Why Ricotta TOdos

Make working on Slack efficient

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Create a task from anywhere in Slack

Share & create Task lists via DM, channel or the app Home tab. Use /TodoAdd to create a task in a channel or a DM. 

Convert any Slack message into a task list by simply clicking the 3-dot menu without leaving your conversations, with Ricotta Todos Slack app.

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Keep your team updated by sharing tasks

Assign tasks to your team in a channel or DM. Set due dates, assignees, reminders and add task details to your todo list. Update and edit your tasks in real-time with live sharing and editing.

manage tasks on slack

View & manage tasks without leaving Slack

Save time by managing everything from the Ricotta app Home tab. Categorize tasks into Team, Shared and Personal Todos.

Create tasks, manage todo lists and set reminders in the home tab.

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Set task reminders & never miss timelines

Want to make sure you don’t miss any task deadlines? Set todo reminders and get a reminder notification right in Slack.

Why Ricotta TOdos

A simple and powerful Slack task manager

Effortless onboarding

Get started with effortless on-boarding.

Just add Ricotta to Slack and start your teamwork and collaboration in less than 1 minute with no invites, passwords or signups.

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Data Encryption & Privacy

Privacy by design, we aren't interested in your data, we are interested in your growth.

Your data on Ricotta is End-to-end encrypted meaning it's private and safe.

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Power efficient hybrid work 

Power efficient hybrid and remote work collaboration with Ricotta Todos.

Save time in organising all your tasks and collaborate better on Slack with task sharing.

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Pricing Plans

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Personal Plan

Unlimited Todo Lists

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Bookmark Messages

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Unlimited Todo Lists

Set Reminders

Bookmark Messages

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Billed Annually

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Unlimited Todo Lists

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Frequently asked questions

What is Ricotta Todos? And who is it suitable for?

Ricotta to-dos is a simple and powerful tool for all your Slack todos. A Slack to do list app that you will use for everyday productivity and collaboration! Your hunt for the best app for todo list is over.

Ricotta Todos, an app for todo list on Slack, is loved by everyone from freelancers to startup co-founders, especially for remote and hybrid teams! It is suitable for anyone who wants to keep track of their todo lists on Slack.

How can I use Ricotta Todos on my workspace?

You can use a Slack todo app for your personal as well as work-related lists. Everything from task lists to reading lists can be stored on your Ricotta todos app. Simply head over to the app home page on Slack to view or edit them.

You can also share To-do lists and Slack tasks, bookmark Slack messages,  set reminders and mark your tasks as complete with Ricotta todos.

Will I be automatically charged after my trial expires?

No, you will not be charged after your free trial ends. We do not ask for any billing details for a free trial.

I want to know more. How can I sign up for a demo?

You can sign up for a demo with Pallavi, the co-founder of Ricotta through this meeting link.

Can you make a todo lists in Slack?

Yes, you can! You can use Slack apps like Ricotta Todos by downloading it from the Slack app directory. Create shared todos in a channel or a DM, create tasks from Slack messages, add due dates, set assignee and task reminders.

How do I create a todo in Slack?

You can create a todo with Ricotta Todos in three ways:

1. The first way is to head over to the Ricotta app Home page and click on ‘Create New Todo list’. You can give your task a heading and then add todo items under the section. You can choose to add a detailed item and description by clicking on more options and selecting ‘Add item and description’. Alternatively, you can simply type in your todo in the dialogue box and press enter for a quick add. You can also add assignees, set due dates and reminders for the tasks.

2. The other way is going by creating a task from a message on a channel or a DM. You can simply click on more options on the message and select ‘Bookmark’. You will then be prompted to add details to the task and once you submit, the task will show up on your Ricotta app Home page.

3. The third way is by using /todoadd in a channel or a DM and then filling out the task details.

Is Slack Workflow Builder free?

No, Slack workspace builder is only available on paid plans. It helps workspaces to build and automate regular workflow processes with a host of no code tools.

How do I create a bulleted list in Slack?

To make a bulleted list, press Shift + Enter to insert new lines into your message. Next, precede each item with a bullet. There is a shortcut to adding bullet points, which is Option + 8 on a Mac, or Alt + 7 on Windows.

How do I make a task on Slack?

If you want to add a text message from any of your channels as a todo or a task item without leaving the chat, simply install Ricotta Todos and right click on the message and bookmark the item. A customisation window will pop up and add this task to any of the specific todo list. You can even set reminders, due dates and assignees for a particular task, if required. Once you bookmark the message and add task details, it will show up on the Ricotta app home page.

Which is the best todo list integration for Slack?

Ricotta Todos app is the best todo list integration for slack. It is extremely simple to work with and has an intuitive user experience. It offers key features like bookmark a task in a channel or a DM, assign and share a task with colleagues and even set particular reminders and due dates for specific items. You can supercharge your Slack task management with Ricotta Todos.

How do I create a task list in Slack?

Slack is not a dedicated tool for creating task lists, you'll either have to use the workflow builder for recurring tasks (in the paid plan) or use one of the native slack apps like Ricotta Todos. It is much easier to make and share tasks list using Ricotta than building your own Slack bot. Ricotta also offers additional features like sharing, adding tasks from a channel and setting reminders for specific tasks, all on your own workspace. If you are looking to supercharge your personal Slack workspace, we have enticing deals for personal and team use.

Can I create a checklist in Slack?

Yes, you can. Create a post by clicking the lightning bolt under the message box. Type in the first line of your checklist and then highlight the text to see the checkbox option. Next, press enter and go to the subsequent lines .You can even share this checklist to any channel or with an individual.

Does Slack have a workflow?

Yes, Slack has a workflow builder automation tool, which is only available in the paid plans. Users can build automation flows to handle routine tasks and make their workspaces more productive.

How do you assign tasks to people on Slack?

There is an option to assign a task on Ricotta Todos. Use /Todoadd to create a task list in a channel or a DM and then assign the task to assignees. You can also create tasks from the Ricotta app home tab.

Can Slack manage tasks?

Yes, there are several ways to manage tasks in Slack. The easiest way is by using Ricotta Todos. It is an easy-to-use productivity app for remote and hybrid teams. Install the app in your workspace and get started with a click of a button.You can also create a checklist in Slack using the “Create post” feature and share it across your teams.

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