60+ Music Trivia Questions That Strike The Right Chord

Ready to face the music? Tune into this amazing music quiz that’ll test your music trivia prowess. These mind-blowing music questions go to 11!

You’ve stumbled upon the best Music trivia questions! Scroll down for all things musical.

From classic compositions to modern-day chart-topping pop hits, we cover everything in this diabolical music trivia! This music quiz will resonate with all ages and lovers of all music genres. As the curtain rises, are you ready to take the center stage and ace this music quiz?

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Music Trivia

The lyric "I wanna hold 'em like they do in Texas, please" is featured in which chart-topping song from 2008?

Answer: "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga

What is the title of Adele's second studio album, released in 2011, which sold over 31 million copies worldwide?

Answer: "21"

Which rapper made history when their album Gang Signs & Prayer became the first grime album to top the UK Albums Chart?

Answer: Stormzy

In 2019, which artist released a hit song titled "Bad Guy"?

Answer: Billie Eilish

Which pop star is known for the songs "Thank U, Next," "Problem," and "Bang Bang"?

Answer: Ariana Grande

Which band was Harry Styles the frontman of before his solo career?

Answer: One Direction

This artist, born in 1989, signed a recording deal in 2005 and has released songs such as "Bad Blood" and "Love Story." Who is it?

Answer: Taylor Swift

From which country does the recording artist Drake come from?

Answer: Canada

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Who provides the vocals for Mark Ronson's hit song "Uptown Funk"?

Answer: Bruno Mars

Which singer-songwriter's music video for "Galway Girl" features actress Saoirse Ronan?

Answer: Ed Sheeran

Shakira hails from which South American country?

Answer: Colombia

Which artist released the hit song "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" in 2008?

Answer: Beyoncé

The lyrics "Let it never be said that romance is dead/ 'Cause there's so little else occupying my head" open which 2007 song?

Answer: Ruby by kaiser chiefs

"Yellow" and "Shiver" were the first two singles released by which British band in 2000?

Answer: Coldplay

Who emerged as the winner of American Idol in 2002 and later had a hit with "Because of You"?

Answer: Kelly Clarkson

Who performed the catchy song "Can't Get You Out of My Head"?

Answer: Kylie Minogue

Andre 3000 is the lead singer of which group that released the hit "Hey Ya!" in 2003?

Answer: OutKast

"She Will Be Loved" and "This Love" are songs by which American group?

Answer: Maroon 5

Which artist's third studio album was titled "Good Girl Gone Bad"?

Answer: Rihanna

Which rock band released their debut album "Hybrid Theory" in 2000, featuring singles like "One Step Closer," "Crawling," and "In the End"?

Answer: Linkin Park

Music Quiz

In the 5th and 6th centuries, what was the name of the practice in England and Scotland where people engaged in rap battles by throwing insulting verses at each other?

a) Flyting

b) Jesting

c) Rhyming

d) Taunting

Answer: a) Flyting

Who built the oldest piano in 1720, and where is it currently located?

a) Antonio Stradivari in Florence

b) Bartolomeo Cristofori in New York City

c) Johann Sebastian Bach in Paris

d) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Vienna

Answer: b) Bartolomeo Cristofori in New York City

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Which singer's music is used at Gloucestershire UK airport to scare away birds from the runway?

a) Michael Jackson

b) Tina Turner

c) Elton John

d) Madonna

Answer: b) Tina Turner

What is the anagram of Axl Rose, the stage name of William Bailey from Guns N' Roses?

a) Solar Hex

b) Oral Sex

c) Axel Rose

d) Laser Fox

Answer: b) Oral Sex

According to an Australian study, termites eat more wood when exposed to which type of music?

a) Classical

b) Jazz

c) Rock

d) Country

Answer: c) Rock

Which country has the longest national anthem with 158 couplets?

a) Greece

b) United States

c) Russia

d) Italy

Answer: a) Greece

Music has been shown to reduce the effects of chronic pain and depression. Which chemical compound does music trigger in the brain, similar to the effects of eating or having sex?

a) Serotonin

b) Dopamine

c) Endorphin

d) Oxytocin

Answer: b) Dopamine

According to a French study, what effect does loud music have on people's drinking habits?

a) It makes people drink less

b) It makes people drink more

c) It has no effect on drinking habits

d) It makes people drink more slowly

Answer: b) It makes people drink more

Which Heavy Metal band developed a special amplifier to produce a spectacular 139 dB, beating the noise level of a jackhammer?

