Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Ricotta Games & Trivia?

Ricotta Games & Trivia is a Slack app for Trivia, icebreakers and fun social games. Schedule trivia and picture quizzes, have fun icebreaker sessions with games like This or That. Choose between social word games or 2-player games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Rock Paper Scissors and Connect4.

Make work breaks fun and engaging without ever leaving Slack, Microsoft Teams or Webex. Let the fun begin!

Who is Ricotta suitable for?

Ricotta Trivia, a Slack games app, is loved by HRs, employee engagement managers and startup co-founders, especially for remote teams! It is suitable for any team that wants to build their team culture and add a bit of fun to monotonous work.

How can I contact someone at Ricotta?

Please get in touch with us by emailing us at We will respond to you within 24 hours.

Which games can I play on Ricotta Games & Trivia?


✔ Trivia contests
✔ Picture Quizzes
✔ Weekly Trivia contests
✔ Custom contests
✔ This or That
✔ 2 Truths & a Lie
✔ Co-worker Icebreakers
✔ Never Have I Ever
✔ Most Likely To
✔ Party Prank Picture
✔ Weekly water coolers 
✔ Icebreaker questions
✔ Word of The Day (Wordle)
✔ Word Building
✔ Word Chain 
✔ Hangman
✔ Story Building
✔ Connect4
✔ Tic-Tac-Toe
✔ Rock Paper Scissor
✔ Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Microsoft Teams:

✔ Asynchronous Trivia contests
✔ Weekly Trivia contests
✔ This or That
✔ Never Have I Ever
✔ Co-worker Icebreakers
✔ Icebreaker questions
✔ Word of The Day (Wordle)
✔ Tic-Tac-Toe
✔ Rock Paper Scissor
✔ Hangman


✔ Asynchronous Trivia contests
✔ Weekly Trivia contests
✔ This or That
✔ Never Have I Ever
✔ Co-worker Icebreakers
✔ Icebreaker questions
✔ Word of The Day (Wordle)
✔ Hangman

How can I use Ricotta Games & Trivia on my workspace?

With a wide variety of Slack remote games and activities, Ricotta can be used for conducting asynchronous trivia contests, playing icebreakers and fun games without leaving Slack, Microsoft Teams or Webex.

To gamify these contests, companies can reward the top 3 leaderboard winners with an Amazon Gift Card or a free coffee or meal every week. This would lead to higher engagement and happier employees!

How can I use Ricotta in a specific channel only?

Head over to 'Edit Settings' in the app home tab and set a default channel for the Ricotta games. You can schedule all your games as well as post instant games in the default channel only.

What are the top features of Ricotta Games & Trivia?

✔ Asynchronous Trivia and Picture quiz contests
✔ Icebreakers and word games
✔ 15 games, 20k+ Trivia questions and 25+ categories
✔ Weekly Trivia contests
✔ Weekly icebreakers
✔ Game scheduler
✔ Admin controls
✔ Dashboard for billing and calculating workplace engagement scores

Will Ricotta disrupt everyday work?

We’ve tried to make our app as non-intrusive as possible with an asynchronous game format (so that everyone can play at their own pace without disrupting work), minimal in-app notifications and an option to play in private channels.

We also have an access management feature on our app that lets only the set admins schedule and start games. Having a dedicated team-building channel combined with the admin access feature should work well for your team. Your team will be able to have one super admin and multiple admins. The admins can auto-schedule games for the week and post games on the team-building channel.

The auto-scheduled games as well as Weekly Trivia and Word of The Day will help everyone be engaged throughout the week. This way, there would be no room for confusion or spending too much time playing games on different channels. You can also play games on private channels for smaller groups.

How can I get activate the admin controls feature?

As of now, the admin controls feature is available for enterprise plans only, however, we can activate for your team on other plans too. Please email us at to activate the feature for your workspace.

Is my data secure with Ricotta?

