🌱 How it started

Like a lot of remote work tools, Ricotta was born during the lockdown - ‘overworked’, ‘burnt out’ and ‘socially isolated’ being common workplace problems.

We founded Ricotta with the main mission of bringing teams together, enhancing productivity and preventing burn out while also making working and taking breaks on Slack easy-breezy.

With the growth of Slack as a communication platform and Slack integrations, the opportunity became clear. We started out Ricotta with the core feature being OKRs on Slack. We quickly added features like task boards, stand-ups, todos, and kudos to make teams more productive and enhancing communication.

However, we still hadn't solved the problem of burn out and social isolation and wanted a solution right on Slack. We thought if productivity apps can exist on Slack, so can games and icebreakers. We wanted asynchronous trivia, games and icebreakers on Slack and that's how Ricotta Games and Trivia was born. Within a few months, we saw growth in our number of users as well as subscribers. Today, we're humbled to say that 3000+ teams are using Ricotta to bond together.

We will continue to add more apps and content to the Ricotta platform and have a lot of exciting stuff coming in 2022. Stay tuned!

âš¡ How we work

We believe that teams that support and communicate with each other are bound to produce great results. We're a small but mighty team aiming to help people bond in the best possible way.

100% remote
& asynchronous

Communicate openly, honestly, and frequently

Have no fear in trying things and taking risks

👋 Hello there


When Ajeya is not working, he likes Quizzing, feeding his eight cats, investing in dividend-paying stocks and supporting A.C Milan.


When Aditya is not working, he likes to watch Arsenal games, play Football, sip herbal tea, travel and play with his dog, Maggie.


When Pallavi is not working, she loves to read fiction, hug her dog, try new recipes, hoard funky socks and collect postcards of different countries.

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