a) Metallica

b) Slayer

c) Manowar

d) Iron Maiden

Answer: c) Manowar

Which famous inventor of legendary electric guitars, such as the Fender Stratocaster, could not play the guitar himself?

a) Leo Fender

b) Antonio Stradivari

c) Les Paul

d) Orville Gibson

Answer: a) Leo Fender

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According to scientists, which Spice Girls song is considered unforgettable as people recognize it within 2.3 seconds?

a) Wannabe

b) Say You'll Be There

c) 2 Become 1

d) Spice Up Your Life

Answer: a) Wannabe

After OutKast released the song "Shake it like a Polaroid," what did the Polaroid company inform the public about shaking their pictures?

a) Shaking the picture helps it develop faster

b) Shaking the picture has no effect on the development

c) Shaking the picture can damage the photo

d) Shaking the picture improves the photo's quality

Answer: c) Shaking the picture can damage the photo

When Mattel tried to sue the band Aqua over their "Barbie Girl" song, what did the judge tell Mattel to do?

a) Provide evidence of damage to the brand

b) Pay damages to Aqua for the lawsuit

c) Chill

d) Apologize to Aqua in public

Answer: c) Chill

What inventive strategy did Elvis Presley's manager employ to profit from people who did not buy Elvis's records?

a) Selling "I hate Elvis" buttons

b) Creating anti-Elvis merchandise

c) Promoting Elvis's rivals

d) Offering discounts on Elvis's concerts

Answer: a) Selling "I hate Elvis" buttons

Which renowned filmmaker was responsible for directing the iconic music video for Michael Jackson's song "Thriller"?

a) John Landis

b) Francis Ford Coppola

c) Steven Spielberg

d) Tim Burton

Answer: a) John Landis

In the early days of Black Flag, who took on the role of the band's original lead singer?

a) Henry Rollins

b) Darby Crash

c) Keith Morris

d) Dez Cadena

Answer: c) Keith Morris

At the 1989 American Music Awards show, which rock star drummer stepped in to substitute for Guns N' Roses' Steven Adler during their performance?

a) Charlie Watts from the Rolling Stones

b) Max Weinberg from the E Street Band

c) Don Henley from the Eagles

d) Tommy Lee from Mötley Crüe

Answer: c) Don Henley from the Eagles

Bruce Springsteen's haunting 1982 song "State Trooper" drew inspiration from which punk rock group?

a) The Misfits

b) Suicide

c) The Damned

d) The Clash

Answer: b) Suicide

Stevie Ray Vaughan lent his guitar skills to which hit dance song during his career?

a) Michael Jackson's "Beat It"

b) James Brown's "Living in America"

c) George Clinton's "Atomic Dog"

d) David Bowie's "Let's Dance"

Answer: b) James Brown's "Living in America"

Which guitarist played on an alternate version of the Rolling Stones' hit 1971 song "Brown Sugar," adding a unique touch to the track?

a) Brian Jones

b) Eric Clapton

c) Pete Townshend

d) Jeff Beck

Answer: b) Eric Clapton

Lynyrd Skynyrd's 1974 song "Sweet Home Alabama" gives a shout-out to which legendary band of session musicians?

a) The Swampers

b) The M.G.'s

c) The Funk Brothers

d) The Wrecking Crew

Answer: a) The Swampers

In the 80s, which rock superstar began covering Jimmy Cliff's 1970s song "Trapped" during their live performances?

a) David Bowie

b) Bono from U2

c) Bruce Springsteen

d) Mick Jagger

Answer: c) Bruce Springsteen

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Which group was formed by Richard Hell, Johnny Thunders, and Jerry Nolan from the New York Dolls, creating a new punk rock band?

a) The Heartbreakers

b) The Voidoids

c) Dim Stars

d) The Pretenders

Answer: a) The Heartbreakers

The Ramones took inspiration for their band name from which rock star's old pseudonym?

a) Ray Davies

b) John Lennon

c) Paul McCartney

d) Mick Jagger

Answer: c) Paul McCartney

The Rolling Stones' guitarist Keith Richards had a brief romance with which American girl group singer in the past?

a) Diana Ross

b) Ronnie Spector

c) Martha Reeves

d) Darlene Love

Answer: b) Ronnie Spector

Which 60s soul singer is credited with writing the song "Get It While You Can," which was later covered by Janis Joplin?