Of course! We do not store any information apart from your username and workspace name. For more information, you can check out our privacy policy.

I want to know more. How can I sign up for a demo?

You can sign up for a demo with Pallavi, the co-founder of Ricotta through this meeting link.

Payment-related Questions

How do I subscribe to Ricotta Games & Trivia?

Please go to the billing management page, select your preferred pricing plan and pay securely via Stripe. You can also get a step-by-step overview on our help guide.

Please note that we do not charge anyone automatically and you need to subscribe manually by logging into the billing dashboard.

How can I get a billing receipt?

Please email us at We will send a manually generated receipt within 24 hours.

Do you offer any discount for nonprofits or educational institutions?

Yes! We have exclusive discount codes for nonprofits and educational institutions. Please reach out to us at to get your discount code.

Do you offer enterprise pricing?

Of course! Write to us at to chat about enterprise plans.

What are the available payment options?

You can securely pay via Stripe by entering your card details and billing address.

How can I cancel my paid subscription?

Please email us at and we will cancel your active subscription.

What are the available payment options?

You can securely pay via Stripe by entering your card details and billing address.

How can I update my card details?

1. Visit and login with Slack. Please note that you have to log in using the same Slack account you used during the payment.

2. Click on the Billing menu and you will be re-directed to the Stripe page in 5-6 seconds.

3. Update your billing address (By clicking on add billing information).

4. Next, update your payment method and make that default.

5. You can remove your old cards by deleting them.

Have any questions? Please email us at and we will be happy to help you.

14-day trial-related Questions

What happens when my 14-day trial is over? Will I be charged?

You will not be charged after your trial ends since we don’t require a credit card to try Ricotta. You will need to upgrade to a paid plan to start playing games again once your trial ends.

What if we need more than 14 days to try out Ricotta?

Please contact us at and we’ll extend your trial.

What can I access during the trial?

You can access all the games and features during your 14-day trial with Ricotta Trivia. To subscribe, please visit our billing dashboard.

Setting Up Ricotta Games & Trivia

How can I open Ricotta on my Slack workspace?

To open Ricotta Trivia on Slack, simply click on the ‘More’ button and then select ‘Apps’.

You will see a search bar next. Simply search for Ricotta and click on the result.

Next, you will see Ricotta Trivia in your Apps section on your Slack workspace.

Alternatively, please view our help guide for detailed steps.

I’ve added the Ricotta app to my workspace. Now what?

Once you add Ricotta to Slack, simply head to your DM and you will see an introduction message.

Configure Weekly Trivia and Time zone settings for your workspace. You can also choose to introduce Ricotta with your team.

Set a default channel and time for your Weekly Trivia quizzes that are posted every Wednesday as well as a time and choice of days for Word of The Day (this can also be done from the app home tab >> Edit Settings).

Next, select your preferred time zone.

Finally, you can start scheduling trivia for the week and select your preferred days for weekly quizzes. Simple!

Start a word game, 2-player game, or an icebreaker game with your team.

How do I set a default channel for Weekly Trivia questions?

To set a default channel for the weekly trivia contest, you can simply click on the ‘Configure’ button in the introduction message that you receive on Slack on installation.

Alternatively, you can simply go to the Ricotta app home page and click on ‘Edit Settings’. You can set a default channel and time for the weekly trivia contest, posted every Wednesday.

In which channels can I play Ricotta games?

You can play Ricotta games on any public or private channel, that you can set as a default channel. However, the 2 player games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect4, Hangman and Rock Paper Scissors can only be played in a direct chat.

How can I add Ricotta to a private channel?

To start playing on a private channel, simply add Ricotta to the channel by entering the command /invite @Ricotta Games & Trivia and press enter. Ricotta will get added to that channel and you can start playing.

Game-related Questions

For specific game-related queries, please check out our help docs for step-by-step instructions.

Can’t find an answer to your question? Drop us a line and we will get back within 24 hours.

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