50+ Cars Trivia Questions and Answers - Cars Quiz 2023

Love the sound of combustion engines and need for speed? You’ll love this ultimate cars quiz for car enthusiasts with the best cars trivia questions!

Love everything cars? Then this list of best cars trivia is for you!

This car quiz is certain to get you going vroom-vroom! We have covered everything from Henry Ford’s model T to modern-day Tesla and EVs.

Check your automobile aptitude now! Will you hit a speed bump or will you cruise through this cars trivia?

Photo Cars Quiz

1. This photo represents the mascot of a world-class automaton. Which automaker is this and what does the logo represent?

Answer:  Rolls Royce, Spirit of Ecstasy

2. What is this called?

Answer: Carhenge

3. Which car company’s logo is this? What is the more famous sister concern of this company?

Answer: Maserati, Ferrari

4. What is the name of this race track, named after a virus cause of the uncanny resemblance?

Answer: Eboladrome

5. Which big tech firm patented this technology that is supposed "protect" pedestrians in an accident?

Answer: The technology is called Hood. It was patented by Google.

6. What is this car called, and which famous politician uses it?

Answer: Kortezh, Putin

7. What is the name of this Famous ford mustang which features in the 1974 film gone in 60 seconds?

Answer: Eleanor

8. What is this famous concept car built by Audi? Which famous event did they build it for?

Answer: Audi le mans

9. Name this concept car that was supposed to run on nuclear fuel.

Answer: Ford Nucleon

Cars Trivia Questions

  1. Logo of which Japanese automaker consists of three tuning forks? (Hint: They also make pianos)

    Answer: Yamaha

  2. Who is the famous founder whose company made the T-model, that democratized cars in the American market?

    Answer: Henry Ford

  3. Who is the German Engineer who developed the thermodynamic cycle and four-stroke Internal combustion engine which became the norm for automakers?

    Answer: Nicholas Otto

  4. Which famous Japanese automaker’s factory was bombed by a US-B 29 bomber during World War 2 and they still made a comeback and built better cars?

    Answer: Honda

  1. Which German innovator born in 1858, invented the Diesel engine?

    Answer: Rudolph Diesel

  2. A legendary Musician drove a BMW for a very peculiar reason. According to him, BMW stood for something. What was his abbreviation?

    Answer: Bob Marley and the Wailers
  1. This Auto accessory was made in a Scandinavian country so that it could help drivers with good lighting conditions during winter, but the trend has caught on with the rest of the world and has become a style statement instead of a true utility.

    Answer: Daytime Running lights

  1. No one knows who this mysterious Scotsman is, some say he is an alien, some say he’s a caveman. He is also a regular at a famous TV show. Whom are we talking about?

    Answer: Stig

  2. What is the famous name for white line fever, which induces sleep and a trance-like state when driving on a highway for an extended period?

    Answer: Highway Hypnosis

  1. This word was originally used to describe wooden carriage makers attached to the horse carriage since it served as mudflaps. When cars started replacing horse carriages, this term stuck on. What are we talking about?

    Answer: Dashboard

  1. This car test is exclusive to Scandinavian countries, where the drivers have to avoid something suddenly appearing on the highway and swerving back onto the oncoming traffic. What are the drivers trying to avoid, which is a common source of accidents in this region?

    Answer: Elk or Moose, the driving test is also known as the Elk test

  2. Which famous automaker ran the ad “We pluck the lemon, you get the plum” in reference to Lemon, which was an auto slang meaning ‘Highly flawed items’. The funny part was that this automaker's selling car at that time was also shaped like a lemon.

    Answer: Volkswagon, Beetle

  3. This term is used in F1 pitstop and also in public crossing, where a person holds up a stop sign, the term services its name from the idiosyncratic shape that it resembles. What is it?

    Answer: Lollipop man

  4. What was Steve Job’s car license plate number?

    Answer: It didn't have any number

  5. This system widely used in sports cars was designed to fit in Luftwaffe fighter planes during world war 2. What is it?

    Answer: NOS, Nitrous oxide system

  6. The civilian model of which car was made partly due to persistent pressure put by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who watched an army convoy version of this car during a movie shoot?

    Answer: Hummer

Trivia About Cars

Identify the car's brand name from its slogan.

1. Everything we do is driven by you

2. The Power of Dreams

3. Born to Perform

4. The toughest 4 letter word on wheels

5. Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride

6. Vorsprung durch Technik

7. The Ultimate Driving Machine

8. The spirit of American style

9. Think Small

10. Engineered to Move the Human Spirit

11. Drive your dreams

12. The relentless pursuit of perfection

13. Drive Safely

14. Confidence in Motion

15. Above & Beyond

Answers to trivia about cars

  1. Ford
  2. Honda
  3. Jaguar
  4. Jeep
  5. Nissan
  6. Audi
  7. BMW
  8. Buick
  9. Volkswagon
  10. Mercedes Benz
  11. Toyota
  12. Lexus
  13. Volvo
  14. Subaru
  15. Land rover

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