a) Howard Tate

b) Clarence Reid

c) Otis Redding

d) Jerry Butler

Answer: a) Howard Tate

After playing with the Humble Pie in the late 60s, which English rock guitarist went on to achieve superstardom in the 1970s?

a) Eric Clapton

b) Robin Trower

c) Peter Frampton

d) Jeff Beck

Answer: c) Peter Frampton

Cream drummer Ginger Baker collaborated with which groundbreaking African musician during his career?

a) King Sunny Ade

b) Fela Kuti

c) Youssou N'Dour

d) Manu Dibango

Answer: b) Fela Kuti

Gram Parsons attempted to get which country music star to produce his first solo album?

a) Johnny Cash

b) George Jones

c) Merle Haggard

d) Willie Nelson

Answer: c) Merle Haggard

Which female rock musician played alongside Courtney Love in the band Sugar Baby Doll prior to achieving more widespread fame?

a) Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth

b) Patty Schemel from Hole

c) Jennifer Finch from L7

d) Kat Bjelland from Babes in Toyland

Answer: c) Jennifer Finch from L7

Which guitarist, previously a member of Richard Hell's band, contributed to Matthew Sweet's hit song "Girlfriend"?

a) Ivan Julian

b) Robert Quine

c) Tom Verlaine

d) Richard Lloyd

Answer: b) Robert Quine

Before achieving fame as a solo artist, PJ Harvey attempted to sing backup vocals for which cult indie rock group?

a) Tortoise

b) Glass Eye

c) Slint

d) Throwing Muses

Answer: c) Slint

In 1995, Radiohead served as the opening act for which critically acclaimed alternative rock group during their tour?

a) REM

b) Sonic Youth

c) Pearl Jam

d) The Smashing Pumpkins

Answer: a) REM

The band Pavement made a guest appearance on which popular Cartoon Network show?

a) Space Ghost Coast to Coast

b) Aqua Teen Hunger Force

c) The Venture Bros.

d) Regular Show

Answer: a) Space Ghost Coast to Coast

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Which member of Moby Grape also performed with Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver Messenger Service during their musical career?

a) Skip Spence

b) Jerry Miller

c) Peter Lewis

d) Bob Mosley

Answer: a) Skip Spence

Which record producer had the distinction of working on Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited, the Velvet Underground's The Velvet Underground and Nico, and Simon and Garfunkel's single "The Sound of Silence"?

a) Tom Wilson

b) Bob Johnston

c) Tom Dowd

d) Phil Spector

Answer: a) Tom Wilson

On the 15-minute blues jam version of "Voodoo Chile" featured on the Jimi Hendrix Experience's Electric Ladyland, who played the organ?

a) Ray Manzarek

b) Steve Winwood

c) Nicky Hopkins

d) Al Kooper

Answer: b) Steve Winwood

Which blues-rock guitarist contributed their lead guitar skills to Bob Dylan's album Highway 61 Revisited?

a) Robbie Robertson

b) Eric Clapton

c) Mike Bloomfield

d) Duane Allman

Answer: c) Mike Bloomfield

Who was the experimental musician that produced Captain Beefheart's album Trout Mask Replica?

a) Syd Barrett

b) John Cage

c) Frank Zappa

d) Brian Eno

Answer: c) Frank Zappa

In the song "I Will Dare" from the Replacements' album Let It Be, which celebrated indie-rock guitarist performs a solo?

a) Thurston Moore

b) Peter Buck

c) Bob Mould

d) J Mascis

Answer: b) Peter Buck

On which REM album can you hear guest vocals from B-52s singer Kate Pierson?

a) Out of Time (1991)

b) Automatic for the People (1992)

c) Reveal (2001)

d) Monster (1994)

Answer: a) Out of Time (1991)

Besides Nirvana's breakthrough album Nevermind, which other classic grunge-era album did producer Butch Vig work on?

a) Superunknown (1994) by Soundgarden

b) Ten (1991) by Pearl Jam

c) Siamese Dream (1993) by Smashing Pumpkins

d) Dirty (1992) by Sonic Youth

Answer: c) Siamese Dream (1993) by Smashing Pumpkins

Exene Cervenka, the lead singer of the band X, was married to which famous actor?

a) Viggo Mortensen

b) Ed Harris

c) Robert Downey Jr.

d) Sean Penn

Answer: a) Viggo Mortensen

Which rock band collaborated with Paul Simon on the song "The Myth of Fingerprints" from his album Graceland?

a) The Blasters

b) The E Street Band

c) Los Lobos

d) Talking Heads

Answer: c) Los Lobos

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