appeared at five different positions in All-Star Games?

Pete Rose

15. Reggie Jackson hit 3 home runs in game 6 of the World Series in what year?


16. Who was the only player to pinch-hit for Ted Williams?

Carroll Hardy

17. What was the last year the Cubs won the World Series?


18. What Blue Jay had back-to-back 40 home run seasons in 1999 and 2000?

Carlos Delgado

19. Who was the only Pirate to be selected to play in the 2001 All-Star game?

Brian Giles

20. Who is the only pitcher to lead both the NL and AL in shutouts – in the same season?

C.C Sabathia

21. Before the Miami Marlin's name changed from the Florida Marlins in 2011, what team had most previously changed their name?

Tampa Bay Rays

22. Which player holds the record for most MVPs?

Barry Bonds

23. How many intentional walks did Roger Maris get in his 61-home run season?


24. What was the world's first baseball stadium?

Forbes Field

25. Who was the only Pirate to be selected to play in the 2001 All-Star game?

Brian Giles

26. Who was the first player to hit four home runs in one game?

Lou Gehrig

27. How many 50+ home run seasons did Barry Bonds have in his career?


28. How many All-Star Games have ended in ties?


29. Who was the first Milwaukee Brewers player to win the MVP Award?

Rollie Fingers

30. Which player won the Rays' first-ever Silver Slugger Award?

Carlos Pena

31. Which player holds the record for most Cy Young Awards?

Roger Clemens

32. Who is the all-time leader in All-Star Game stolen bases?

Willie Mays

33. What team did Babe Ruth play for before joining the Boston Red Sox?

Baltimore Orioles

34. Which base was Lou Gehrig's first career stolen base?

Home Plate

35. What current MLB stadium has the lowest seating capacity?

Tropicana Field

36. Who was the first Baltimore Orioles to be named American League MVP?

Brooks Robinson

37. Who holds the record for the most stolen bases in a season?

Rickey Henderson

38. What pitcher ended Joe DiMaggio's historic 56-game hitting streak?

Jim Bagby

39. What Hall of Fame player finished his career with exactly 3,000 hits?

Roberto Clemente

40. What was the first wild card team to win a playoff series?

Baltimore Orioles

41. In what city did the Athletics play from 1901 through 1954?


42. Who is the only pitcher to throw a perfect game in the World Series?

Don Larsen

43. Who was the first player to win back-to-back MVP Awards?

Jimmie Foxx

44. What pitcher won every NL Gold Glove in the 1990s at his position?

Greg Maddux

45. What year did Roger Maris hit 61 home runs?


46. Who holds the record for most home runs hit in their rookie season?

Mark McGwire

47. In what year was Lou Gehrig voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?


48. Which MLB manager is the all-time leader in wins?

Connie Mack

49. What player became the first player to win World Series MVP for two different teams?

Reggie Jackson

50. Who was the only player to hit grand slams from both sides of the plate in the same game?

Bill Mueller

51. Who is the only player to lead each league in home runs and triples?

Sam Crawford

52. What player had back-to-back seasons with 100 extra-base hits in 2000 and 2001?

Todd Helton

53. In the 2001 season, what player hit 3 home runs in a game three separate times?

Sammy Sosa

54. Which team's mascot is known simply as The Bird?

Baltimore Orioles

55. Who was the first player to be caught stealing four times in one game?

Robby Thompson

56. What is the name of the park where the San Francisco Giants play their home baseball games?

AT&T Park

57. What pitcher struck out an American League leading 245 batters in 2006?

Johan Santana

58. What player has the most career doubles?

Tris Speaker

59. Who was the first Toronto Blue Jay pitcher to win 20 games in a season?

Jack Morris

60. Which MLB team plays baseball at Citi Field?

New York Mets

61. Who was the first Yankee pitcher to win an MVP Award?

Spud Chandler

62. What player led the AL in stolen bases 9 times in the 1980s?

Rickey Henderson

63. Who threw the first perfect game?

Lee Richmond

64. Who was the last Triple Crown winner for the NL?

Joe Medwich

65. What was the first wild card team to win the World Series?

Florida Marlins

66. When did the New York Yankees win their first World Series title?


67. Who is the only player to hit a walk-off grand slam inside the park home run?

Roberto Clemente

68. Paws are the mascot for which team?

Detroit Tigers

69. Which foreign-born player has the most career home runs?

Sammy Sosa

70. Who is the only player to get at least 250 hits for the American League's Milwaukee Brewers and the National League's Milwaukee Brewers?

Jeff Cirillo (472 and 528, respectively

71. Name the last team to win Game 7 of the World Series on the road.

1979 Pittsburgh Pirates (at Baltimore)

72. What is the record for most hits in a season without batting over .300?

In 2007, Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies had 212 hits and only batted .296.

73. What is the lowest season batting average of any player to get 200 or more hits in that same season?

Juan Pierre of the Cubs had 204 hits and batted only .292. in 2006

74. What is the lowest uniform number not to be retired by any major league team?


75. Who are the only players to hit for the cycle in both leagues?

Bob Watson and John Olerud. (Watson did it for the Houston Astros in 1977 and the Boston Red Sox in 1979 and Olerud for the New York Mets in 1997 and Seattle Mariners in 2001.)

76. Who is the only pitcher ever to hit two grand slams during the same game?

Tony Cloninger (of the Atlanta Braves did so on July 3, 1966. He was the winning pitcher that day and also the first-ever National League player to hit two home runs in the same game.)

77. Who is the shortest pitcher ever to win 20+ games in a season?

Bobby Schantz (He stood 5 feet 6 inches and won 24 games for 1952 Philadelphia Athletics.)

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