Best Templates to use for a Productive Daily Standup Meeting

We know how much time it takes to prepare for standup meetings. Customise this standup template to your needs, and start conducting your daily standups in minutes.

The daily standup meeting template is a valuable resource for team leaders who want to plan and coordinate regular agile scrum sessions. A stand-up meeting is an excellent method to learn what other team members are working on and identifying any roadblocks they may be encountering.

But what exactly is a daily stand up template?

A standup template is for scrum teams who use it to manage daily workload and ensure that everyone is informed of any obstacles. Everyone who is involved in a sprint must take part in the standup. The three questions (which are stated below) are asked to every team member and noted down on this template. 

  1. What did you accomplish yesterday?
  2. What are you working on today?
  3. Is there anything stopping you from completing your tasks?

Want to go back to basics? Check out this article on the pocket guide to daily standups for more information.

Benefits of using a daily standup template

Although brief, these meetings are effective and can provide a number of advantages, including:

  • Aligning everyone's daily goals 
  • Knowledge sharing and retention over time 
  • Eliminating potential project bottlenecks
  • Improving team communication and promoting cooperation

Daily standup meeting Excel Template

With this template, teammates may use Excel or Google Sheets to fill out their daily standup replies and quickly review the changes of their peers.

Daily standup meeting email Template



Subject: Nov 16 - Daily email Standup

Hello Everyone!

This is your daily email standup.

  1. What did you do yesterday?
  2. What are you working on today?
  3. What problems are you facing (if any)? 

Reply all:


  1. I made progress on the research.
  2. I will finish the research and draft the first report in the next 3 days.
  3. The printer keeps jamming


  1. I cold-called 20 prospective leads.
  2. I am about to close the deal with 8 of them.
  3. The headphones’ sound is feeble. Need replacement.


  1. I resolved the technical glitch in the software.
  2. Working on assigning the desktops of new recruits.
  3. Nothing.

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Whether your team is working remotely or in the office, these templates will boost productivity. Using our template as a starting point provides teams with a basic structure to plan their meeting and hold teammates responsible. With this simple way, your team will become more efficient and effective. 

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